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Part 224: Addendum XIII: Better To Have Loved And Lost

Addendum XIII: Better To Have Loved And Lost

Huh, I haven’t put out an update in almost two weeks! Surely I can’t have been playing that much of the new FFXIV expac, can I?

Aw christ! Well, let’s jump back into it.

We return to the evergreen sight of us getting our ass handed to us by the twins. We’re doing marginally better this time, however.

At least until this happens. At about half health, the twins will use Diarahan on each other to fully heal themselves. They’ll only do this once, but it’s still rather uncool.

And that’s how that attempt ends.

11 turns? New record!

Allow me to disclose the results of our examination. If I had to describe your current state…

You were probably feeling all confident in yourself when you challenged us, right? There’s nothing you can say after a miserable defeat like that though.
However, it would not be interesting if you quit here. Accept this. Think of it as… a participation award.

Damn kids, demanding participation trophies from the even younger kids who beat them up

Prepare well if you wish to hold a true battle. Ordinary effort alone cannot overturn this result.

That Expedite Ring we got increases our experience gain by 50%.

One thing we’re doing a lot of these days is fucking sleeping, because we have absolutely no night Confidants left.

So am I. As a cop, Makoto would be obligated to arrest us for that.

Futaba Rank 9: Part 160: 11/26

That makes sense for him though. I mean, he’s basically my dad. But you don’t have a reason like that, so… why are you so nice?

Am I, um… the only one you treat like this…?

Don’t fucking date your sister.

We don’t actually have a Mementos target at the moment, but it’s Flu Season, and if you remember the benefits of that, you’ll understand pretty much immediately what our goal is here.

We “defeat” the Reaper four times, taking us from level 55 to 76, which is high enough to unlock every character’s final skill, including Akechi’s. Why bother doing this when I could just get the levels to defeat the twins naturally? Well, I can’t get to that level easily outside of Qliphoth World, the final final final dungeon, at which point the twins have turned back into Lavenza and can’t be fought. You can’t fight them at any point on December 24th, actually. So this is just a way to even the odds a bit. Those twins won’t know what hit ‘em.

Haru Rank 9: Part 162: 12/1

But first and finally, we must break one last heart.

You’re… probably right.

I have entrance exams coming up… so I don’t really have time to be sitting around here… But, um… thank you for today…

It hurts so bad, but we must do this, entirely to spare her feelings and not at all because I’m afraid that if Haru finds out we cheated on her with seven other women we’ll turn into literal fertilizer. Next time though, we’re taking down Caroline and Justine!