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Part 188: 12/16-12/17: One Last Ride

Part 178: 12/16-12/17: One Last Ride

Anon: moar like phantom GRIEF
Anon: Must be tough for Shido-san
Anon: Is Shido gonna apologize?
Anon: I’d never support them

Music: Disquiet

Well, we’re done with the video games. There’s only one outstanding goal left for us: finish the last of the Mementos requests. We’ll be tackling that today.

Among them, the United Future—led by Mr. Shido—has captured the hearts of many listeners. Mr. Shido still had not shown his face in public, and some people raised concerns about his health.
If Shido just spills the beans, everything will finally be over.

Let’s spend 5000 yen on this Money Reading, which we’ll make right back.

That is quite like you, Maaku. If your resolve is settled, I do not mind accompanying you.
Well, everyone’s here. This is a good opportunity to sort through the Mementos target info we have. We’ll start with this one first… This intel is on a malicious producer in the show biz world. Supposedly, he’s been using the dreams of young women for his own personal profit. I bet countless women have succumbed to his plot…
So there are other guys out there just like Kamoshida… This is unforgivable. We need to change his heart at once.
Very well. I will go along with this.
There are still more. Next is… This intel is on a foul young man who scams the elderly with all sorts of fraudulent businesses. At this point, he’s expanded this crime into a larger organization.
That’s bullshit! I can’t forgive someone who’s takin’ advantage of old people…! We gotta take that bastard down and make sure nobody else ends up gettin’ scammed by him!
I hate people like that. Let’s destroy them.
No objections, right? Mm… we’re good to go if you’re OK with it. That’s a unanimous decision! OK, all that’s left now is to take down the target in Mementos!

Only two targets today. One of them is the only S-rank target in the game, however. We’ll see what he has in store for us.

Oh, about our targets… It seems we have 2 to aim for right now. We should go.

Well, let’s head in.

Music: Mementos

It seems the number of areas we can go to has increased…
Well, more people know us than ever. But probably not for the right reasons though…
I’m sure this misunderstanding will be resolved once this is all over. Come, let us cheer up.
She’s right. Plus, there will be stronger enemies the deeper we go. We’ll need to stay careful.

One thing that I missed when taking my screencaps and truly do not care enough to go back and find in my footage is my using my first-ever Treasure Trap to try and catch some more Treasure Demons. I should have been using these all game because Treasure Demons can be kind of a pain and you need them all for 100%ing the Inmate Registry, ugh.

We’re not going to be doing a ton here today, so I grabbed some Mementos conversations to fill up the update. You’re welcome.

Finally… I’m tired of runnin’…
Just imagine what it’s like for me!

Yusuke learns Myriad Slashes, an attack that targets one enemy with 2-3 Medium Physical strikes, to replace Tempest Slash.

He’s some kinda scam artist, right?
Yes, and he only targets lonely, elderly people.
How could he do something so terrible…?
Now this is a man who requires a change of heart.

Music: Desire

Behind the scenes though, you guys must be making lots of money. Tell me how you do it.
Don’t lump us in the same category with scam artists like you!
Tricking nice old people into givin’ you their money… Just how big of a jerk are you?
Huh? That money’s my caregiver fee. I humor them and hear all their dumb small talk, don’t I? They blab on and on about how kind their son is. Well, that son has got some dumb parents! Hahaha!
Can you say something like that about your own parents!?
Aw, man. You Phantom Thieves are gettin’ on my nerves. Get outta here before I make you!

Let’s go!

This guy uses some stronger Physical moves, can Confuse the party, and has Diarahan to fully restore its health. He doesn’t get the opportunity to do much of that, though, because his health pool is piddly.

Morgana learns Magarudyne to replace Magarula.

And Ann learns Concentrate to replace Tentarafoo. Now she can boost the power of her next magic attack by 2.5x.

Music: Sunset Bridge

I’m sorry. I’m sorry…
It was really horrible of you to take advantage of people’s weakness like that.
What do you intend to do from now on?
I’ll visit the houses of everyone I tricked. I’ll apologize to them all before I turn myself in. I’ll confess everything I’ve done to my parents too. I’ll apologize for being such an idiot son.

If you knew how much pain you put your victims through, you would never have done this. Remember the shame you feel over what you’ve done, and do your best to make up for it.

