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Part 192: 12/24: End Of The Line

Part 181: 12/24: End Of The Line

Anon: thinking hurts my brain
Anon: so what WERE they??
Anon: just destroy this country
Anon: nothing changed. Boringggg

…… You and everyone else… You’ve all grown so much… No, this is no time to get sentimental. We’re going to end this on a bang! All right, let’s go!

For sure. We’ll take care of this first thing.

Music: Suspicion

...Right after we go to school! Why do we have class on Christmas Eve!?

…… It’s finally time. You think it’ll go well?

Right. It’s something only we can do. See you at the usual place after school. I’ll tell everyone to come.

How’d you do?
Damn… I’m dead…
Hey, look at that! Look who got the top score!
I wonder what score I got...

Hahaha, eat shit peons! I am your superior!

That’s amazing! Everyone’s gonna have their eyes on you now!

Maaku gains Charm +3. That’s it. There is no other reward, and it is entirely pointless to do well on this exam because we already have maxed Charm.

Now, let’s head out for real!

Music: Disquiet

“The door to the depths of Mementos has been opened…” Wait, does that mean--

The others nod.

...We’re really gonna do this, right?
Of course!
Why’re you askin’ now?

I-I just thought, what am I gonna do if you guys freak out and bail on me!

Isn’t Mona-chan behaving… a little odd?
You know, you’re right…

Music: Mementos

For some weird fucking reason, they decide to start you on the first floor of Mementos, despite us needing to go to the very fucking bottom. I guess it’s because they can’t guarantee you’ve ever actually progressed beyond the first floor, because they were assholes and pretended this shit was optional when it actually wasn’t, but can you imagine if you’d never set foot back in Mementos, coming in here and having to go through like sixty-something floors of this bullshit? Thankfully, we got all the way to the last gate on our previous visit, so we’re fine.

Anyway, let’s head back up to the entrance.

Fuck everything, let’s just go home.

We don’t know when the police might come after us, so we should avoid heading outside for now.
But doesn’t not being able to replenish our supplies put our entire plan at risk?
In that case, how about we just go to the shops we need…? No wandering outside though.
...That seems to be a valid point of compromise. What are your thoughts, Joker?

Psssshhh, it’ll be fiiiine.

Just remember you can never be too cautious, OK? If we get caught this time, we’re done for.
Guess that means no more goin’ for beef bowls ‘til we figure out what to do with Mementos…
All right then, where are we going?

Eh, never mind.

Mkay, the search continues!

In Persona 4, the final dungeon was a surprise, so the game let you temporarily leave the TV world on the last day of the game to go shopping for weapons and supplies. This is just following from that example.

Anyway, let’s warp down to that final floor we reached.

It should be. Why, what’s wrong?
I dunno, it looks just like all the other ones… I was thinkin’ it’s a little disappointin’… Maybe we worked too hard to get down here or something.
The lack of unforeseen circumstances is nothing to complain about. Let us continue.

“Iweleth” means “stupidity.” Appropriate.

It’s some big, fossil-looking thing… Is that the Treasure…?

So this is where that crowd of people was trying to reach…?
People are walking in and out of there, so the other side of the wall must be… Wait! It’s not a wall, but a giant door…?
Guess that means the Treasure’s not here. C’mon, let’s stay focused.

I bet that means the inner depths the Meta-Nav was talking about before are right ahead.
Hold on. The door only opens from this side…
...What do you mean?
Well, I took a quick peek at the mechanism inside the door… And it looks like you can only open it from here. We can get in, but nothing can get out.

Then how are we going to get out?

It’s as though whatever lies within has been locked away…
Wait, so you’re saying that the people going in there are choosing a life of imprisonment…?
I have never felt such eerieness before… What is this place…?
We’ll find out once we reach the depths. Come on, let’s go.

Music: Freedom and Security

It’s so creepy…
So those strange pipes tunneling through Mementos were originating down here after all… You know, I have been considering this for some time… but they remind me somewhat of veins…

I mean, what does everyone think this world is…!?
Calm down, Lady Ann. The Treasure is definitely here, and that’s what’s important now. And I can sense something else… A tremendous presence that’s coming from much deeper within…
I don’t know that I want to find out what that may be… but we must harden our resolves. It’s time to head for the depths!

Well, we’re in the belly of the beast now. Let’s proceed onw-wait, what?

Hey, Caroline. What are you doing outside of the Velvet Room?

You… Hmph. ...Guiding inmates along in their rehabilitation is our duty… OK. I’ll help you a bit.

It feels like my stamina and health has recovered somewhat...
(blushing) You surprised!? Something like that is nothing for us! Come back here again if you get wounded, Inmate!

Now, this is the game throwing you a bone. It knows that you’re pretty fucked if you run out of SP here and don’t have any restoratives, so it allows you to replenish your HP and SP with Caroline. Unfortunately, this does not replace any bullets you use, so watch out.

