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Part 209: 2/13-2/14: Kiss Me Goodbye

Part 198: 2/13-2/14: Kiss Me Goodbye

Music: Break it Down

I would love to talk about a few different things with you if that’s all right…

Come on, let’s go to bed. You’re working at the shop from tomorrow onward, right?

You’ve been back for like three hours and you’re already telling me when to go to bed.

Anon: im gonna try hard this year
Anon: We should thank them…
Admin: Please post your support!
Anon: I guess YES?

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’m highly suspicious of the premise that there were a notable number of customers in Leblanc on any given day period, much less guys bringing dates there for Valentine’s Day.

I was in in lockup by myself for six straight weeks until yesterday. Those aren’t exactly optimal conditions from which immediately get up and start crushing puss, unless you count my accidentally stepping on Morgana this morning when I was getting out of bed, the same way Michael Scott burned his foot.

Oh yeah, I’m sure they were all over you, buddy.

Music: Sweet

Ah, the store is still--

The first time I brought a girl over here in even a platonic capacity you asked if she had a boyfriend and stared at her ass, you old lech. The less you know about my love life, the better. And don’t ask how I found out about that shit with Ann when I wasn’t in the room, okay? I have the power of clairvoyance, but it usually only shows me occasional minor plot-relevant scenes featuring people getting up to or becoming the victims of nefarious bullshit. Sometimes I know the people, sometimes I don’t. Sometimes they’re talking about me and my friends, sometimes they’re not. A lot of the time, it just showed me the same one dude, but I can’t figure out why because he was just kind of a one-note asshole barfing out waves of mostly pointless expository blather that there was probably a much less artificial and labored way to communicate, but he’s dead now so whatever.

Anyway, stay away from my girlfriend. I’m not threatening you, I’m warning you. If you upset her you’ll wake up bound hand and foot just as the last specks of dirt being shoveled onto your face block your vision of the sky. And then she’ll use the soil from where you were buried alive in a shallow, unmarked grave to grow some delicious vegetables.

Here, I’ll leave the store to you.

Smart idea.

Oh yeah, and you better leave too, cat. I’m probably not gonna get any tonight because you’ve already made my room smell like cat turds again, the least you can do is give us some privacy.

Ignore him. He sucks.

I am worried though. After all, it’s you we’re talking about.

I’m… really not sure how to take that. It doesn’t quite sound like a compliment.


I actually made it myself…

If you think that now, wait until you take the wrapping paper off!

...I’m so glad.

I was thinking I would have to mail it to you…

I’m not sure they would have let me receive a large bundle of chocolate in solitary.

My apologies. I didn’t mean it like that…

Nah, it’s fine. I hid what I was doing on Christmas from you, after all, because I’m a massive coward who uses my perception of your weakness to rationalize not being emotionally open or honest about my problems.

It seems I’ll be participating in the coffee chain project even while I’m at college. Starting in April, I’ll be on my way to becoming a full member of society… Am I going to be OK?

Seems like you’ve got a lot on your plate, but I’m sure you can handle it.



Maaku’s inherent qualities as a silent protagonist are really making this tender scene hilariously strange.

I’ll be busy with work by then as well… so we…

It’s so great that we’ve spent all this time encouraging Haru, helping her make her own decisions and realize her goals, and there’s an option here where we can just tell her to throw her college plans and entire future away at the last minute so she can follow her boyfriend, who she won’t even be able to attend the same school as anyway because she will have already graduated, to bumfuck nowhere.


Long-distance relationship, huh? I’ve heard that those never work. People delude themselves into thinking it might… but it might work for us!

Truthfully, I spent all that time waiting for your release, so living a little further away is nothing…

And so, we spent a nice night with Haru.