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Part 222: Addendum XI: Getting Swole

Addendum XI: Getting Swole

First up on today’s agenda: we actually managed to get Sojiro’s Rank 10 scene before he finds out we’re Phantom Thieves. It doesn’t change much, but I figured I should show it anyway.

Hifumi Rank 9: Part 119: 10/5

Music: Alleycat

Spending time with me has only brought you pain…
Hifumi is thinking hard… I should be careful about what I say here…
...So this is goodbye.

You’re… just trying to comfort me because I lost, right…?
*shakes head*
P-Please stop… I’m the Phony Princess… I mean, I lied to everyone… And yet, you want to be by my side…?

What do you mean by that…?

Music: Alright (Elp Version)


I will become a woman who’s worthy of you. I-I look forward… to our relationship blossoming i-in the many years… ahead of us… Oh, wh-what in the world am I saying…?
I formed a special relationship with Hifumi… There’s no turning back now…

Let’s go to Akihabara with Mishima, I guess. I really question why these double Confidant events are even in the game, because you have no idea if you’ll need points with the second person because they don’t tell you who it will be, and the first person is usually Mishima, who doesn’t need points.

Well, I’ll be waiting!
An electronics shop, huh? It’s kind of exciting going to a big store like that. Let’s go meet up with Mishima.

Music: Home Electronics Store

Don’t you think you should have something like that, as a modern day hero?

Come on, you don’t have to play dumb! You can trust me! Like I was saying! Having convenient tools would help you, don’t you think? You know… Wouldn’t it be super cool to complete your missions with top secret technology? And then I could become your sidekick and support you! Your sidekick… That would be so cool…!

Yes, that’s me.
Why? How!? Where did you meet her!? You know Chihaya-chan!? I knew you were amazing!

Never got the impression Chihaya was famous, but okay.

...Anyway, Hamiru-san. Do you know where they sell TVs? My CRT stopped working. I think it’s broken…
C-CRT…!? The famous fortune teller still uses old-- I-I mean, you must take good care of your things.

Nice save, Mishima.

Umm… Is this your friend?
Hmm that’s not it… He seems like more of a fanboy rather than a friend…


What? Really? You can tell just by looking at me!? Can you even see my future!?
No, I can’t. At least, not without my tarot cards, anyway. But I do keep a careful eye on my clients, so I can predict lots of things just by observing people. Hmm… But what is it about Hamiru-san that makes you such a fanboy though?
Oh, no! Well, actually… Hamiru is really knowledgeable about consumer electronics! He knows everything! I respect him!

Oh, is that so? What great timing, then! Could you help pick out a new TV for me?

Well then, let’s look for the TV section!

Man, that was exhausting… Let’s go home for today.

I want to do a lesson in your room… Is that… all right?

Is there such a thing as getting too much sex, asking for a friend

Hifumi Romance

Music: Sunset Bridge

There were a lot of people who covered for me by saying that I was just being used by adults. But I’m the one who was most at fault. I was overconfident.

If only I had taken a look at myself and properly assessed my shogi skills. I believed that with my skills, I could overcome being treated like an idol. ...There’s nothing I can say about my mother. You didn’t abandon me, even after you learned about the fixed matches… ...Now I know how encouraging it feels to have someone believe in you. At first, this was just a deal… You help me develop new moves and I give you shogi lessons. But before I knew it, you became… someone I couldn’t do without. I’m not gonna pay attention to all the criticism anymore.

The reason I’m able to think this way is because you stuck by my side. ...I’m really grateful.
I feel a strong bond with Hifumi...

I spoke to you about my mother, and then my mother changed… I knew that couldn’t be a coincidence.

I will support you in whatever you want to accomplish.

Music: Sweet


Well… I no longer have a ban on dating…

We played a long match, just the two of us...


We still have to go back through this fucking Palace. Even if it only takes about an hour and a half, that’s still way too fucking long.

On the other hand, copious amounts of Hassou Tobi get us through the boss fight in under five minutes. How nice.

