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Part 200: 12/24: Once More Unto The Breach

Part 189: 12/24: Once More Unto The Breach

Music: Life Will Change

Just like on a heist day, Life Will Change will be playing near-uninterrupted during our ascent to the temple and in any fodder battles. Way to set the mood.

“Day of Reckoning,” eh? Let’s get to work. Our current location is known as the “Qliphoth World,” for the record.

In order to repay that debt, allow me to assist you and your teammates here. Please come to me if you are injured. I will heal your wounds.

Just like in Mementos Depths, Lavenza will now be waiting outside the Velvet Room to restore our HP and SP. Unfortunately, because everything’s turbo-fucked, we can’t go back to Untouchable or the clinic. We’ll just have to make do.

Time to start the climb.

Heh, it’s nice knowin’ there aren’t gonna be any bullshit traps or nothing this time! All right, let’s get movin’!

There are a few treasure chests with some mildly useful items in this first area, but it is devoid of enemies. Let’s just proceed to the end.

What’s up?
I’m sensing something up ahead…
I guess we can’t just go waltzin’ in here, huh… Whaddya say, Joker?

Careful! Enemy incoming! It’s pretty dangerous…!

Music: Blood of Villain

Those who wish to disturb society shall be slain on the very spot they stand.
You’re the one who’s disturbing it!
Dissenters must be destroyed.
It’s useless trying to reason with this guy! Let’s beat him and break through here!

Music: Keeper of Lust

The Herald of Death is a rather simple fight, so I won’t bother with a video. That’s the reason, yes, it’s not at all that a few seconds of my footage is corrupted and I don’t want to rerecord.

His skills are Deathbound (Medium Physical, all foes, 1-2x), Bloodbath (Medium Physical, all foes, low chance of Fear), Myriad Slashes (Medium Physical, 1 foe, 2-3x), and Megidola (Heavy Almighty, all foes). He gets two turns, but all in all this isn’t really that much to write home about.

However, he’ll start by summoning two Angels, which is where his gimmick will come in. These Angels are much, much higher leveled than their counterparts from way back in Kaneshiro’s Palace, and can use Tarukaja, Rakukaja, or Sukukaja. None of those are really an issue, but…

...they can also use Recarmdra, a gimmick from some of the minibosses in Okumura’s Palace. For those of you who don’t remember, Recarmdra is an enemy-exclusive skill that fully heals every other foe on the field, at the cost of all but 1 of the user’s HP. It’s pretty annoying, and means we should focus on the Angels first. Thankfully, they are still weak to Curse.

Music: Disquiet

Wh-What’s going on here!?

Took ‘em long enough!
I can’t believe they didn’t notice until the danger was so close to them…
Things are going to get even worse from here on out… The entire city has stopped functioning. At least they can still panic for now…
If people still don’t act for themselves after seeing all this… I’m sorry, but they’re hopeless!
In any case, let’s head to the temple!

Music: Life Will Change

Onward and upward.

The people in the city recognized us, so it’s only natural we’d draw the enemy’s attention as well.
Well they can bring it on! I’m startin’ to get fired up!

So now we have enemies to deal with.

This is Dominion. It uses Bless (including Hamaon), Ice, and can inflict Forget party-wide. It’s weak to Gun, repels Nuke, and blocks Bless.

As I mentioned earlier, Caroline’s/Lavenza’s healing will not restore bullets. Notably, your bullets also do not replenish automatically in between leaving Mementos Depths and entering Qliphoth World. We have two Reserve Ammo packs if we need them, but if you utilize my strategy of “fuck negotiating, fuck probing for weaknesses, shoot them until Oda Special’s crit buff knocks them down and then Warning Shot for easy captures,” you’ll probably be running low by the end of this “dungeon.”

This is Kali. It uses Psy, extremely strong Physical attacks, has a crit buff skill, and also can use Tentarafoo to mass Confuse the party. I lost maybe 150k yen at least in this place to bullshit scenarios where 3 or even 4 of my party members were Confused and throwing away 30k at a time and there was nothing I could do about it.

Also, no weaknesses, fuck you. They block Fire and repel Psy, though!

This is Mot. It drains Electricity, reflects Curse, and is weak to Wind. It can use Concentrate to charge up its magic, use Megido or Megidolaon (Heavy/Severe Almighty), or just put the entire party to Sleep. This place has a lot of bullshit status ailment enemies, you’ll notice.

Here’s Abaddon, jesus christ. It drains Physical, Gun, and Curse, but is weak to Psy and Nuke. It uses extremely strong Physical moves exclusively.

Are you ready for this?

Music: Blood of Villain

Come on, let’s beat this one too!

That’s exactly what we want!

Music: Keeper of Lust

The Cleanser of Heaven is just a bit more complicated than the Herald of Death. Still not hard.

He’ll start by using Heat Riser and Charge. We want to get rid of Heat Riser immediately, mainly for the Defense buff aspect of it. He’s going to hit like a truck, don’t get me wrong…

...But there’s really not much we can do about that. We can instead take advantage of the game mechanics to make this dude a joke by just blitzing him down as quickly as possible. See, his only damage skill is Sword Dance, which is Colossal Physical, a step above Severe. That’s pretty bad, but luckily for us it’s single-target, meaning that we have a few safeguards. On the off-chance he targets Maaku, one of our party members will simply take the hit for him, in which case they will withstand the blow. Even if he manages to do this twice (which our strategy of “kill him in three turns” is designed to prevent), Futaba will just save the party with Final Guard. I can’t think of any possible reason this dude would be alive long enough to try it a third time, which means that you’re basically unkillable here unless you play like an idiot.

Ryuji learns Agneyastra, which deals Medium Physical to all enemies 1-3 times, finally replacing Swift Strike.

Makoto also learns Nuke Amp, which we replace Evade Psy with. I considered throwing away Energy Shower for it, but it’s a nice backup.

Music: Desire

H-Hey! That person… They just disappeared! Th-They turned into some kind of black fog…

Things are only getting worse in the city…