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Part 47: 6/8-6/10: Meddling Kid

Part 46: 6/8-6/10: Meddling Kid

Oh, I’ve seen him on TV!
He’s famous, but he still rides the train like everyone else...
Hey isn’t that that detective?
The Phantom Thieves are kinda cool, huh?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Yeah, I think it’s just like the one sent to Kamoshida. People online are saying the Phantom Thieves are behind this. There’s already a Phan-Site with a bunch of requests posted on it.
I can’t believe there are real-life superheroes. If it’s happened twice, it’s probably going to happen again. Can’t wait to see who’s next.

Music: So Boring

It’s a good chance to think about your future. Be sure you’re paying attention. ...You’d better not make a ruckus. Am I clear? It will reflect poorly on our school. There’s a group going to a television studio this year, correct? Hamiru. Here’s a question for you. With the advent of the color TV, something else started appearing in color. Do you know what it is?

If this is true, holy shit that’s amazing.

Exactly. Before, most people’s dreams were in black and white. But research shows that once color broadcasts became the norm, dreams started being mostly in color. What’s fascinating is that people see the world in color, regardless of TV’s existence. It’s strange that our dreams had been in black and white until TV’s inception.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

In the future, if 3D televisions become normal and let us sense flavor, smell, and heat… Then dreams might become indistinguishable from reality.

That’s completely insane, and also not what 3D is.

Dreams with flavor… I could get behind that!

Music: Suspicion

It’s probably because of Mr. Kamoshida, right? Considering what happened with Suzui-san…
I heard Principal Kobayakawa knew about the sexual harassment too and just turned a blind eye to it. I bet he wants to snuff out any rumors now. Even the volleyball team was told to keep quiet...
That’s the worst… So that’s what he’s using Niijima-senpai for?

Oh yeah, rumor has it she knew as well. Isn’t that horrible? She acts all noble about it too.
Niijima-senpai knew…?

Uh-oh, looks like there’s a false rumor spreading about Makoto. This’ll create some drama.

Music: Disquiet

It was all for your sake. I thought the more information you had, the easier your investigation would become. And? Did any information arise about the case I asked you to look into?
*sigh* Nothing yet. I will pass the details along if anything comes up. Right now, there is a more pressing issue… It appears there are students at Shujin who are being threatened by a criminal organization.

A student who saw your posting came to us looking for help… I’d like to request a countermeasure.
I-Isn’t this some sort of mistake? I can’t believe this would happen to the students of our academy. Now is no time for such problems. There is still lingering concern regarding the Phantom Thieves...

You’re really dead-set on this whole Phantom Thieves business, huh?

But we received a request for help...
I-I’m rather busy at the moment. If you wish to do something, you will need to act on your own.

Not only is this dude totally spineless, he’s completely hanging her out to dry.

Are you sure about this? I am still investigating your case as well…
Y-Yes, that’s correct. It works out perfectly! My intentions have borne fruit. This criminal organization must be the connecting factor. If you pursue this criminal issue, you’ll surely find clues about the Phantom Thieves!

What the hell are you talking about?

But that’s absurd…
So… let’s say this rumor is true. Do you intend to ignore those students in trouble?
Your sister would have solved this easily if she were in your position.


My expectations of you are very high. I hope you don’t disappoint.

Seems like Makoto’s up against a wall.

Music: So Boring

Hmmm… I wonder… I guess it’d have to be someone who’s the talk of the town?

Dude, this ain’t some kinda video game!
Either way, we’ll need a lead before we can begin anything.
We’ll just have to look for that as we go...
If only there was a big target just lying around for us...

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Maybe our next target will be a celebrity?

Oh… Don’t mind me. I was simply talking to myself.

Steal their hearts… Kind of like those Phantom Thieves, eh? I think you’re onto something. I think this might really work for you. Try using something like that for one of your lines.
I-I see! I’ll go with “I’ll take your heart!”

I heard it was the Phantom Thieves who did it… I guess there’s still hope in this world. Maybe I’ll even start painting again...

Do you hear what he’s saying? This youth thinks that the world is pathetic for being so easily deceived. Modern Japan robs the young of their hope, and dirty politics casts a dark shadow over us all. And that concludes our on-the-spot coverage.

That’s right, young man! Those who believe will be saved!
Great Sun God, are you not going to have your apostles the Phantom Thieves punish the evildoers?
Worry not. Their mission has already been appointed. The good news shall reach everyone in time!

The direct approach just isn’t going to work, but now I’m sure they’re hiding something.

