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Part 26: 5/9-5/10: Track Team Is Serious Business

Part 25: 5/9-5/10: Track Team Is Serious Business

Anon: Admin has to be trolling
Anon: I searched… makes no sense
Anon: Who’s spreading this?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

You going snowboarding or something?

Guh… Pollen allergies suck… I couldn’t go to the mountains even if I wanted to… My eyes and nose would gush like rivers.
That sounds awful...
That’s right, the news said pollen season was starting later than usual this year. Looks like the pollen problems have only just begun. People are about to have some itchy eyes. This might affect Mementos the same way weather does.

Uhh… …...

...Allergies? Oh, uh, maybe! I do feel kind of dazed, and everything feels weird! But… um… actually… I’ve been having this feeling that someone’s watching me… I hope not… Oh! Maybe I just can’t shake off the feeling of infiltrating a Palace! At the Palace, we’re always cautious of not being noticed, you know! So it has to be my imagination… Yeah...

He got what he deserved…
I wonder who put up those postings.
What’s his problem? Casting shame on the whole school like that...
Your life is pretty much over if you do something like that.

Anon: Sounds fake, but…
Anon: gtfo with that shit LOL
Anon: even kids aren’t that dumb
Anon: ugh another online rumor?
Anon: played too many games
Admin: No trolling please ;-;

Ha, poor Mishima.

Music: So Boring

I wish someone’d just thank us for it or something…
Either way, everything has worked out for the best.

I wonder what’s gonna happen to him now. I mean, he’s a famous criminal at this point, right? He’s gonna have to deal with people hating him forever...
That might be true, but I don’t have any sympathy for him. He got what he deserved.
For sure.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

I saw it on the Phan-Site, but I’ve heard about it at school too. Anyway, there’s a guy at school whose bullying has gone too far. I want to help the victim, but that’s impossible for me...

You’re amazing! The bully is a brown-haired guy frequently seen standing out front of the school entrance. And from what I can tell, his name is Daisuke Takanashi. Just make sure nobody knows I told you the name!

Maaku immediately goes up to the blackboard and writes “MISHIMA’S A NARC.”

What good timing! I know this is a small case, but we have a name, so we should be able to consider him a target. Let’s go gather at the hideout and discuss!

And we’re immediately whisked away to the hideout (that hasn’t been closed off yet, oddly) to talk about Mementos.

Music: Suspicion

What are you talking about? Don’t we need to study for exams?

Pff, nerd.

Eh, don’t worry ‘bout that stuff. Let’s ignore the details and just go chargin’ in head-first!
That’s easy for you to say… but we don’t even have a target.
That’s actually not a problem anymore. Some intel has come in from Mishima.
Ooh, perfect timin’! Let’s just go in right now then!
You’ll really do anything to avoid studying, huh…?

So, we have two options here. Despite the game spitting us out at the hideout, we can actually duck out of here and go raise Confidants, or we can do what the game wants and head into Mementos. For today, we’ll be exploring… both options. First, we’ll very briefly head into Mementos to explore the weather effect, then reload and raise a Confidant instead. This isn’t because I’m afraid to deviate from a schedule, but more because there’s something I want to do ASAP and I can’t afford to lose my night time as well if I want to get to it. We’ll see that in the next update, though.

Before we head into Mementos, though, we need to confirm the target by hitting “View Requests.”

C’mon, just tell us…
Oh… do you mean the calling card!? But wait a sec… did we send one the last time?
The Treasure materializes when we change the target’s subconscious with a calling card. That’s the rule when dealing with a Palace. But in Mementos, it seems like we can just go for the target immediately.
Wait, what? We don’t need a calling card or nothing?
Something else already exists that fulfills that role. Fortunately for us, Mishima put a comment up in the forum saying the Phantom Thieves are coming. For a small target, that’s enough of a calling card. That alone will put some fear in them for a while. Even that Nakanohara must have seen Mishima’s comments about him on the Phan-Site. And that’s why the Nav picked up on him.
...Can we really leave something that important to someone else!?
The desires of the Mementos Shadows are nothing compared to those of the Palace rulers. Still, we need to unanimously agree on our target. No ignoring the rules, even for smaller ones. Anyway, let’s get to discussing the intel we’ve gathered! This intel is on an arrogant brown-haired bully. He’s a student at Shujin Academy. Things have gone a little too far for just bullying though. He’s abusing and blackmailing kids.
He’s the perfect target! C’mon, let’s take him down!
Are you sure you aren’t just excited to go to Mementos? Then again, we can’t really leave a guy like that be… We should go.
No objections, right? Mm… we’re good to go if you’re OK with it. That’s a unanimous decision! OK, all that’s left now is to take down the target in Mementos!

