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Part 49: 6/12-6/13: Blackmail The Second

Part 48: 6/12-6/13: Blackmail The Second

Anon: It’s called the law...
Anon: This is the police’s job.
Anon: don’t even bother with this
Anon: if ur so just, show ur face

At a university...

Music: Disquiet

May I talk to you for a moment?
Is it about the Phantom Thieves… Akechi-kun?
...You’re quite perceptive. I was wondering if there were any points in common between Kamoshida’s and Madarame’s cases. There have been victims, after all. The Phantom Thieves need to be pursued.
You criticize the Phantom Thieves, yet you don’t doubt their actual existence.
Oh, you saw that show on TV. Common sense can get in the way at times when pursuing the truth. Many details become logical if I think on the premise that they do exist.
Is this… because my sister told you to do so?
It was just a coincidence.
Why do I get the feeling that you’re enjoying this?
...You may be right.

Phantom thieves that use calling cards and succeed in their crime… As the so-called “Charismatic Detective,” it’d be hard for me to not see them as my rival.

Calling yourself that is kind of the opposite of charismatic.

You have such high self-esteem. So the Phantom Thieves are evil, and you are just?
Compared to people who manipulate others’ hearts as they see fit, I believe I’m on the side of justice. Besides, I’m only using my natural-born talents for the sake of serving the world. Don’t you think the same about yourself too?

…Oh, that’s surprising. So you’re just the good-girl type of pushover.

Damn, son. That’s harsh.

See you later. Give Sae-san my regards.

Poor Makoto.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

You could stay until you find a place, you know. I can’t promise it’d be comfortable here though.

Well, that was fast. Bye, Yusuke.

Thank you, but I’ll return to the dorms. I realized something after talking with everyone last night. Perhaps it’s due to my upbringing, but I don’t know anything of the world, let alone other people. If I’m to depict people in my art, I need to learn more about them; I must interact with them more. I’ll return to the dorms… and start over by talking with the people closest to me.

I thought everyone was shunning you because of Madarame?

I see. Good on you for realizing that yourself.
There’s no need to exaggerate. May I come again sometime to enjoy your coffee?
My doors are always open.
Maaku’s been through a lot too, from what I’ve heard… Are you related to him?
Huh? Oh… How would I describe it… We’re just acquaintances. Not family or anything.

Aww, I thought we’d bonded.

I may be overstepping my bounds, but why did you decide to take him in?
My reason, huh… Probably because… he reminds me of my old self.


That’s all?
Doesn’t take much when someone takes consideration on someone else. Your art instructor-- Um, “former” art instructor. He must’ve felt something for you too, besides just stealing your talents.
Truth be told… I cannot hate him from the depths of my heart either. I should probably get going...

Even if I kept it at the dorms, it’d only be met with skepticism. I doubt it would want that. Adding a hint of color to an otherwise ordinary day… I’m sure my mother would’ve done the same.
...I see. I’ll hold onto it for you then.
Thank you for the coffee.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

That’s the first thing you have to say to me…? You guys sure do eat a lot… That reminds me, I haven’t seen Yusuke around. Maybe he went downstairs?

You’re not my dad.

That kid ended up going back to his dorms.

Don’t be ridiculous. I’d never let go of a beauty like this. This painting is amazing. Not only is the mother stunning, but the expression on her face… The regulars will probably freak out when they see it in here. Still… I feel like I’ve seen it somewhere. It’s a bit different from how I remember it, though.

I appreciate that Sojiro kind of knows about Madarame (mostly through Yusuke), but is otherwise so out of touch he can’t recognize the fucking Mona Lisa, which has been all over the news the last week, by sight.

Well… If you’re up for the day, go on and get dressed. I opened shop hours ago, so go take the cat out somewhere.

Apologies for leaving so quietly, but your rest seemed peaceful. After a great deal of inner struggle, I have decided to return to the dormitories. Furthermore, I’ve entrusted the “Sayuri” to your protector, Sojiro. That painting should no longer exist in reality… but it is truly what my mother painted. I am simply satisfied that we were able to obtain it. And it was all because of you guys. I cannot thank you enough. PS, I still believe porridge is the best way to end a hot pot.

That’s Yusuke, all right. Udon or death!

