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Part 199: 12/24: The Truth About Cats

Part 188: 12/24: The Truth About Cats

Music: Aria of the Soul

Who’re they…?
My name is Igor. I am the master of the Velvet Room.
I am Lavenza, a resident of this place as well. We have been waiting for all of you.

My master has just been released from a long period of imprisonment. His powers have not fully returned. Though it may be presumptuous of me, I will speak on his--
Hey, where’s Morgana?
Would you like to see him?

That’s where you were hidin’!?

Morgana’s been awkwardly standing in that cell for like five minutes waiting for us to notice him.

It was to dispel an evil being from man’s spiritual world…

My role was to find the Trickster and help him defeat it. That’s why I was created here by my master.

I really remember everything. When this place was about to be taken over, my master gathered the last traces of mankind’s hope. ...He mustered up his remaining strength to make me.
The entity that calls itself a god is a malevolent will that forces man into everlasting servitude. It hopes to attain eternal peace by filling reality with those who have stopped thinking for themselves. ...That is the ruin of man that this evil god envisions.

An uncharacteristically spirited outburst from Lavenza.

It seems like most of the party somehow understood that last episode. Try to keep up, Makoto.

I was wondering why it had a will of its own, but are you implying that it isn’t a Treasure?
No. As the distorted desires of the masses, it is most certainly the core of Mementos itself.
Then… did the Treasure become a god because people wished to be ruled over…?
That is correct.

One—Goro Akechi—incited the masses’ distortion. Had he won, the world would have been destroyed and remade. The other was a Trickster who would stand up against this… That was Maaku Hamiru.
If Maaku won, the human world would be left as is… Those were the conditions of the game—at least, that’s what should’ve happened.

That malevolent being knew that a revolution would not occur within indolent humans. After all, it is the masses’ distorted desires incarnate.

He believed that a Trickster would rise among the people and accomplish this change. But that evil entity laughed at the prospect, and sought to prove the powerlessness of man with the game. And Maaku Hamiru had great potential… which is why is approached him. It helped train the Trickster, only to cast him into despair, using the masses who rejected their savior. This was likely its means to nip in the bud anything that would pose a threat. Now that I think back to when I was separated, I felt a disagreement to the word “rehabilitation.” Of course I did… It was just a means for the fake to keep you under surveillance.
Basically, this guy was dragged into a game where the evil god rigged the outcome.

We’ve been fucked over countless times by assholes making decisions for us, only to reveal they had their thumbs on the scale the whole time. This is nothing new.

Your real world has already been fused with Mementos. You do not exist because reality is replete with the cognition of those who deny the Phantom Thieves. It can be said that the world is one step away from the evil god’s machinations. However… there is still hope. Maaku Hamiru. Now that the evil god’s identity has been exposed, you can see your rehabilitation to its completion. Only you can leave this prison, and save this distorted world and its captive people…

You must challenge the evil god and reclaim your existence in reality. Are you up to the task?

Fist pump, nice.

The Phantom Thieves nod.

Igor claps in amusement.

There is nothing to fear. You already possess the strength to oppose this evil god.

Morgana, please guide them. And thank you for all that you’ve done. It’s a cruel responsibility that’s been cast upon you…
I will accept your words of appreciation fully when everything is over. Now follow me!

That’s our exit. Come on, let’s go.

Music: Disquiet

Huh? We’re back in Shibuya again!?

The party instantly vanishes aga—just kidding.

Oh, right… This is where we were when our bodies disappeared.
It seems like people still haven’t realized that this abnormality has taken over the city…

If I remember correctly, this is that Quarantine Cell…

You did say you were born in there… It makes so much sense now.

It does?

Wait… So if we came outta there, does that mean WE’RE the criminals…!?

How is that at all a new or novel concept at this point?

No, it’s more like Maaku! Since he was kept in here!

Uhhh, hi Morgana. You’re looking… radiant this afternoon.

The Velvet Room originally existed to nurture the human mind, but after it was taken over… It was sealed inside that bastard’s nest… Inside Mementos.

You’re shining…
It’s probably because my memories have returned. I know what my duty is now.

Wait a sec, wh-what’s with those weirdly-dressed guys?

I kind of remember seeing a silhouette of them on a jumbo-screen in the city…
The Phantom Thieves?
Oh yeah, that’s right! I completely forgot about them!

It doesn’t seem to be everyone though. Only a handful of people in this large crowd.
Maybe it’s ‘cause of Mona’s light!
Either way, they remember the Phantom Thieves!
The key of hope…
Mona, guide us. Where must we go?

The bastard from earlier should be in that temple!

And so we march toward the Holy Grail once more…