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Part 186: 12/8-12/9: Like Sheep To The Slaughter

Part 176: 12/8-12/9: Like Sheep To The Slaughter

Music: Desire

Shido stirs.

Is the medicine still affecting you?
Should we get him to a hospital…?
We should probably wait and see a little longer…
I-I… Ngh…

Did the temporary-death serum not work?

Everything will be ruined!
What are we supposed to do about his campaign…?
Announce that he’s not feeling well!
Arrange a hospitalization in absolute secrecy! Don’t let anyone near him!
Yes, sir! Yes, sir!
Keep the media out! Dammit, we have to do something…

The other conspirators nod.

Shido continues to sob while the others file out of the room.

Ah… *sob*

Well… fuck. Again, we probably should have told him to skip town. This is really our own fault.

Music: Alleycat

Two fake deaths in five minutes, game. Weird trend you’re forming here.

Also I think the weird news report that came on when we entered is supposed to be a red herring, like “Oh no they murdered Sojiro!” but it gets no time to breathe. Also, it’s a complete non-sequitur that will never come up again.

Oh shit, are you gonna kick his ass too?

I was taken to that asshole Shido’s place, but they suddenly told me I could go home. That’s thanks to his change of heart, right?

Thought as much. They had me blindfolded the whole time, so I’ve got no idea where they took me…

But you just said they took you to Shido’s place! Also, you said they let you go! How do you not know where you were!?

Also I love the idea that they go to the trouble of kidnapping Sojiro and then just… let him go. Don’t even bother killing him, fuck it. It’s all ruined, goddammit.

Though it sounded like they were oddly bustling about.
Looks like it’s going well.
But man, my handsome mug was nearly ruined. That’s all fine and dandy…

Sojiro looks around.

Sorry to bother you two when you’re tired, but I need you to help me clean up.
We just have to wait like usual now.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Oh hey, you’re alive. The girls mercilessly beating him will never be mentioned again.

We’ve done all we can.
We started off with a huge announcement this time, after all! I can’t wait for the results.
But all that popularity doesn’t matter anymore.
Right. Things like approval ratings aren’t important now.

All that’s left is to wait calmly for the results.
All right… We should act as normal as we can while we’re waiting too.

Mishima has some updates for us now that we’ve taken down Shido.

Right!? Anyway, have you heard of Shiro Asakura? It seems like he’s behind these crimes. Well, I’ll be counting on you for the rest!
This guy might not be famous, but we can’t let him go. Let’s talk to everyone at the hideout when we have time, OK?

Fuck yes, we’re finally going after that motherfucker in Shinjuku. I’ve been waiting all game for this.

I would never have imagined you were going up against Shido. I’m glad I kept the Phan-Site running through all the criticism too. I think I’ll change up the survey question to commemorate your comeback. I’ll obviously be answering “YES” this time! I believe in you! Stay strong!
...This guy never changes. Well, it sounds like he’s looking forward to how it goes. All we can do is wait now too.

I wish your criminal slate could get wiped clean in the process…

Upon saving, we see this message from Morgana.

Music: Aria of the Soul

The look on your face seems to be that of a man who has accomplished a great deed.
To think you would use the trap set against you to entrap them… I’ve never seen a dramatic resurgence such as that. Truly marvelous—those are the only words I can think of to describe you.

We should be thanking you for entertaining us thus. ...You’ve even overcome a mysterious misfortune. There should be no one left to hinder your rehabilitation.

Great! Game’s over, I guess!

Your rehabilitation will be completed shortly. That is… if everything goes well without any problems. *chuckle*

Music: Desire

Or… could it be that it’s not a dream at all? My memories aren’t any closer to coming back to me… But might there be something I’m supposed to remember…? ……

And if the truth of that comes to pass down in the depths of Mementos, I… Could it be that I’ll… ……

Anon: it’s happening again…
Anon: TV hijacking is terrorism!
Anon: what about the election?
Anon: Show yourself, Akechi!

Mishima’s new question is active. It’s… not going well for us!

Music: Disquiet

Unlike in Persona 4, nabbing the Big Bad does not skip us forward in time. Good, we still have shit to do.

From one handsome detective with red sunglasses, to a legendary gumshoe who took down a bear! She’s not a police officer yet, but there’s this one tough girl in police academy who knows kung fu.

These are cheeky references to Akihiko and Chie from Persona 3 and 4.

And then, there’s that calling card… Shido-san denied any of it was true though.
I wonder if Shido-san is OK… I’m worried, with the elections so close.
*sigh* I don’t know what I should believe…

Then why don’t you study. Don’t blame me if you cry at the exams.

