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Part 219: Addendum VIII: Me And My Goth GF

Addendum VIII: Me And My Goth GF

More romances today!

Takemi Rank 9: Part 120: 10/7

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Really now… Why did you want to see me? ...Don’t tell me you’re in love with me or something.

Ah jeez, how embarrassing, she caught us

Now, go on home before it gets dark. Or… I can give you a “special examination” if you’d like.

Wait, you’re… serious.
Then… I guess I owe you a serious answer too. I… Um… Actually, I changed my mind.

I mean, you’re in high school, you know? You’re my little guinea pig from the clinical trials.

Logical, but still unsettling. That’s Takemi for you.

And you’re a kid who lied about his entrance exams to get unlicensed medicine… Falling in love with someone like that…

Then don’t! Easy!

A-Anyway… let’s talk about it later… OK?

I’ll see you later, then.

It’s really strange how these adults keep receiving love confessions from a stupid 17-year-old and immediately think “Hmm, this could work, actually. Totally worth risking my status for.”

Takemi’s romantic Rank 10 is unique in that it will switch from a day-based Confidant to a night-based one.

I just got the urge to drink some coffee. You live at a cafe, right? Can I stop by after work? No one’s there at night, right?

I’ll pay you a visit, then. By the way, did you know…? Consuming caffeine stimulates your central nervous system. You may not be able to sleep tonight.

Awwwwwwwww yeah, we’re gonna do the fuck you guys

Takemi Romance

I’ve been here a time or two, but I don’t remember the coffee being so good.

Music: Sunset Bridge

Your data has been extremely helpful, due to your generic body type and bland health history. You’ve been a splendid guinea pig… I mean, participant. So, thanks again. By the way, how have I been doing? Have I been helpful?

...Come on. You and I both know that you were lying about needing to prepare for the entrance exams. I visited Oyamada in jail. A swing of fortunes like that could have only come at the hands of the Phantom Thieves. And to have it happen when it did… Isn’t the only logical conclusion to think that it’s you?

A normal person would probably… Notify the police. *shakes head* Well, I don’t care. The point is that without you, I wouldn’t have been able to complete my mission. I would’ve never finished the new medicine… while I was being deceived by Oyamada. And I would’ve never met any of the townspeople… I bet the Phantom Thieves save people in need, just like doctors do, eh? So, I’ll go out on a limb for you. I’ll have even more powerful medicine ready for you…

Whoa, we’re already using the B-word, huh? Uhh, you’re coming on a little strong, Tae, I dunno about this. I’m not ready for that level of commitment.

Music: Sweet

Where’s your room? Upstairs? …Is your guardian home?

“Is your guardian home?” just gave me chills. Always a great thing for an adult to ask before they do a sex!

*shakes head*
Then, it’s just the two of us?


Takemi somehow manages to be scary even while trying to be sexy. Impressive.

I spent some time alone with Takemi… …… It’s getting late… I should probably take her back to the clinic…

A long-ass time ago, some people wanted me to take time to show some of the “day off” events I missed, where two of our Confidants will come across each other and we’ll get points for both. Each one is unique. We didn’t have time to show them off earlier, but now that I’m in NG+ I can freely just save before confirming and then reload when it’s over, so no skin off my nose besides the time it takes to transcribe them.

It’s the planetarium in Ikebukuro, where there have been sightings of weirdos. Let’s meet up first!

Well, no use in thinking about it. Let’s head to the meeting spot.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Apparently, he lives in his own world, totally escaping reality… I heard he even talks to himself about the mysteries of the universe and the beauty in harmony.

S-Someone you know!? Geez Hamiru, you sure know a lot of different people…

Look, he’s even talking to himself. I think we hit the jackpot with this guy! Hey, wait… He’s coming over here!

Oh hey, Yusuke. What’s up? I’m just here indulging Mishima’s idiocy.

I came to experience the mysteries of the universe. I’m glad to see you here as well.

How rude! Who are you calling an eccentric?

Excuse me!? Can you at least phrase it in a kinder manner? Nevertheless, I expected your chosen company to be more eloquent.
S-Sorry… I didn’t think you were Hamiru’s friend. You just matched the description of the “rumored eccentric,” so it just slipped out…
“Rumored eccentric”…?
There have been rumors about a man constantly talking to himself here… And mumbling strange things…
...I see. That does sound like odd behavior. However, can you not sense how nature’s divine providence has drawn us together here?

I bet Yusuke is really into horoscopes, the rube.

What I meant was… WHAT!? You might be that eccentric from the rumors after all…
I’m sorry, did you say something?
N-No, not at all…
The screening is starting soon. Why don’t we take our seats?
Oh… Right.

So, uh… I guess this case is closed…?

Yusuke’s so goddamn weird.

Fishing time! Let’s buy the better rod!

Near our bobber is a larger fish than normal. It’s the Guardian of the fishing pond, and it’s a real pain in the ass.

We’re not up to catching it just yet.

Let’s get the next rod up and try again later.

Makoto Rank 9: Part 139: 11/8

Music: Alleycat

...What should I do, Maaku-kun?

I’m starting to think this game doesn’t approve of my aspirations of bigamy.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

U-Um, I’m not exactly the most well-versed in these matters, so allow me to confirm this… …… S-Sorry if I’m mistaken, but um… Do you… like me?

Um… You really mean it, right? W-Well then… If, um… If it’s all right with you… let’s start dating, for real. …… This is so embarrassing… I look forward to, um, growing our relationship, um… together.

There’s no turning back…

It’s a nice spritz of lemon in the air. Makes me think back to when I was just a wee girl…
R-Right. Well, we should be going… (to Maaku) Thank you again for today. I’ll see you later…

And let’s move right on to her Rank 10.

Makoto Romance

“Finally”? Your fight was yesterday!

I think she knew it deep within her heart, and seeing him like that finally helped her realize.

So am I. She should be out of trouble now… Oh, and she told me she quit her job. Right now she doesn’t know what she wants to do, but she’s going to go to college and figure things out. So in the end, Eiko’s going to start seriously focusing on her studies again. I plan on doing the same as well.

It’s for nobody but myself. This time I’m not seeking anyone’s praise, and I’m not trying to show off my intelligence. I simply want to fulfill my own personal goals and dreams. Before now, I didn’t have a clear vision of what that meant. I was lost in life… But thanks to you, I’ve finally come to realize it.

Maybe we should break things off. Don’t want a conflict of interest, do we?

You’re right. I will need an extensive academic background. There are too many incidents in this country that are never brought to light. That host was one. Villains who prey on the hearts of the weak with cowardly, legally questionable methods… My father risked his life trying to catch a group of those people. I will never forgive them. But I won’t be able to eradicate them all on my own… Instead, I want to head an organization that will destroy the lawless and help rescue victims.

That is the justice I aim for. I also believe it will be a continuation of my father’s legacy. Honestly, it’s a little strange that I found the true meaning of my studies outside of my studies. ...Thank you for all your help. Must have been difficult babysitting the uptight Miss President, right? ...Just kidding. Even so, I’m glad I asked you… I think now I’ll be able to see the world even more differently. Actually, I’m sure I can. Because… I have you.

Music: Sweet

Now then, in order to fulfill my dream, I’ll need to be accepted into my first choice college. *giggle* What a funny thought… Studying to become a head of police while working as a thief…

Hm. You may be right. The objective is the same, after all… Exposing the evil lurking in the dark shadows…


Well… I was thinking… maybe we could study some things we don’t have experience in yet… Would that be OK…?

We still have some time before night falls…
Makoto and I spent some time alone together…

How sweet. Just some time alone with us and our fourth girlfriend.