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Part 30: 5/16-5/18: Blackmail!

Part 29: 5/16-5/18: Blackmail!

Music: Beneath the Mask

I just can’t forgive Madarame, but what Ann said made me think… To Yusuke, are we just a bunch of thugs?

I knew it… It ain’t like he thinks it is! Pisses me off just thinkin’ about it! Good people have to put up with so much crap while shitty adults do whatever they want. Makes me sick. I’m not wrong… am I?

Aww yeah! Don’t tell Ann I called you, by the way. Seriously. Well, see you tomorrow.

Ryuji seems pumped. Good to know.

Music: So Boring

Still waiting for his response.

Can you at least try to take this seriously?
Look, you don’t gotta go all out for this. You’re only doing it so you can get dirt on Madarame, remember?
That is true. It sounds like Kitagawa-kun wants this to be a private picture of his though… Well, I guess I’ll let you guys know when he contacts me again.

Music: Wicked Plan

Perfect. He prolly changed his plans immediately just so he could get you over there.
We need to find out from Kitagawa-kun if what we saw in the Palace was true...
Hey, quiet down. It’s that student council president.

Yikes… She got hold of Mishima today? It’d suck if she noticed us. C’mon, let’s split up.
OK, see you later.

C’mon, let’s get some dirt on Madarame. But man… Ann’s late.

I was thinking about some things and didn’t notice how much time had passed.
Thinkin’ about what…?
Don’t you think Kitagawa-kun has to be protecting Madarame? I mean they live together, so he’d have to be aware of Madarame’s true nature. The only reason I can think for him doing that is that Madarame has something on him…

Or maybe he’s in on it!

Yeah, that’s weird. But that’s why we’re goin’ to check it out, right? You ready to be a model?
Yeah, I’m prepared.
Whaddya mean prepared? Prepared for what? Something seem different about her to you?

Ooh, nice eye!
I didn’t cut them.
H-Huh. Well… let’s get goin’.

And so this mystery will go forever unsolved.

We gotta talk to Yusuke.
Kitagawa-kun seemed really happy when I agreed to be his model. Once he finishes drawing and gets a little friendlier, we should bring up Madarame.

Music: My Homie

It’s amusing that Yusuke keeps getting upset that we’re showing up, but he should really be realizing by now that Ann is a Power-type Stand that can’t exist more than a few meters outside of our presence, and that joke was absolutely not worth the laborious effort it took to make even for the few of you who got it.

Wouldn’t you get nervous too, if it was just the two of us?
We’re here to keep an eye on you, so don’t try anything perverted, ‘kay?
Stop making such odd assumptions. I have absolutely no interest in her as someone of the opposite sex.

Is there a problem?
...No, not really.
Well then, let’s get started.

About ten seconds later...

You hear her?
…It’s no use.
This isn’t what we planned! We were gonna catch him off guard and make him spill his beans, weren’t we?
How were we supposed to know this was gonna happen…? Guess we just gotta wait ‘til he’s done… What an effin’ pain in the ass...
Perhaps I should try going outside this room...

Heh, who do you think you’re talking to?

It’s weird how flashy that door is… And… is that a lock? A door with a hefty lock… What could be in there?

It’s no good…

I’m sorry… Am I the problem?
No, not at all. It’s just… I’m having trouble staying focused today. I’m sorry, but we’ll have to resume this another time...

I’m sorry… We had another reason for seeing you today… We needed to talk to you.

Music: Disquiet

It’s about those rumors regarding your sensei.

That painting I saw at the exhibit… You’re the one who actually painted it, right?
I knew it.
Your sensei’s seriously messed up. He just thinks of his pupils as tools. That’s why he doesn’t give a damn whether he steals their work or physically beats them. I’ll make this clear, there’s no point in hidin’ stuff from us.
Hahaha… I have no idea what you’re talking about...
You couldn’t go against him, could you? I’m sure we can help you out though…
Stop it...

Maaku’s got the “!?” going on too, but we can’t see it due to the vignetting.

Don’t misunderstand me though. I offered my ideas to him myself. As such, it can’t be called plagiarism. Sensei is simply suffering from artist’s block right now.
Dude, still…!

Then why’re you stickin’ around!? All his other pupils ran away! Aren’t you the only one left!?

There are no victims here! Stop pushing your self-centered righteousness on me!

……! I’m supporting Sensei as his pupil. Where’s the wrong in that?

Then you leave me with no choice...

I’m reporting you to the police.

I asked Takamaki-san to be my model today, but I don’t recall ever calling you two here!
What the eff, man!?
Ryuji! Stop it! Calm down, OK
I won’t report you… but only under one condition.
What’s that?
I want you to continue being my model, Takamaki-san.
But you said that it wasn’t working out today...
That’s because I was unconsciously being modest for your sake… However, I have nothing to worry about anymore. If you’re willing to bare everything to me...