Music: Mementos

We can warp around to certain floors of Mementos, which is a life-saver.

Oh yeah… I have something for you before we head in there.

Those were the last I had. You’re on your own now, OK?
The target’s really in here, huh?
Definitely. I’m sensing them deeper than before, but their presence is certainly here.
All right then. Let’s go look for ‘em!
Achoo! Achoo! The pollen’s out of control today… It’ll definitely have an impact on Mementos...
Huh? Whaddya mean?
Well, Mementos is affected by the emotions of the public.
Wait, so you’re saying… weather changes people’s feelings, and that in turn changes Mementos?
Not just Mementos. The Shadows inside too. The type of change will depend on what kind of weather it is. This might turn out to be useful.

More dangerous Shadows, but more items as well.

What happens when there’s a ton of pollen?
I’m not too sure… but the impact on Mementos is determined by how the public is feeling. How have other people been seeming to you?
Come to think of it, some of the kids in my class have bad allergies. They all seem really out of it. Apparently the medicine makes them sleepy...
I see… There might be a similar effect in Mementos then...

Sleepy shadows means free ambushes and avoidable fights, which is a really great effect.

So it’ll prolly be easier to beat Shadows or ignore ‘em completely. C’mon, let’s go find out.

Sure enough, this Shadow is asleep. But we’ll leave actually dungeon crawling for a later date. Reload!

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Out in front of the school, we find that bully, Daisuke.

I don’t know wh-what you want from me...
Only good thing you got going on is that you’re loaded. Understand me, you two-legged volleyball?
Harsh, Daisuke! Oh man, Hippo looks like he’s about to cry!


She looked tired, especially because of the Kamoshida incident. I heard she’s been acting under direct orders by the principal. I wonder what she’s doing.
I don’t know. She hasn’t said anything to me.
I guess she can’t rely on us for some reason. I wish she wouldn’t handle everything alone like that.

Seems like Makoto’s got her hands full.

Let’s go check on her.

Was he acting any different after that strange posting went up?
Ummm… I think he was the same as always, but I’m not sure… I heard he’s dangerous, so I try to keep my distance from him...

Whoever could they be talking about? Dangerous? Better steer clear of that guy.

I’m sorry, I don’t know anything else… Is he involved in this?

...All I’ve done till now is avoid you though, so I’ll hear you out if you wanted to ask me anything.

I haven’t found much on them at all. I haven’t seen much info on the internet, either…

They have a fucking website.

Let’s hang out with Ryuji today.

So, y’know how we were lookin’ for somewhere we can train? Well, I finally found a spot. We’re free to do whatever we want! How ‘bout we head on over there?
>Hang out with him
It’s a gym over in Shibuya. Pretty damn cheap too.

Music: What’s Going On?

It’s pay per visit, so you don’t gotta worry about any bullshit contracts or nothing. The equipment’s kinda crappy, but they got tons of variety. Plus, it’s real damn cheap. Totally worth, even without a pool or hot tub. Oh yeah! You bring your stuff?

I’m talkin’ about spare undies! Gettin’ back into your sweaty clothes after a nice hot shower is like, the grossest goddamn thing. ...Oh, but don’t go gettin’ your hopes up. No way I’m gonna let you use mine. Anyways, let’s head in.

Music: Break it Down

Phew… My form’s… comin’ back… but I don’t got… any stamina… *cough*

Don’t you mean “good morning”? Hahaha, you’re as eloquent as ever, Sakamoto.
Heck yeah, man! I’ve been studyin’ my words n’ shit!
Of course you have, haha. Oh, and you don’t need to call me senpai anymore. I’ve already graduated, remember?

This game does away with most of the honorifics as compared to Persona 4, which just makes it weirder when they do pop up.

