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Part 190: 12/20-12/23: Cynicism Wins Again

Part 180: 12/20-12/23: Cynicism Wins Again

Anon: kill this stupid website
Anon: why this. even now???
Anon: this country’s done for
Anon: --- GAME OVER ---

Music: Suspicion

Well, there’s been a lot of talk about him being exhausted, maybe even sick. Who knows, though… Besides, he’d have been arrested already if any of it were true. Maybe he’s waiting on an official statement from the government on who’ll be the next prime minister?
I dunno, something about this seems off. Oh well. If there’s no real issues with Representative Shido, I’d much rather just have him…
Hold on a sec, there’s nothing BUT issues!

It’s exams… …… We’re the heroes who saved the country, right? Can’t we be exempt from exams? And is it just me, or do we not have as big a sense of accomplishment as I thought?

That’s it! People are so doubtful even after the press conference. He hasn’t been arrested, so I guess that’s expected… We just gotta leave it to Makoto’s sister now. Man, I wish exams will magically disappear by the time we get to school!

Maaku nods in agreement with Ryuji’s dumbass wish.

Music: Life Goes On

That sounds about right.

How is this a Biology question?

I think they said the voice you hear through the phone is…

There would be too much sata to transmit, so it just plays a sound similar to your voice, I think. But why does the listener think the synthetic voice is the real person?

Yeah. Everyone talks their own way: their tone, how they stress words, and so on. Even if the voice is different, as long as they talk the same, the listener will subconsciously…

That’s it! “Even if the sound differs from the actual voice, the listener’s brain will make it sound like their voice.” You finished in time!

Anon: The election was a farce.
Anon: the future’s screwed LOL
Anon: I feel like an empty husk
Anon: Next person please!

Music: Suspicion

Exams today too, huh… We finally defeated Shido, but we still have finals… Aren’t these battles one after the other tough?

That’s our leader, completing exams and changing hearts with ease, huh? Well, exams are nothing compared to Shido! *sigh* Maybe it’s because exams aren’t finished yet, but I feel like I can’t become too excited… Oh, but we only have two more days left, including today! Hang in there, me!

Music: Life Goes On

That sounds about right.

That sounds about right.

Anon: i shoulda known better…
Anon: so what WERE they??
Anon: nobody asked for this
Anon: just destroy this country

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

I had high hopes for him… It’s unacceptable for Japan to be without a prime minister. I hope he steps back up to lead this country…
Yes. Honestly, there’s no one more qualified than Shido…
Is everyone out of their minds? How can they still trust Shido?

I’m doing the same as usual. Well, no problems. I’m all right with it, but my sister hasn’t come home these past few days. I think she has a lot on her plate with building a case against Shido… He has connections to powerful people. I’m sure they want him cleared to save their own skins.

Yeah, I believe so too. And it’s my sister. She’ll see it through, I’m sure. ...With that said, now isn’t the time for us to slack off either. Do you remember what the exams will cover? I’ll check on the train for you.


Music: Life Goes On

What? Oh, shit.

Uhhhhhhhhhhhhh this one?

That sounds about right.

Whew. Wait, how would you know if it’s right or not?


That sounds about right.

Good, good.

Well, it shouldn’t be a problem for you. This has been so easy I might start yawning. …… You did perfectly. I can’t wait to see your score.

Music: Disquiet

Well, it’s been fun, guys, but here’s a little quasi-spoiler: this is the last “free” day of the game. Naturally, everyone’s conversations have updated (at least during the day; the night people all updated on the 19th). However, many of these conversations contain a minor spoiler for a plot beat later in this update, for some reason having the cause and effect of the relevant event out of order, so we’ll be seeing those conversations in a supplementary update later.

So, what are we going to do today, besides hit the gym again? Well, let’s turn in those passwords to the game shop.

That prize postcard and password…! Did you beat “Power Intuition”…!?

Yes, and it sucked.

Ohhh, that deep backstory, and those beautiful character designs! With those great sounds, and that totally unique battle system! It’s truly a maverick among fighting games! It’s a masterpiece!

Did we play the same game?

Oh, I have some prizes left from back then, so I can exchange them with that postcard for you!

The PI Badge is an accessory with high reduction of Physical damage.

That prize postcard and password…! Did you just beat “Punch Ouch”!? Because of its age, this game’s graphics are dated, but its gameplay is so realistic… Once you play it, you’ll see that its fighting system really brings the tactics of boxing to life! It’s truly the standard for boxing games. Yes, a masterpiece!

The Punch Badge nullifies the Hunger ailment. Pretty garbage.

That prize postcard and password…! Did you beat “Legend of Gambla Goemon”!? Those graphics… They express the ambiance of hell so vividly somehow…! And the sound and music really ramps up the suspense and tension when you play it…! It’s a milestone in gambling games—a masterpiece!

The Betting Badge nullifies the Fear ailment. A little better.

That prize postcard and password…! Did you just beat “Train of Life”!? So awesome! They not only added grid movement by rolling dice, but also asset management! And those obstacle characters really express the developers’ hateful, yet loving, take on life! It’s based off sugoroku, but it’s truly a revolutionary game in its own right. It’s a masterpiece!

