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Part 24: 5/6-5/7: Night Moves

Part 23: 5/6-5/7: Night Moves

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Don’t forget to study, though. I won’t have you blaming me if your grades start dropping.

Over on this side of the classroom is that crude logo of Ryuji’s design. The image drawn on this chalkboard will change as the game progresses to reflect the story, so I’ll make note of it.

Oh shit, cops. Let’s just calmly avoid them...


Oh, right, can I ask you something? Have you received any physical punishment, threats, or verbal abuse from Mr. Kamoshida? Even if it’s something minor, let me know if you happen to know anything at all.

I’m having war flashbacks to that speedo.

Huh? Hold on, so what you’re saying is that he’s exposed his naked body to you?
Physical punishment, threats, sexual harassment, and even indecent exposure. That fiend… I’m sure we’ll find that he committed even more offenses if we dig around a little more.

The cops only show up today, so we don’t need to worry about their presence later on.

Anyway, we find someone else worth talking to over in the Practice Building...

Heh, there’s no need for you to play dumb. My actions have been attracting too much attention lately. It’s no wonder you figured it out… Keep this just between us, OK? No one can know I’m the Phantom Thief who defeated Kamoshida…

I love this dumbass.

Anyway, let’s head back up to Ann, who seems… perturbed.

What should I do…? Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to at least ask… No, but then…
Lady Ann seems depressed...
U-Um… never mind! It’s nothing!
I should be able to invite her out with my current Kindness.
I’m fine, seriously! Besides, I wouldn’t wanna trouble you...

...Are you sure? You’re so reliable. I guess it wouldn’t be so bad talking to you about this stuff.
So, what do you think? Will you spend some time with Lady Ann?
>Hang out with her
All right, let’s go to the diner.
Well, I’m gonna go take a walk while you’re busy with her. Let me know when you’re ready to leave.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

...It’s Shiho. Well… I went to visit her in the hospital. She… She said she was sorry. Sorry for not telling me about Kamoshida… about all the things he was doing to her… But it was my fault too. I didn’t realize how much trouble she was in… I wasn’t there for her… So, I apologized as well.

I’m glad I finally got to tell her everything I couldn’t bring myself to say before. And, um… remember how Kamoshida threatened to take Shiho off the team if I didn’t sleep with him? I had only agreed to it so that I wouldn’t ruin Shiho’s dreams… But now that I think about it, he never would have put her on the bench and cost his team games… I seriously should have dared him to try and take her starting spot. ...But in the end, maybe I just didn’t believe in her ability.

You actually get more points if you agree with her here, but to hell with that, I’m here to try to make her feel better, not indulge her bullshit self-loathing.

But… it all happened because I was weak. That’s why I believed Kamoshida’s authority outweighed Shiho’s own ability to earn her starting spot. Maaku, do you remember the last time I talked to you like this? When I got that phone call from Kamoshida… and cried. I felt so alone… scared, even… But because you were there for me, I decided not to go. I was a little surprised at how pushy you were about it… but I see now you just wanted to help. ...Thanks.

Back then, people used to call me all sorts of names… “Prissy bitch,” “Kamoshida’s girl”… I got tired of it pretty quickly. But to tell you the truth, someday I want to be able to take labels like that in stride. Hey, um… Personas are the power of the heart, right? That means if my heart gets stronger, my Persona will too. So… I want to strengthen my heart. And I want to use that strength to help the people around me. I hope we can save people from trouble, just like we did when we changed Kamoshida’s heart. Though honestly… I don’t even know what “strong” is. But I’m going to find the answer, I promise.

*giggle* I guess that doesn’t really count though, huh? Well… I’ll be relying on you. Let’s train together and make our hearts super strong!
I sense a heightened motivation from Ann...

Girl Talk is exactly the same as Ryuji’s Punk Talk, just for Ann instead.

A strong heart… Hmmm...

I mean, they’re free, so not getting any would mean you have a strong heart!

...Is that not right? Well, I’ll see you later.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Sojiro tosses Maaku a key.

You get to lock up from now on. I can’t keep waiting for you to come home. Don’t start any fires, OK?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Absolutely listen to this)

We finally unlock the full night theme, and it is amazing.


Do you want to go out now that we’re allowed to?


Oh, and come to think of it… shouldn’t we stop by the airsoft shop and ask about that paper bag?

