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Part 20: 4/29-5/2: That Is Coffee

Part 19: 4/29-5/2: That Is Coffee

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Let’s go find out, cat.

The original Detective Prince was Naoto Shirogane, but people are excited about this new one!
My daughter’s a big fan of the new Detective Prince. He’s a sleuth in high school and sooo handsome!

New Detective Prince, eh? Wonder what that’s about.

Very, very occasionally, the game will mention a previous Persona character by name, but generally most of the references to the earlier games are a lot more subtle than that. This game taking place in “20XX” isn’t a joke. They’re thoroughly detaching this game from the previous entries in the series, which is fine by me, as I don’t actually like Persona 3 that much and as much as I love Persona 4, it’s had more than enough time in the spotlight.

I finally remember to sell that useless piece of armor we found in the castle, which is good, because we’re running low on funds from that aojiru.

Let’s hang out with Ryuji today. He hangs out at the arcade on days off.

I don’t think my bond with Ryuji will deepen just yet...

Shit. Well, we’ll have to find something else to do with him if we can’t rank up.

Sure thing. Where we goin’? I think I’d prolly pick somewhere with good food if it were up to me…

As I pointed out earlier, we can spend time between rank ups gaining points with Confidants at hangout spots, but only certain Confidants like certain places.

“Hey, remember that ramen spot you introduced me to yesterday? Let’s go there.”
“Uhh, okay…”
“Also you’re paying.”

The etiquette here is absurd.

Oh, that ramen place!? Sure, I’m pretty damn hungry. Let’s go, then.

Ryuji doesn’t seem to care though.

Music: What’s Going On?

We’re gonna look like we’re just goin’ for the new fad, but my stomach’s already in ramen mode. C’mon, let’s get in line!

Ain’t you totally fallin’ for this soy sauce flavor too!?

I love how snobbish these other answers are.

Anyways… thanks for askin’ me here today. I’m all cheered up now ‘cause of you! C’mon, let’s get goin’. There’re tons of people waitin’ for our seats.

Here, you can have mine.

I’m not crazy enough about ramen to be showin’ that off in my room.

“It’s perfect for you, though, you weirdo.”

I feel like my bond with Ryuji will grow stronger soon...
All right, let’s run to the station and work that meal off!

Another minister has resigned? What is going on...
How stupid do you have to be to commit adultery?
They must be nuts… Swinging that knife around on a train…
There are too many crazy people! Where are all the sane people?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

It’d be nicer, though, if we had something to put on them… Oh yeah, you have something you can use to spruce up this room, don’t you? Why don’t you try decorating your room a bit?

Why don’t you try decorating your room a bit?

This is a totally pointless addition to the game that has no gameplay benefits. That said, it’s pretty funny, so I’m cool with it.

Ryuji was right about me.

Looks like you’re starting to get interested in this. Hey, you’re not trying to impress me, are you? Well, whatever… All right, I’m headin’ out to buy some cigarettes...

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Here, I’ll have a sip.

...This must be Guatemalan SHB...

...The flavor profile is bland. You should practice more to bring out the roast's full potential.

You still have a lot to learn, in coffee and in life. Be patient.

Thanks, man, that was almost profound.

Music: Everyday Days

Not just her looks, but her way of life was also very beautiful...

Still one more session needed to finish that book.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

...I wonder if Kamoshida really has a change of heart? What if we failed? That’s all I’ve been able to think about...

We did what we could. I guess all I can do now is believe… But how strange… I feel a bit better now. Maybe it’s because of your composure? We’ll be able to avenge Shiho, and you won’t get expelled! After break, we’ll all be able to laugh together! That’s what I’ll believe.

Music: So Boring

These days, it’s expected that you know colloquial English—even idioms based in other languages. I want you to forget you’re Japanese during this class and make yourself believe you’re a foreigner. What’s important is becoming someone else. In this day and age, being able to swap your mask depending on the situation is a critical talent.


How will you fare, Mr. Hamiru? Here’s a question. “Are you a wunderkind?” See if you can work out the answer based on what you know.
“Are you a wunderkind?”… Well, seems to me like we need to work out what that is, so we can answer her properly. My German is a little rusty, but I’ll give you a hand if I can! First off, the “wunder” part probably means...


Right, wonder! So something… wondrous, I guess, or impressive. Next, the “kind” part. That’s probably...

I don’t know much German, but I know at least this much.

Oh, huh. If the “kind” in “kindergarten” refers to all the kids in it… Yeah, that’s gotta be it. “Kind” means a child… or at least a young guy, in your case. So a “wunderkind” would be…

Real tempting to pick “Persona-user” here, I gotta say.

That’s right! I was asking you if you were a wonder child—in other words, a youth of uncommon talent. But I suppose if you were able to think and adapt so quickly, that proves you certainly must be! Oh, the word, “talent” comes from the Greek “talanton,” a sum of money referenced in the Bible. The more skilled a servant was, the more coins they would receive from God—their talent led to wealth.
You’re on a roll today!