Up ahead, we find a crowd waiting before a door.

It looks like they’re all trying to get past that door…
But why’s it so crowded!?
It looks like the door’s keeping them all out. We’ll have to try and look for another way in.

Conveniently, there are platforms we can jump to nearby.

Huh, it looks like we can go in through here too. Be careful, OK?

The Shadows out front were trying to get in here, right? What could it be…?

Up ahead, we immediately come across a peculiar room.

Music: Desire

Are those… chains on them? ...Is this a prison!?

Technically speaking, I would say it’s someone’s Shadow…

Don’t open the cells, OK? I have no intention of leaving this place…!

What’re you saying? You’re being kept in a prison.
This reminds me of Kamoshida’s castle… They’re like the “slaves” we saw there.

In the depths within is a system that grants desires…
A system that grants… desires?
Something like that exists…? Here!?
It’s no use. You can’t reason with these people.
They’re truly “distorted,” just like the scenery here…
You end up searching for stuff or being troubled because you’re outside the prison. There are things you don’t need to know to live on.
He’s right. Things like the details on the system, the locked “Quarantine Cell”…

Quarantine? Who’s locked in there?
Supposedly a great and truly dangerous criminal, but who would want to check a place like that? Come now, we don’t have to chat like this. Why not come inside?

Removing your restraints is not allowed. Outsiders… must be eliminated!

These guys are weak to Wind and use Physical and Hamaon. Simple.

Music: Suspicion

Wait a sec… This is everyone’s Palace, right? Not like Kamoshida’s castle… Who’s keepin’ these people here…?

I’ve… seen this place before.

Hold on though. It wasn’t open until we came here today.
Sorry… It’s just a sense I’m getting. Still… it feels like I’m really close to remembering something important…
Y’know, comin’ in here was what you wanted from the beginning. We just gotta keep movin’ on!
On top of that, I’m curious to know who the ruler of this place is.
Yeah… You’re right.
Wait, what about these people…?
Leave them be. They’ll be taken care of if we erase Mementos.
Hey, it’s dangerous to keep standing around here! Let’s get going!

Music: Freedom and Security

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no, you’re not doing this

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Anyway, we now encounter our first enemies.

And I start to notice, to my chagrin, that this update might as well be called “Maaku Hamiru And The Dungeon Full Of Enemies We Already Fucking Have!”

This is Moloch. It’s weak to Ice, uses Fire and Psy, and inflicts Fear.

This writhing mass is our target for the afternoon.

The world is already complete… There’s nothing left to do…
The hell…? Is this some kinda prison cell too…?
Plus there are those blood vessel things coming down into it…

I fucked up an ambush on these Melchizedeks. Again, weak to Wind, use Hamaon and Physical.

Hm, what’s this?

Calm down. It doesn’t seem like it’s a trap or anything. Try touching it again, Joker.

Hmmm. There seems to be more to this prison, but right now this is a dead end for some reason.
Then this must be a security system. Will we be able to proceed if we disable it?
...Prolly. I’ll need you to look into it a little more though. Do it again, Joker. It looks like touching it turns it back off, so it can’t be that dangerous, right?

Maaku turns the device back on.

So the color of a spot changes when you walk on top of it… Joker, try making the entire floor blue for now.
D-Dude, you have any idea what that’s gonna do? Are you sure it’ll be safe?
Eh, all great things start with a leap of faith! The decision is yours, Joker!

Well, that’s certainly one way to approach this. Our objective now is to make all the tiles blue.

We start on A1 (which does not start as a blue tile), then move south through B1 and C1, east to C2, north to B2, east to B3, north again to A3, then west twice through A2 and finally back to A1.

The last tile that turns blue needs to be the one we started on, because this will happen.

Aha… It’s probably connected to the color of the floor somehow. So since we changed all the spots on the floor to blue, the device’s color changed too. Joker, try touching it now.

Joker touches the device. If this was not the final space we stepped on, the device will turn yellow again the moment we turn one of the other tiles back, so watch out.

The path forward lowers and the weird Legend of Zelda chime sounds.

So that device is not only a switch, but also the wall that’s blocking our path.
That’s a pretty elaborate device…
It is only natural that security is tight in a prison. Then again, no inmates actually wish to leave…

Ugh, can’t you just try takin’ it easy on us this time!?

This is kind of bullshit, because you don’t automatically enter the fight. Instead, the instant the cutscene ends, you’re detected by the enemies and they start chasing you.

Suffice it to say, I fuck up the preemptive strike again. These Nebiros(es) use Physical and Curse, including instant-kills. They’re weak to Bless.

This is Gozer Lillith. It uses Ice, Fire, and Wind, can remove buffs and debuffs, and can drain your SP. It’s weak to Fire.

Nobody listens if we try to oppose them… All that happens is our spirits are crushed… It might be smarter to just accept life for what it is and surrender to their will…
This is just like how I used to be… If I had stayed like that, I would sound just like her now…!