But first, TV.

His many works fetch extraordinary prices, even overseas. He’s truly a world-renowned artist.
Madarama takes in children with no family as his pupils, giving the a home, right? He’s a saint...

Over here, we find a cop talking to that drunken souse from earlier.

Pleash, forgive me. I failed yoush as a mother, Kamoshida. Why’dya do those thiiiings?
Kamoshida? Oh, that guy who was arrested for sexual harassment?
*sniff* Suguru…! I didn’t raise yoush to grow up like thish! Suguruuuuuuu!

Isn’t crippling alcholism a riot?

Over by the station square, we find the man we met earlier giving a speech. Doesn’t seem like the crowd is into it though…

The runaway-train incident, mysterious psychotic breakdowns, a school with corrupt teachers… We have yet to discover the truth of it all! The apathy that permeates society is a direct result of negligence by our government and the media.

Are you interested in politics?

Are you a student? I’m delighted to captivate the interest of someone your age. ...Hmmm, I could use the help of a young person, but I can’t hire someone without any experience. I’m sorry about that. However, I’d be happy if you stopped by to hear one of my speeches again. ...Well then, that’s all for today. I’m heading to the beef bowl shop...

That guy seemed to want some help… He isn’t very popular, but his speech-giving skills might be helpful in the Metaverse. Hey, you should work part-time at the beef bowl shop. If he sees you working hard, maybe he’ll let you help him.

On the way back to the job magazines, however, we run into this random homeless man.

Tch… so you’re just messin’ with me. Whatever. You know about that huge accident the other day? Pretty funny stuff! Everyone’s been gettin’ all nervous because of it. I love seeing the fear in their faces.

Uhhhhhh, well… Let’s just go find the job magazines.

We now have enough Charm to accept this job.

A part-time job at a flower shop, huh? Being around all those flowers might boost your Kindness. It seems kinda hard. You sure you wanna do it?
Let’s call them right now.
Hi, this is the flower shop Rafflesia. Would you like to order some flowers? Oh, you saw our ad? Ah, I see. In that case, I can get you started right away. As for what days… We can work around your schedule. Just come straight to the store on a day you’re available. We’re in the Shibuya Underground Shopping Mall. I’ll be waiting for you.
You got the job! Nice going!

Instead of heading to that job, we’re just going to accept the other available job, because that’s the one we’re actually here for.

Ooh, a part-time job at the beef bowl shop, huh? Seems tough, but you might improve your Proficiency. What do you wanna do? Gonna apply?
Yeah, we can go to Shibuya at night now! Let’s call them right now!
Hello. This is Ore no Beko on Central Street. How many people are you ordering for? Oh, you’re calling about the job opening. This is great timing. We’re in need of some extra hands. I’d take just about anyone at this point. You don’t mind working at night, do you? Stop by any time you’re free to work. I’ll be waiting! We’re right by the entrance to Central Street. Hope to see you soon.
That settles it. You’d better work hard, OK?

Let’s head over to Central Street, then.

The world the way it is, a lotta people been finding themselves roofless. I had a life once, you know. I was an art student. Yeah, I was cool and everything.

Huh, poor guy.

Hey, man! Thanks for giving me the time of day. Everyone avoids me because my Japanese is pretty rough. I’m just trying to promote this bar, y’know? You’re just a kid, though. I can’t let you in. Sorry, man.

Based on this interaction, I assume that in Japanese he’s speaking rudely or informally by accident, but if so it simply didn’t translate at all, which makes the other options hilariously dickish for no reason.

Time to head to Untouchable to hand over that bag.

Music: Layer Cake

Are you gonna try and sell me somethin’ weird again?
That modified model gun should be a powerful weapon to use during Palace battles. Let’s ask him about what was inside the bag! ...Don’t freak out, Maaku! Just ask him!

...Should we not?
Hey, you gonna buy somethin’?

Sorry, no. For reference, Dauntless is Rank 4 Guts. We’re still at Rank 2, meaning we’re going to be holding on to that bag for the next several months, and every time we come in here it’s going to notify us that we’re too chickenshit to talk to him about it.

It’s a shitty situation all around.

Let’s head to work then.

Time for work? All right, work hard and make that money.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

No need to introduce yourself. I actually need you to start working right away. Do you have any questions about the job?