There’s some kinda thread on there looking for info about burglars using the Phantom Thieves name. Sounds pretty lame to me.
Oh, I saw that too. They target restaurants, right? I actually found a really interesting post on there. “My brother has suddenly started acting violent towards everyone. I might end up getting killed at this rate… I wonder if it’s because he got caught up with all those weird people in Shibuya.”
You think he means those burglars when he’s talking about them “weird people”?
It may be too soon to assume that.
The post said he started spending a bunch of money lately, too… Isn’t that kind of suspicious?

I thought you’d say that.
Although how exactly will we go about investigating?
We’ll go to Shibuya in the middle of the night and catch them red-handed! No way. The police’d totally nab us if we were out that late.
Plus it would be bad if the chief knew you were out in the middle of the night.
Hm, if they target restaurants… Aha! What if we drew them to Leblanc?




There’s no way… Who would go after a shop like this?

Not the point, Morgana!

Yup. I mean, you’d get kicked outta Leblanc if we failed.
Oh, I suppose I left the “Sayuri” there as well. I had forgotten.
How’d you forget something that important!?
Either way… I don’t really want more thieves to be posing as us in the future. I wish there was some way we could make an example of these ones...
At the moment, our lack of info means we will just have to wait. We can continue searching for more information wherever possible, though.
I’m gonna try looking for stuff too!

So, nothing to do but wait, the ever-present Persona refrain.

Since the year started, scam victims have been on the rise, mainly in the Tokyo metro area. A massive mafia group is rumored to be behind these scam incidents, but…
A mafia group? Huh. I wonder who they might be.

This just shows that many fail to truly understand what is art. Did you see past Madarame’s lies?

I understand if you feel art is beyond you, but it’s good to take an interest in the finer things. That said, there is no depth to Madarame’s work. It is cheap and base, like instant coffee. Don’t fret if these concepts are difficult to grasp. Art is deep and complex… like this coffee.

Yeah, right. Well, you look like you’re on good terms. As long as you don’t cause problems, it’s fine.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

This again? Maaku gains Proficiency +1, sigh.

I don’t think my bond with Ann will deepen just yet...
Hm, what should we do today?
>Let’s go somewhere fun.
OK! Where should we go? Somewhere popular would be nice!

Shibuya, huh? That’s where the Wilton buffet is… Want to go?
That buffet we went to before? I’ll need you to make sure I don’t eat too much, OK? Let’s go!

Music: What’s Going On?

This place has so much on their menu, it’s hard not to overeat… Oh! How about this? Operation: Eat a Bit of Everything!

Honestly… it was crazy how much my stomach expanded last time. But I’ve reflected on my actions… and I won’t make the same mistake again! But, Maaku… can you keep an eye on me? I think as long as you do, my resolve won’t crumble.
Well then, let’s get eating. The order you eat things seems important. Let’s start with the stuff that digests quickly...

No wonder this place is expensive… I’m amazed they give out stuff like this! ...I feel like I’d just eat from it nonstop if I kept it at my house… Can you take it?

What on earth am I going to do with this?

I feel like my bond with Ann will grow stronger soon...
Thanks for today!

Music: Beneath the Mask

Well that’s sudden.
Well after what that guy said, sitting around doing nothing just pisses me off!
You’re talking about Akechi-kun, right? I know how you feel.

C’mon, you gotta be more confident about this kinda stuff!
But he did mention that the police are starting to mobilize… Either way, I don’t think we should leave Akechi-kun be.
This is the perfect time to meet and discuss what our strategy should be going forward. Let us gather at the hideout tomorrow.

How the hell did I lug this thing home? And where did I get all the chocolate?

That’s why I’ve poured my soul into this song—to help restore our hope. I give you… “Fake Glory”! Fake shake, fake/Shake, fake, shake/Fake one, if you want fame/You gotta deceive yourself/Fake two, if you want skills/You gotta steal ‘em from others/Fake three, if you want glory/You gotta trick your very soul/Truth, lie, fake with a shake/My future is an unknown fate/ Thanks, bay-bee! How’d you like the new tune?

No way! My songs are the real deal, y’all!

Naturally! They’re dope! Things’ve been so down in Shibuya lately… I keep hearing about all these gangs. Guess Japan’s not so different from my own country...

We should probably hang out with Mishima now that we can again, since we haven’t done it in a while. I guess.

Oh yeah! As your strategic image management rep, I thought I should come up with more ways to help you. Do you have time today?
>Hang out with him
How does the diner sound to you? Come on.

But we’re meeting up with some Phangirls today.

