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Part 194: 12/24: The Heart Of The World

Part 183: 12/24: The Heart Of The World

Music: Freedom and Security

We’ve entered the shrine. What are those veins ahead of us?

It has to be… Let’s go.

The hell is that?

Let’s jump down these “stairs” and check it out.

This is our last opportunity to go back and do anything in Mementos, Mementos Depths, or the shops. We’re going to plow ahead anyway. Never look back.

Music: Desire

And… what’s that thing in the middle?

It appears this is our final destination… the depths of Mementos.
In that case, is the Treasure of Mementos somewhere in here?

I’ve never been here… but I can sense it.


But something that large will be impossible to carry out of here.
We just gotta make it disappear, right? If we can’t move it, then we’ll just hafta destroy it!
Yeah… That will work.
Once we do that, the entire Metaverse is going to disappear, right? This is finally it…

Oh, I guess it’s no surprise we’ve been discovered.

Even the inmates are starting to liven up. How eerie… Are they planning something?
That must mean this thing’s gotta be the Treasure. They saved us the trouble of checkin’!
...Hold on. Something’s off.

Shido said the masses are allowing themselves to be held captive here… Could they truly be operating this gigantic system that eliminates iutruders on its own? The prison guards and soldiers were very organized too…
Are you trying to say that someone else rules this place? Is it not the public?

We don’t have time to worry about that! Leave it for later!
All right, guys! We better not lose now!

Boss: Treasure of Mementos?

Music: Rivers in the Desert

Hello, old friend. It’s a pleasure to hear you again.

All right, let’s do it!

Well, it seems our final boss for this evening is a giant… cup. Okay, then.

Let’s start with some Charge and Matarukaja as a show of our new power.

Hey, we’re already making progress. This thing doesn’t have that much health. We’ll be done here in no time.

Ow. Whatever, though. This thing only gets one turn, who cares?

Pff, is this it, you overgrown bucket? You’re not even putting up a fight! I took out a third of your health in two turns, you call yourself a boss!?

Huh? The prisoners are freaking out!


It seems hopeless if there are this many inmates supporting it…!

Music: Blood of Villain

Who’s that!?

The Treasure’s talking!?

The Holy Grail…
The Prison of Regression is representative of the collective desires of humanity. They wish to be chained down, surrender their cognition, and neglect the world around them… These feebleminded commonfolk will make your “social reform” all for naught. The shared heart of the masses has fallen into an excess of indolence and transformed into a prison.

Thus… the only suitable end for them is to perish within the prison they wished for themselves.

Hell yeah!

Um… Ryuji? I’m not sure if you’re aware, but this is a bad thing!

Boss: Holy Grail

Music: Rivers in the Desert

All right, let’s do this for real this time.

Unlike pretty much every other similar fight in the game, this is technically a continuation of the last fight, so any buffs you’ve applied persist (which I didn’t realize, as you’ll see in the video).

So we have to start over. Whatever, no problem. Let’s do this.


We can’t lose! Keep attacking! Huh…? Wait, its color...

Well, let’s try again!

Well, this doesn’t appear to be working.

I knew it. Every time that thing heals, its color changes…

Let’s give it one more try.

All right, good effort, team! Let’s see how the Holy Grail responds…

Not the most surprising answer, but effective nonetheless.

No fair! This is cheating!

Music: Blood of Villain

The prisoners begin chanting.

If this is really how people feel, there’s no way we’ll be able to steal their hearts…

This is horrible…

And there we have it. The final sinner is the entire populace of Tokyo, and their sin is sloth.

My shine is proof that they desire my existence. As long as humanity yearns for me, I shall never perish…
Is this really what everyone wants…? To stop thinking and be guided by the Holy Grail…?

Yes… It’s so frustrating it makes me want to cry… But I… I will never agree!
The humans I look up to aren’t like that…

I’m not the only one who believes that. Everyone here agrees… We don’t want to turn back into the people we used to be! That’s why we risked our lives coming here!
He’s right!

I am merely the being that will ultimately grant those wishes. Now, it is time I refrain from my place in this world, and begin to encroach upon reality itself.

Encroach…? What is it gonna do…!?
Hey, this doesn’t look good…!
I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

Humans aren’t all stupid like you say they are!

Ehh, debatable.

*screams of anguish*

It’s vanishing…!?
Hell no…!

...I see… So that’s how it was… I remember everything now…

Morgana seems to have finally regained his memories. But more importantly, what the hell just happened!?