Don’t worry about the money… I-Is everything OK with you?
No, I’ll talk to Sakoda-senpai and get you your money back. I just want to do the right thing for once. I won’t drag you into it.

Looks like Daisuke’s change of heart went through.

Maaku heads to the diner afterwards and gains Guts +1 and Knowledge +2.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I’m thinking we might find our next target there.

With that much money, they’ve prolly got their fingers in all sorts of dirty business.
Hm… That phrasing has quite the immoral ring to it…
Dude, you always react to the weirdest stuff...
Anyway, we get to observe a live recording of a show, right?
Ooh, maybe we’re gonna be on TV!
We’ll just be in the crowd, remember? Any TV appearance would be for like, two seconds.
Hm. Try not to pull any fanciful stunts to garner attention, OK?

You remember the cyber attack? Tens of thousands of people’s personal information was leaked.
Oh, right. I heard about those hackers. I hear they’ve been causing damage around the world.
They act like they’re fighting an unjust system, but they’re still a problem to people like us.
Thank you. The curry was delicious.

So many Chinese restaurants! Yes, high-quality Chinese food is true perfection. Good smells are coming from all over this place. It’s easy to find something great to eat here.

I don’t think my bond with Sojiro will deepen just yet...

Sojiro’s Rank 4 takes an absurd number of points to reach.

>Help him out
Put your stuff down, and grab an apron. Don’t forget to wash your hands.

Music: What’s Going On?

I feel like my bond with Sojiro will grow stronger soon…


Hey, thanks for helping out.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’m sure you know about commercial breaks? Well, those are actually sponsor-related product placements. To sum things up, ratings are vitally important for a station’s production funding, and...

He ain’t even listenin’...

Thus, the scheduling department is where we decide what time we broadcast which program. I suppose you could say it’s the place where the scheduling is determined.
Could this get any more obvious…?

*yawn* So sleepy...
So, the best parts are taken from the footage in order to cut down the program to the desired length. The place where this filmed footage is edited would be the editing room.

I swear, I’m not gonna last...

A man bumps into Maaku.


Hey, assho--
My apologies! I’ll have them leave right away! Now then, it’s time for a bit of hands-on experience!

The man leaves.

Dammit… Who does that jerk think he is?

A different man looks Ann up and down.

You’ve got a slammin’ bod, after all. Hehehe…


Uh… I’m on a school trip...
Just gimme a call if you’re interested. I’d greatly welcome a message from you, day or night.
Uhhh, yeah...
Greatly welcome, my ass. It’s obvious what he’s after. Do these rotten adults care about anything other than looks!? I’ll yank their stupid hearts out, dammit!

Well then, uhhh… Let’s have you see what it’s like to be an AC. Oh, that stands for “assistant camera.” When we’re moving cameras, we need people who’ll get the cables from getting tangled up… The blond will do. He seems like he’s got energy to spare anyway. Guy next to him, you can come too if you’re feeling lonely. C’mon, hurry up and grab the cables!
Dammit… This sucks!

This is totally killin’ my vibe…
We fought valiantly against the long cables...

Music: My Homie

Aren’t we supposed to be guests? Why the hell do we hafta be doin’ manual labor!? This is bullshit! Goin’ to the bathroom didn’t even make me feel better!

I get how you feel though… That sucked for the both of us.
We gotta do more of this tomorrow too…?
No flaking out, Ryuji.
I know, I know. I gotta be a “good boy,” right? Bein’ phantom thieves ain’t easy…

Yeah, sure, let’s just discuss this openly in an unfamiliar location with lots of blind corners people could be waiting behind.

That reminds me, we get to go home straight from here today. We don’t spend much time in this area, so why don’t we relax and check out some shops beforehand?

It looked delicious! What was that?
Ohhh… You mean Dome Town? The round part is a baseball stadium, then along the outside they’ve got an amusement park.
It’s right in the middle of a business area, but they have some pretty hardcore rides there too.

Going on a scary ride doesn’t really prove any kind of courage.
Not like cats can get on anyways.
Really. You might be able to sneak in if you stay in the bag, but you’d totally puke if you did that.

But uh… Let’s just go to Dome Town! I’m really feelin’ it now!
Me too! My stomach’s ready for roller coasters!
Uhhh… I think I’ll pass on the puke rides...

Music: Wicked Plan

Yeah, whaddya want?
I happened to be passing by, so it seemed polite to greet you. We’ll be filming together, after all. Ah, where are my manners? My name is Goro Akechi.
Filming? What, you a celebrity?
Only to the extent of appearing on TV a couple of times.

