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Part 39: 5/26-5/27: Comical New Heights Of Villainy

Part 38: 5/26-5/27: Comical New Heights Of Villainy

Music: Suspicion

Madarame’s going to be a changed man. There won’t be any way to revert it though. Are you sure you’re OK with that?
I have thought it over carefully, and I cannot think of a future in which he does not pay his dues. He has preyed not only on the art world, but on countless talents… so I humbly request your help.

I apologize for making you do this...
Not at all. We just didn’t want to impose if you weren’t feeling up to it, Yusuke. But if you’re already determined to do it, then there’s nothing more for us to say.
If I recall, our next step is sending a “calling card,” correct? What a suave maneuver.
It’s not about acting cool. The calling card is a way to trigger a change in his cognition.
A change in cognition… That reminds me, you went through some trouble regarding that before…

I thought we weren’t talking about that.

Ah, you must be talking about when we forced open that security gate in the courtyard.
The Palace is a cognitive world, so changing its ruler’s cognition changes the topography! ...I think!
Very nicely put, Lady Ann! You’re absolutely correct. This will be a vital tactic from here forward.
Actually, may I ask a truly basic question? You continue to mention cognition quite readily… But why does this world formed from materialized cognitions even exist to begin with? Don’t tell me… Has it always existed, while we go about our daily lives completely oblivious?
Honestly, I’m not sure. At the very least, I know it existed before the Kamoshida incident… but that’s all.
I see…
Crap, he totally caught me off guard with that… It’s kinda weird thinkin’ there might be whole worlds we just don’t know a damn thing about… ...Did the thought ever cross your mind, Maaku?

Other worlds? You watch too much television, Ryuji.

Don’t be so anxious. You don’t even know everything about the city you live in, after all. All that’s important is that we know how to make use of that world and how to traverse it.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

So, with that philosophical quandary neatly packed away, time to discuss the order of the day: the calling card.

He is famous, after all… He has often received slanderous letters till now, as well.

Wait. Are you going to write it again, Ryuji? That last one was questionable at best.
You should do it then, Yusuke! Make it really artistic and stuff!
No. It’ll end with him figuring it out. He knows my drawing and writing styles all too well.
Oh, then I’ll think it up, and you make it cooler!

The final result of Ryuji’s directive can be seen here:

This is absolutely the worst, most terrible, awful joke I will ever make in the entirety of my blighted existence, and you know what? I’m not fucking sorry.

Designing a calling card, hm… Interesting. It shall become proof that the Phantom Thieves do exist.
It’s decided then!

You guys better come fully prepared!

Music: Beneath the Mask

Looks the same to me.
Maybe it’s just for the group and doesn’t show up in here… Well, you should take a look later. It’s that Phantom Thieves logo I had Yusuke draw for us. The calling card turned out great ‘cause of him too. Anyways, this is the first job for the Phantom Thieves. We really can’t screw this up, k?
I know.
And make sure Yusuke gets a lot of rest today, OK?

I’m not sure how he wants us to make sure of that, but whatever.

See you tomorrow!

This is the new logo Ryuji mentioned, for the record.

Nothing goes your way in life. You’ll end up failing if you tense up like that.

I missed it last time, but Sojiro has this unique bit of dialogue on the night you send the calling card. Thanks for the advice, Fake Dad.

Confessions of crime are the… A: “queen” of evidence/B: “jewel” of evidence/Which one is right? You be the judge!

I don’t feel like either I’ve heard either of these, but I’ll pick the one that sounds more natural.

The correct answer is A, “queen.” Yes, that’s a very famous expression in the field of law. Confessions are very powerful evidence—people used to even resort to torture to get them.

Okay, we get it, Mr. Know-it-all.

That’s a high school prodigy for you. Today, forcing a confession is forbidden under law, and...
I’m surprised you knew that. Did you just guess? Torture, though… That’s pretty brutal.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

We make three Lockpicks (thanks to our Proficiency now being Rank 2) and gain Proficiency +2, which I admittedly tried to savescum for a better result and gave up on.

Please excuse me for a moment.

A letter?
It’s… uh...

Music: Disquiet

You are an artist who uses his authority to shamelessly steal the ideas of his pupils. We have decided to make you confess all your crimes with your own mouth. We will take your distorted desires without fail. From, #Millennials…

There we have it, his sin is vanity. Not greed or envy, vanity. Though, this game likes to play a little fast and loose with the sins.

Madarame crumples up the letter.

We don’t know! The same letter has been posted everywhere…
What about the security cameras!?
There were no signs of the culprit… All we saw was a cat in the recordings…
Remove these at once!
Of course! Um…
...What now!?
It’s about this affecting the exhibit… We believe it’s just a prank, but what of the mass media?
Are you insinuating that this slander is true…?
Of course not!

Well, it means nothing… They’ll only be able to do as they please until this exhibit is over...

Hold on, we were waiting at the exhibition? This seems like a bad idea.

Yup! It was perfect! The composition was way cooler too!
The Treasure should appear right about now.
You better enjoy the air of freedom while you still can, old man. Anyways, d’you guys check online? People are already talkin’ about that callin’ card. We’ll show ‘em… We’re gonna surprise ‘em all!
I’m sure you know, but we only get one shot to pull this off!

