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Part 45: 6/5-6/7: Eavesdrop City

Part 44: 6/5-6/7: Eavesdrop City

Music: Beneath the Mask

I heard customers say it’s gotten pretty dangerous over there. Don’t let yourself be a target, got it?

I most certainly am not. I must express my gratitude earnestly.
You’re one of us now, man. We’ll be counting on you, mkay?
Of course.
And if anything comes up, we won’t hesitate to lend a hand.
Thank you. Well then, see you.
Well, there were a lot of ups and downs, but we still pulled off our first job! Yusuke joined the team too, so let’s continue reforming society like this!

He has admitted to selling copies of his famous painting “Sayuri” as the genuine article. Police intend to thoroughly investigate Mr. Madarame for fraud...
Madarame is on TV! This is getting to be major news.

It’s Sunday, you know what that means! Maaku gains Charm +1.

I can’t take it anymore, man! Guess I gotta change the world myself, buuuddy!

...Partying as hard as I can at the club, m’dude! Oh yeeeah!

We all handle these trying times in different ways.

Someone finally exposed Madarame for stealing art. What will happen to the pieces themselves?

Do they even have any value? Sorry, just curious. I used to be really into art. Maybe now my art can live on unsullied… S’pose I owe the Phantom Thieves for this.

Info has started pouring into the Phan-Site too. I’m gonna be a busy bee!

Yeah, it was right at the end of the exhibit. It’s obvious that there’s some ulterior motive.
They spent so much money on all those ads. The people backing Madarame must be panicking.
It’s every man for himself in this world. It’s pretty rotten when I think about it.

I even hear there’s a bunch a thieves on the loose! C’mon, lemme take ya home.
You’re overreacting. Besides, the Phantom Thieves are on our side.

We haven’t seen these two before because their conversations haven’t been terribly relevant or interesting, but they’re engaged in a game-long argument about him wanting her to return home to the countryside.

Please know that you can direct your criticism and outrage at me! I, Toranosuke Yoshida, will someday find a way to address your concerns in Nagata-cho… Oh, Hamiru-kun. How’s your schoolwork? By the way, what’s your opinion about our current government? I feel that they’re wrong, so I plan on addressing that during my speech. I’d like you to listen to it, so you can give me your honest opinion.
>Help him out
Really? That would be helpful. Well then, let’s get to it.

However, the current administration refuses to discuss their plans for the future… Can we really accept such an utter lack of transparency!?

So he’s just echoing another politician’s criticism of the government?
Apparently. Tch, whatever…

Music: Suspicion

Stop talking all big, you ex-convict!
Urgh, It seems I’ve drawn the ire of the audience once again. So he’s claiming those who have made mistakes in the past shouldn’t get a second chance? What can I say to that?

Wh-What’s up with this kid?

But that has nothing to do with my arguments! These are things I learned from all my hardships.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

The highlight, though, was your yelling.

Conveying your thoughts with such conviction. I wish I had done that in the past… ...OK, that is all for today.

...I’ve been wrong this whole time. Even though someone has failed in the past, it doesn’t mean that person can’t try again. Th-That’s all I wanted to say!
Please wait! Thank you! ...That is all I wanted to say.
You’re a strange one, just like that kid.

I have a bad habit of getting flustered whenever someone calls me No-Good Tora. But you see me as someone of value, so I refuse to cower to criticism in front of you. Today you taught me that I must have more confidence in my arguments.

My way of thinking changes when I’m with you. Perhaps it’s the influence of your youthful sprit. Ah, my apologies. It seems we’re out of time.
I feel like helping with the speech has served to increase my Charm...

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Good work today. I’ll see you again soon.

Anon: i just can’t
Anon: What about the pupils?
Anon: they can’t catch EVERYONE
Anon: they’re just making threats

And just like that, our percentage doubles.

Anon: It’s just a coincidence…
Anon: ppl who buy this… -_-
Anon: thieves are the bad ones
Anon: good time killer here
Anon: pics or it didn’t happen

This game’s got some good dated internet slang.

That’s a calling card from the Phantom Thieves, right?
The way it’s written seems pretty legit...
Have they really stolen people’s hearts?
I can’t believe the Phantom Thieves actually exist...

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

The response to Madarame’s press conference was huge! Everyone’s talkin’ about the calling card. Girls are checkin’ me out today… Maybe they can’t help but sense my overflowin’ phantom thief charisma? Oh shit, am I finally startin’ to be popular with all the fly hon-- ...Oh no!

Maaku takes a moment to thank the universe for preventing Ryuji from speaking the phrase “fly honeys” in Motherfucking TYOOL (Whatever Year This Is).