This bodes well!

...Then again, I’m sure no one’s gonna be looking for someone who’s supposed to be dead.

That’s no longer the case! You sundowning, old man?

I’d say Shido’s odds of winning are 80-90%. There’s no way he’d lie.
Just by looking at his eyes, you can tell that he’s trustworthy. Who can we believe in, if not him?

I think they put the wrong NPCs here. The descriptions refer to three people, all male, but there’s only two here and one of them is a woman.

So much happened this year! Our question is “What single word describes this year for you?” Predictably, many are saying the word “thief.” Yes, the Phantom Thieves were a big deal.
Did anything actually good happen this year? Just thinking about the future depresses me.

Woof! Woof!
Um, I heard from my teacher that dogs can’t live as long as people. I might have to say bye-bye to you soon…
Sorry, Kotaro. You’d be really sad if I cried, huh?

Somebody get rid of the fucking onions in here, christ.

As you can see, though small in numbers, there are supporters for the Phantom Thieves. Should the opinions of those people be ignored?
Do you know what you’re being called online?
No, and I don’t care. Now, onto the next one!

I can only request this of you, my right-hand man, for you are the one who saved me!
G-Great Sun God…! I will follow you!
Then raise your hands with me! Wake the apostles of light, sleeping in Shibuya!

Don’t you think Masayoshi Shido and Akechi-kun look alike somehow?
...How? I don’t see it. You were such a huge Akechi fan, too. Did you already forget what his face looked like?
I don’t know, it just hit me when I was looking at a Shido poster. I guess I just imagined it.

A little on-the-nose, game.

So that Shido person was the bad guy? The Phantom Thieves were right all along?
Well, it may not be that simple. On the internet, people are speculating it’s a hoax by Shido’s political rivals.

I bet it’s a trick meant to discredit Shido-san somehow! That’s what the talk shows are saying—that it’s just slander due to the elections.

Some of the earlier chapters of this LP, for instance.

It’s not too late for you. You should settle things once and for all. I decided to start facing my own crimes from now on. I was saved, thanks to the Phantom Thieves. That’s why I got so excited when I heard that they’re alive. That really made me happy. You’re still young. Make sure to live life to the fullest, so you don’t have regrets like I do.

Well, they picked a fight with Shido, right? Think it’ll affect the election?
Didn’t seem like it phased him. I mean, he denied it, so…
More than a few of my customers seem to sympathize with Shido. Bet it’ll be a landslide victory.

I see… So you’re my opposing candidate… No, you’re working to overthrow the regime!
What!? What are you talking about, Senpai!?
Who? Who’d you see it with!? Look me in the eyes and say it!

We pick up three Moonlight Carrots and plant some more.

Yep. You get it! Any new prime minister will work to “purify” Shinjuku of guys like me. No way am I down for that. Anyway, you wanna become a Phantom Thief with this radio wave jacking kit?

With Wanna-B-Alert, your fears of the unseen will be replaced with sweet relief. Right now, we’re selling bundles of five security cameras for our special Christmas promotion! Not even Santa could break into a home with that kind of protection! Try Wanna-B-Alert today!

Shido’s pretty much gone into hiding. They all say he’s fallen ill or something.
It’s all very shady, including how the leader of the special investigation team died.
Who knows what’s going on? Can somethng like this even be handled by the law?

Bwehehe, only weak-minded people change their opinions based on what others think! Once we set our minds to it, we never stray from our path! That is the way of the otaku!
That’s the total opposite of what you said before. But you know, I admire your shamelessness.

Japan’s finally on a roll. I LOLed at this huge news right near the end of the year.
So… Are you Team Shido or Team Phantom Thieves?
Hey, warriors on the internet always take the side of whoever wins.

Stop, stop it! No, my money! No… it’s gone negative! Stop iiiiiiit…!

Because we left home to see the new conversations, we can’t return to Leblanc to play a video game. So, I figured we might as well see the alternate scenario play out at the maid cafe.

Music: Welcome Back, Master!

Something complicated this time.

A Sincere Omelette, correct!? As you wish Master.

Nah, I don’t really get the aesthetic of this joint. It’s like my good buddy Hououin Kyouma said: pick maids or cats, choosing both is just weird.

Let me seeeee… What should I write…?

You can’t even see it, cat!

I-I’m sorry, Master! I was trying to write “retributive justice”…
Why did she pick that…?
M-Master… I tried my best. Would you please forgive me?

Wow! Master, you’re so kind! You’re amazing! I love you so much! I’ll be your humble maid for the rest of eternity!