Music: Mementos

This Haten Robe is very good and we equip it on Makoto.

Looking at this on a larger scale, this is the fifty-second area, yes? I wonder how many are left…
We’ll just have to find out with our own eyes! Let’s go!

“Sheriruth” is a distortion of “Shrirut,” which means arbitrariness or stubbornness.

Is it just my imagination, or is this place even creepier?
No, you’re right. Without exaggeration, this repugnant place is an assault on the senses.
Uh, sure, and the enemies here are gonna be pretty feisty, too! Be careful, all right?

Well, you’re in the third area on this floor. That makes it the 55th area overall.
Huh. So we passed the big five-o… Man, Mona, you were right. This place is astrologically big, or whatever you said.
Well… I’m surprised too…

Eventually we come to a rest area, where we partake in a new conversation.

What are you talking about?
Oh, uh… I’m talkin’ about the Shadows on the trains in Mementos. They just line up on the platform… and let ‘emselves get taken away. Does that mean they’re OK with goin’ down into the depths? But why…?

Surprisingly insightful question from Ryuji.

I’m not sure… Do you know, Mona?
Well… there’s no way to be sure unless we go down and see the end of the line ourselves…
Maybe it’s some kinda paradise. It’d make sense for them to wanna go down there if that was it.
A metaphorical Shangri-La for the masses… Is such a place truly held in the depths of this eerie Palace?

Anyway, further in we find a new Treasure Demon. We see a lot of these things this run due to that Treasure Trap.

Hey, where are we right now?
Umm, this should be around the halfway point. There’s still another half to go.
Another half, she says…
Don’t focus on that! It’ll just make it seem longer!

Ryuji finally learns Charge, which will boost the damage of his next Physical attack by 2.5x. It will replace Shock Boost. This is unfortunately also the moment where Yusuke officially becomes completely obsolete. It’s like how in vanilla P4, only Chie got Power Charge, so there was no reason to use Kanji over her despite his better stats. Of course, then they gave him Power Charge in Golden and there was pretty much no reason to take Chie anymore, heh.

Hey, y’know, sometimes I think I wanna try bein’ the naviga--
I don’t think you’re cut out for it.
Man, shut up! You shot me down way too fast…

Goddammit, Yusuke.

I really hope so… We’ve been at this a while…

He’s acting like he owns the place.
He’s a producer in the world of entertainment, destroying the dreams of young girls, right?
I can’t let this go! I’m going, even if you try to stop me!
No one’s gonna stop you, so calm down! Let’s go!

Music: Desire

Yeah, right! Just what are you doing to these girls!?
Oh, you’re getting the wrong idea. I’m just allowing them to promote themselves. They don’t understand that you have to pay a price to survive in this cutthroat industry. By the way, you guys seem like you’re pretty popular. Why don’t I be your producer? If I manage you, you could become household names in show business.
Don’t be stupid. We’re the ones who’ll be managing you.
Don’t get so full of yourselves, you amateur cosplayers! Fine, I’ll make sure you’re all blacklisted!

I’m too used to seeing this penis chariot. How’ve you been, buddy? It’s been a while.

Here we go!

Music: Keeper of Lust

All you gotta do is listen to what I say!

Well, this prick starts the battle with Tarukaja. He can use some weaker Physical moves like Lunge and Rampage, as well as Maragidyne. This doesn’t sound too bad, but a look at his datamined stats reveals that both his Strength and Magic are maxed out at 99.

He can also charge up. Thankfully, not only is he weak to Nuke, his Endurance is a paltry 10. We do a lot of damage very quickly, is what I’m saying. He also has terrible luck in this fight, considering I get more than one lucky crit off One-shot Kill. It’s just constant All-out Attacks on this guy. He also whiffs the only charged Lunge he manages to attempt, so this battle just goes terribly for him all around.

Yusuke learns Mabufudyne to replace Mabufula.

Makoto learns Mediarahan to replace Diarahan. She is now pretty much the backbone of our party. Just kidding, she already was.

Finally, Haru learns Mapsiodyne to replace Maspsio.

Music: Sunset Bridge

You’ve done whatever you wanted and caused a lot of damage. What do you plan to do about it now?
...I’ll apologize to the girls who I manage. I’ll do something to show them my sincerity.