The Train Badge gives Auto-Sukukaja. Decent.

That prize postcard and password…! Did you beat “Pro Golfer Sarutahiko”…!? Before this, people really thought a golf video game was impossible. This game shook the gaming world! And the music and sound! Real golf doesn’t have as many cool sound effects…! It’s truly a pioneer in the golfing genre. It’s a masterpiece!

The Golf Badge nullifies the Brainwash ailment.

Music: Everyday Days

Maaku gains 7 HP and 4 SP.

Music: Beneath the Mask

It’s finally over. I’m worried about the end result though…
You all did your best. I’m sure you’ll be fine.
You should’ve studied all your subject though, instead of trying to guess what’s on the exam.

You recommended that!

There’s no way I can do that!
Ah, the cry of desperation...
Exams aside, I heard back from my sister. There’s been some progress. She’ll be interrogating Shido soon. She also apologizes for the wait, and promises she will manage to build the case against him.
I can’t wait to see what kind of news it makes!
Why don’t we take the opportunity and go out on the town tomorrow?

Welp, I’m gonna make like a tree and get outta here for now! Seeya!

Everyone is wondering who’ll be the next prime minster. In a survey of our viewers… Many are hoping for the return of Masayoshi Shido, who won in the prior election.
He won’t be so popular tomorrow. Everyone will finally see him for what he really is.


So, this is it. We’re going to spend the last available time slot in the entire game… getting buff.

Music: Everyday Days

Maaku gains 7 HP and 4 SP.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I mean… Masayoshi Shido got taken down! People should be posting comments left and right about this! The silence makes no sense at all! Is it because it hasn’t made the news? Ugh, it’s so obvious the Phantom Thieves are responsible though…!

Anon: go ahead and celebrate, idiots
Anon: soooo is shido alive?
Anon: this is fucked up…
Anon: kill this stupid website

Music: Suspicion

...There, they announced the poor health of their leader, Masayoshi Shido. As such, the special Diet session was postponed, along with Shido’s inauguration as prime minister.

They should be firing him!
And wait, “poor health”?
This is completely different from what my sister told us…

Sae’s kind of an asshole, so maybe she just lied to us. That seems plausible.

He’s not going to step down now, is he? Will this country be fine without Shido?
How can people still believe in him…?

Music: Disquiet

Haru, Makoto, and Ryuji pull out their phones. I guess Yusuke doesn’t have one? But then how does he text us?

“No link among the ‘change of heart’ incidents, only coincidental psychiatric disorders… The Phantom Thieves only used those rumors to their advantage”…
This is preposterous… Who would believe such things?

For real, this makes no goddamn sense whatsoever if you think about it for even half a second. But, then again, sometimes I forget what credulous putzes the public really are in these games.

Anyway, this is the “reveal” that the NPC conversations I cut out of this update would have “spoiled.” People now believe the Phantom Thieves never existed.

But the person saying this is a famous researcher. And even the ministry is saying that’s how they determine the situation too…

Yeah… It’s as if the people in reality have become distorted… What’s happening here worries me. But the only thing we can do right now is wait and see what happens…

That’s your answer to pretty much everything, cat.

Mr. Shido is in an extremely unstable state. I can’t allow you to get in contact with him. He may officially have to undergo a psychiatric evaluation at this rate.
We’re at the cusp of making a case! Do you know how much trouble we’ve gone through to get this far…?
I’m just doing my job as a doctor.

You still want to protect him even though you know what happened to the man previously at your post!?
So you plan on taking the head of the nation to court? You need to take a break, Niijima. I’m taking you off this case, especially since it’s rumored you have ties to the Phantom Thieves.

Who don’t exist, by the way.

Do you want to die!?

Music: Suspicion

We know he doesn’t need a psychiatric evaluation!
His lackeys must’ve pressured the others around him. It means there’s far more people who’d be in trouble if the truth came out than we imagined.
Isn’t there anything we can do?
Sis said that the assembly for a case may be possible if the general public wants Shido accountable…

Heh, good luck with that.

But even that chance has been destroyed with the manipulation of the mass media. They made it clear that the argument itself was “occult,” even claiming that it never happened.
As a result, the Phantom Thieves are still labeled as criminals, even after all that’s happened.
It’s a storm of criticism online too. People are saying to catch the remnants and execute them…
This is crazy…
At any rate, let’s wait for my sister. She should be arriving here soon.

Ryuji pounds the table with his fist.

If Shido isn’t judged by the law, everything we’ve done will be treated as if it never happened.
Moving the entire country however they wish by controlling people’s cognition… This is no different than being inside a Palace…

The front door opens.

I gathered the best of the best and fought for a case… but as Makoto must’ve told you, it was denied. At this rate, it won’t end with just Shido’s innocence. This trend will continue spiraling down. There’s even the possibility that crimes using the Metaverse will advance onto a national scale.