Not quite. Our budget’s been cut despite being short-staffed… so you’ll have to do everything alone. You’re a spry young dude, right? You’ll be fine. I’ll pay you more to make up for the extra work! Anything else?

Take customers’ orders, prep them, serve them, ring them up, and then clean the store. The meals are all ready-made, so it should be simple. Just make sure you’re nice to the customers, OK? OK, I need to head out for a bit! Keep an eye on the shop until I get back.

Oh jeez, I’m alone on my first day.

Oh, well. Just give it your best shot, I guess. I’ll be cheering you on.

Hey, someone wants to change their order. Add an egg? They should have told us earlier.

This is your pay today. Thank you. Well, I hope you can keep it up.

But you still managed all those orders by yourself. If you ask me, you were pretty proficient.

Maaku gains Proficiency +2.

Come on, let’s leave.

Anon: laaame roflmao
Anon: not even worth a laugh
Anon: Who’s spreading this?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

“Volleyball Beating Investigation!” The school claims to have left teaching methods up to its staff. It has denied once again that it had any knowledge of the beatings. “Pollen Warning as of Next Week!” Greater volume and arriving later than in previous years. “Hotspots of Tokyo!” Experience art in Shibuya! The Madarame exhibit opens next week.
People are really talking about the Kamoshida incident. No one in this car knows that we’re the ones who did it...

Music: So Boring

Anyway, today we’ll be talking about “The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter.” Most theorize it’s the oldest story in Japan; for some, it’s the oldest science-fiction story in the world. But if you ask me, it’s the oldest story in Japan about a terrible woman. I mean, Princess Kaguya gives her suitors absurd tasks, demands fancy gifts, then runs off to the moon. Some men lose their fortunes, some are humiliated, and some even get serious wounds or go blind. Women like Princess Kaguya actually show up in a lot of stories from around the world. Now then, Hamiru-kun. What do people generally call a woman who has a charm that sometimes leads men to their doom?

Really tempted to pick “Elizabeth” there, but alas.

That’s right. The answer is femme fatale. Literally translated, it means “fatal woman.” Some famous examples are the witch Morgan le Fay from Arthurian legen and Queen Salome from the Bible. Not to mention the wild, seductive dancer of opera, Carmen.

Maaku gets Knowledge +1

...Let me just warn you that exams aren’t so easy that you can pass them with a single night of cramming. Take your time and make sure you understand the material, OK?
...You heard her. Must be rough being a student. Well, you have nothing to lose from studying. Give it all you got.

Music: My Homie

There ain’t even a hint of a hint about a new Palace...
We can’t get everything online… Finding a post with a name and location is asking a lot…
Guess we just gotta find one ourselves then!
Are you seriously suggesting we look for a target that even the police have overlooked?
...Yeah, you’re right. We should prolly just hold off ‘til exams are done with, huh? We can wait and see for a little longer, then worry about comin’ up emptyhanded if it happens…

Morgana jumps out of sight via Ryuji’s head.


Music: Disquiet

...We’ll get outta here once we’re done chattin’. Anyways, what’s Miss Council President want with us?
The troublemaker, the girl of rumor, and the infamous transfer student… Interesting combination.

Great way to start a conversation...
By the way… It seems as though you got to know Mr. Kamoshida pretty well.

Are you playing dumb with me?
It just goes to show how little interaction he had with him.
Hm… I heard Mr. Kamoshida used a volleyball team member to spread details of your past record. Don’t you hate him? Mr. Kamoshida, I mean.
What’s all this about? My friend here’s an upstanding guy.
I don’t mean to offend. Many students have been shaken up by what happened with Mr. Kamoshida. The rumors about that odd, calling card-esque posting aren’t going away either.
I didn’t expect someone like you would care about tactless stuff, Niijima-senpai.

Anyways, we done here? We can’t leave if you keep talkin’ to us.
At least try to understand my position. Being forced to deal with this horseplay...
Ah yes, by the way… It’s been decided that this place will be closed off due to the incident. I heard some people are coming up here without permission, after all.

What was that about?

She figured us out! Damn, if only it weren’t completely obvious to anyone with half a brain!

That girl seems rather sharp. We should be cautious of her.
She really pisses me off!