That’s… kind of a slap on the wrist, buddy.

Sincerity? How!?
I-I’ll have to think about that. But I’ll try to make up for all I’ve done wrong, no matter what.

If I ever hear another bad rumor about you, you better be ready for us. OK!?

And… that’s every single Mementos request in the game. We’re done. Holy shit, a weight has fallen off my shoulders. This is incredible!

Music: Mementos

That Immortal Vest is also pretty great, and we equip it onto Maaku.

We can’t get past the door beyond where Asakura was, so we just head back up.

Fusin’ time.

Music: Aria of the Soul

Nebiros from Norn and Hanuman.

I will become your new mask and take control of your destiny…

Nebiros depictions vary, but the one the game uses is the one where he is the General of Hell who can control the dead.

Also, Thor from Melchizedek and King Frost.

The might of my hammer shall find a new home within your mask.

When he’s not a rather doofy Avenger, Thor is a Norse god, the son of Odin and wielder of the hammer Mjolnir, which can control lightning.

And that’s it for Mementos. I’m almost gonna miss this fucked-up place.

Those election cars are so obnoxious…
I ask for the support of you, my constituents!
It’s already election day…
Please vote for Masayoshi Shido!

Anon: was that statement a lie?
Anon: srsly, a tv hijack?
Anon: this is a murder warning…
Anon: just typical slander imo
Anon: a lil too late tho

Music: Beneath the Mask

We finally receive our packages.

Please, you must! I need you to see how sorry I am! You owe me that much, at least!
What the—you’re still being a self-absorbed man! I don’t NEED to do anything!
*sob* Please! I need you to! I need you to see me make up for all that I’ve done!

Take that, Asakura.

We’ve got literally nothing to do right now. We could theoretically fish, but we don’t have enough game time left to actually accomplish anything there. Instead, we’re going to spend our few remaining days getting swole.

Music: Everyday Days

Maaku gains 5 HP and 3 SP.

Anon: this site’s still up? :o
Anon: my scandal sense’s tingling!
Anon: This isn’t debunked yet?
Anon: this is a murder warning…

Music: Disquiet

Me too, cat. Me too.

What sort of victory Shido’s United Future will claim still remains to be seen.
Tomorrow’s the day… All right, we’ll show you what we can do!

Gettin’ strong.

Music: Everyday Days

Maaku gains 5 HP and 3 SP.

Music: Beneath the Mask

The candidates are working extra hard. After all, voting does take place tomorrow.
Still nothing from Shido, huh…?

Hold on. We need to refrain from making ourselves stand out.
He’ll likely give some kind of speech after the election.
And when’s that gonna be?
Assuming it’s after the results come in, tomorrow night. I can only hope he actually confesses his crimes…

Uhhhhh, isn’t “after the results come in” kind of too fucking late?

...So tomorrow’s the day. Our job’s finished. All we can do now is sit back and watch.

Mishima sent us some new messages.

Well, I can understand why. Anyway, #Millennials is getting to be even more famous than some celebrities. It really makes it feel worth it to support you. Keep up the good work!
We managed to save those girls’ dreams. If we can get idol fans on our side, our popularity will go through the roof!

Well, I for one want to strive to change that world. Anyway, I’ll be counting on you in the future too. I’m on your side!
We managed to meet people’s expectations this time too! I’m so proud of us. I think we may just solve the mystery of Mementos soon… I’m starting to feel anxious…

Let’s launder those items.

We just select the bottom four, even though only the bottom two will be the good stuff.

Music: Everyday Days

Because he’s now used to the treadmill, Maaku receives diminishing returns from it, and will have to switch to a new exercise next time. He gains 3 HP and 2 SP.

Those plus signs are very good for us, meaning we now have some very high-quality armor.

Sounds like he’s getting ready for tomorrow’s press conference.
Looks like there’s some kind of commotion going on…
It really seems like it’ll be a crushing victory for him.
It’s finally time for a new prime minister. History in the making!

Anon: So he didn’t die…
Anon: Shido, just take the win
Anon: TV hijacking is terrorism!
Anon: what about the election?
Anon: Show yourself, Akechi!

The election is tomorrow, and we’ve done everything we can. No choice now but to see what happens.