We’ve hit the upper limits of our gym training, unfortunately. We’ll get only minuscule gains here from now on.

So, we decide to continue our training at home. We only get HP, no SP, but whatever.

You may also notice that the in-game timer has gone back, here! Well… one of my recordings didn’t save audio, so I had to rerecord the entire month of September to get some unimportant videos made! And then I managed to salvage the original footage, so it was totally unnecessary in the first place! Whoops! Whatever, we spent that time getting strong, so you might as well see the progression of Maaku’s pull-up routine.

...*snicker* This is more fun than I thought.

This doesn’t seem like it’d be that much harder!

Maaku is basically Captain fucking America.

Now that we’ve seen all that, let’s make some coffee.

Coffee Dad is Best Dad.

Chihaya Rank 9: Part 140: 11/10

Music: Alleycat

Is… fortune-telling the only reason you come to see me? I-It’s not… is it?

Let’s just go all the way with this.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Hearin’ you say that was just so gosh dang sudden though…

Sorry, I slipped back in to my country dialect… But, um…

The tarot cards might be shocked about this though… My love fortune has been at zero for ages now. But… I guess we’re pretty good at changing fate, huh? *giggle*

There’s no turning back…
Oh, it’s getting late… But, um… do you think we could maybe talk a little longer…? Well… good night, Hamiru-san…

Aww yiss, motha fuckin ninjas

Back to the Ninja

Welp, let’s get in there!

Ninja voice: Aaaaargh! My sandal has come undone! *sounds of shouting and martial arts* You’re too slow! Unless you can move at the speed of light, you’ll never be able to go back to the future!

Can they say that? You know, legally?

But I guess it’s somewhat educational with all the science incorporated in there…[/i]
I feel like I was able to learn about the fun side of science…

Maaku gains Knowledge +3.


Y’know, sci-fi’s more than just some crazy made-up baloney. It’s like… a dream that might end up coming true one day. I guess it’s almost like hope! You get me?

In any case, thanks for chilling! Um… This was way more fun than all those times I’ve seen it alone. Hmm, maybe we can have a foreign sci-fi marathon in your room someday! You better be looking forward to it!

Oh believe me, I am.

Y-You have to hear this!

A-Anyway! It seems like we’ll have really good luck if we visit a certain place together! L-Let’s go!

Chihaya Romance

Music: Sunset Bridge

As a country bumpkin, I’ve always admired it…

No. I somehow felt like I wasn’t allowed to. ...Because I was a monster. But, it’s all good now! I will no longer be swayed… by names like monster or Maiden. I am simply a fortune teller who provides advice to people with broken spirits. So that they will have conviction and face their future without getting pushed around by fate. ...That’s the fate I’ve chosen for myself!

Now, it’s your turn to speak. What would your conviction be… as a phantom thief?

Sorry, I used fortune-telling to find out your true identity. I couldn’t help but think that you had something to do with the chairman’s confession. Then I discovered that you’re the Trickster who causes a sensation in the world. It was the same card as the figure who helped me take down the chairman.

Well, you may interpret the cards however you like…

As long as you’re around… I can always be my true self. So, it’s fine. Only… the fate of the Phantom Thieves is rather unclear. The arcana is set in a tricky position. You can almost say it’s facing both heaven and hell… This is the first time I’ve ever seen anything like it.

Of course! We’re dating, you know? ...But I’m sure it’ll be OK!

As the fortune teller who changes fates, I will guide you so you can avoid misfortune!

I feel a strong bond with Chihaya…

Music: Sweet

Are you OK with your girlfriend being a country bumpkin…? It’s become a habit of mine to hide my native tongue… And I’m not used to fancy places like this…

Ah… I’m speaking in my country dialect again… Um…

So, um…

So let’s figure it out together…

I spent a long time with Chihaya…

I somehow prefer it when they don’t feel the need to constantly remind us how weird and awful the situation of dating an adult is.