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Part 189: 12/18-12/19: Triumph And Skullduggery

Part 179: 12/18-12/19: Triumph And Skullduggery

Anon: dat comeback looool
Anon: It’s happening again…
Anon: Shido, just take the win
Anon: TV hijacking is terrorism!

Music: Suspicion

Unfortunately, public opinion hasn’t changed at all. Shido will most likely win in a landslide victory.
It seems his change of heart will be coming too late.
We’ll just have to see what happens. We’ve done all we can.
That reminds me, the video of us declaring war against him never showed up on TV.
I was wondering about that.
The TV stations were probably pressured not to show it.
Most likely. I don’t think that’s something Shido’s influence alone could have accomplished. The true cause of this might exist elsewhere…
I dunno that really get it, but all we can do now is wait for the change of heart, yeah?
Let’s wait for the election results as well.

The votes are overwhelmingly in favor of Shido! I knew it!
I’m certain that Masayoshi Shido will win…
How long are the polls open?
Mr. Shido sights are already on the next party election…

Anon: Show yourself, Akechi!
Anon: moar like phantom GRIEF
Anon: may just be election shit
Anon: must be tough for Shido-san
Anon: Is Shido gonna apologize?

Here are the latest of the exit polls. As you can see…
I’m curious to see the commentary on the election.
He’s practically guaranteed to win! I knew it!
Shinjuku has a high voter turnout, likely due to Shido’s following.

Anon: dat comeback looool
Anon: wow, ppl are desperate…
Anon: It’s happening again…
Anon: Shido, just take the win
Anon: TV hijacking is terrorism!

According to exit polls, voter turnout was unusually high. Mr. Shido has garnered overwhelming support… and it is said that his position is guaranteed. It’s almost time for Mr. Shido’s policies to become a reality…

Anon: this site’s still up? :o
Anon: Stay strong, Shido-san!
Anon: My scandal sense’s tingling!
Anon: This isn’t debunked yet?
Anon: this is a murder warning…

I knew it was gonna be Shido.
There was no reason to hold an election.
That is why…

Music: Regret

I also manipulated the information that the Phantom Thieves were behind the series of incidents. The one who controlled the hearts of others and gave rise to the countless victims… is myself. It was all for my own promotion… for my own selfish gain.

I’ve even used people’s lives as stepping stones in order to claim this country as my own ship. I am a true criminal that can be tried for any crime, and it still wouldn’t be enough!

What about crimes against grammar?

If I could atone for all I’ve done with my life, I request that I be judged at once…

This can’t be true! Shido-san!

Music: Alleycat

Hell yeaaaaah!

Allow me to say a few words… Now then…
He’s started taking charge.
Come now, don’t be that way.
If you’re gonna complain, say it to Shido. A legislator’s pin’s worth almost nothing. Well then, so, since the source of evil, Masayoshi Shido, has been--
I got to avenge… my mom. It’s all… thanks… to everyone.

I was able to settle a debt in regard to my father as well.
We all worked so hard for this…
*sniff* *sob*
Shido’s guilty, right, Sis?
...It’ll be difficult to prosecute him immediately. But I’ll do this thoroughly until the causality between his other crimes can be proven. I believe Wakaba-san’s research results will save Japan.

Great idea! How the fuck’s that gonna work, genius!?

Thank you, but I’ll be fine. I don’t want to add any more unwanted suspicions on any of you. It’s about time you let us adults prove that we can get our act together.

After the lessons taught by the entire rest of this game, I’m not so sure about that one.

I believe it’ll be fine for him to return to school.


It’s true that your face will be recognized among those involved… But I doubt they’ll take a firm action like suddenly coming to arrest him. At least, they won’t do ti until the uproar with your “suicide” and Shido’s confession have died down. Eventually though, the situation where you and I will be used as scapegoats can’t be avoided…

Yeah, we’re going to jail, so what. Fuck, I’m not ready for more school.

...You mean in regard to faking his death. That wouldn’t have happened to begin with had the police done their job properly.
Of course, I plan on doing everything I can. I will protect you all this time. Prosecuting Shido is that first step.

Right. Let’s get to it! Uhh, today is truly--

Sae checks her phone.

I need to go. It seems Shido’s been transferred to a hospital.

Considering that he’s finally back, all of you need to take your education seriously again.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I saw the conference! But something’s not right. It’s like nobody’s reacting to it… There hasn’t been any kind of movement on the forum either.

Yeah. It doesn’t make any sense, right? Support for the Phantom Thieves didn’t even increase after they made their announcement… Anyway, maybe I’ll try changing the poll question. It’d be odd asking people if they support the Phantom Thieves now that so much has changed. All right, I’ll find out what people really think! Just wait!

Well, let’s leave the popularity stuff to Mishima for now.

Well, overall, Shido’s new party won by a landslide… However, there are some who support my arguments. The world isn’t all bad. Without you, none of this would have been possible. Thank you. The true battle is about to begin. Let’s both work hard.

Masayoshi Shido’s United Future has claimed a large majority of the seats. With this result, a new cabinet is expected to be in place by the end of the month.
He won the election, but Niijima will do something about it.