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

The English word “talent” didn’t originally have anything to do with our modern concept of celebrity. But the ability to change one’s mask depending on the situation is surely a talent given to one by God. It’s not too far off calling people who can react to things on the spot on TV “talents.”
The talent of changing masks… Does that make us all “wunderthieves”?

Music: Butterfly Kiss

>I want to do a clinical trial.
I refined the medicine from the other day a bit. Could you come to the back? I’m going to start setting up then. Head into the examination room.

...Let’s see. Eyes are focused. Look this way. One, two, three, four… ...Nothing yet, huh?

Your weight was the primary reason it took longer to kick in than expected… ...Yes, this is what I expected from a teenager. We’re making great progress. Practice makes perfect, right? OK, hold tight. Once I compile all the data, we can move on...

...An emergency, huh? But we’re not a designated hospital. ...Besides, the head physician here is Tae Takemi. Ah…?

Oh, he basically just called the wrong number. An ambulance driver was looking for a transfer location. All the designated hospitals are full. But to think they’d accidentally call a general practitioner… Must’ve been a new paramedic. ...He seemed to at least know my name though.

Music: Suspicion

I’ve been blacklisted by the larger medical community. They call me the Plague… due to a grave medical error I made.

This goes back to my old job… I used to work at a university hospital in the city. I was never actually convicted of anything, but I’m still considered a pariah in the medical industry. ...Does that scare you? Participating in clinical trials run by a doctor like that?

Takemi, I’m not gonna lie. That sounds dope as shit.

It’s for my exams.

I guess we’re both equally shady, hm? Well, that’s fine. Being ostracized has enabled me to focus on my own research and development. Regardless, I look forward to working with you. I’ll be sure to add some additional “medicine” for you, my little guinea pig.

It feels like my bond with Takemi is growing even deeper...

All right, more healing items at the clinic. Sounds great.

Huh? One order of teriyaki chicken?

...You’re all good for today. You can go home now. Come again soon, if you’re still alive.
I feel like cooperating in that shady clinical trial has increased my Guts

Maaku gets Guts +1.

OK, take care.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Is there any way they can regain their lost memories? Revive and fight, Phoenix Rangers! Next episode… “Don’t Take Three Steps! You’ll Lose Your Memories!”

This is just a fun nod back to Phoenix Ranger Featherman R, a sentai show in the universe of Persona introduced back in Persona 2. Ken Amada was a fan of it, you could dress up the party as them in Persona 4 Golden, and in Persona 4 Arena Ultimax, Yukari Takeba, at that point a model, had an acting gig as Pink Argus. Her character design in that game was even based around her still wearing the costume.

Now that we’ve made coffee, we have enough points to hang out with Sojiro again.

Then you clean up. I’m going to finish preparing the curry.

Music: What’s Going On?

Hey, how’s it going? You getting any better at remembering how to handle different bean types?
Now then… there are three factors that determine the flavor for a cup of coffee: grind, heat, and time. First up is the grind. For the siphons we have here, we’re aiming for medium-fine. ...Are you listening to me? What grind are you supposed to use?

It doesn’t net much profit given the effort it takes, but hey, money is money. I’m not gonna forgive you if you serve our customers crap coffee though. Just remember that.

Music: Suspicion

Now? Where? ...Fine.

...It’s nothing you need to concern yourself over. Just do the dishes while I’m gone. Oh, and remember to shut off the gas before you close up shop. It’s nice having someone around to help at times like this. Turns out you’re actually a harder worker than I thought. Keep it up.
I feel like my bond with Sojiro is growing deeper...

OK, I’m off. Don’t eat all our food while I’m gone.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

The board meeting is tomorrow. We’d better hope the Kamoshida situation is sorted out, or we’re fucked.

I sure hope so, cat.

In the course of addressing the accident, the Minister of Transport ended up resigning. Many questions, however, still remain unanswered, as police struggle in their investigation.
That accident happened right after you moved here to Tokyo, didn’t it?

Hmm, no shopping today. Guess it's not every week like it used to be.

I fail to see the appeal though. Adults swinging bats, screaming their grievances at society...

Heh. You don’t need to relieve your stress like that. Not until the hardships of adulthood. And you’re too old to try becoming a baseball player. Even so, it could be a pleasant distraction. Visit the batting cages if you’re ever free. Though, it’s ill-suited to an intellectual like me… Gah…! Aggh, my back...

Man, fuck this dude.

Takemi doesn’t gain much in the way of new medicine, sadly. She gets these items that let you get rid of stat buffs on enemies or debuffs on party members, but they’re pretty cost-prohibitive at the moment.

Time for more aojiru, fuck my stomach and my wallet.

Maaku gets Proficiency +1.

And some more Bio Nutrients, for more Kindness later on.

What are your thoughts on all the recent accidents that seem to have no explanation?

Do you hear what he’s saying? The incidents have shocked him and he doesn’t understand what’s going on. He can’t hide his uneasiness! And that’s all for our on-the-spot coverage.

That’s why I’ve poured my soul into this song—to help restore our hope. I give you… “Metropolitan Fire”!

