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Part 28: 5/14-5/15: I'm Stoopid

Part 27: 5/14-5/15: I'm Stoopid

I didn’t even notice the calls from Sensei… But thank goodness, I caught up to you.

You’re the woman I’ve been searching for all this time! Please, won’t you--
W-Wait a minute, I--

Huh, seems like this dude’s slightly less shady than we took him for. Slightly.

Music: My Homie

All that I’ve drawn till now has been lacking, but I feel a passion from you unlike anyone else.

Ain’t this a recruit for some shady business?
Will you cooperate with me? What do you say?
Hold your horses! Who’re you anyways?
Oh, where are my manners? I’m a second-year at Kosei High’s fine-arts division. My name is Yusuke Kitagawa.

Yusuke brushes Ryuji aside.

I’m Madarame-sensei’s pupil, and I am being allowed residence at his place. I’m striving to become an artist.

Huh!? Do you mean THAT Madarame? The one who was on “Good Morning Japan” the other day?
The very same.
You know who that is?
He was introduced as a super-famous Japanese-style artist who’s been recognized all over the world. But we heard that name the other day in Mementos...

That old guy’s Madarame…?
Madarame-sensei’s exhibition will begin at the department store near the station tomorrow. I’ll be there to help out on opening day. Please come by. It’d be great if you could give me your answer in regard to being a model then…

You’re not plannin’ on goin’, are you?
...I think I will.

Yusuke’s gonna find himself trapped in a dark alley at night with a feral cat launched towards his face.

Music: Interrogation Room

That’s a little too convenient. It makes me wonder if you’re even telling the truth. But so be it. What I want to know most is your method. It’s true that Madarame was an unforgivable criminal worthy of the scorn thrown at him. He was an adult who cultivated his own fame and fortune by sacrificing the livelihood of children… But how did you discover such horrible deeds that were hidden all these years in such a short time?

This “Metaverse” business again? …… Fine. Let’s suppose that people’s hearts can be changed by stealing their Treasure, like you’ve said. If so, a different suspicion arises. People have gone mad or lost consciousness, never to recover… like the subway accident in April. Depending on how you look at it, that could be taken as a phenomenon for a sudden change of heart too. ...Were you related to those as well?

…… ...I see.

Sae checks her watch.

Fine. Continue telling me about Madarame’s case. Keep it concise and only of the truth.

Music: Life Goes On

What’s wrong? You’re taking a lot of time to get through these. …… Hmm… This isn’t going too well. I wouldn’t expect a great score.

Your score on the final day of exams is determined by your Knowledge rank… and considering ours is still at 1, we’re not doing too hot.

Music: Break it Down

How ‘bout you…?

C’mon, you two need to get your act together.
Anways, can we stop talkin’ about the exams? Like it or not, they’re gonna come back graded next week. Rather than focus on stuff that’s over with...

...It’s no use. There ain’t any useful info. The number of posts are gettin’ less and less too…
I am not letting this end as a one-hit wonder, OK?
There’s no point in getting antsy though. I know! Why don’t we go eat lunch somewhere? We still have some money left over from the other day.


We don’t have THAT much left. Oh right. There are those tickets to Madarame’s exhibit! ...Wait, that’s tomorrow.
Don’t tell me. Was it love at first sight with that Yusuke guy…?
It’s not like that.
O-Of course not.
When I was watching that special on TV, his artwork was pretty nice. Plus, we’ve got free tickets. Besides, this could also be related to what we heard in Mementos.
...Madarame, was it?

That aside, what should I do about the other two tickets? Want to go appreciate some fine arts for once?
Fine arts, huh…
I suggest, we should all go together! Appreciating the fine arts builds character. A phantom thief who can’t identify an original is lame.
Well, if everyone’s going...
It’s settled then!

Just the phrase “going to an art exhibit” sounds kinda mature. Let’s meet at the exhibit entrance tomorrow.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’m curious to know if this Madarame has anything to do with the name we heard in Mementos… Whatever the case may be, we can’t be late. Better get to bed early!

Getting a little overbearing with the whole bedtime thing, cat.

...Oh, wait, you think they’re the same person? Wow, Ann, that never crossed my mind. What a genius you are. I never would have thought that Madarame and Madarame could be the same person. Nice catch!

Well, it is a pretty rare last name.
Yeah I mean, you guys ever heard of someone else called Madarame?
It’s really not common at all. If what we heard is true, Kitagawa-kun is studying under a corrupt teacher.
You mean a teacher who treats people like tools.
Kitagawa-kun’s life is probably pretty terrible...
We gotta look into this.

An exhibition featuring Japanese artist Ichiryusai Madarame opens tomorrow in Shibuya. Anticipation for the exhibition is high, with specials broadcast on TV and great ticket sales.
Hey, it’s that old guy! I didn’t think he would actually be famous...

Pff, I know good art. Look at this room. Completely empty except for that fuckin’ beef bowl statue, because I only have room for the important shit.

