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Part 228: Addendum XVII: Mass Incarceration

Addendum XVII: Mass Incarceration

I’m going to spend this update filling out the rest of the Inmate Registry. My initial plan was to do this in the final segment of the final dungeon so we could get Lavenza’s dialogue instead of Caroline and Justine’s, but I fucked up and forgot to grab a Treasure Demon, so I had to reload a slightly older save and do it from there. Anyway, we’ve got a lot of Personas to fuse and it’s gonna take forever, so… Lightning Round! No descriptions, just names, go!

I’ve always been unsettled by Satan’s many bountiful teets

All right, we done yet? ...No? Shit. We cleared all the question marks…

...But that still leaves Advanced Fusions and the capstones for each Arcana, some of which we’ve gotten but others we have not, or require specific Persona combinations. So let’s jump back into it.


Shiva is a unique fusion from Barong and Rangda.

Are we done now?

Nope, we just ran out of money! I’m actually kind of glad I had to reload that save because grinding another five hundred thousand yen for this when I don’t have access to the airsoft shop to sell things would have really sucked.

What does it mean about me that Lucifer is a manifestation of my self? Eh, whatever.

Ardha is a unique fusion from Shiva and Parvati.

All right, we can finally fuse the final Persona, Satanael. For some reason his arcana isn’t World, though. Also this is the third time in a row I’ve had to summon Michael for one of these Advanced Fusions. He costs sixty-six thousand yen to summon. These children are eating me out of house and home.

Let’s make this bad boy, then.

And that’s the last trophy I needed.

Every row in my Inmate Registry has been filled with the names of Personas. Our master is very satisfied at the progress you’ve made toward your rehabilitation as well. As such, he has granted permission to lower the price of summoning Personas to the lowest possible.
But don’t think you’ll be getting them for free! The world isn’t that easy! ...Still, I’ll recognize the fruits of your labor. Well done, Inmate.
I’m surprised that you were able to gain this much power. Use that strength to its fullest to aid in your rehabilitation.

We can now summon Personas at 50% base cost.

One final treat for all of you: What happens when you go into the final boss fight without Mishima’s Confidant maxed out? Well, I just so happen to have some footage I captured like two years ago on my original save file to show it off. Mishima’s still in the animated cutscene that plays when the Qliphoth World comes into existence, but during the final boss…

So instead of Mishima, our loyal compatriot who’s been with us all this time, rallying the masses… it’s this random asshole with weird pants.

I love it.

Weirdly Mishima just shows up for the next scene with Sojiro, though. Whatever.