No thanks.

I feel like you’re going too easy on her… but I guess you learned how to be tolerant.

Maaku gains Kindness +1. I assume picking “Fix it” would have given us Guts.

Either way, I think you learned how to get people to like you!

Maaku gains Charm +2.

But it really is nice having as kind a master as you! Have an amazing rest of your day, Master! I’ll be waiting patiently for your next visit!

A visit that will never come.

There’s overwhelming support for Masayoshi Shido’s party…
I’d rather trust Shido-san than some phantom thieves.
What we really need right now is a strong leader.
Please change this country, Mr. Shido!

Anon: It’s happening again…
Anon: Shido, just take the win
Anon: TV hijacking is terrorism!
Anon: what about the election?
Anon: Show yourself, Akechi!

Music: Beneath the Mask

Things suck online.


People in the city are only talking about Shido as well.
Yeah, all the buzz about Akechi’s completely gone.

It’s not even that! Everyone just latches on to the latest story!
I thought something similar when Father collapsed. As long as it doesn’t involve you, the news is nothing but another form of entertainment. For the general public, each passing story is simply a new means of killing time.
They consume each topic, then discard it before moving on to the next big thing…
But I bet that’s all gonna change once they see Shido have a change of heart!
I hope so. We will just have to wait with belief in our hearts.

Right? Ya can’t trusht that Shido guy! I would never drinksh wi’ the guy! He’d not pour me any sake, jus’ to dishrepeck me… *burp*

I’m really gonna miss our chats, Drunken Souse.

When I asked my parents, they just said they didn’t care who…
Our parents only care about our entrance exams. They won’t listen to anything we tell them.
Let’s show our parents and pass our exams. Just like the Phantom Thieves, we’ll turn things around!

You mean people like Masayoshi Shido? I hear whoever’s left from the Phantom Thieves is spreading lies. I haven’t looked into it, myself.
Well, forget about it and just knock one back with me! All I care about is livin’ it up, dude!

So we’re making our donations to the new political party, then? Not surprising, I suppose.
It’s a strategic move so that we don’t miss the boat. We want to be connected to the new government.

Actually, I thought it was kind of funny. In the end, it’s not really my problem. I care more about preparing for the year-end party than any scandals linked to Mr. Shido.
Crap, I’ve got to find a store. Hey, do you know any good places?

Is this some kind of trick? The police said he was dead. I guess this is just par for the course—there’s always a scandal when it comes to politicians.

Well, I don’t agree with the Akechi hatewagon!
Same thing happened with the Phantom Thieves. Just goes to show that no one thinks for themselves. We’re the only ones who’ve stayed true. We’ll be devoted until death do us part!

Now, get to work before we lose the guy. The next time you go against the agency, I’ll end you.
Why are you being so horrible!?

I can’t wait to get this sonuvabitch. We’re coming for you in Mementos, asshole!

Who is this “we?” You’re not really a part of that, my dude.

Don’t worry though. Your secret is safe with me. Not just as the admin of the Phan-Site, but as your friend…

If we hadn’t maxed Mishima previously, this would be where we would have gotten the option to resume his Confidant now that we’ve finished Shido’s Palace.

Huh? Yeah… Why the sudden change?
Bein’ here’s made it clear—Tokyo ain’t for me. Now’s as good a time as any, what with the election.
...Oh. I see.

She actually seems kinda bummed. Maybe I was wrong about where that was going.

Well, uh… this has been a rather depressing day, all things considered. Think we might have been giving people a bit too much credit. We’ll have to see where this goes after Shido confesses. Anyway, back at home…

Music: Punch Ouch

I’m here with you, kid! Think back to your last fight!
I hope you’ll be OK… Just try not to lose too bad.


Dammit, he’s getting through your defense…! You have to persevere!
What does he mean by that…? Wait… This guy takes large swings. You might be able to get him if you attack during his punch animation!
Why are you letting your guard down…? Wait, I see now! You’re on the right track… but can you really pull it off? Match his timing and land an uppercut!

Now’s your chance! Head in for the flurry!

OK, the count’s starting. Don’t get up…

He’s damn tough, all right… You’re gonna have to give him everything you got!

OK, finish him off with a flurry!

That’s gotta be enough to take Bryson down… N-No, he’s still standing! He’s on the ropes though. Skirt around him and go for a body blow!

Oh geez.

It’s just too much for Bryson to handle! He’s collapsed!
Yes, the count’s starting again! Please don’t get up this time…

Bryson is down for the count! Our challenger wins!

Music: Everyday Days

Maaku gains Charm +2.