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Part 227: Addendum XVI: False Closure, Part 2

Addendum XVI: False Closure, Part 2

We’ve officially run out of ways to spend time in this game! No more Confidants, no more training, it’s all fucked! So we’re just going to sleep until the endgame!

Time to go sleep another day awa—oh fuck my DVD!


Well, shit.

This isn’t the first time you’re late, is it? Didn’t I warn you? …… Ugh, There are a bunch of customers in line, and my shift’s already over… …… Since there are extenuating circumstances, I’ll waive the late fee this time. If you miss the due date again, you will need to pay the fee. Please try to return DVDs on time. Don’t count on this again, OK?

They didn’t even write a new excuse, ha. Apparently for whatever reason, the late fees aren’t real in this game. Weird.

We’re going to head into Mementos real quick to do some preparations for a later bit.

We need all the Treasure Demons in the game, which means it’s time to pop a Treasure Trap and go a-hunting! It takes me like an hour and a half to find the two we were missing, but it’s worth it because we can’t complete the Compendium without them.

Meanwhile, in another save file, we’re going to see what happens when we don’t steal Shido’s heart in time. We’ve already cleared the Palace by this point, and fought the boss at the end. Keep that in mind.

Music: Desire

Akechi! You’re looking… healthy.

What a surprise… To think you’d pull the wool over my eyes.

That big Phantom Thieves banner over the couch? You got a problem with it, cop?

No. It’s certainly this young man. I have evidence on him.
You used a mysterious power to show an illusion to Goro Akechi, as well as shot and killed a guard.

Oh yeah, “mysterious powers” are totally admissable in court, my dude. Everyone remembers the landmark United States v. Mysterio. Also nobody actually died, right? Sae just told the guard to leave before he got erased. What’s this dude talking about? Are they just pinning random shit on me?

You’d better not try anything funny. We’re authorized to shoot if needed this time.

I mostly just included that because Zombkechie is really funny to me, but we’re not done with bad endings just yet.

Music: Desire

I shall grant you an opportunity to make a deal with me.

Yet you still intend on toying with him!?
The Phantom Thieves will be praised and gain fame. The world will escape ruin as well. ...What say you?

I dunno, sounds pretty good to me.

*chuckle* You truly are a child of man… It seems you couldn’t win against your own desires. There is no need to be ashamed. I shall grant you that wish… *evil chuckle*

Jesus christ!!!

Several hospital directors admitted their involvement, contrary to earlier statements denying such.

A calling card was delivered, so it is speculated that the Phantom Thieves are at it once again. On to other news. A fire broke out at a condominium, and multiple people were injured. Heinous crimes such as arson and burglary are on the rise. Police caution everyone to be vigilant.


The police have officially withdrawn the arrest warrant on the Phantom Thieves… As well as apologized for those who led the investigation, citing they were inadequate for the task. Due to a drastic change in policy, it is speculated that they had a change of heart as well…

There’s no way the Phantom Thieves could be evil…
The actions of the Phantom Thieves show no sign of stopping. Change of heart police reports have already surpassed one hundred cases.
Only a hundred? I thought it would’ve been double that already.
Yeah, I know whatcha mean. We see news on them every day.
Meanwhile, there are reports that the rate of crimes and suicides are declining--

It just means that more cases are being exposed thanks to the Phantom Thieves. Don’t worry. I’m sure they’ll do something about all that.

Music: Freedom and Security

This was by far the most elaborate bad end, which is to say, still not very. But it does have Evil Maaku, so there’s that.