Of course there is! My uniform, man! My uniform! We’re s’posed to switch to summer uniforms today! I knew people were lookin’ at me… Oh, goddammit! I gotta go home and change, so you go on ahead!

Ha, “Pallid Fella.” This game likes to get cute with the random NPC titles sometimes.

Watching that famous artist cry his eyes out over all the artwork he’s stolen… The same thing happened to Kamoshida, right? Both got weird calling cards, too… If you ask me, the same person is behind all this.
The news this morning said a group called #Millennials are the ones behind the cards. I wonder how they get people to confess. I mean, they can’t literally be “stealing hearts.” ...Blackmail, maybe?

Music: Disquiet

I have nothing to report yet...
Nothing at all? How many students are there who could provoke a teacher?
I’ve already narrowed it down. I just… can’t get any solid evidence.

That’s pretty sad, considering how bad we are at hiding it. Our hideout is in a public, heavily trafficked location, for crying out loud.

You knew, didn’t you…? About Mr. Kamoshida sexually harassing students.

The principal looks away.

What will come of you asking that?
This investigation is for a just cause, correct?
I believe I understand how flustered this must be making you. I’m sure it was truly shocking for you as student council president to see a peer attempt suicide...
We must provide a school environment where all students can feel at ease. That is the most pressing issue we have to tackle at the moment.
So that’s your reason behind this investigation on the Phantom Thieves of Hearts? We don’t even know if they truly exist. Why are you--
You heard about the incident with that Madarame fellow, I assume?
...They said there was a similar calling card to the one used in Mr. Kamoshida’s case.
I wish to believe that this is unrelated to our students.
That is where I stand. I suggest you devote your energy to the task at hand, not unnecessary questions.


Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

You mean that guy who was all like, “How could I possibly… apologize for what I’ve done… Aaaah...”?
Think it was really those phantom thieves? You know, the whole stealing your heart thing.
That… There’s no way. But then again… it seems too convenient for it all to just be coincidence.

I just started lookin’ yesterday. No way I’m gonna find one that quick.
Oh yeah. I guess that’s true. By the way, I decided on the TV station. What about you two?
Huh…? Oh crap, the social studies trip! Ugh, I just wanna ditch it…
You’d better go to your school activities. Didn’t I tell you not to draw attention to yourselves?
Wouldn’t me suddenly turnin’ into a good student stand out more?
Quit bickering and go.

I heard we’re gonna get to watch them tape a show! Maybe there’ll be actresses there!

Oh well. Not like I got anything better to do than waitin’ for info to come in online. Plus, Morgana’s right. Showin’ up’ll keep the teachers from gettin’ all suspicious of me. All right, I’m gonna head back. (to self) TV, huh… Maybe I should get a haircut...

Look at his big dumb idiot grin.

That guy is such an idiot… I hope nothing happens...

Music: So Boring

Madarame is the only topic of conversation at my school. And as I’m his pupil, most of my peers have chosen to ignore me.
For real? That’s bullshit.
Are you going to be OK?
There is no need to worry. They had already been treating me differently from others as it stood. This is nothing new to me.
OK then...

Great idea!
I will keep myself free. Please tell me if anything comes up.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

That’s a secret.

As funny as this is, it’s not actually him.

Anyway, here are the details. The girl acting like a queen is Hikari Shimizu. I wonder if it’s more likely that a girl will turn out like that if she has S as an initial… Well, I already posted the warning, so you should take it on when you have the time! Hopefully you don’t end up an M!

Morgana’s so pure and innocent.

Anyway, it seems like she’s a worthy target. Let’s find time to consult the others at the hideout.

We’re not actually going to head into Mementos today, because we need our night period.

You think maybe the Phantom Thieves go to our school? That’d be exciting, wouldn’t it?
That’s great and all, but I’m more excited by something else. Our field trip is coming up, and I want to go see the TV station!

Nearly every single person in the game has had their dialogue update, so we’ll be doing a lot of checking on various people today. Now that #Millennials have made their debut, there’s a lot of buzz, especially around the school.

I kinda thought they were fake, but maybe they do exist after all… Y’know, that logo’s actually pretty cool. Did he draw that? Is he a fan of theirs? I never would’ve expected it from a stern guy like him…
Our name’s starting to get out there. I’m excited to see what happens next!

The other blackboard has updated once more.

What have Sakamoto-kun and Takamaki-san been saying about that shocking Madarame case? O-Oh, um… never mind. I was simply curious. I-I should start heading home too. If you’ll excuse me...