Fire say hello to the modern city/Fire say goodbye to the countryside/Light a fire in your hearts now/let this music spark the flame (Ow!)
Thanks, bay-bee! Could you feel the passion of my soul?

Yeeeaaah, I rock! It’s all finally happening for me!

Actually, I was making fun of you.

Yet the investigation into the cause bears no progress! This is evidence of the power behind them! Don’t bow down to the oppressive authority that deceives you all! Break free from its subjugation! Yes! YES! I, the Sun God, will protect you all, blessing you with peace and security!

...Let’s just head to the diner.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I can’t believe you stayed this long ordering just coffee. You’ve got some guts.

Maaku gets Guts +1.

It looks like you were able to focus, even with all this noise.

Maaku gets Knowledge +2.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Don’t worry. I’m sure the change of heart worked.

He’ll definitely change. It would be a real problem for us if he didn’t.
You’re right. It’s a little too early to be giving up now. Guess we’re gonna find out one way or the other tomorrow. We just gotta brace ourselves for all the possibilities.
I’m sorry I can’t offer more reassurance, but he should have the change of heart. Let’s just believe in that while we wait for tomorrow.

A nice relaxing bath should help distract us.

Maaku gets Charm +2.

Music: Disquiet

Why couldn’t they give us today off, too? We have the rest of the week off starting tomorrow…
Yeah, it’s ridiculous. Speaking of, what’s up with that calling card? The one sent to Kamoshida. Didn’t it say something about “stealing his distorted desires” or something weird like that?
Yeah, something like that… I’m sure it’s just a prank. No one’s taking it seriously.

I bet it’s about that girl that jumped the other day.
They don’t have to tell us not to commit suicide.
There was that weird calling card too, so I guess the teachers are freaking out?
We were lucky that morning practice got canceled though.
I feel like I may faint if this takes forever.

As you all know, a tragic event took place the other day. Thankfully, we have been informed that she has pulled through, but it will take time until she recovers. Everyone here has a bright future ahead. I implore that you rethink the importance of life and--

That is why I will confess everything to you all...

Music: Regret

What’s wrong with Mr. Kamoshida?
What’s this about?
Confess? Did the volleyball team do something?
I have repeatedly done things that were... unbecoming of a teacher. Verbally abusing students… physically abusing my team, and… sexually harassing female students. I am the reason why Shiho Suzui tried to kill herself!

Sexual harassment? What? Why would he say that himself?
Ugh. He is the worst!
The volleyball team, really? Physical abuse?

There were even students that I sentenced to expulsion, simply because I didn’t like them… I will, of course, rescind those… I am truly sorry for putting innocent youths through such horrible acts. I am an arrogant, shallow… and shameful person. No, I’m worse than that...


What? Did he just say that?
Kill himself?
Mr. Kamoshida is, um, not well! (The rest is unintelligible and unsubtitled)

Everyone, return to your classes!

You have no right to run from this!
You’re right… You’re absolutely right… I should be punished under the law and atone for my crimes… I did horrible things to Takamaki-san, as well. In return for giving Suzui-san a position on the team… I tried to force her into having relations.
Ugh, for a position on the team? That’s horrible.
I feel so bad for Takamaki-san.
So the rumors were true.
As of today, I will resign from my position as an instructor and turn myself in.

The police!?
For real!? He’s gonna get arrested!?

This morning’s assembly is over! Return to your classes immediately!
Isn’t this just like what that calling card said…?
Does this mean the Phantom Thieves thing was for real!?
Was something done to Kamoshida!?
C’mon, there’s no way you could steal someone’s heart!
But why else would he start saying things like he’ll kill himself or turn himself in?
Maybe because it almost got leaked? Don’t they go easier on you if you turn yourself in?
I wonder what happened...
Who knows? But man, Kamoshida turned out to be one sick bastard.
Hey, is this for real? He’s turning himself in, just like that? This makes no sense!
What’s going to happen to the volleyball team?
(More unintelligible chatter)
Return to your classrooms at once!

Seems like it. But, was this really for the best?

I’m not sure I understand the question, Ryuji. This is exactly what we wanted and needed to happen.

Yeah… it’s gotta be. But things’re happenin’ way too fast...

We all knew… but we pretended we didn’t.
Takamaki-san, I had you all wrong… I’m sorry that I spread rumors about you!

I don’t mean to keep harping on the translation, especially because the situation seems to be that the pronunciation was out of the hands of the localizers who were trying to appease Japanese clients, but this girl is the only person in the entire game who pronounces “Takamaki” with the correct emphasis and it’s really weird.

I didn’t know at all… Kamoshida was forcefully pushing himself on you… It must’ve been so hard for you…!
I’m sure there’s a ton of people who want to apologize to you. We’re so sorry…!
No, it’s OK. The same goes for me too… Besides, that’s all in the past now.

W-Well, see you later then...

...I swear I’ll make it up to you someday.

Man, I’m glad for you. Looks like those weird rumors are gonna go away.
My thing doesn’t really matter. We made Kamoshida apologize about Shiho… That’s more than enough for me.
You should hurry and tell her about it then.

We changed Kamoshida’s heart. Now to figure out what to do next.