Talk about a pain in the ass...
That reminds me… Study hard. Especially you, Ryuji. There are bound to be traps that will need to be solved with brains. Keep in mind that everything you do in your daily lives has an impact on your abilities.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

True, studying won’t be so bad if we just think of it as helping us prepare to be phantom thieves…
I guess you got a point… But man, it’s just so lame… I was all fired up about helpin’ people, not about studyin’...
Well, I do have somewhere interesting to show you beforehand. You guys did originally promise to help me out with my mission, after all.

Huh? Mission?
Follow me.

Just do as I told you.

Music: Wicked Plan

Look for a post with a full name in it.
I already said there’s no info on any big shots. Don’t you remember? But man, people actually go put someone’s real name on here. That’s some scary shit...

In this game’s world people are doxxing people they know so strangers they have almost no reason to believe exist will brainwash them. What a fucked-up future this is. Also remember that Kamoshida turned himself in like five days ago, which means that these rumors and the Phan-site have spread amazingly quickly even if it seems like no one’s buying them.

“He won’t listen to what I say”… No wait, there’s no name on this one.

Ignore those. Aren’t there any posts about more serious trouble?
“I don’t know what to do about my ex who’s stalking me. His name is Natsuhiko Nakanohara.” It says he’s a teller at City Hall.
A government worker’s stalkin’ someone…?
That should be a suitable target. All right, now get the Meta-Nav ready.
We’re just gonna jump right into a Palace? Fine by me!
Hey, what happened to all that talk of “unanimous decision”? What do you think we should do, Maaku?

That’s what I’m talkin’ about!
OK then. Let’s go.
We need a name and a place, right? So the name is...
Actually, we don’t need a location this time. Just enter exactly what I say. The keyword is… “Mementos.”
Huh? What’re you tryin’ to pull?
Just listen to me. It should work… I think.
Geez, that again…? Uhhh… “M-e-m-e-n-t-o-s,” was it?

Just as I thought!

Music: Tension

It… kind of feels like I’m walking on air…?
Is this that Nakanohara guy’s Palace?
That’s half right, but half wrong. This is a type of Palace, but it’s different from the normal ones. Come on, let’s head down. The Shadows here lurk underground. I don’t quite understand why. It may be because they’re drawn to something.
Underground? How are we going to get there?
How? You use it every day on your way to school. Follow me!

Music: Suspicion

Wait, our clothes changed!?
The Shadows know we’re here!?
Since the moment we stepped in.
You should’ve told us!
We’re still safe right here. I’ve come to investigate a number of times. Shadows never come up to this floor. But it’s a different story once you go down. This place is simply teeming with them.
More importantly, what is this Mementos!? It’s about time you start explaining.

A Palace as grand as the previous castle only forms when a person’s wishes are extremely distorted. So, instead of many individual Palaces, the general public has one gigantic shared Palace. That’s where we are now… Mementos.
Now that you mention it, this place feels a bit different from Kamoshida’s Palace...
When you say shared… you mean they’re all put together? Even though they’re just strangers…?
Think of it as the collective unconscious… No, never mind. You wouldn’t understand that.
So what you’re saying is… Using this place, we can even change the hearts of people who don’t have a Palace?
Correct! The steps to do so are slightly different though.
But this place looks pretty huge. Are we gonna be able to get around just by walkin’…?

Music: My Homie


A car…!?
No way!
This comes from the way cognition materializes in the Metaverse, plus a bit of extra training. It’s not dissimilar to how you guys transform.
You turnin’ into a car is totally different than our clothes changin’!

this is a really good joke

Why a bus though?
...No idea.
Wait, why didn’t you do this at the castle!?
I would have if I could!

Ryuji attempts to… board… Morgana. What the hell.

Ann notices and chases after him.

Hey, Skull! Ladies first!
Stop pullin’ me! That’s dangerous!
Panther! Please be gentle!

I should mention that any time Morgana emotes in this form he does so by jumping up on his back tires, it’s incredible.

I’m not going anywhere unless someone drives me.

THAT’S what you’re worried about?
Eh, who cares. We’re drivin’ a cat car through the Metaverse.
All right then, we’ll leave the driving to you!

Oh, there… That feels sooo goooooood…
Uh, is that purrin’ I hear…? What a creepy-ass car!
Don’t underestimate my meowtary engine.

I’ll admit it, I laughed.

We’re going full throttle! It’s time to fly!

Next time, we’re exploring Mementos and stealing the heart of this Nakanohara guy.