Akechi checks his phone.

My apologies, I truly was just passing by. I must be going. There’s a briefing for tomorrow’s recording that I have to attend. So, you’re going to go have cake now? I missed lunch today, so I’m quite hungry myself...

Huh? Cake…? What’re you talkin’ about?
Oh, am I mistaken? I thought I heard something about delicious pancakes… No matter. Welp, see you tomorrow.

He’s never gonna get popular with that kinda hair though.
You don’t get it...
Eh, it’s fine. We’ll see him again tomorrow anyways. C’mon, let’s go to Dome Town!

New hangout unlocked.

Sorry, Morgana.

Music: My Homie

This is why I spoke against it.
Dude… It’s not fair… Usin’ your cathood as an excuse… only at times like this…
Anyway, are you guys feeling hungry? How about some pancakes?

What is with today and pancakes?

Let’s go home. We have another full day ahead of us tomorrow.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Well, try not to stand out too much—that’s what Ryuji’s for.

It is still unclear what led Mr. Madarame to confess his crimes.
It’s just like with Kamoshida, right? He doesn’t realize what happened to him.

The girls in the audience start squealing.

It’s Akechi-kun!
He’s so cooool!
Ain’t that the guy from yesterday…?
Cutting back from commercial! Seven, six, five seconds till start, four, three…

Music: Alright

After his last appearance was so well-received, we decided to bring back this fine gentleman today. It’s the high school detective, Goro Akechi!
*more cheering*
Hello there.
Thank you for taking the time to join us today, Akechi-kun. Your popularity is stunning.
Even I’ve found it to be quite a surprise. It is a bit embarrassing though...
Moving along, we’ve been told there’s a case on your mind right now. Care to share, detective?
Ah, yes. That would be the scandal involving the master artist Madarame.
There it is! All of this phantom thief excitement has caught your attention too, Akechi-kun! Allow me to be blunt for just a second. What do you think of these justice-oriented Phantom Thieves?
If they truly are heroes of justice, I sincerely hope they exist.
Ohhh, so you don’t deny the possibility that they’re real?
I may not seem like it, but I sometimes wish that Santa Claus actually existed.

Look at this fool who doesn’t believe in Santa Claus.

Although if he did, I’d have to arrest him for breaking and entering.
*raucous laughter*

But hypothetically speaking, if these Phantom Thieves are real...

Music: Disquiet

That’s quite the statement. Are they committing crimes? Some people even say that the Thieves are actually helping their victims abandon their evil ways.
What the artist Madarame did truly was an unforgivable crime. However, they’re taking the law into their own hands by judging him. It is far from justice. More importantly, you should never forcefully change a person’s heart.
You have a point. These people are calling themselves the Phantom Thieves, after all.

Actually they’re calling themselves #Millennials, but you can’t voice act that.

Amazing as always, Akechi-kun! I could listen to you for days! You have the most radiant charisma!
I have to say though, I would be embarrassed if it turns out these Phantom Thieves don’t exist. If that were the case, I’d summarize it into a report as a school project.
Now then, let’s try asking some students the same age as Akechi-kun about the Phantom Thieves! First, please press your button now if you think the Phantom Thieves exist!

About 30% or so? What are your thoughts, Akechi-kun?

That’s weird, considering we’re currently hovering just below 17% on our own goddamn website.

I’m a bit surprised. That’s higher than I was expecting. I’d love to hear some more detailed opinions on the Phantom Thieves’ actions.

Oh shit.

All right, let’s try asking this student here. Hypothetically speaking, what are your thoughts on these Phantom Thieves, if they were real?

You say that with such firmness.
This completely goes against the opinion you had about them being tried by law, Akechi-kun.

In that case, there’s one more question I’d like to ask… If someone close to you, for example your friend next to you… If his heart suddenly changed… wouldn’t you think it was the work of the Phantom Thieves?

I see. But how can you be so sure? Whether the Thieves’ actions are good or not, I feel there is a more important issue at hand.

The matter of how they change people’s hearts. If they honestly possess that ability… it could be used for more than extracting confessions. It could be that what seem to be ordinary crimes are actually being perpetrated by these methods...
You know, you’re absolutely right.
Oh, please don’t misunderstand. This is all purely hypothetical… It is only if people who can use such a power truly exist. Either way though, this cannot be ignored. The existence of the Phantom Thieves would be nothing but a threat to our everyday lives. To be honest, I’m already working alongside the police to help sort out this matter.

He made it sound like we’re the baddies. I don’t like it.