Can’t wait to check up on Newspaper Club Member.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

We changed the heart of someone huge like the next prime minister. There’s no better finale than that.

I’m sure you’ll be fine now. You can manage without me being with you.

Totally. Why don’t you leave right now, in fact?

Heh… Of course. Don’t worry. I won’t leave immediately.

I’m a bit envious of you. Here I am… Still haven’t found anything about myself… If only I could find out what’s in the depths of Mementos…

You okay, cat?

Yeah, you’re fine.

If a case is assembled against him… everything about us will be exposed too… What are we supposed to do…?

Prosecutor Niijima is serious about taking Shido-san to court, right!?

Yes, I’m aware… But even if we prevent her from doing so, what about the public? Shido-san’s conduct was shameful…

Music: Desire

A… rich country?
You mean that plan of advancing foreign affairs by controlling people’s hearts…?
...After all, the research on it should be proceeding along. We’ll push that plan forward and continue eliminating any who get in our way by using that world…

Oh great! More Metaverse bullshit! No idea how they plan to accomplish this without Akechi, though.

We’ll pledge to build a powerful country. We ourselves will meet the expectations we had of Shido-san.
A powerful country, huh…? I see.
But even if we do pick up where he left off, would his other associates keep quiet about it?
...We should be fine in that regard. Anyone who Shido-san aided would feel that their life is at stake after watching that conference… Just as we are now…
At any rate, it seems we must first stop that case from being assembled, no matter the cost.
How do we control public opinion?
Thankfully, support for Shido-san still exists. Masayoshi Shido was a hero who fell before achieving his goals, and we will carry his torch… That’s what we’ll announce to the mass media.
...I see. Considering the public’s panic after losing their leader, they may latch onto that immediately…
But if the general public becomes our enemy… we’re done for.
That means… there’s no turning back. Well then, leave Niijima to my group… Can we rely on yours in regards to Shido-san?
We’ll make it so that he requires a psychiatric evaluation.
Everyone… we’re in the same boat. You had best not forget that…

Well, fuck.

Anon: why this. even now???
Anon: --- GAME OVER ---
Anon: The election was a farce.
Anon: who cares abt the election?

Weird question, Mishima.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

A full month just wasn’t long enough for me.

Come on, don’t say that. This is better than living in hiding, right? Whoa, this is no time to be chatting. You can’t be late on the first day back. Now, let’s go to school.

He said some strange stuff.
The government would be in trouble if Shido-san collapsed now…
I thought we could count on him…
What’s going to happen?

Anon: soooo is shido alive?
Anon: cmon thieves, say something
Anon: this is fucked up…
Anon: kill this stupid website
Anon: What’s with this question?

Music: Suspicion

I can’t believe he turned out to be a criminal…
But, didn’t the leader of the Phantom Thieves commit suicide? That “comeback” video posted online right before the election—it’s real?
I dunno what’s going on anymore. Opinions are all over the place online. What’s this mean for the election? This country’s in trouble—we have no prime minister.
It happened so suddenly. Can’t blame anyone for being confused.

Music: So Boring


The year’s already ending, huh? So much has happened that it’s like “where did all the time go?” Oh, but it’s not over for you yet. You still have finals for three days, from tomorrow to the 22nd.

Ah, shit.

I’m sure you already knew that though, right? There’s no way you haven’t started studying yet.

Hehehe, yeah, of course, what kind of idiot wouldn’t be prepared? Oh god.

I should really get some kind of exemption for my, er, “family issues.”

They’re coming, whether you like it or not. Well, good luck.
This is the first thing we get after coming to school for the first time in a while? Have you been studying?

Cat, you’ve been with me the entire time. You know that the answer to that question is “fuck no.”

Why isn’t it making any news?
Is it because he’s a politician?
I have no doubt that political connections are involved. But that theoretically shouldn’t have an impact on the news…

Makoto, further demonstrating her incredible naivete.

What about all the people who saw him on TV? They HAD to see that! Everyone should’ve heard him say all that heavy stuff, right?
Right. What happened can’t be kept secret. It’ll be apparent soon.
Makoto’s sister is working on a case too! I’m sure we’ll see the results of that if we just wait patiently.
Let’s assume so. More importantly, we have exams coming up…
I think they may have come at a good time. We’ve really gone through a lot lately. Everyone must be tired.
It certainly was a good deal of trouble…
Uh, exams are more tiring than any shit we’ve been doing…
Good luck, you guys!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Gee, thanks Sojiro.

I was busy dealing with some of Shido’s cronies.

You were busy for the entire four weeks I was out of school?

Well, you ARE students, so it’s only fitting you’re doing a study group.
You’re gonna bring us some snacks now and then, right?
You don’t even have exams…

Oh, glad to see you all. Don’t mind me. Make yourselves at home.
You’re too kind. We’ll take you up on that offer.
Why did you bring me here? My school’s exams are already over.

Shut up, Yusuke. Don’t complain about actually getting lines in a scene for once.