Uh-oh! Seems like the Phantom Thieves have gotten themselves into yet another wacky situation!

Music: My Homie

Of course, you two won’t be allowed in, and I ask that you forget about our discussion today, as well. If I don’t submit a new piece to Sensei soon, there will be some… inconveniences.

Because those are my terms.

Sweet blackmail, bro.

But that’s--
Wait, ain’t that bad!?
(to himself) Sensei is out during the afternoon while the art exhibit is on, so I can use this place freely… I should buy more art supplies...
Will you give me a second here!?
Of course, I’m willing to wait. I’ll make time according to your plans. But, please come before the exhibit ends.
No! That’s not what I mean! Why are you not listening…!
Sensei will be returning home soon. We’re done for today. Takamaki-san. I’ll be waiting for you to contact me.
No no no! We are not done talking here!
Hey… What should we do?

Maaku is getting a headache from this shit.

Yeah… Dammit. He got us good this time.
Don’t give up so easily!

So, to recap: currently, a teenage girl who has been previously sexually harrased, trying to protest against a situation that also makes her uncomfortable sexually, is being completely ignored by the (otherwise sympathetic) character putting her in this situation, as well as her friends. This scene is kind of a clusterfuck of weird, bad decisions. But uh, hey, comedy!

You moron!

Ryuji bends down to pick Morgana up.


Music: Wicked Plan

How dare that Yusuke…!
The way he said it, it’s not gonna be semi, but full-on nude...
F-Fu-- F-F-Full nudity…? Lady Ann’s gonna…
Drop it!
You know, you won’t have to worry about that if we make Madarame confess before the exhibit ends.
But Kitagawa-kun thinks he owes his life to him. Is there a need to make Madarame confess?
Then, Lady Ann… you’re fine with baring it all!?

Madarame’s no different from Kamoshida. That asshole’s usin’ Yusuke, who doesn’t have parents. You’re tellin’ me we should just ignore how he’s bein’ treated horribly like the other pupils?
No… It is frustrating to leave this along, even if Kitagawa-kun is fine with it himself...
You can’t leave it be because you’ve endured a lot yourself, with Kamoshida.
Anyways, we gotta go after this guy. Madarame’s the kind of target we’ve been waiting for. Let’s help Yusuke come to his senses too… before he ends up like us.
We need to look into Madarame first.
There might be tons more stuff that hasn’t been exposed yet, too.
It may become easier for us to investigate his Palace if he’s preoccupied with his exhibit.
Also, there’s the thing about me modeling! Kitagawa-kun said there’d be “inconveniences” unless he submits a new piece. Maybe that’s going to be announced soon as Madarame’s next work...

We must deal with Madarame, no matter what, before his exhibit ends!
Let’s start after school tomorrow. It’ll be a pain if Miss President finds us on the rooftop again, so where to meet up… Let’s see… I guess that walkway-like place in Shibuya would work. It’s near Madarame’s place, too.
…Changing our hideout periodically, huh? That’s a plan I don’t mind backing.

And just like that, our hideout has changed.

From the looks of things, you don’t seem like the ordinary, stalking fans.

Music: Suspicion

Oh, sorry. I should’ve been more clear. I’m actually looking for people that know Madarame’s pupils. There’s this painting, “Sayuri,” that was supposedly stolen in the past. But there’s this rumor that it was taken by one of his pupils in retaliation for being abused. Have you heard anything about that?

I don’t know nothing!
I see… There’s no case unless there’s a victim, and if there’s no proof of abuse… I can’t write either. Looks like I’m back to square one. Sorry for taking your time.

Hey random high school student, got any hot scoops???

See you then.

The woman leaves.

...I guess we should go home for today.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Two calls in 24 hours? Geez, Maaku’s Mr. Popular. I just want to know what kind of sociopath still uses a phone to call people.

Oh, of course.

I have some interesting news. Someone who received a change of heart contacted me on the Phan-Site. Said he wants to meet with you to discuss another person who needs a change of heart.

You’re better off talking to him in person if you want specifics. All I know is his target is a terrible person. And that it might complicate things if he posted the name online. I’ll have him wait for you at Shibuya Station after school.

Um, Mishima, why are you referring people to meet us in person? You’re new to this whole discretion thing, huh?

The guy’s name is “Nakanohara.”
Nakanohara… That’s Madarame’s student.

Nakanohara! It seems like this can only be about one thing...

I told him to approach you. Good luck.

That journalist was looking into Madarame too. It could be real.
Someone died though. No one’s talking about it… I bet it was covered up.
I wonder if Kitagawa-kun has heard anything… It’d be great if he could come help us out.
Ain’t that asking a bit much? After today, he’s prolly gonna be on edge about us. Well anyway, Madarame’s still a piece of crap! Let’s meet up tomorrow. It’ll be our first time at the new hideout.
It’s that passageway in Shibuya, right? Got it. See you guys tomorrow.
If the rumor Ryuji just spoke of is true, there have to be other victims...

