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Part 225: Addendum XIV: Child’s Play

Addendum XIV: Child’s Play

Time to finally defeat Caroline and Justine, for real.

These are the Personas I’m bringing into this fight. We’re starting with Cybele for Auto-Marakukaja at the start of the fight, and we’ll switch immediately to Yoshitsune for Hassou Tobis going forward. These will end up being the only two Personas I use in this fight, and I will only switch back to Cybele to heal when Makoto becomes indisposed for one reason or another.

I presume you have grown stronger since your last attempt.
OK, let’s do this!

As before, I will prepare an appropriate venue within Mementos. Come with me. Now then… do not disappoint us!

Before we start, I’m going to explain some elements of my overall strategy heading in, and where they may fall short.

Okay, let’s finally get into this. I suggest you just watch the video if you care at all, because this fight doesn’t change up very much. I’ve already explained most of it.

Boss: The Twins

Music: Rivers in the Desert

This examination is meant to draw out your true strength, after all.

As I said earlier, they are going to hit (and crit) a lot.

A lot of this fight is just buff maintenance to make sure they don’t nuke Maaku at the end of every round of knockdowns.

We’re also going to miss a ton, too. Anyway, as earlier, this first round is just going to be Vajra Blast and Triple Down.

Haru’s Heat Riser definitely helps, but I probably ended up using it on the wrong person. Maaku’s stats are kind of ridiculous with Yoshitsune equipped, and Haru probably needs the Defense and Agility more.

Time for a phase change.

This time Fire, then Ice, then Electricity, then Wind.

And of course, they can and will inflict Burn, Freeze, and Shock, so watch out for that.

Whoever said Technical attacks were pointless?

It’s a little worrying that we’re already using up our party’s Endure skills this early in the fight.

And here comes Diarahan. Already? We’re making good time.

I may actually be able to enjoy this beyond the scope of our examination.

Don’t let us down, Inmate!

Another phase change. This time they’re going for Makoto’s Psy Weakness (it hits even with Dodge Psy, the cheaters), but the order is now Psychokinesis, Nuclear, Bless, Curse.

We’ve unfortunately already spent Futaba’s Final Guard. This might be tougher than I thought going in…

This is around the point when missed attacks start piling up, so I have to even their HP a bit by focusing single-target attacks on one or the other.

Perhaps it is time I begin getting serious…

Note: “getting serious” here just means they’re gonna use all the different kinds of attacks in order. It’s not that interesting, so let’s just skip forward a bit.

Looks like we don’t need to go easy on you anymore… *chuckle* You’re way better than we thought you’d be, Inmate! We’ll give it all we’ve got from now on!

See… the hidden truth…!

For this phase, they’ll stick with the previous phase’s skill type order (Physical, Gun, Fire, Ice, Elec, Wind, Psy, Nuke, Bless, Curse), but this time use Severe-tier skills.

By far the most interesting part of this phase is these two attacks, which cannot kill us but will halve our current HP. It didn’t happen in this run, but if you have a Persona that repels Bless or Curse and they hit you with the corresponding attack, it will launch back at them… dealing a few thousand damage to the twin it hits because it also halves their HP.

Show us what lies beyond our limits! Show us who you are—who we are!


We’ve almost got them, but we should probably hold off for this turn. If we defeat one at the end of a turn and not the other, it’s gonna be a problem.

One down...

And there go the terrible twins.

I’m not rerecording this to cut out the trophy notification, you gotta deal with it.

Caroline and Justine, as well as Lavenza, are voiced by Carrie Keranen.

Music: Aria of the Soul

To a human…?

Caroline laughs.

It turns out even the rulers of power can’t measure everything!

Caroline… What did you just…
Hm? Did I say something weird?

I will now tell you our embarrassing secret.

I legit forgot we were doing that.

To be perfectly honest… From time to time, a strange feeling of unease falls over us. It is almost as though we are not ourselves, or that our true selves are in a place far, far away.
We are meant to be leading inmates through rehabilitation, yet we have doubts about our own validity. Could there be anything more humorous than that?
Oh, so that’s what you meant…


Are you not ashamed, Caroline? What did you think I was going to talk about?

S-Stop! My heart can’t take this!

If the poses I just saw in the fight weren’t the embarrassing ones, I’m not sure I wanna know what are.

It was then that I knew for certain… Just as you have your goal of rehabilitation, we too have an objective we must achieve.
We’re supposed to act as wardens for our master, right?

Well, um…
...Inmate. I will now disclose the results of our examination. If I had to describe your current state…

I require no thanks… After all, I am the one forcing my own issues upon you.

If you continue to hold ties with us, we will surely arrive at the truth.

Well, I won’t tell our master about this. It’ll just be one of our secrets. Wait… speaking of secrets, you only told him mine! This isn’t fair…
You would like one from me? Recently, whenever the inmate takes prolonged absences from our chamber…


According to human standards, directly conveying this emotion may be somewhat uncomfortable… But that is how I feel… Caroline is probably the same way.

I simply… wanted you to know. Oh, you understand this is a secret to be kept between us, yes?

That second option, gooooooooooooooooooooooddammit

Sh-Shut up! She just said it’s a secret! O-OK, that’s enough of that.
...Yes. Any further discussion may interfere with our work.
Things are gonna go back to how they were before. This special inspection was a one-time deal. Though… I think we might feel a little differently when we’re watching over you from now on…

There’s no need to be modest. It was definitely a solid battle. Take it. It’s your reward for the special inspection.

All of these items are rewards for making it to each phase of the fight.

The Omnipotent Orb, on the other hand, makes the user immune to all damage except Almighty. It’s broken as fuck. Usually they don’t let you use it against the series’ bonus bosses, but this time they do! Weird! Though you have to do it on a repeat playthrough because it’s the reward for winning it, natch.

Now then, I’ll leave the rest to Justine. ...And don’t forget, your rehabilitation isn’t over yet! One more thing… Don’t tell Master about what happened here. You absolutely can’t tell him. You got that!?
Honestly, I do not feel particularly guilty about keeping this a secret.
O-OK, Inmate! We’re gonna be watching you close than ever now! Y-You better remember that!

And Caroline disappears back into the Velvet Room. All there is now is some miscellaneous cleanup and the few remaining romance scenes. We’ll get to that in a bit.