Let me get your opinion on this. What do you think is the Phantom Thieves’ objective?

There’s a lot of bad guys in the world, so I’d like to support the Phantom Thieves too. For the newspaper club, I’ll continue to watch for what the Phantom Thieves will do next.

Next, we head over to the guy who’s being stalked.

Oh, yeah, when I looked up the Phantom Thieves online, I found this weird blog by a crazy person. Her blog’s called “Phantom Thieves want to Steal My Boyfriend.” She mentions “blood storms”… a lot.
Whoa. She really sounds deranged. I feel bad for her boyfriend, whoever he is.

After that artist, though, those Phantom Thieves might come back to steal Ikesugi-kun’s heart! If they come, I’ll show them no mercy. I’ll make them bleed… It’ll be a blood storm! *giggle*

Wow! Maybe we know them!
I dunno. Everyone here is so… ordinary.
Maybe, but with all the other crazy stuff that’s gone on at Shujin, nothing would surprise me now!

With all the attention I’ve been getting, I’ve got no privacy. You can’t possibly understand. But there’s no time to relax. On the Phantom Thief fan sites, so many people need saving. The world is filled with villains. It’s up to the heroes to get rid of them! Yes, it’s my destiny...

You’re too nice, Sensei. Who cares about their feelings if they’re bad guys?
By the way, are the Phantom Thieves still big news? Our school doesn’t need more bad publicity...

I’m really grateful to them for saving me. If they really exist, I’d like to cheer them on…
Why don’t you try posting online on a fan site? You never know, they might be checking those out.


Such a disgrace. A famous guy like him, exploiting his own pupil. But I want to know more about the Phantom Thieves. They did the same thing to Kamoshida.
What if they actually went to Shujin? I wonder if they’d join the basketball team.

No thanks. I’ve had enough of them balls for a lifetime.


Haha, I knew you’d say something like that. Maybe you should see if you can join the Phantom Thieves.

It’s better that it’s early, idiot. There’s a lot more high schoolers around this time of day. People are more careful at night, too.
I get you… Meaning there’s more idiots who’d fall for our scams.

That seemed shady. Better not tell anyone about it!

Maaku gains Knowledge +3 and Guts +1.

Music: Beneath the Mask

You don’t look half bad. Hard to tell you’ve got a criminal record.

Aww, thanks Soji.

She’s still stalking me, does that count?

Miss Honor Student must be busy kissing ass somewhere.
You don’t have to be so harsh...
What is this about a student council president?
The one at our school has kinda been keeping tabs on us. I think she’s suspicious of us.
Are you sure it is not merely a result of Ryuji’s general misconduct?
Though to be honest, the three of you most certainly stand out. Do try to be careful.

I’ll make sure to keep an eye on Ryuji too.
Why do you gotta single me out…?
The others kinda overshadow you sometimes, but don’t forget: You’re famous too.


Just make sure you’re careful, OK?

There’s also reports of a strange letter from a group who call themselves “#Millennials.” Police are carefully investigating whether this group may have any relation to the case.
Oh, they’re talking about the calling card we sent! And they said our name on TV!

Time to feed our plant. Maaku gains Kindness +2.

Oh, my son! He shtole paintings, s-scammed innashent people. Saying sorry… S’not enough! What c-can I dooo…? What do I hafta do sho you fergive meee?

Let’s explore all three options here.

Tha’s too cruel… Pleeeash, I’m beggin’ you… He usedta be such a good boy… He’d draw all the tiiiime, sho many pretty picturrrres… He was… jus’ like a potato...

Oh thaaank you… You made, me, hish mother, shooo gradeful! How could he steal hish own mee-other’s painting!? Mee-other. Meeeee-other. Meeeow. Meow, Meow!

*retch* A-Are you serious? Ya leave me no choish. I’ll bare my body and sh-sh-soul. My shekshi body! Muh ultra soulll!

I love this guy.

Yeah, I can only watch the news, too. I wonder what else they’re gonna do to make us study harder.
It’s so boring. Even if I turn on the TV, all they show is some old guy crying like a baby.
Oh! I made my teacher laugh when I pretended to cry like that old guy. I hope I get extra credit!

Maaku gains Charm +3.

And while he’s at it, he ranks up!

Anon: C’mon, more sacrifices!
Anon: news was hilarious tho lol
Anon: ppl rly believe this? lmao
Anon: plz get all the bad guys
Anon: what a joke

You’re in high school, right? I know a good part-time job…
They still haven’t caught whoever sent that calling card?
I’m actually a phantom thief. Wanna go grab some coffee?
Did some idiot leak pictures again?