C’mon, don’t be so cold! You sayin’ it’s fine if I fail?
Nothing wrong with that.
Won’t the results be the same whether you study or not?
Now, now, you guys. Just think of it as helping me out!
*sigh* I don’t know about this…

Music: My Homie

Making a gamble, huh?
If she’s wrong, we die…
I don’t wanna die…
Um, is it really that bad?
This is every day for them.
This affects you too, Maaku-kun. Well, with your grades I’m not too worried.

That’s right! I’m smart!

But you’ve missed a lot of classes, so it couldn’t hurt to study.
Oh yeah, Maaku’s good at studying. I feel kind of betrayed…

No idea if this scene changes if your Knowledge isn’t maxed.

“Betrayed” might be a bit much…
Don’t worry, Lady Ann! Even if you’re not great at studying, I’ll help you.
Now then, let’s get to it. What do you want me to teach you?

I kinda figured this would be a joke answer, like “You forgot how to speak Japanese!?” It’s not.

Japanese, huh… Wait, what did we study again? Oh! Uh, crows! How’d it go again? Crows are black, so…
...Did we study that?
It’s Japanese class, so they were probably talking about kanji. The kanji for “crow” is the same as “bird,” but it’s missing the line that represents the eye. That’s because a crow’s eyes are the same color as its feathers, so you can’t see them at a glance.
Whoa… you were able to remember that much just from what Ann said?

Makoto, you’re not even in the same grade as us. Why do you know that?

How about taking a break?
Sounds good to me! I can’t do any more.

We just started, dude!

Even if we study and learn what we can in school, doesn’t it feel kinda pointless?

Don’t take him seriously.
Those sorts of experiences are important too, but common sense is just as important. You should know better than anyone how nasty adults without common sense can be.
That’s a great point.
Someday, you’ll graduate high school and become adults. Then when you get married, you’ll need common sense more than ever.
Marriage, huh… Do you wanna get married, Maaku?

Oh no! I offended Haru! Don’t be mad at me!

Well, that won’t be for a while. In the meantime, I’m more concerned with what I’m going to be eating tomorrow.

The implication I got from this is that he’s unsure there will actually be a meal tomorrow. Because he’s poor, you see.

Cut it out, man. You’re makin’ me hungry. Well, I guess we just gotta get back to studyin’.

We covered all the difficult parts, so you should probably be fine.
Good work, everyone.
See? You can do it if you try.

Maaku gains Knowledge +3. This is the only mandatory scene in the entire game that involves you gaining social stats. It’s also fucking pointless because you most certainly maxed that shit a long time ago.

We’re finally done… Only god, uh… only knows… ...How’s that saying go again?
Ryuji’s hopeless.
What’d you say!?

Haven’t gotten an old-fashioned brawl between these two in quite some time.

Well, whatever happens, happens. Isn’t it about time you wrapped it up? Be careful on your way home.
Sucks that you have to do exams even after changing Shido’s heart and saving the country. It’s rough being a human.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Your probation ends soon. I dunno if any of this… other stuff will affect that, so just keep quiet.

We couldn’t have discussed this in the scene we just had together?

I don’t know… I haven’t been able to see my sister.
Is she OK?
I’m sure she is, and I’m sure she’ll get the job done.
That’s right. I mean, she’s a pretty talented prosecutor.
All we can do now is keep an eye on what happens next.

However, with Masayoshi Shido out on illness, the party leaders have been struggling without him. They’ve gone on high alert, shutting out the media entirely. More on this as it develops.
We’re counting on you, Niijima… Everyone’s worked really hard to make sure he won’t get his way...

Yeah, yeah. It’s still night, OK? You’re in a better mood than usual, aren’t you?
Why don’t ya join me, offisher? We’ll toasht the people’sh vict’ree ov’r the Phantom Th-- Wait. Did we… Did we win or wuzzit them? Guesh it don’t matter! *glug glug glug*

Naw man, I partied so hard it was tomorrow night when I finally woke up! Not like I would’ve made a difference anyway!
True… I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit voting felt pretty worthless.

Let’s go say hi to Tora.

I wanted to thank you again for all your support. With the next generation, I will change this county into one that overflows with justice!

Good for him. We still can’t talk to him though because it would “interrupt his campaign,” despite that campaign already being over.

I never thought about that… What’s going on all of a sudden?
I am not sure of anything any more. Not even what I’ll be doing this time next year…
D-Director, please don’t talk like that. You’re scaring me.

I was going to vote Shido just in case, but then I suddenly came to my senses.
It’s a huge mess, after all. In the end, they’re all just playing politics.
I’m starting not to care about it anymore. Holding out till the New Year is more important for me.

Someone tell me where I can hunt. I’ll scout, I’m willing to do anything. What? You don’t need a crummy scam artist? Who do you think you’re talking t-- HEY! ...Psh. Goddammit!

Once more, into the gym.

Music: Everyday Days

This is a bench press. It will increase your strength, of course. It’ll also make you mentally stronger since you need to keep a consistent rhythm and form.

Maaku gains 7 HP and 4 SP.