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Part 195: 12/24: Cognitive Decay

Part 184: 12/24: Cognitive Decay

*grunts of pain*

Is everyone OK…!?

Dude, we just got shot by a fucking laser beam. It’s not a pointless question.

Oh…! Hey, our clothes are back to normal…!

Wait, what? Today was a school day (which I still don’t understand for a few reasons), why are we in our casual clothes?

Music: Suspicion

Huh…? Shibuya…?
We’re back!?

Did we lose…?


It’s kind of difficult to tell sans motion, but it begins to rain.

Something’s off, though…

Erosion (Watch this)

Oh, I see, we changed clothes for this cutscene, now it all makes sense.


Music: Erosion

Is this what it meant by “the fusion”!?

Oh, hey Mishima. How’re you doing?

What’s going on here? What is--

What the hell…?

To think this would happen…

Music: Disquiet

Tch, the hell is this…? What’s going on!? Kaoru… Kaoru!

Is this scenery… for real…?

Oh no… Something wrong’s happened to the world…!

What’s going on here!?

Nah, as weird as this is, we’re still a long ways off from being as creepy and fucked-up as SAO.

Everyone else isn’t seeing this…?

Seems like our Confidants were the only people who’ve been unaffected by this phenomenon.

Hello? Yes, it’s about tomorrow’s preliminary meeting…
The announcement for the new smartphone is tonight!
What were the Phantom Thieves all about anyway?
Oh man, hearing that brings back memories! I feel so dumb for even believing they existed.
It was fun news, though. Well, I doubt anyone believes they’re around anymore.

It’s probably because they don’t feel that it’s odd…

Futaba collapses.

Music: Desire

Ohh… I feel… woozy… Nngh…

Fade (Absolutely watch this)

My… My hand…!

You, uh, might wanna see someone about that, man. Phantom limbs are no minor issue.

No… no…!

Ryuji Sakamoto, the Chariot. Brash, defiant, and the first friend you made in Tokyo. He has a nasty tendency to blurt out the worst thing at the worst time, but you’ve been through a lot together, and he’s never really let you down yet.

His name is lost to the wind.

Ann Takamaki, the Lovers. She’s been with you all this time, but thinking back she didn’t leave much of an impression as one of the more normal members of your band of oddballs. Even so, there’s an unbreakable connection between you, as kindred spirits who’ve both been through hell.

The void takes another, and grows hungrier even as it consumes.

Yusuke Kitagawa, the Emperor. A genuine weirdo. It was always a tossup whether his cluelessness would amuse or grate, but you formed a bond with him nevertheless.

Despair rises in your chest. You want to vomit. You cannot stand, you can only watch and hope that you will not be last.

Futaba Sakura, the Hermit. She’s awkward and strange, but she’s gotten you out of more scrapes than you can count. Plus, she’s family by now, and you wouldn’t have it any other way.

There’s more gaps than remnants, now. Who were you just thinking about?

Makoto Niijima, the Priestess. An early adversary turned irreplaceable ally. You disagree with her career choice, but understand that she’s doing what she thinks is best, and that’s all you can ask of her.

Why are you crying? You can’t answer the question. You feel sad, but without apparent purpose.

Haru Okumura, the Empress. Sweet, but with a hidden dark streak. The two of you formed a deep kinship that eventually became something more.

There’s a hole in your memory, something you know is vital, more important than anything, but what was it?

Because I… brought you all there…?

Morgana, the Magician. His contant smugness was annoying, but his unfailing presence in your life these past eight months has been a comfort, you’re forced to admit.

It’s empty. There’s no one left. You’re alone, and fading fast.

You weakly murmur, “Sorry,” but to no one. It dies unhear-

Well… shit. I can’t believe the Phantom Thieves are fucking dead.

Now that image right there is some Shin Megami Tensei-ass bullshit.