Anon: What’re they after?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Now for today’s Train News. Today’s headlines are… “Calling Card at Madarame Exhibit!” The police are evaluating whether this is a true threat or a prank. “Scam Outbreak in Shibuya!” Students are the primary victims. Organized crime is suspected here.
Students getting scammed? That’s scary… You should be careful when you go to Shibuya.

It says they’re looking for information. I heard Principal Kobayakawa put it up.
“Please consult the student council president if you have any details.”
So we can go to her for anything? Why the student council president though? What does she have to do with Principal Kobayakawa?
I mean, Niijima-san is his favorite. Maybe that’s why he asked her to do it.

Music: So Boring

He was someone who represented Japan. They probably trusted him based on his name alone. Indeed, we’re easily manipulated by the names we see. However, this world is filled with fake names. For instance, this creature, which you know well. It’s called the red king crab, but it has a form that a crab should not have. Hamiru-kun, look at this picture. What are red king crabs most biologically close to?

Hehe… not bad. That’s correct.

The direction the legs unfold is reversed too. Typically they face forward, but a red king’s do not.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Incidentally the tomalley of a crab isn’t its brain, as some people say. It’s actually the crab’s liver and pancreas. As you can see, the world is full of deception.
I saw some kind of paste like that in the fridge at Leblanc… but it’s not often you see real crab meat. Hey, why don’t we get sushi for our next celebration?


Please don’t. That may seem like a fun idea for now… But what good would come of telling people our identities?
Maybe they’d at least start treating us with some respect.
Well, I can understand why you feel that way...
That’s just how things are now, but if we keep doing stuff like this, that will definitely change.
We simply need to devote ourselves to the cause. Our praise will come later.
What he said! I’m sure some people out there will understand.
Ugh, I guess we just gotta act like modest heroes for now…

Music: Disquiet

Principal Kobayakawa put that up without my--
We’ve already received some anonymous information. “I heard some students are getting threatened. I’m so scared… Please do something.”

“They have dirt on me, and they’re demanding money. I can’t go to the police… What should I do…?” Isn’t this talking about the crimes that have been rumored to be occuring in Shibuya…?
So there are victims even at our school… What should we do…?
This isn’t the responsibility of the student council. This is frightening for us too… Principal Kobayakawa called you in yesterday, right? Did he tell you anything about this?
Well, no… He’s out today, but I will ask him tomorrow. Please wait on this for the time being...
If you say so...
...My apologies for the confusion. Don’t worry. I’ll do something about all of this...

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

But first we need a new target. I hope we can find a good one...

Apparently there’s a group of burglars terrorizing Shibuya. From what I hear, they only target restaurants and break in after they close for the day. Someone online was asking if it was the work of the Phantom Thieves...

Yeah! You guys are way better than those jerks! Anyway, I heard they’ve been running away without leaving even a trace of evidence. That’s all the information I have on them right now… Sorry. For now, I’ll make a post on the Phan-Site and ask for any more details people might know.
Man, being famous really brings its own unique set of problems… But we don’t really have any info. We’ll just have to wait for Mishima to get a more solid lead.

Oh, hey Yusuke. Wanna hang?

By the way… do you have any business here?

*chuckle* You must have a wealth of free time if that is your decision. After what happened with Madarame, I have come to realize the two-faced… complex nature of mankind. People are… difficult to handle. It makes for an interesting theme. That is why I intend on people watching here for quite some time. Please contact me if anything important comes up.

Oh boo, we can’t form a Confidant yet. Well, even if we have that request we can’t fulfill yet, we should head to Mementos. Why? Well… I won’t mince words. We need a lot of money coming up. There’s a few massive (and unfortunately, totally unavoidable for the sake of maximum efficiency) expenses coming up, including getting at least one SP Adhesive 3 from Takemi before the next Palace, which is both extremely long and very short on safe rooms. If we use most of the SP items we’ve stockpiled, we might not need it, but I’d prefer not to do that. How much do we need? I’ll tell you in the next update. Just know… it’s a lot.

Is that site safe to look at? I won’t get a bunch of ads trying to scam me?
You’re worrying too much! Just ignore that stuff.

Makoto is now waiting by the hideout. Maaku thinks nothing of this and never tells anyone that their base of operations is totally compromised, because who gives a shit, I guess.

Were you perhaps… going back to the scene of the crime…? U-Ummm, this book is so good. I just can’t stop reading it. I hope the next volume comes out soon…

I don’t know if she’s just lying, but I choose to believe that she’s not and she’s been actually reading and enjoying that book while attempting to stalk us, because it’s pretty adorable.

Next time, Mementos!