“Ichiryusai Madarame: An Infinite Font of Ideas,” huh…? I read the blurb on the ticket, but it seems that this Madarame is actually an amazing artist… Some of his pieces might be worth looking at, after all...

Oh, that exhibition must be opening today.
It’s really packed… Wanna come back another time?
I want it, but it’s so expensive… Maybe I should take out a loan.
I wanna see that! Let’s go together sometime!

Music: Break it Down

It’ll be a pain in the ass if someone sees you, so don’t stick your head out too much, all right?

Um… yeah.

Make sure that you don’t get in the way of the other visitors.

This guy seems pleasant.

(to Ann) Come now. I’ll show you around. I’d like to speak more about the picture I’d like to draw too.
Well, see you guys later.

Are we really gonna “appreciate” the fine arts? Can’t we just go home?

I guess we should do a quick pass through it once… Uh… Which way are we supposed to start?

It’s that old man from the other day.

You have such expansive styles, it’s hard to believe that it all stems from one person… Where in the world does all your inspiration come from?

They naturally well up from within my heart like bubbles rising one after another in a spring.

What’s important is to distance oneself from worldly desires such as money and fame. My atelier is a modest shack, but it is more than enough to pursue true beauty.

I see.. So the act of emptying one’s mind gives rise to inner beauty. Still, to think we could hear the word “shack” coming from the great artist Madarame.
You would understand if you saw it. Hahahaha…
Wasn’t the word “shack” something...

Hey, stop pushin’…! There’s way too many people!
I’m getting crushed...
Anyways, we gotta head for the exit! Don’t die on us, all right!?

Usually one concentrates on their own style. However, Sensei creates all this by himself. He’s special.

Ah, the girl from yesterday. Are you enjoying the exhibit?
I don’t know how to put it into words… but it’s really amazing.
You’re sensing something from the artwork… That alone is enough to give us artists satisfaction. I hope this becomes a wonderful piece, Yusuke. Well then, if you’ll excuse me.
You’d imagine artists would be difficult to approach… but he seems really friendly.

I guess it’s the painter’s anger? I’m not sure, but I sense this… strong frustration from it. To think such a cheerful and gentlemanly person could make such a piece...

Something wrong?
Don’t mind me. There are better pieces than… this one. Come now, this way!

...But thanks to that, I remember now.

Let’s not worry about it for now… It’s about a post online.

Music: Disquiet

Ann walks up.

...Eh, anyways. You gotta look at this too. This post might be about Madarame.

What’s it say?
“A master of the Japanese arts is plagiarizing his pupil’s work. Only his public face is shown on TV.”

I didn’t think much of it when I first saw it, but hearing “shack” and “Madarame” triggered it.

“He treats them inhumanely, as if disciplining a dog...”

That’s all terrible, but what about it reminded you of the word “shack”?

Abuse on top of plagiarism, hm…?
If this is real, it’ll be a huge scandal.
I wonder if Kitagawa-kun posted this. I mean, he IS a pupil of his.
Who knows? It’s anonymous and all...
In that case… It’s possible the Madarame we heard about in Mementos is referring to the same one.
A man like that doing such a thing…?

Don’t act so surprised. All old people are evil. Once you make it past 60 it’s pure survival instinct pushing you forward.

I wonder if we can ask that Shadow from earlier about this. Oh. Actually, we just need to talk to him in reality.
And how are we gonna go about that? Are we gonna explain it all, startin’ with Mementos?
Besides, if we make a move out in the open, there’s the possibility that Madarame will find out.
Oh… Yeah, right...
(to Maaku) Hey, what do you think about Madarame? Doesn’t he seem suspicious?

I know, right? This all fits way too well to just be a coincidence. If this post is legit, ain’t this the kinda target we’ve been waitin’ for?
Well, yeah, but… Is it really true…?
By the way, what’d you do about the whole modeling thing?
Kitagawa-kun gave me his contact info. And, the address to his sensei’s atelier.
He said he lives there, right? Perfect timing. Let’s try goin’ tomorrow. We’re off to Madarame’s house right after school!

This is too sudden...
What? We’re just gonna talk to Kitagawa.
Oh, that’s what you meant...

Music: Beneath the Mask

If it is, this might just be exactly what we needed!

Here’s what we’ve got for you today! Four bags of Protein! Drink this, and you’ll be musclebound in no time!
Yes, if you really want to build muscle, you’ve got to try this.
This is a limited item! Today’s the one and only day it’ll be available! And it can be yours… For the incredibly low price of 4800 yen! We’re offering it for 4800 yen because it’s on sale for today only!
Oh, the phones are already ringing off the hook!
Once we’re sold out, that’s it! Don’t miss out on this deal!
Four bags of Protein, huh? They’re just 4800 yen. Thinking of buying them?

4800 might be a little steep considering our current monetary situation, but it’s a steal considering what these are actually worth, and having more healing’s always nice.

Roger that.