Music: My Homie

All thieves are supposed to have some special ladies, right?

Wait, really…? Phantom thieves are supposed to steal girls’ hearts! Everyone knows that! Basically, I met some cool girls on the Phan-Site, and we thought it’d be fun to do an in-person meet-up. Oh, that reminds me, they think we’re just part of the Phandom. I made up this whole story about how we stumbled on the Phan-Site one day, so let’s stick to that. Don’t spill the beans, OK?

Either way, you should be excited about this! Mingling with your loyal supporters is a noble cause indeed! Plus, remember how I said I’d help publicize the Phantom Thieves? This is just the beginning!

Though to be honest, I’ve never actually met someone from online in person… I wonder if I’ll be able to do it right… I did lots of research though. I know all about footing the bill and buying desserts for the girl. Apparently if things go well, you might even t-t-take her home…

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, Mishima.

It’s way past our meeting time...

About our meet-up… You’re still at home!? And what about your friend…? Oh, um… yeah. Uh-huh… No, we’ll be waiting here...

Wait, was that a train announcement? I could swear I just heard someone say “Shibuya” over a loudspeaker… Are you close by… Huh? Oh, no! I’m not calling you a liar… OK… Yeah… Maybe next time...

Ahaha… *sigh* It seemed like they were really into the idea on the forum...

I was so busy with all the new forum posts, I didn’t have time to really vet them too much.

Don’t worry, I’m not! This was just a learning experience! But all this aside, I have some really good info for you guys! I won’t let you down… I’ll prove just how useful I can be to the Phantom Thieves!

Yeah, whatever you say, man.

Mishima seems extra motivated...

Oh yeah, gimme that sweet sweet EXP bonus.

It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this though… I bet those girls would never have flaked on me if they knew I’m friends with the real live Phantom Thieves.

Ixnay, Mishima. We have enough problems with Ryuji constantly spouting off about it.

*sigh* Being a guardian of justice isn’t so easy, huh…?

Oh yeah, your job is real tough and real important.

Same, Maaku. Well, at least we’re getting used to Mishima letting us down.

Well, let’s head home.

Anon: Isn’t it a crime?
Anon: get off your high horse

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Oh, for fuck’s sake, the cops are everywhere

I didn’t think we used the same station. Meeting here must be fate. How are you doing?

Because you’re boring me to death.

Did you stay up too late? Are you all right? ...Ah, I do like that response. It’s honest, and it keeps the conversation from dragging. ...I’ve been getting interviewed a lot lately, so I’ve been wondering how to answer such questions… I suppose it is best to simply be yourself and say what you think. You’ve given me much to consider. If it isn’t too much trouble, may I speak with you again sometime?

If I have time, maybe.

Music: So Boring

But what I gave them was a bona fide Japanese bank note. Don’t tell me young people these days don’t know who Hirobumi Ito is. I shudder to think that these will be the people shouldering Japan’s economy… I hope you all know your stuff. Here’s a quiz just to make sure. Hey, Hamiru. Paper money is issued by the Bank of Japan, but who issues the coins?

That’s right. Unlike paper money, coins are issued by the government. Originally, the government made both coins and paper money. However, with the ability to make as much money as they wanted, the economy fell into chaos. An independent organization—namely the Bank of Japan—has been tasked with printing paper money since.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Coins, which don’t have as much of an effect on the economy, are still produced by the government. You simply can’t trust a moron to look after your finances. The best they can manage is pocket change.
Being able to get as much money as you want, whenever you want it… I hope the next Palace is somewhere awesome like that...

Music: Tokyo Daylight

She says there’s no report of a lost item, so she wants you to start filling out some paperwork.

Telling me that isn’t going to get you out of this. The student council room is on the third floor, next to the library. Got it? Why am I running errands for a student? I know she’s the Principal’s favorite or whatever...

Music: Disquiet

What could she want…?

Let’s just take a moment to admire this drawing of Akechi.


I don’t know… She does seem a little worried. All I hear her tell us is, “Just leave it to me!”
It’s great she’s looking out for her fellow students, but I wish she’d let us help her sometimes.

Our president wants a word with you. Don’t cause her any trouble, OK?

What were we called here for? This is rather strange.

...Have a seat.

Mr. Kamoshida and Madarame. Won’t you tell me the truth behind the Phantom Thieves’ incidents?

I like that Morgana reacts, but Maaku is fucking stone-faced.