Hm? He’s, uh… a friend! By the time he showed up, the track team was already… well, y’know.
Speaking of which, how’s your leg?
Eh, I’m managin’… How ‘bout you, Senpai? You still runnin’?
I actually joined my university’s track team. You’d think I would’ve quit entirely after what happened…
About that, I’m real sorry...
No, I should be the one apologizing.

I was supposed to be the leader of our team, yet I just resigned myself to Kamoshida’s will…
That’s ‘cause you needed him to write your letter of rec, right? You were just lookin’ out for your future… but I still managed to eff it up anyways.
Kamoshida clearly never intended on writing my letter of recommendation. You were just his excuse not to. And honestly, I enjoy where I am now. The track team isn’t anything special, but it’s perfect for me. So in truth, I should be thanking you for what you did, Sakamoto.
I’ve always regretted not doing more to protect you guys… But I heard some good news recently… The Shujin track team’s being reinstated!

I mean, Kamoshida confessed all the horrible stuff he did, right? I guess the school got the old team together and told them they want to try starting it up again.
...Nobody told me about that.
Huh, odd… The rumors got as far as me, and I’m not even a student anymore. Anyway, I heard they’re going to get Mr. Yamauchi as their new advisor.
Yamauchi…? Hold up, THAT Yamauchi!?
Yup, the one who was basically Kamoshida’s lapdog. Apparently he volunteered. He’s really enthusiastic about pulling the track team up from the ashes.
He is…?
You know, now that the team is being reinstated, there’s no need for any bad blood, right? Why don’t you go talk to them? I’m sure they could use someone with your passion.

Ikeda leaves.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

…Good for them.

For real though, I’m glad the team’s comin’ back. It’s sweet that Nakaoka and them can start trainin’ again. But I’m still worried ‘bout their advisor, Yamauchi. He’s basically like a mini-Kamoshida.

He’d always yell at us at practice, but then be a huge kiss-ass when our parents were around. Ugh, I can’t believe a moron like that’s gonna be advisin’ the track team. He doesn’t even teach PE! ...He’s gotta be up to something. I’ll do some research… There’s a chance I’m gonna need your help too, mkay? You’d be free to lend me a hand if I need it, yeah? I’ll be countin’ on you!

I feel like my bond with Ryuji is growing deeper...

All right, we don’t got time to be messin’ around here anymore! Let’s head home! Wait, I gotta shower first…! Seeya!

Music: Beneath the Mask

He apparently gives speeches at Shibuya Station, but… you can’t judge a book by its cover.
...Another box came for you.
...What did you get?

Must be what you ordered off the TV.

These Calming Masks give us Resist Confuse.

The students found it hard to hide their bewilderment at the scandal surrounding a popular teacher. The police plan to finalize the arrest once they collect more evidence and finish investigating.
The school is swarming with police. Anyway, it looks like that’s the end of this case.

I’m in trouble for anything that’s not English. I haven’t been studying at all… Oh! Maybe we can make some progress if we keep an eye on each other! Wanna study together?

We can choose to study with Ann for increases to both Knowledge and our relationship with her, but I’m pretty sure we don’t need any more points with her right now, and studying’s for losers.

Whatever could you possibly be referring to?

Remember that lottery ticket we bought weeks ago? Neither did I. We won 300 yen from a thousand yen ticket.

You won, but… Well, I guess it’s better than nothing.

Let’s talk to the speech man again.

Oh, you were working at the beef bowl shop before! You have a lot of perseverance for a young person. Well, if you’re interested, I could use your help. I want to change the state of this country, and to do so, I need the power of the youth. ...However, due to certain regulations, I can’t offer a job to a student. I was thinking you could learn some things if you chose to attend a few of my speeches though...

This sounds shady. I’m in.

Really!? That would be helpful indeed! Well then… would you mind telling me your name and contact information? You’re a student from Shujin Academy, hm? It’s nice to meet you. I am Toranosuke Yoshida. I used to be a member of the Diet… but no longer.

The Diet is kind of like Japanese Congress, if you know nothing about Japanese government. I happen to know only slightly more than nothing, so I’m sure someone will respond telling me how that’s a really inaccurate analogy.

In the past twenty years, I’ve lost seven straight elections… This isn’t good. I’m dwelling on the negative right before my speech. Well then, I hope I can count on your help immediately.

