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Part 207: 12/31-1/31: Confide

Part 196: 12/31-1/31: Confide

Anon: I wanna help somehow…
Anon: ...And it was all a dream
Anon: was admin one of them?
Anon: will things improve a bit?

New Year’s Eve

They don’t even know. Heh. Guess that’s fine.

Some of the faces and animation in this cutscene are a little rough.

Was there truly a need to meet?
Our next move’s important.

Sounds good to me.

Let’s do this.

Then everyone starts walking off in different directions for some reason.

Music: Sunset Bridge

Why is Makoto in her summer outfit?

Now that we know the name, all we need is an address. …… You’re right. We’ll succeed if we all do it together. Sis has yet to say anything, but I believe she’s looking into possible actions as well. As for me, I will look into every viable solution. ...Thank you. Make sure you give my regards to Shiho-san.

Shiho mentioned again!

...Oh, could we try getting their help as well? I’m sure they would gladly cooperate. ...That would be a great help. I’ll leave that to you. ...Mm-hm. We’ll talk again tomorrow. Let’s save him, no matter what.

Looks like there’s a plan.

There was nothing wrong with his conduct! I was his guardian, so I should know best.

Hell yeah, Boss is standing up for us.

I’ve heard that Miwa-chan’s progress is going well?

I’m certain that this will help prove his good character in the trials. Please. I want to increase his chances of being found innocent as much as possible.
I see, so that’s why.

Thanks, Takemi.

You’ll all agree with me, correct!?

The faculty nervously look at one another.

Kawakami’s giving us all her support.

Make sure the guys in lock-up know not to let anyone lay a damn finger on him. Also, you guys know someone in Public Security, right? Won’t you introduce me to him? ...I have to protect him, using whatever means necessary.

Heh, Iwai is keeping us safe. What a guy.

I want to help a friend who’s innocent! He’s a really good guy! He always fights for the sake of others…

Uhh, a little strong there, Mishima. Also I’m not really sure you’re gonna get much done there with random signatures.

The reason why we were able to come to our senses is because he saved us! And now he’s in a crisis himself. I believe it’s our turn to save him this time! But our words alone won’t reach anyone… That’s why I need Yokota-san and everyone’s help! Won’t you please protest the police with me!?

Chihaya’s gathering resources for us.

I need testimonies from people to use in the special article in regard to him! Did he truly look like a boy who would cause an assault here? There is a discrepancy in the other resident’s testimonies and the court decision at the time.

It seems like Ohya’s hunting down exonerating evidence.

He is suffering from a crime he did not commit! He is a promising young man who will support this country’s future! What justice is there in a country without it being able to save such an individual!?

Aw, Tora… I’m gonna tear up, you jerk…

I really wanna go up against him, but I heard he’s been arrested for some crime he didn’t commit. But… I can’t help him out with just myself alone. We need tons more people’s voices, like on online forums and getting signatures and stuff! You have to say with me, that it makes no sense that he’s been arrested when he’s done nothing bad!

Uh… good work, Shinya. Yelling at a bunch of assholes on the internet will… totally help secure Maaku’s release. Yeah.

The reason I was able to escape from the fixed matches is because of his devoted support. However, such a young man with an honest heart is currently in juvenile hall serving an undeserved sentence…!

Hifumi’s spreading the word. Great job, Hifumi.

Music: Aria of the Soul

What an ironic turn of events because you wished for the fortune of others over your own well-being. Still… it will do. You chose the correct path with your own volition. You did not compromise your beliefs for personal gain to the very end.

It is the willpower to stand up in this world on your own feet, unswayed by no one.

“Unswayed by no one”? Uhh, I’m just gonna assume the double negative there is unintentional.

That will become the basis of hope toward a future with your teammates who share the same belief. Now that you’ve gained that power, you are no longer an existence that wanders alone…

...You were truly a remarkable guest.

Goodbye, Velvet Room.