This is Dionysus. It has no weaknesses and uses Debilitate (a fucked-up move that lowers all three of an ally’s parameters), Electricity, and Physical. It also can use Thermopylae to raise all three of its own parameters if you ambush it.

All of this is going to end soon anyway… You might as well patiently await your demise…
It’s all… going to end? What is he saying…?

Eh, I’m sure that ominous warning is nothing to worry about.

Following those things is the only correct way of living. What is there to be confused about? Anyone who can’t do that is just an outcast. All you really have to do is obey the rules…
How pathetic… He should be more aware of his situation…

Up ahead, we run into another puzzle device.

It should be, for the most part. Give it a try, Joker.

The mechanism should still be the same though. We just need to make all of them blue in the end.

Stepping on the blue tile returns it to yellow, of course.

Okay, this one is barely any more complicated than the last one. The only complication is that we have to double back a couple of times.

Start on A1, then head south once to B1. Then, head east to B2, and immediately head back to your only option, B1. Then head south twice through C1 and D1. Then go north again to B1. You will notice that A1, B1, and C1 are all still yellow, so head south again to C1, then go north through B1 to A1. All of the circles are now blue.

Continuing on…

No matter how much they beat or kick you… it is all for your own self-benefit in the end… If anything, I should feel thankful… This is exactly what I deserve…
...It hurts hearing this. I had the exact same mindset in the past…

One more puzzle.

Again, a rather basic shape that should not be too difficult to figure out.

Once more, start on A1. South twice through B1 and C1, east to C2, south to D2, north back to C2, west back to C1, north back to B1, east to B2, and finally head west to return to B1 and north to A1.

It truly seems to go on ad infinitum… Where does it lead?
I never expected there would be this much here… But the Treasure’s presence is getting stronger. We’re going in the right direction for sure.

At the bottom, we find another circular room.

Music: Desire

Oh, shit! Was not expecting to see ol’ Mophead McSpeedo again!

No… Madarame…

Father isn’t around anymore…

Smooth, Futaba.

No, it’s OK. More importantly, look there.

Hooray! More Shido!

I finally get to live without having to think for myself now.
I mistakenly thought myself to be talented… but now I think I’m a fool for wanting too much.

Even this Kaneshiro’s facial expressions are great.

I’m done actin’ like a big shot. Who cares if I’m stupid? It’s not like you get punished for bein’ dumb. Nobody needs to strive to be more than they really are.
These people seem completely different than they were before…
I don’t think it’s because they had a change of heart though…
Wait… Have they chosen a life of captivity after they lost their distorted desires…?
Unfortunately, Okumura isn’t here with us.

Ice cold, Haru. Nice.

Now if you don’t mind, what in the world is this place?
It’s supposedly called the “Prison of Regression.”

More importantly, does this look like captivity to you? Why, it’s the exact opposite. The utmost freedom is available to anyone who desires it here. This is the freedom to not make decisions… The release from having to think for yourself.

It is far more marvelous than the country I wished to create…
Release from having to think…? But that’s…
However, there are some fools who cannot stay put in this place. In other words, they are escaped convicts… Of course, I’m talking about our past selves. Such people are segregated from this peaceful world and locked away in their own Palace.
So those are the Palace rulers…

We… sent ‘em back here…?
I don’t understand… Just what have we been doing by using the cognitive world…?

C’mon, guys. This is definitely weird and certainly changes our understanding of “distortions,” but we’re about to fuck this place up anyway. It doesn’t really matter.

That’s true, but…
This ain’t the time to be gettin’ confused! We’re here as the society-fixin’ Phantom Thieves today!
Having the freedom to not make your own decisions only means that someone else is controlling you! Tell me. Who is the ruler here? Who made all of this…?
What an odd question to ask. It should be obvious: every member of the general public.

I mean, yeah, duh. We kinda knew that. Or at least, I thought we did.

Haven’t you learned anything in school? The collective ruler of a democratic society is its people.
D-Don’t lie outta your ass like that! I mean, there was a guard here earlier! That means someone’s gotta be lookin’ out for you guys, right?
You may be right. We are the ones “looking out” upon everyone else.

So the ones who least want the prison to be tampered with… are the prisoners themselves…?
It don’t matter what this guy’s talkin’ about… We’re gonna erase all of Mementos anyways! C’mon, let’s keep goin’! Mona! The Treasure’s in the deepest part, right!?

I saw the humans in here… and realized I looked different than them for some reason…

Is that why you thought you would regain your true form if we destroyed Mementos?
Sorry… I’m still missing a lot of my memories… But I know I started randomly checking a bunch of Palaces… Then my next memory is about that bastard Kamoshida’s.

Dammit… We got careless!
Let’s run!

And that set of revelations is going to close this update. What’s really going on with this country-wide distortion? What lies at the bottom of Mementos? How am I going to cover my rent for this month with no promotional deals? Tune in next time to find out!