Maaku looks so goofy holding that sign, though I have no idea what it says.

With common sense no longer our guide, we make decisions based on our selfish wants and desires. This has resulted in a deluge of self-centered people who delight in taking advantage of the weak.

A world where it is acceptable to trample on the rights of others for your own benefit… A world where the young exist only to be exploited… Is a world that must be changed!

Music: Suspicion

Nothing’s going to change. We’ll just keep getting exploited.

You mustn’t base your decision on whom to support merely according to the party they belong to…

I can’t wait for the inevitable political discussion that will arise from this update, by which I mean don’t you fucking dare start that shit in this thread.

Ah, shut up already! You’re just a washed-up politician!
If I am chosen to represent the will of the people, then I am fully prepared to…
“In the best interests of all”!? Hah! Save your blathering for when you get elected! ...IF you get elected!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Well, what did you think of my speech?

Indeed. Do you feel the same? Such as I am, I’d like to believe that I’m capable of giving a moving speech. ...However, there are times, like today, when the audience has a difference of opinion on a topic. Some feel I should concentrate on getting elected before I worry about others… Do you agree?

Thank you. It’s encouraging to know that my message has won you over. Besides, I have grown quite accustomed to those types of reactions… Although… I don’t know if that is necessarily a good thing. Regardless, no matter what they say, I must continue on...

Perhaps I’ll ask for your impressions again sometime.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

You also seem pretty close with Takamaki-san if you’re both coming to school together. You just transferred here though… I guess you two really click.

...I see. You seemed a lot closer than that yesterday morning. I heard she was a victim of Mr. Kamoshida, but was there all there was to it…? Either way, closer inspection should clear everything up… Goodbye.

Makoto’s got an interesting strategy when it comes to spying on me, in which she walks right up, asks me direct questions and then admits that she has been watching me and will continue to do so in the future. Genius play.

Music: So Boring

...Shit, I’m fucked aren’t I?

Now then, pickng up from last time… The end of the Heian period marks the rise of the samurai, which I’m sure you’ve all been waiting for. As described in “The Tale of the Heike,” it was a time when all that was great would fall from grace. It wasn’t unusual for the heroes of yesterday to be struck down as rebels of the present day. By the sympathizing with the loser or the weak is called “magistrate’s patronage.” That term came from the name of the position that a certain hero held. Now then, Hamiru-kun. Who do you think is the origin of the term “magistrate’s patronage”?


Although Yoshitsune helped defeat the Taira, he was driven out by his brother and killed himself. However, in the centuries that followed, Yoshitsune became more popular as a tragic hero.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Rather than siding with the one who has overwhelming power, people prefer the underdog opposing them. It’s sort of like rooting for a minor-league baseball team instead of an all-star, major-league one.
I can understand that. It’s like, if I don’t root for them, then who will?

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Nah, I’m fucked anyway, might as well continue blowing them off.

It’s his fault I have to live such a shitty life...

...It’s got nothing to do with you. He’s fooled everyone. You’re all idiots...

People without charm or popularity always use force to get their way… Push, pull, and then the smooth follow-up. Without these skills, can you call yourself a man?

Between these dudes and the fucking PUA manual we bought from the bookstore I wonder if Atlus has some weird conception of what a pick-up artist actually is, because in real life it’s just about the most hilariously skeevy thing in the world.

Eating away at humankind… The “Sun God” is the only one who can oppose such an evil force!
Ahhh… the power of the Sun God flows through me…!
Yes! YES! This is the promised land! Feel the warmth of the Sun God radiating within you!

That’s why I’ve poured my soul into this song—to help restore our hope. I give you… “Breaking School”!

This should be interesting.

Breaking, breaking, class schedules/Breaking, breaking time to go home/Be firm, be strong/Don’t lose resolve/Who the hell hid my sliiippeeers/I’ll fill ya desk with fried dooough

Well, that was...

Thanks, bay-bee! Could you feel the passion of my soul?

You don’t get it? Well… I guess American pie is more rock n’ roll than fried dough...

Finally, let’s talk to that homeless guy who said all that terrifying shit when we visited him at night.

Haha, I’m touched that you’re concerned about me. Don’t worry, I’m used to it. I’ll be just fine. I was living this kind of life before I knew it. My memory’s a little foggy though. I actually have trouble recalling anything that happens at night… Well, I guess it’s not a problem.

