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Part 211: 3/20: Our Piece Of The Future

Part 200: 3/20: Our Piece Of The Future

Well, everyone… it’s time to go home.

Admin: Please feel free to post!
Admin: I’ll leave this site up.
Anon: My heart aches…
Anon: so it was all a dream…

Music: Alleycat

You got everything?

C’mon, old man. You’re not gonna start throwing out sappy clichés like that all of a sudden right at the end, are you?

...Take care.

Oh and sorry… I wanted to have Futaba see you off too… I haven’t been able to find her since this morning though. Same with that cat…

How suspicious!

...Wait, that means I can’t go closing the store, huh…


Sojiro pulls out the probation diary Maaku handed him yesterday.

Ending (Watch this)


Hey, look this way!

After we said we’d disband. My word.

The engine just died on us right here.

It’s fine; we’re on break.

Don’t mind them.

Yeah, she’s right. We can totally do whatever we want to do.

Nice job! On the first try!
All right, let’s roll!

It was fine just a second ago…

Hey, can I ask something? My friend’s in trouble, and I’d like everyone’s input.

If this is any more work, count me out.
You know you want to, Inari.
I’m getting out.

Music: Hoshi to Bakura to (With the Stars and Us)

The group laughs and chatters away happily.

And credits roll, starting with Katsura Hashino himself in case you needed a reminder on who to blame.

Makoto presses play on the radio.

Music: Wake Up, Get Up, Get Out There

Like, “Am I in a dream,” y’know?

Heh… I guess so.

And THAT is what “aesthetics” are.

Ryuji fits in one last bizarre and awkward misuse of the word “aesthetics” before elbowing Maaku.

The wind through your hair

the world at your fingertips

you stand up tall and unrestrained

march towards tomorrow

stake your claim

and ride into the unknown

Let’s get to work.