Are we the baddies?

But that stuff about the police… Do you think it’s for real?
He can say whatever he wants. The justice of it all is something we can decide for ourselves.
Oh sorry, I gotta go take a leak. Can you guys wait here? I’ll be right back.
Oh my god… I’m gonna keep going, OK?

To paraphrase Hegel, advancement cannot occur without both thesis and antithesis...

I can use the smart words too! Synecdoche! Puerile! Antidisestablishmentarianism!

If your Knowledge is Rank 5 the rest of this cutscene should be an in-depth discussion about Hegelian dialectic. “Hm, yes, only through sublation of the initial, abstract thesis can we land upon something concrete. What are your thoughts on Marx and Engel’s perspective on the matter?”

Haha, my apologies. What I mean is that our discussion was quite meaningful. Few people around me are so willing to speak their minds as freely as you did earlier. Adults are only interested in using the young, while they simply do as the adults say. I feel like our discussions could prove quite fruitful. Would you mind talking with me again?

Thank you. It makes me glad to hear that. The students from Shujin are truly quite interesting. I look forward to seeing you again. Well then...

There’s probably a lot we can learn from him though.
It seems the detective Akechi has taken a liking to me...

Music: Interrogation Room

The only logical explanation is that someone in the police has ties to the Phantom Thieves… Explain yourself!

Music: The Spirit

Justice is the arcana of, well, justice. It represents law, fairness, and truth, as well as unfairness and dishonesty when reversed.

Music: Suspicion

I can’t stand that high and mighty attitude…! Just breathin’ the same air as him makes me sick. C’mon, Maaku. Let’s go.

Maaku looks back for a moment before following Ryuji.

Music: Beneath the Mask

He clearly tried to discredit everything we’re doing.
And he just had to say it on live TV too!
Don’t be so sour. There are, without a doubt, people we have saved. Those people could not have been saved if not for the heroics of the Phantom Thieves. I am living proof of that.
Awww, what a nice thing to say!
Still… was what Akechi-kun said actually wrong? I feel like he had a point.
Why you gotta bring that up now?
I mean, is it really OK to be doing this to people just because they’re criminals? Doesn’t it seem a little selfish?
We are phantom thieves, Ann. I doubt everyone would forgive us for what we did to Madarame. Yet, I still decided that it was a necessary act.
Kamoshida too. We weren’t gonna do shit to him through any normal methods.

I guess I can’t really think of any other way...
Hm. I believe our best path forward is sticking to our justice, not that of the law. Shouldn’t that be enough? And with the unanimous decision rule in place, I doubt we’ll lose our way.
...Yeah, you’re right. Sorry for bringing that up. And don’t worry, I’m not thinking about quitting the Phantom Thieves or anything.
Just you watch, Akechi. Someday you’re totally gonna see who was right!
OK, let’s stop talking about this for now.
That detective Akechi seems to have a lot of influence on the media. It’d be dangerous to get too close to him, but he may actually prove useful in some situations.

You heard what Akechi said, right Hamiru? How dare he declare the Phantom Thieves are criminals! As the administrator of the Phantom Aficionado Website, I can’t stay quiet about this. I’m going to show Akechi how people online really feel! I’ll change up the survey question tomorrow morning. Justice is with the Phantom Thieves! Keep on doing what you do best!

...Sure thing, Mishima.

...Why is he of all people getting angry about this? Anyway, he means the survey on the Phan-Site, right? I guess we should look forward to it.

Totally, Chief.

On these irregularly broadcast specials, we share limited-edition items that are all the rage! Today, we’re going to talk about Soothing Soba, the dish that’ll help you endure the summer heat! It’s on sale now in convenience stores around Tokyo, and it’s expected to sell out fast.
It even puts some Chinese food to shame. It’s surprising you can buy it at convenience stores.

We’ll have to pick some of that up sometime.

You know, I’ve been hearing Shibuya’s getting more dangerous lately. I’m sure you pass by that area on your commute to school, but don’t make too many detours, OK?
I don’t think my bond with Kawakami will deepen just yet...

We’re paying 5,000 yen and she doesn’t even rank up, ugh.

Ok, I’ll get dropped off from the store then. Please clean up your room and wait for me. ♥

Music: What’s Going On?

I feel like my bond with Kawakami will grow stronger soon...
Thank you for your patronage!

So the Phantom Thieves were the bad guys?
I guess now that you mention it…
I’ve felt that way the whole time.
It’s just brainwashing, isn’t it? It’s really self-centered.