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Part 231: Addendum XX: Heartbeat, Heartbreak

Addendum XX: Heartbeat, Heartbreak

Let’s just be complete assholes about this.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Don’t you have anything exciting happening? I mean, you’ve been here nearly a whole year. Y’know, when I was young, hoo boy…

You alone too?

Music: My Homie

Yeah, don’t remind me.

(to Maaku) Hey, take over for me.

Sojiro moves to leave.


Here… Let’s sit.

I called Yusuke before headin’ over here, and even he got some! I mean, the dude’s a freak!

And I don’t…? Besides, why isn’t Mishima here too!?

Did he betray us!?

What’re you thinkin’, dude?

Don’t gimme that… Oh, but…

Ryuji places a small chocolate on the table.

Here, you can have it.

Hey, now that I think about it, aren’t our girls kinda cold? I mean, we were on the same team. They shoulda at least got us some kinda teammate chocolate or somethin’… Seriously.

Well yeah, but… don’t exactly got that, now do we…? ...I guess heroes ain’t always popular with the chicks, huh? *sigh* Wonder if I’ll get a girlfriend before I graduate high school…

How pathetic. Well, can’t foresee any problems coming from this!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Hey… Are you going to be OK? My gentlemanly nature is making me worry about you…

Music: Tension

Outside the store, is that…








Searching into alternate universes for escape routes… There’s none?! Oh crap.

I came to say hello yesterday… but when I looked in the window, you were with someone else…! ...You dick!

Did you think you’d try and trick this romantically impaired fool?

...Please tell me it’s not true.

Did my little guinea pig forget to turn off his lights last night?

I left work early yesterday to see how you were… and I saw you with someone else. What the heck am I doing…?

It said that you’re seeing someone else…

I’m not very happy about it, though.

Take your time…

Maaku, dying as he deserved.

Sojiro shakes his head.

“I was having him help out at the store. I didn’t realize it was Valentine’s Day. Don’t worry, he always talks about you. You’re his one and only…” That was enough to get you off the hook for now… But make sure your story matches mine, got it?

In the end, the girls took their chocolates home with them…

You poor, poor idiot.

Now… we’re done. There’s nothing left to show in this game. I’ve fulfilled my dark pact with the universe! What better way to close it out than by taking one last look at the intro movie, which I skipped originally:


I was gonna do a whole thing where I took screenshots and went through frame-by-frame but I realized this was the only shot that actually mattered, because it’s the only shot with any of these three characters in it. Haru, Makoto, and Futaba are only in this shot. It’s kind of hilarious.

And… the LP’s officially done! You know what that means!

Time to finally clear out my goddamn hard drives! I’m free, motherfuckers! But don’t frown, children, because I’m sure we’ll meet again someday. Until then…

Bust some heads. Arist, signing off.