I don’t like where this is going...

Let’s just hang out with Ryuji again.

Hey, uh… Do you remember that guy Yamauchi I was talkin’ about before?

The hell’re you talkin’ about!? That’s a dog, man! And besides, it’s “daschund”! I actually know my dogs, dude!

Ironically, they spelled “dachshund” wrong.

...Anyways, Yamauchi’s the teacher who’s gonna end up bein’ the new track team advisor. He don’t give a rat’s ass about the sport though… or even the students. So, y’see, I heard this rumor… Apparently he’s got in trouble at school before with his drinkin’… but that hasn’t kept him from goin’ out. I was thinkin’, maybe he’d let some shit slip when he’s drunk. We should totally try and tail him sometime. I’ll look into where he goes to drink. What’s the plan for today though? You gonna train with me?
>Hang out with him
Let’s get changed then. We can meet at, uh… Hmmm, somewhere’s gotta be open. Let’s try lookin’ around at school.

Music: What’s Going On?

I mean, we’d prolly run into Nakaoka and them if we stuck around here… You got any ideas?

I bet we’d just end up eatin’ ice cream and playin’ video games all day long. That’s just kinda what happens, y’know? ...Eh, I guess it won’t hurt to peek ‘round the gym. If they ain’t there, maybe we can--

Music: Suspicion

So what, you gonna ask him questions with your fists? And anyways, ain’t a three-on-one kinda cowardly?
The only coward here is Nakaoka! All the shit Kamoshida put us through is his fault… He was telling that bastard secrets about us the whole time…!

Plus, ain’t the track team comin’ back? You don’t gotta fight!
...Sh-Shut up! I’m telling you, this piece of shit sold us out! How do you think Kamoshida found out about your parents, Sakamoto?

He’s gotta be a snitch!

If you think that’s gonna make you feel better, go for it. ...But you’re gonna wish you didn’t. Trust me, it feels real bad lookin’ back on shitty stuff you’ve done.
Look… Even if Nakaoka was workin’ with Kamoshida… ain’t it fine now? The bastard’s gone, so you guys can just put this crap behind you. There’s no reason to fight, yeah…?
We can’t keep people around who’re gonna try and undermine our team.
But… I didn’t do anything. I wasn’t working with Kamoshida. No matter how much you hit me, my answer’s gonna stay the same.
Oh yeah…? We’ve got proof. Yamauchi told us all about it.

C’mon Takeishi, we gotta get out of here. It’d be real bad if anyone else showed up.
...Nakaoka. Shit like you isn’t welcome on our new track team. You’d better remember that.

Track team is apparently serious business.

What the hell was all that?
Just stay out of this, Sakamoto. It has nothing to do with you.
When you hit Kamoshida, you were really hitting all of us who tried so hard to endure his bullshit. You might’ve felt relieved, but it only made life harder for us… ‘Cause of you, we lost the one place we could vent our frustrations… the one place we could really belong. Tensions got pretty high after that… and things’ve just been kinda rough from then on. ...You really think it’s all fine now, huh? Well what if I told you they’re right about me…? Would you still think it’s “fine” if I was the one who told Kamoshida about your parents?
…… Yeah. If you told him, you told him. I’m over all that stuff with my parents anyways. Besides… I’ve realized something, Nakaoka. I might’ve messed up with Kamoshida back then, but hangin’ on to the past ain’t gonna help anythin’. I’m just gonna focus on bein’ myself now… on bein’ free.
What’re you talking about…? Free, huh? Haha…

Nakaoka leaves.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

I guess bein’ free is like… It’s like how I feel when I’m talkin’ to you, man.

Uhhh, I don’t know what else I gotta say. I just feel… free.

What, we stuck on repeat or something? Hahaha!

Ryuji and Maaku share a laugh.

I feel like my bond with Ryuji is growing deeper...

Harisen Recovery allows a party member with the ability to cure a status ailment on a party member when their turn comes up. Status effects can be debilitating, so it’s incredibly useful… when it triggers.

Mannn, that was some funny shit. ...So much for trainin’ though, huh? C’mon, let’s get outta here. Oooh, we should grab ramen on the way home!