This scandal has rocked the sports world—everyone ever involved with him is being pressed for answers. The volleyball association is currently considering banning him permanently, and...
Drummed out of the volleyball association, eh? Well, he deserves it.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Speaking of Shibuya, didn’t Mishima say Nakanohara would be there, now, too?

Music: Suspicion

We’re about to head to the hideout too. Who’s that…?

That’s Nakanohara. Mishima told us to meet him here in Shibuya today.
For real…?
...My name is Nakanohara. Natsuhiko Nakanohara, the one who was posted about on the Phantom Aficionado Website.
He seems pretty nice. Doesn’t seem like the stalker type. I think the change of heart must have worked.
The administrator of that website contacted me… They told me to look for someone in a Shujin uniform with a cat...
So? Whaddya want?
You may have already heard, but there’s someone I wish to trigger a change of heart in. ...An artist by the name of Madarame.

Music: Disquiet

Ooh, you think this is it? Is the pupil gonna confess his master’s secrets?
His Shadow did mention Madarame as well...
I’m… one of Madarame’s former pupils. He gave me lodging at his home, where I thought only about art. I genuinely wanted to be an artist… There was another pupil as well. A very talented man, multiple years my senior. Obviously, Madarame kept tabs on him. Everything he made was claimed as a Madarame original. He wasn’t the only victim though…
All right, we got some real proof of the plagiarism.
In response to Madarame’s actions… that senior pupil committed suicide.

He must have been unable to bear seeing his work praised under Madarame’s name. That was when I disobeyed Madarame’s pleas and left. ...But he quickly pressured other parts of the art world, and my life as a painter was destroyed. I tried to turn over a new leaf working at a ward office… but it was no use. My attachment to art warped my emotions. Soon I began getting attached to everything… In the end, I even turned into a stalker… Ha… Haha…

Nice supervillain origin story you got there.

...I’d like to ask again. Please, make Madarame have a change of heart. Not only for me. It’s… to save the life of another man as well.

Even now, there is still one young man remaining under Madarame’s tutelage. I think he’s about your age.
That has to be Yusuke.

Not only is he a talented artist, he also owes Madarame for taking him in after his mother passed… He is the perfect target.

I actually spoke to him a few times back when I was still living at Madarame’s. I asked him if he found it painful to stay with Madarame… and do you know what he said? “If I could leave, I would...”
I have no right to say this given my prior cowardice, but I don’t want to see another suicide…! I’d like to find a way to save this young man. He has a bright future ahead of him… Please consider that when thinking about changing Madarame’s heart.

Nakanohara leaves. I guess he just knows we’re the fucking Phantom Thieves now.

It sounds like we don’t have the time to deliberate whether or not to change Madarame’s heart.

Yeah, let’s save the dude who’s blackmailing us!

Hell yeah! Madarame’s just a piece of shit who preys on the weak!

Plus, we finally got to hear how Kitagawa-kun really feels!
Well, since we’ve reached a unanimous decision, how about we continue this at our new hideout?

Music: Tokyo Emergency

We all saw that Palace. We’ll pay dearly if we assume it’s just going to be like the last one. And furthermore… Lady Ann’s chastity is on the line!

You know, I came into this update not thinking much of this weird plotline except that it was really silly and dumb and not that great, but these jokes are actually pushing me over the edge and now all I can think about is the word “regrettable.”

We’ll need to do what we did with Kamoshida. First, we secure an infiltration route in the Palace. After that, we send our calling card. Once the Treasure has materialized, we steal it.
Oooh, I got a question! Madarame doesn’t know that we were doin’ stuff in the Palace yet. Why are we already gettin’ treated like criminals in there?
You’re learning, Ryuji. Well done. It must be because he doesn’t trust anyone. Any unknown person may as well be an enemy.
Or maybe he’s just super salty from all those rumors that have been spreading about him…

I’m super salty that I just heard the words “super salty” in this motherfucking video game.

Then his Palace bein’ so crazy had nothing to do with us…?
Either way, we should stay on our best behavior. It’ll be harder for us to steal the Treasure if we needlessly increase the security level.
We need to be careful of Kitagawa-kun this time too. I’m sure that whatever he sees will just get passed on to Madarame.
That’s right!
Hey, what is Madarame’s Treasure going to look like anyway? Another crown?
I’d doubt that. But my sixth sense will know when I see it.
Oh yeah, you go completely nuts, huh.
Our time limit is when the exhibit ends, right? That means… June 5th.
We’ll carry out the plan after we’ve sent out the calling card. So, our infiltration route will need to be set in stone two days prior, on June 2nd.
Now listen here. We can’t mess this up, NO MATTER WHAT! OK!?

Time to get to work.