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Part 184: 12/8: Sacrifice

Part 174: 12/8: Sacrifice

For causing countless mental shutdowns in others, you will atone… with your life.
Don’tcha got something to say to our leader before you go passin’ out?

I did it to protect myself… I’m so sorry for what I’ve done… It feels as though it’s been quite some time since I have felt sincerely apologetic…

Hmph… That may be good… So, I’ve been defeated… Haha… Hahahaha…

Music: Desire

Will I really be able to kill the Phantom Thieves if I take that!?
According to Wakaba Isshiki’s research… Temporarily collapsing a Palace will take down anyone inside it as well. The abrupt nature of the collapse means they will be unable to escape without extreme luck.

Shido snatches the medicine out of the researcher’s hands.


Okay, he’s clearly not holding anything in his right hand. Anyway, he swallows the pills down.

I must… steer this country! If I don’t who will…!?
What arrogance…

Shido’s image begins to shimmer and distort.

What the--

An explosion…?

But we haven’t taken the Treasure yet…
We’ll talk later! Come on, let’s grab the Treasure and run!

Music: Run, Run, Run!

We can’t get through like--

What is happening!?
Hey, Oracle!
The ship is exploding… but why!?
What kinda sloppy explanation is that!?
I don’t know what’s happening either!
Something might’ve happened to Shido in the real world!
Whaddya mean “something”!?
I don’t know!?

Standing around here isn’t going to help!
We have to run!
Oracle! Are there any other escape routes!?
I’m looking, but…

Our path…
Still, where else can we go…!?

Are we… sinking…?
We are not going to die like this!

Ryuji’s Sprint (Watch this)

Music: Collapse of Pride

I don’t know how to swim!

Let’s go!

We just gotta get there…
It’s too far! We won’t reach it in time…!

Hang tight. I’ll nab the boat!


Ryuji punches himself in the leg, then keeps running.


Oh, Ryuji, you cad.

Hang on!
We’re moving!