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Part 216: Addendum V: Double Trouble

Addendum V: Double Trouble

Today, we’re heading back into Mementos. Not to tackle requests, but to see pretty much the only major addition to P5 in New Game+.

If we head to Mementos of our own volition (so not the first time or on Christmas Eve), we will see something… unusual.

Why, Caroline is outside of the Velvet Room! That’s new!

Or… Is there something you want to tell the two of us?

I never expected your rehabilitation would bring you to this place.
No matter! It’s the perfect spot to train and get some battle experience! I like your spirit. You know the position you’re in.
Although, how did he learn of Mementos…? Perhaps he is even more special than we had anticipated.
Hmph. I bet he just fumbled around with the Meta-Nav until he ended up here. I mean, who’d even be able to tell him about this place? We know everyone who might have access. Mementos is linked to the collective unconscious, after all.

The cat showed me how. You know, the cat? He’s right over there. I can go get him if you want.

That is true…
Hmph. I will admit… even though he looks pretty shabby, he seems to have a few tricks up his sleeve.

If he has been keeping his power a secret from us… we must learn the truth behind it.
Oh, I see! *snicker* We’ll hold a special “private examination” to find out if he’s hiding anything.

Maybe it’s just my experience with Takemi, but I don’t like the sound of that.

Unlike in the city, we will not have to worry about passersby here.
I have to say Justine, I never thought you’d bring such a bold proposal to the table!

As she said, this will be a private examination. It is all for the sake of our own personal judgment. Hence, we will not force it upon you. We will begin only once we have received your consent.
It’s gonna be brutally hard, after all! Max difficulty!
Your rehabilitation consists of a great variety of tasks. Battling Shadows, strengthening your Personas, building bonds with your contractors…
Basically, we’re gonna put all that to the test!

Uhhh, what? I’m not so sure about beating up these fourth graders. Seems kinda gauche.

We will not ask for a two-on-one battle, though. Your friends are permitted to participate as well.

But that’s just two-on-one in the other direction.

The contracts you have formed with them can be considered part of your power, after all. However, this test is ultimately for you. Your teammates will not retain any memory of this battle.

That’s good. At least they won’t remember that time I asked them to murder some children.

*chuckle* Don’t worry… We won’t kill you.
Our goal is rehabilitation. Ending your life would greatly contradict that goal. Should you fall, you will regain consciousness immediately.
Once you pass out though, that’s it. The battle’s over. ...Oh, and there’s not even a one-in-a-billion chance you’ll win, so you should just forget it.
If by some chance that were to happen… let me see… We would tell you an embarrassing secret of ours.

...A-Are you talking about that one time? Or… maybe that other thing!? W-Wait! There’s no need for this!

We might be able to find the answer.

Strange, don’t you think? Why do we possess such an intricate bookmark when neither of us have any books to read? Moreover, I somehow know that this is “important”…
Justine…? Don’t tell me… Are you actually trying to find…?
...My apologies. I have said too much.

Oh boy, I love cryptic bullshit like this!

Let us begin, Caroline.

It shows how special we think you are. Consider this an honor! You should be crying tears of joy! OK… Let’s get started!

We will cordon off a portion of this area for the examination. That will limit potential interference.
Don’t worry, we’ll make it look really familiar for you.
Now then… do not disappoint us!

Fine, if we’re doing this, then I’m at least gonna enjoy it! You kicked me into the Velvet Room every time for a year! Let’s go!

Boss: Caroline and Justine

Music: Rivers in the Desert

Yep, they know it’s the best song in the game and there’s nothing else they could possibly use here.

Thanks for the warning Morgana, but how bad could it possibly be?

Anyway, I’ll try to explain the mechanics for this fight as I go.

Hmm, not even a dent. That’s distressing.

Our next hint that we shouldn’t even be attempting this yet is that our party members keep missing due to their low Agility. Not that they’re doing any real damage when they hit anyway.

Justine here summons Slime to use Vajra Blast, that old skill of Makoto’s that dealt partywide Medium Physical damage. The “gimmick” for modern Persona bonus bosses (so Elizabeth from 3, Margaret from 4, and these two) is that they have the ability to switch between various Personas just like you because they have access to the Compendium. They don’t have the affiliated elemental resistances and weaknesses because they’re dirty fucking cheaters, but they can also only use one skill per Persona (even if that Persona doesn’t actually have or learn that skill, such as in this case), and they’ll switch between them in a set order. This means that you can generally predict their next set of actions.

And yes, they of course get two turns. Justine here summons Bugs to use Triple Down, that Gun skill Haru had that dealt Light damage thrice to everyone.


Mom, those mean girls at the elementary school took my lunch money

Geez, rub it in why don’t you?


We cannot carry out our examination in this state. Do try to put up more of a fight next time.
If you even have the guts to try again, that is.

And then it spits us out in the lobby with 1 HP. We suck! I’ll go back and fight them again every chance I get, but it’s going to be a while before we make any headway there, I suspect. I’ll see you then.