...But, that’s not what I’m here to tell you. We’re in danger because we know the truth. It’s only a matter of time before we’re apprehended. It wouldn’t be odd if they were to charge in now.
This makes no effin’ sense…
There’s nothing more I can do with my resources… That’s why… I want to ask for your help. I wondered if there was any way you could do something one last time. I know that I’m in no position to ask this of you.
That doesn’t matter to us! So what are we gonna do? Should we change the hearts of all Shido’s followers?
Even if Futaba were to research all of them, it’d take time.
There’s too little information…
We can only target individuals… Are we no match against the national power?

The group falls silent.

…If we use Mementos, we might be able to do something.
There’s something we can do there?

Music: Disquiet

Like I told you before, Mementos is the Palace of the general public. It’s the source of all distortions, and is maintained by the people’s “collective unconsciousness.”
Wait… Do you mean that there’s a Treasure even in Mementos!? And if we go after that--
The collapse of Mementos should affect the public as a whole. The state of society would change too. If everyone’s hearts grow to hold Shido responsible for his actions, things might start going our way.
...That’s a bold plan, but an interesting one.
Sounds good to me!

I wish the game played this up instead of having Sojiro and Sae just standing here stonefaced with nothing to say while we have a long conversation with this cat they can’t understand.

...But if we’re gonna do this, there’s one thing you all need to realize.

To begin with, why does something like the human cognition exist as another, substantial world? The reason for that is most likely sleeping within Mementos. ...We’ll be destroying that, you know.
...I don’t see where you’re goin’ with this.

So if other criminals appear, you won’t be able to steal their Treasure and change their hearts.

The Phantom Thieves look at each other.

We’ll have to discard this way of life…
I think we need to do this. I mean, we’re the group who’s reforming society, right?
Maaku… What do you think as our leader? You’ll lose your powers if Mementos is erased. Will you still do it?

Yeah, that’s right!
You guys have all grown, huh? ...All right.

The group nods.

Did you come up with a plan?
Whether is succeeds or not is another story though.
Miss Prosecutor… looks like this is gonna be our last job.
Last job…?

Once we accomplish our duty, we entrust the world to respectful adults.

That seems like a bad idea!

That is our condition for accepting this job.
This is a “deal” then… That’s certainly a heavy condition. But very well, I accept. I swear to make Masayoshi Shido stand and be tried in the court of law. Besides… my pride won’t allow me to be continually saved by you all without doing anything in return.
We’ll be counting on you.
Looks like it’s decided then?
You’re the leader, Maaku, and this is officially our last mission. C’mon, say something!

We already said that before though!
That’s fine. We’re doing it for real this time, after all.
We don’t have much time, right? We should carry this out tomorrow.

Christmas is canceled.

...I’m counting on you guys. No matter what happens, you better see it through!

The group nods.

Music: Beneath the Mask

We’ve spent so much time together, but it all went by in a flash…

Just once more, for old time’s sake.

The streets are full of people and illuminated by colored lighting… Couples out with their children can be seen shopping for presents.
Tomorrow’s Christmas Eve, huh… The only present I want is for my plan to succeed. I’ll be looking forward to it.

...This really is a nice and comfy little room.

Nothing left to do. Let’s just sleep.

OK… Good night.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

...Actually, never mind. You must be tired.

Honestly… you’re amazing. There’s definitely something special about you. You dodge everything the enemies throw at you like it’s your destiny. At first I just thought you were going to be a useful tool for me… but now this is where I belong.

Aren’t you only going to be here for a year?

Whatever. Stay at Ryuji’s place.

Still… it makes me happy to hear that. ...It’s not like me to say all that embarrassing stuff. But still… I think it’s fine. For tonight, at least.

Music: The Spirit

Fuckin’ finally.

Music: Swear to My Bones

Bye, Zorro!

Mercurius, or Mercury, is the Roman equivalent of the Greek god Hermes, as you might have been able to guess from the winged sandals. He is the god of (deep breath) financial gain, commerce, messages, communication/divination, travelers, boundaries, luck, trickery, and thieves. He also guides souls to the underworld. He holds a caduceus in his left hand in most depictions, though they reversed it in this game for some reason. Here’s a fun fact about Mercurius: he’s notably less cool than Zorro!

Mercurius now nullifies Wind and resists Bless. We opt not to give him Evade Elec because we’re not really using Morgana much.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I can’t keep them open any longer...

If gods really do exist… They’re being too hard on him…

Music: Aria of the Soul

I’m sorry, what?

The source of what was hindering your rehabilitation… To think it would be the ignorant masses to which you tried to prove your integrity. Did they themselves not show elation for those who are unseen? Despite all that, they now say you do not exist. They toyed with you, yet none take responsibility. The distortion of man’s world is endlessly deep… Fixing it may now be impossible even with the appearance of a Trickster…

Music: Desire


The time of ruin is nigh… One due to the distortion of man’s own heart, from which none can escape…

Looks like Igor’s lost hope in humanity. This can’t be good…

Anyway, we’re finally heading into the endgame. That’s dandy, because it seriously felt like I was trapped in Purgatory, and also because I low-key ran out of stuff to say about this game like a full year ago. What’s gonna happen next? Looks like it’s anyone’s guess. Tune in next time, where we’ll start hunting the secret heart of Mementos.