We’ll be counting on you too.
You have no reservations about this either, right, Yusuke?
Of course not. ...We’ll do this.

Music: Life Will Change (Instrumental Version)

I mean, we did basically declare war on him by sendin’ that card.
But there’s nothing to fear. We’ve secured a route, and we’re ready to go. We’ll take the Treasure in style!

There will be no turning back once we begin the operation.
And if worst comes to worst, we might have to fight…
That’s right. Are you ready, Joker?

OK! Everyone to your positions!

There’s an enemy inside, just as expected...
I mean, we’ve done a ton in here. It ain’t surprisin’. Anyway, I’m gonna try and draw it out, so I’ll leave the switch to you guys.
Will you be OK…? What if it catches up to you…?
Heh, don’t underestimate an ex-runner. I’m definitely gonna shake it off…!

Panther emerges from behind a plant.

Yeah, it’s perfect!
You seem to be enjoying this.
Only the best can appreciate these critical moments. Plus, this feels like we’re really phantom thieves!

We are really phantom thieves, though.

We’ll be counting on you, Mona. And Panther as well.

Good luck, everyone! Let’s do this…!

Panther turns out the lights.

Joker pulls the lever.

Wait, where’s Mona?

That was amazin’, Mona!

Ngh… How dare those vermin… But now we’ll corner them like the rats they are! Lock all the doors at once! They have nowhere to run!

We can look into that later. For now, we must escape.
Yeah, it’s time to go!

Fun detail here: for the brief time between now and the end of the Palace Mona has the painting tied to his head.

Now is no time to be lost in thought. We must go!

Whoa, this shit’s real high up...
But at least we’re outside! Is there a way down out here!?

We don’t have time to lose. Just go through it! Now’s our chance!
For real!? But… I guess there’s no other way!

I knew it! All that security would’ve been meaningless if it just led back inside!
It seems we managed to escape their siege.
Mrrrr… Meowww...
Dude… Why’s Mona gettin’ excited now of all times…?
I just can’t take it any more! Let’s take a look at this Treasure…!


Music: Tension

THIS is the Treasure!?

Get back!

The characters all leap eight feet backwards.

Is this what you’re looking for?

Wait, you… brought it with you? Why?

What nonsense that you used a mousetrap on me!

A+ localization.

So you had a fake prepped, huh!?
Counterfeits are accepted in the world of Japanese art.
What made you change like this!? Is it because you became famous!? Can’t you understand how much it pains me to inquire about the crimes of my foster father!?
...Now that I think back, the only reason why I took you in was due to my ties with your mother. That woman never lost her passion for painting even after her husband died. Her skills and talents were quite astonishing… That’s why I decided to look after her.

How low can you sink…?


That’s… the real “Sayuri”…? This can’t be…!

Indeed it is. This was painted by your mother. It’s a portrait of herself. A woman who knew her death was coming painted her last wishes, for the son she would leave behind. That is the truth behind the mystery of “Sayuri”’s expression!
You stole something THAT personal…!?
I knew at first glance. I knew it’d be a huge success, if I added a touch to the painting and announced it under my name!
But the baby in the picture… Why did you paint over it…?
...It was all to stage it. If the babe is erased, the reason for the woman’s expression will become a mystery…!

This just makes it more hilarious that people thought it was so great in the first place. “Yeah, there’s this big ugly fog over a third of the painting, but I can’t tell why she’s smiling. It’s a masterpiece!”

I always felt something was off about all this… Now I know what it is. If you really treasured that painting, you wouldn’t even think about replicating it for profit! You don’t love art at all!
Though you have a real Treasure, your true skills are nothing more than those scribbles on that fake!
It makes me laugh, asshole!
So you’ll defy me no matter what…Well then, since you’re my work of art, Yusuke, I’m going to reap you for the sake of my future. ...Along with those insolent friends of yours there.
I can’t believe you’re treating both mother and son like they’re objects… You’re inhuman!

I’ve heard that you destroy your “art” once they outlive their usefulness… ...Did that include my mother as well?

Music: Blood of Villain

She just so happened to have a seizure in front of me. That’s when a thought crossed my mind… If I don’t call for help and leave her be, I could obtain her painting without any strings attached.

This got dark.

No… You let her die!?
She was physically weak. No one would doubt if she just dropped dead because of a seizure. Above all, Yusuke, didn’t you think it was odd—that I discovered your talent when you were only three? The reason why I kept you around was to keep you from realizing the truth behind “Sayuri.”

I’m not quite sure I understand this. He kept Yusuke around… so he wouldn’t recognize his mother as Sayuri… by exposing him to it constantly? I guess it almost makes a twisted kind of sense if you squint real hard.

The artistic talents you inherited from your mother were a delightful miscalculation, though. If I’m to steal ideas, it’s much easier robbing the future of brats who won’t talk back than adults. It’s thanks to you that I came up with the idea. You have my gratitude.


Every reason for me to forgive you has disappeared without a trace at this very moment! You aren’t some rotten artist… You’re a despicable fiend who wears the skin of an artist!
All you good-for-nothings…! Barging into my museum and doing whatever the hell you want… Those who have the connections make the rules; those who don’t, follow them. Not to mention, the value of art is all subjective! I make the rules in the art scene! I am the supreme being! I am the god of the art world!

Music: Blooming Villain

Madarame laughs...

and laughs...

and laughs.