Can’t answer that? Ah, of course. There’s no way you would admit to such things.

So you think it’s true…? We’ll be OK if we keep doing this… right?

Music: Tension

...What could all this mean?
We screwed up...


Was it blackmail? Hypnosis? How do you corner someone into making them confess? Won’t you tell me how you did it?

...You want to say that this doesn’t prove anything, don’t you? I believe that you three are the Phantom Thieves. Now, what would the police think if they heard my recording?
It’d be bad if we’re put under police surveillance. There’s no telling what’ll happen to you, too!
If you confess the truth, I don’t mind just leaving this between the two of us… You’ll tell me, won’t you?

This seems too good to be true.

That’s the same as admitting to it, you know.

Go ahead.


That idiot…!
As loud as always… but his timing’s perfect. I’d like everyone else to hear this as well. Won’t you take me to your friends?
I guess it can’t be helped now…

Time to sell the others out!

Hm? He here?
Is that girl a friend of yours?

Music: Suspicion

Wh-What the hell?
What’s the meaning of this?

Ryuji Sakamoto, Ann Takamaki… And you’re Kitagawa-kun, correct? Second-year at Kosei High and former pupil of Madarame?

While those affected by their acts were just coincidentally meeting up… How could that not raise suspicions?

In our defense, we’re idiots.

The others look around at each other.

What do you intend to do? Have you come just to say you’re going to report us?
I bet someone told you to find us. The school can’t have ties to criminals, after all! And yet they turn a blind eye when it comes to suicide and sexual harassment. Those adults are just using you. I feel sorry for you.
…… I… I know…

I’m the only one who knows about you. If you prove what you’re doing is just, I’ll erase this.
She wants to make a deal...
There is someone whose heart I’d like you to change.
Hm, so you’re not saying it’s impossible. However… I cannot tell you that just yet. Let’s continue our talk after school tomorrow. On the roof. Assuming you accept my offer, that is.

Anything to say, Ryuji?

I mean, it’s completely and totally Ryuji’s fault, no doubt. But also, this isn’t the time to be pointing fingers, because we’re completely fucked up a creek.

Why’re you singlin’ me out? Ann got recorded too, y’know!

Ann didn’t use the words “Phantom Thieves,” though.

I’m so sorry...
Hey, what should we do? That girl’s got dirt on us…
A recording seems to be insufficient evidence though. And even with that, there’s no way they could prove our methods.
Considering who we’re dealing with, I think it might be a trap.
Regardless, Maaku would be in real trouble. He’s on probation, after all.
Things’d get rough if we didn’t have our leader… and I totally don’t wanna deal with the police...
Then… we have no other choice but to go along with it.
Yes, it’s best we agree, at least for the time being. We made a crucial mistake… but not a critical one. We’ll just have to recover from here on out.
Yeah, yeah. My bad. So… we doin’ this?

All right. We’re meetin’ on the school rooftop tomorrow, yeah?
What about me? I could always sneak in if necessary.
That’ll draw too much attention. You should just wait outside, Yusuke. What could she be scheming…

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

Do we just gotta do what she says…?
Considering what has happened, it seems we have no other choice.
I wonder whose heart the student council president would want us to change.

I am curious myself… She mentioned how she wants us to prove our justice, did she not?
Yeah, she definitely did.
Then there must be some reasoning behind her choice. Please contact me immediately if you find anything out. And don’t go picking any fights, OK? Do you understand, Ryuji?
Why’re you singling me out!? I ain’t dumb!

Oh geez, what a mystery. Why would someone single out Ryuji for idiocy today of all days?

She’s a shrewd one. We best be prepared for anything.

The Kanto region is expected to enter its rainy season soon.

Great news if you use Water-types.

The Japan Meteorological Agency reports that we should be getting average rainfall this year.
That means there’ll be more rain from now on, right? It’s gonna be more humid...

Wonder how all that rain will affect Mementos...

We’ll see our way through this somehow.

Anon: They’re still thieves…
Anon: I secretly root for them XD
Anon: They’ve always been fishy…
Anon: They seem full of it, so NO
Anon: of course not. done
Anon: that “justice” stuff is ehh
Anon: aww yeah, come back soon!!

Do you know about that Phantom Thieves forum?
People said when they made a request there, it got granted!
Really? That sounds super useful!
Come on, pay up. You understand the position you’re in, right?