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Part 205: 12/24: Goodbye To Cognition

Part 194: 12/24: Goodbye To Cognition

You might wanna see someone about your face, Yaldy. It’s, uh… missing.

What power… It surpasses mine own… a god born from the wish of the masses…

Damn that Igor… It seems he wasn’t spouting nonsense…

Man, what a sore loser. Izanami was really cool in comparison, she congratulated us and everything.

Right, Mona?
Thanks for everything, gang.

Humans have the power to change the world. They just forgot about that a bit…

Everything was thanks to you, wasn’t it, Morgana…?

I got to be useful for humans that I admired so much. Nothing could make me happier.

Morgana closes his eyes and shakes his head.

Music: Desire

What is this…?

The members of the public are all frozen in place.

Return (Watch this)

Looks like the rain stopped…

Hey, guys!

Music: With the Stars and Us (Piano Version)

So beautiful…

Why’s everything--

...not just the Metaverse. It can be freely re-made… The same goes for you, and everyone else.

Ah, shit. Morgana’s turning into wisps of ethereal light, signifying his return to an abstract thoughtform and the cessation of his physical construct, will, and independent consciousness. Hate when that happens.

This can’t be happening!

One where mankind isn’t held captive.

Truth be told, Maaku’s just thinking about how nice it is that he’ll actually get some solitude for the first time in eight months. God, finally the smug loud cat’s going away. I mean, uh, shit, sorry Morgana.

Music: Alleycat


Mementos must have disappeared too…
We can’t see Mona anymore… can we?

It’s fine. I already know…
...What’re you all so gloomy for? Mona would laugh at us for it…
That reminds me, what about the public? Were we able to change their hearts?

It’s kinda hard to tell.

Let’s believe in the adults. Sis promised us, after all.

I still think we’ve learned nothing if we’re counting on adults to swoop in and save us in the end.

From here on out’s the prosecutor’s job, huh…
If we can’t enter the Metaverse, that means we’ve been relieved of being Phantom Thieves.
It feels a bit sad…

No wonder it’s cold.
Is this what they call a white Christmas?
It’s still Christmas Eve.
Christmas… I completely forgot about it…
Anyhow, we’ll have to see what happens for now. We should probably break for today. Let’s meet at Leblanc tomorrow, and have a final meeting on the situation.
Yeah, let’s do that.
...Hey! It’ll be Christmas, so why don’t we do a last celebration party!
I like the sound of that! There better not be anyone that’s got plans already!
It’s settled then!
Make sure you persuade Boss to let us reserve the story for the party.

We’re counting on you. Well then, see you all again tomorrow.
I’m worried about Sojiro, so I’m gonna head home.

Maaku apparently just stood there in the biting cold until it got dark.

Sure, go ahead.

With your actions, I can only hope that public opinion changes. ...It will change, won’t it?

I believe so, too. Shido confessed to a variety of crimes. We can arrest him on those charges. ...The problem lies in proving him guilty. It’d be difficult unless the correlation between the Metaverse and the mental shutdowns is made. Akechi, who perpetrated those crimes, has gona missing… You’re the only ones left who can testify.

Huh, tough break. Sounds like you’ve got a lot of work ahead of you. Welp, toodles.

...I’ll be blunt.

Oh goddammit Sae you’re such an asshole