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Part 182: 12/8: The Return Of The Phantom Thieves

Part 172: 12/8: The Return Of The Phantom Thieves

Music: Desire

What did they mean when they said “nobody has died”!? Could they have installed a new leader just to threaten us and Shido!?

Excuse me…


How’re you gonna get out of this one, dipshit?

Yes, but… um…

Perhaps this Phantom Thief tricked us with his bizarre powers!

Nope! You’re just all idiots!

Maybe he just made us think he had died…
Who made those documents…? Who was there at the scene of the suicide!?


And what about Akechi!? Where did that useless brat go!?

Isshiki you magnificent bastard I READ YOUR BOOK

This isn’t the time for games!
Um, I really don’t know what you’re speaking of… Oh, but that reminds me… I received a calling card from the Phantom Thieves… but everything from then on is a blur…

No… Could I have done something wrong…!?

Ahahahaha, okay, Sae might not be so bad after all. This almost makes up for all the emotional abuse.

Did the Phantom Thieves get to her…?

What have I done…?

Even so, how did he escape from the station…?
It doesn’t matter! We must catch him! We can’t let this get out! Not only was the suicide announcement false, but he got away on top of that!

One of the detectives runs away.

Why me…?
Check the documents you created. You may remember something once you look at them. …But even if you can’t recall, all responsibility for his escape rests squarely on your shoulders.

I thought they didn’t know how we escaped? He just said that!

I’m sorry, I honestly don’t know what’s going on here…
You’re the last person to talk to that phantom thief! You have to clean up your boss’s mess! If you’re going to resent someone, resent your dead director!

That doesn’t matter! Your actions have made a mockery of the police force! You’re going to pay for this, I promise!
…Very well.

Search the place.

Where are the Phantom Thieves?
Oh, you mean those guys they’ve been talking about on TV?

Agent Leader slams the counter.

Don’t play dumb with me.
This is obstruction of business, you know.
...We’ve investigated this thoroughly.
Is this the only way you do things?

Sure took you a while to puzzle that one out, Einstein. The attic is one room! Maybe you can help your friend back there determine if they’re hiding in the coffee beans while you’re at it.

If you’re not a customer, I’m gonna have to ask you to leave.

Justice isn’t on your side.

Sorry, Sojiro. We probably should have told you to beat feet or something before we sent that message out, huh.

Music: Disquiet

It is nothing more than a wicked terrorist act, aimed at obstructing the elections. What we need now is a powerful, unyielding leader. I am willing to risk my life to fight them.

I hear what Shido-san is saying, but is it true?
I speak now to those who call themselves Phantom Thieves. Your actions are gravely serious crimes. You are rebelling against the laws of this country and unnecessarily causing alarm among its citizens. I call on you to surrender yourselves at once and apologize to the people of this proud nation.

But don’t you think that Shido looks like a criminal too?
I don’t know what to believe anymore…
I hope they catch them soon…

“Apologize”? Quite the funny joke.
Who is the real criminal here?

Really makes you think.

The Phantom Thieves embark.

Note: the fucking portraits are blocking view of the crowd, oops.

Our calling card has had a tremendous effect.
I’m real proud of that one!
All they’re doin’ is makin’ noise though…
Seriously. They should just go home and sleep…

Yeah, the people shouldn’t care about us at all. That seems totally in line with what we want.

Even after what happened, not many people want to see Shido have a change of heart… What we’re about to do is just, right…?

That’s right. Have we ever acted outside of the scope of justice?

Except for that one time? Nope.

You have a point.

Music: Sunset Bridge

Way off in the corner, Ohya is visible.

This has me excited as well. *snicker* That boy really keeps the news rolling in.
She doesn’t notice we’re here… right? That keen journalist nose is a force to be reckoned with.

Oh, good. Mishima’s here. ...Not even sure if that’s sarcasm.

I guarantee it.

Aww, sweet.

There may not be many of them, but we have to cherish our fans. Let’s go change Shido’s heart!

The Phantom Thieves nod.

Aww, I wish I’d gone straight home! I could’ve seen it in person in Shibuya that way!

I knew they were up to no good the moment that stuff came up. I bet they’re just a bunch of scumbags.
Ohhh, I see. That’s scary!

*slamming fists on desk* WHERE. IS. LALA.

Music: Life Will Change

No gauntlet or obstacles to fight through this time. Let’s just head straight to Shido.

Music: Desire

...Not that it matters. If you have a complaint, I’m willing to listen.
What did you do to Akechi!? He… He was your own son!
Hmph, I had a feeling it was something like that. He reminded me too much of that woman. I also have an idea as to why he approached me. He was trying to trap me, was he not? He was sharp, but in the end he was just a kid. I controlled him merely by offering praise. I intended to dispose of him as soon as I became prime minister.

Ha, Akechi’s getting dragged from beyond the grave.


His destroying himself saved me quite a bit of effort though.
How could you…!?
You stole my mom’s research… and took her life!
Everything you’ve done has been for your own selfish gains! You even killed my father…! I will never forgive you!

I only require that the foolish entrust themselves to their superiors. I shall guide them.
The hell makes you think you’re so much better than everyone else!?
You never would have been able to make it this far without Akechi’s help!
He only appeared because of the expectations God held for me.

Oh man, this is rich. Fuck this motherfucker, seriously.

Moreover, it was thanks to me that Akechi was able to properly use his power to begin with.

How selfish! You were unable to win by honest means, so you used foul tricks to ascend the political ladder!
A cruel person like you has no right to stand leading the citizens of this country. You’re nothing but a criminal who rose above others by climbing a staircase of sin.
The life of a nation as opposed to those of a few sacrifices… There can be no comparison. The ignorant masses only care about their own personal happiness. I am merely granting that for them.

I can’t believe you look down on everyone else so harshly…
I’d never accept a leader who makes a teenager murder people! You say it’s for the country, but I bet it’s all for yourself. Nobody would wish for something like that!

Everyone denies the value of hard work these days. Instead, they seek to effortlessly gain wealth. That is why I must reestablish this mighty country. One that does not waver… One that others bow to.
Mighty, my ass! That’s just a crooked country made by a crook!
We cannot let you do this. You are a disgrace to Japan. Hence, we will take your deranged heart.

However… considering the loss of Akechi, it would be a waste to kill those who are actually capable. I will allow you to choose between life or death one last time. Devote your power to my social reform. I will give you anything you want, be it wealth or status.

“Do you mean it…?” What a stupid fucking answer, I love it.

There’s no way we’d follow you!
No matter how many times you ask, our answer’s not gonna change!

Shido Intro (Look, you should really just watch this, this is a really hard scene to describe)

Music: Blood of Villain

Suddenly, crowds of sycophants fill the room out of nowhere.

There’s tons of them…!

The podium rises...

Then, new layers of floor start protruding from the walls?

Yusuke fucking Superman jumps up and motions for the others to follow him.

And everyone does follow, jumping about seventy-five feet straight up.

I know that the lion is made out of people that he’s literally using as stepping stones to victory and it’s all horrifying and everything, but there’s a hell of a lot of prominent butt visible on that thing and it’s all I can see.

And the fight begins.