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Part 204: 12/24: Thanks, Satan

Part 193: 12/24: Thanks, Satan

Music: Regret

Yaldy used his cutscene powers to fuck us up again, despite us whipping his ass earlier. Lame!

You’re destroying them because you can’t do that, aren’t you? So that you can flaunt your own existence. That’s why you were observing us! You had to because the reaction of the “masses” worried you!
That sounds about right.
I don’t know how long you lived, but you’re the perfect example of a pain-in-the-ass old man!
You find people like that everywhere.
What drivel…

What is this!?
Dammit, I can’t see anything!
Do you want to erase us from this world that much!?

...I mean, yes. He clearly does.


If we lose… the world is…
I need to… get back up…

I can’t… go on…
Is this is…?

They mock you for revolting against a god. Humans are naught but clumps of desire. Logic dictates that a world filled with them will decline. The sin of rebelling against a god is severe. As punishment, you shall taste pain everlasting.

It is impossible for a petty existence like you to overrule my precedent.
Human hope is a desire too! You better not underestimate it!

Even if only one of us remains, we’ll get back up and fight to the very end. And we’ll definitely… definitely…!

Music: Desire

People continue to vanish.

Sir, what’s going on here!?

Weren’t the Phantom Thieves those--

Can they even do anything about a situation like this?

Rally (Watch this)


Oh goddammit

Music: Swear to My Bones

How did Sojiro get here from Yongen?

…I sure am. Is the same true for you too?
Pretty much. Looks like it’s not just us though.

Akechi flips us off from beyond the grave.

No one wants you to rule over them! Isn’t that right, Maaku!?

I will see my justice through for the sake of protecting what I care about.
...The same goes for you guys too! If you’ve decided to take the world from him, don’t compromise your ideals to the very end!
Let’s defeat him together!

They’re prayin’ there’s no place for someone like you in this world!

Sick burn, Ryuji.

Give that evil god his final warning, Maaku!

Collective Consciousness (Watch this)

Oh fuck yes.

Satanael (Watch this)

Music: Our Beginning

Man, it’s huge!

This is why man is doomed…

What better way is there for a finale as a Trickster!

Pillage him… Satanael!