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Part 185: 12/8: Dealing With Loss

Part 175: 12/8: Dealing With Loss


We gotta go back!

Music: Alleycat

He was our fastest runner too…!

It’s a legislator’s pin.


The group runs up to Ryuji.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I mean, ain’t I alive?

We were worried about you!

Ann moves closer to Ryuji.

Makoto follows suit.

All the girls now slowly inch closer…

Ha! More violence towards the victim of abuse as comedy! It’s especially funny because it’s in a context where he doesn’t understand why he’s being punished! How fun!

Why don’t we stop by somewhere before going home?
Then, I want sauteed foie gras!
We’re in reality right now, you know.

The group walks away. The only one to look back at Ryuji is Morgana, who briefly pauses before joining the others.

Well, in honor of Ryuji’s heroic sacrifice, let us play a tribute to him. I feel this is the most appropriate choice.