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Part 21: 5/2-5/4: Guess What You're An Accessory To?

Part 20: 5/2-5/4: Guess What You're An Accessory To?

Does this mean that they won’t have a mental shutdown even if their Palace disappears…? I see… So we need to persuade the Shadow without killing it, and then send it back to its real self. Our targets won’t undergo a cognitive collapse if we do that.

We lucked into the correct way to solve the problem, huh. That’s rather convenient.

So, we can get ‘em to confess with no bad stuff?

Don’t worry about it. So… how’d it go? With Shiho, I mean...

Music: Break it Down

For real!?
It was only for a little bit, but I got to talk to her…! I was able to tell her that Kamoshida admitted to what he did…! Shiho, she… she told me she was sorry… Looks like she found out that I was flirting with Kamoshida for her sake… And here I was, wanting to apologize to her.
Kamoshida’s at fault for all this.
I know… Shiho’s mom is thinking of transferring her to another school after she recovers. The whole sexual harassment and attempted suicide… people will label her after that. Sounded like Shiho had the same idea too.
It’s gonna get lonely...
But, I think it’s for the best… I’m sure it’ll be hard if she stays here.
She’s alive. You can see her anytime.
*nods* ...I need to change too.
That aside, I was surprised you could hold yourself back against Kamoshida’s Shadow.
It wasn’t like that… I just wanted Kamoshida to apologize himself.
You’re so kind, Lady Ann.
No matter how much of a shit bag he was, finishing him off woulda left a bad aftertaste, huh?
Huh? That’s not it. I think revenge is better served if I make him repent. Realizing what he’s done, he’ll grovel for forgiveness the rest of his life, you know? I just believe there are fates worse than death.

A-Anyways, that’s all settled… But you know, there was one more thing I was wonderin’ about that castle. Why was Kamoshida the only one who had that Metaverse thing?
It isn’t necessarily limited to him. It’s something anyone could have if their heart became warped from their desires.
Wanna check it out?
N-Not right now. We better lay low for a while. People are still gonna be talkin’ about Kamoshida. Then again, it’s totally impossible for someone to find out what we did at his Palace.
Yeah, about that… Weird rumors about you guys are already going around. Stuff like, you got together and threatened Kamoshida with something close to physical violence…

Oh no, my sterling reputation!

People aren’t going to easily believe that phantom thieves really exist. The calling card’s being treated like it was a prank by someone who knew what Kamoshida was doing.

We’re the ones who did it, and I still don’t completely believe it myself.
Let’s wait for things to settle down for the time being.

It’d be better if we pawned it off ASAP. Ooh, got a hit!

Remember that time in middle school? I lent you some money.

Wouldn’t it be around that much with compounded interest?

I’m not saying that I’m taking all of it.

Hey, that’s not Ryuji’s money to give you, Ann! I’m the one who fucking pays for everything. Goddamn, I’ve been spending all my money on shitty vegetable drinks and food for my plant, I need this!

I agree on laying low and keeping an eye on the situation. However, you dragged me into this. It would be nonsense not to celebrate a successful mission.
I guess we could blow this dirty money on something fun.


Discussions among phantom thieves are to take place over luxurious food. How about it?
Hey, wait-- …Nah, I guess it’s fine. There’s somewhere I want to go then.
Where’s that?
It’s a place Shiho and I have been wanting to go for a while.
I owe money, so I can’t complain… You good with that?

Wait no I was being sar--

I’ll leave it to your discretion as well, Lady Ann.
I’ll call and check the prices later then.
When should we go? Wanna do it soon, like tomorrow?
Why don’t we go on the last day of the holidays? It’ll help energize us when school life starts up again the day after.
Then… the 5th, on Children’s Day.
So, who’s going to sell this?
Leave that to us. We know a store that’ll buy anything. Don’t we, Maaku?
OK, I’ll leave that to you guys.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

No, that one is a fake. It’s just a by-product of his cognition. The real medal should still be in his posession.

What…? You’re telling me Kamoshida’s still got the medal?
Who cares? What matters is that we changed his heart. And anyway, if we had taken the real thing, that’d be stealing!

Heaven forbid we phantom thieves steal anything.

I don’t think he’ll be proud of that medal anymore regardless.
You let go of stuff pretty easy, huh? Wanna forget about my debt?

Stop digging that up!
Back in middle school, we went on a field trip to the aquarium. But Ryuji had to spend all his money on a souvenir, so I lent him some for the train fare.
I said I was sorry… That was for my mom.
Well, I guess I can call it even after all we’ve been through.
Anyways, we don’t gotta worry about selling that medal off if it’s a fake! End of story!
Kamoshida will never be proud of that once-in-a-lifetime gold medal ever again. Depending on how you look at it, that punishment might be even worse than death for him.

For me, it just means more customers and even more work.

Poor Sojiro.

I-I have an alibi! I was nowhere near there! I wasn’t even close enough to hear the gunshot!
...Funny. I never mentioned anything about a gunshot.

Hah, these detective shows are so hackneyed.

This is a cop drama, right? It’s pretty interesting.

Let’s just take another bath.

Maaku gets Charm +3.

You don’t have plans, do you? Come help me out, instead of sleeping your life away.

I mean, I kinda do have pla--

We do owe it to him… …We’ll just have to wait. Hurry down and help him out.

Music: Alleycat

And now to our next topic… Fall from Grace: The story of a dishonored Olympic medalist. Just recently, a high school coach admitted to his school that he had been perpetually abusing students. Given his prior Olympic achievements, this has caused quite a stir. What caused this habitual offender to suddenly confess these heinous crimes to his entire school? The police are hoping that the upcoming interrogations will bring light to this question.
Hm? Isn’t this…?

It was scary, but I’m relieved that the abuse is finally going to end now.

I’m glad I don’t have to deal with that sexual harassment anymore...

Like, I’m totally shocked they were actually true. At least now I can go to school without worrying.

*sigh* Things might be getting turbulent at school, but you need to just keep your head down, all right? ...More importantly, keep those hands moving. I’ve got some more stuff I need you to do.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

No way the school’s gonna be able to play dumb after that.
I saw it too. Shiho’s name didn’t come up, right?
Not that I saw. I’d bet they wanted to keep that part quiet.
I’m so glad...
It’s finally over then… All we gotta do now is eat some tasty shit and put all this crap behind us. I’m totally looking forward to this celebration party.
I’ll try not to let you guys down!

Even if the chief wants your help, make sure you turn him down, OK?

The next day...

Just do it. Don’t get cocky with me.

...Oh, hey… Sae. What the fuck are you doing here?

Am I interrupting something?
Not at all.

Police are hurrying to solve the matter as it may relate to the rise in psychotic breakdown incidents.
Oh, is that the thing everyone’s been talking about?
Doesn’t it make you curious? People who were living normal lives suddenly went mad or deranged out of the blue… Not to mention that it’s happening one after another… Could they really be coincidental?
Hmm… Leaving that aside… What’ll you have?
…… ...I’ll have the house blend please.

I’m his slave. Call the cops.

Uh, that’s exactly the case…
Are you a high school student? Where do you attend?

Oh…? Someone I know goes there as well. I’ve heard that things are rough right now. A teacher named Kamoshida confessed his crimes like he was a completely different person supposedly.

What? I have no idea how to parse this sentence. Why is “all of a sudden” in quotes? Some of Sae’s dialogue feels like it was almost machine-translated, but the machine didn’t know English very well either.

Can a person’s mental state change so easily?
Is my drink ready yet?
...Coming right up.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

You know some place that’ll buy it off you, right?

We can’t actually head anywhere but the one place we can sell this medal or the game gets snippy.

My time with Yakuza 0 tells me this guy isn’t that menacing. Where’s the sweater tied around his neck?

You want a job where you can make stacks without lots of work?

Do I!

Hey, don’t listen! And I think we’ve seen him around before… Anyway, pawning off the gold medal should be our top priority right now. Ignore that guy!

Why won’t the cat let me ruin my life

Looks like word about Kamoshida spread fast. Anyway, let’s head to Untouchable, in case you couldn’t figure out that’s where we sell shit.

Looks like it. Let’s just take care of this.
Wait! We don’t have a search warrant yet. Just be patient. I’m sure we’ll get one soon enough. And they’d never think about running off down this narrow alley.

I’m sure that’s nothing to worry about. Let’s just head inside.

Music: Layer Cake

Huh? A gold medal? Why do you have this? We don’t buy any fake or stolen goods here, kid. ...Hold on a sec. Lemme see it.

Hmph. 30,000 it is then.

Golly, thanks mister.

Sure, this all seems legit.

Glad you’re so quick to understand.

Music: Suspicion

...Go, kid.

Maaku isn’t very bright.

I dunno, lookin’ for evidence? You tell me, Detective-san.

Well, you guys gonna search me? Go on, do what you gotta do.
...What was that?
An upstandin’ citizen’s supposed to cooperate with the cops, right?
Hey, you sure that lead was legitimate?
I could’ve sworn it was...
Can you two hurry it up? I got a business to run here.
You bastard...

What’s in the bag, huh? Show me!
...The kid’s just a regular ol’ customer. You can check the tapes if that’ll convince you. They’ll show everything that’s gone down here today.

I should leave...
I won’t let you get away that easy! Show us what’s in the bag!

You piece of shit…!
Hey, you’re talking to a kid, remember? Besides, he’s not the one we’re here to see.
That’s right, Detective-san. Maybe next time try not harassin’ my customers, see how that goes.
Safe trip home, kid.

More importantly… aren’t you curious about what’s in the bag?

Come on, let’s open it up.

It’s incredible though! Miles ahead of the one Ryuji had. There’s something weird about that place… Hey Maaku, I just had a great idea… We should totally buy this gun from him later!

I mean, it’s perfect. Something this real-looking would work wonders in the Metaverse… Anyway, he told you to bring it back the next time you came, right? You should try striking a deal with him when we go to return it!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I saw the news. You know, about Kamoshida. It’s getting a lot of coverage...

I don’t know… The reaction’s been bigger than what I was expecting… I guess I’m just… surprised. I don’t think we did anything wrong though. I wonder if we helped those people speak up about it...

That’s pretty amazing, huh? I didn’t think we’d actually be able to do it! And yet look at us now! This calls for a celebration! Let’s meet in front of Shibuya Station at noon tomorrow. Don’t be late! Oh, and did you pawn off that medal? You didn’t forget, right?

Good to hear! I already made reservations! You should be really excited about the place I chose, by the way. I’m sure everyone’s gonna love it! Well, see you guys tomorrow!

Hey, what do you think we’re gonna be eating?

Ooh, I could go for some wagyu beef! It better be Grade-A! In any case, I’m surely looking forward to it! Mwehehehe!

Tune in next time to see just how we celebrate our big success.