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Part 52: 6/17-6/18: A Hate Crime

Part 51: 6/17-6/18: A Hate Crime

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Speaking of murky… there haven’t been any new developments in the phantom thief incidents. If they go so far as using calling cards to get attention, I doubt Madarame’s case will be the last. What kind of target will they choose next? What do you think?

The Phantom Thieves only target criminals, huh… Is that really true? Supposing it is, there are plenty of villains in the world. How do they choose who to go after? …… ...Oh, sorry. I’m getting lost in my head… I have to stay on top of any Phantom Thieves activity due to what I said on the air. If you hear any rumors at school, I hope you can let me know.

For real!? We didn’t get anything!?

Man, we’re goin’ nowhere with this… Hey, can’t we ask Miss President to change it up?
You mean… change our target?
We just gotta show our justice to satisfy her, right? There are tons of shitty adults in this world. It’s not like it matters who we’re goin’ after. She says this is for the students, but I bet it’s just so she can go brag about it on college apps.
But that mafia’s stealing money from kids. We can’t just accept that! It doesn’t matter who the target came from anymore.
Ann’s right. We want to give courage to the weak. Isn’t this the perfect target to accomplish that goal?

I never thought it’d be this noisy if you weren’t singin’… Anyways, I’m sure we’ll shut Akechi up if we pull this off, but--

Oh? Akechi? I ran into him earlier today, we had a nice chat.

That’s exactly why we should do it.
It all comes down to intel in the end… If we don’t start finding tips on that front, we’ll never get any further than this…
There has to be someone who has what we need.

...That’s right! What about that journalist?
You mean the woman who was staking out Madarame’s house?

Yusuke has no questions at all about this mysterious woman who was staking out his home.

Oh yeahhh. I completely forgot about her! Didn’t she give you her card?

You still have that!?

...This is for a rather major publication.
You think we can trust her?
There’s no other way.
OK, let’s contact her!

He says our time’s up. Should we extend it?
Happy hour’s over, yeah? C’mon, let’s just go.
How wasteful!

Yusuke starts chugging his drink and begins to cough.

Let us know ASAP when she responds! Got it, Maaku?

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

The chief’s as sharp as ever… But it’s more like we’re the ones being dragged into things...

We can hang out with Sojiro today, too. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret, though: we can’t rank him up for a long-ass time.

The police stated that they are dedicating all their efforts to prevent more victims of the mafia. However, they have failed to make good on that promise, and the public’s unease has only grown.
They’re hurting a lot of people. I really wish we could find some sort of lead.

I don’t think my bond with Kawakami will deepen just yet...

Music: What’s Going On?

I feel like my bond with Kawakami will grow stronger soon...
Thank you for your patronage!

Music: Days of Sisters

They were asking if you’ve made any lifestyle changes recently.
I gave them a suitable enough answer, but… is there some kind of issue at school?
No… It’s nothing. I’m sorry to worry you.

I doubt you would do such a thing, but try to avoid wandering around Shibuya late at night. I’ve heard stories of girls your age throwing their lives away out there. They got involved in criminal acts and were blackmailed into working at illegal sex establishments...

That’s… pretty dark.

…… I’ve heard rumors about that as well. People have been mentioning it at school.
...These aren’t mere rumors. I know of a few such cases.
Well, it should be nothing or you to worry about. Just concentrate on your studies for now.

“Don’t go out late or you’ll get blackmailed and forced to work as a prostitute! Well, good night!”

Music: So Boring

We only just emailed her the other day. Why are you so hasty?
I dunno. I’ve been looking for info, but I can’t find a damn thing… We only got two weeks left, man. Duh we’re in a hurry.
To be more precise, it’s ten days.
We ain’t gonna have much time, even if we start right after she responds.
Looks like this battle will have to be a quick one then.
We must also consider what we do in case she fails to respond entirely.
Hey, don’t jinx this!
I am merely discussing all the possible outcomes.
Ain’t you nervous about this?
Nervousness will not help us solve anything at this point. Were that the solution to our problem, I would be much quicker to turn to panic.
Wow, he’s like some kind of philosopher…
I think he’s just an idiot...

Music: Disquiet

You said you would keep it a secret, but rumors have started getting out… Wait… You didn’t leak that information, did you!?
Calm down… They’re still targeting you?
Even that delinquent found out. He might try and threaten me too… Why is this happening to me…? I can’t afford to keep paying...
I’ve found some clues regarding your incident. I just need you to wait a bit longer.
You’re really gonna help…? Everyone thinks you’re just doing it for a letter of recommendation...
That’s not true. My goal here is to protect the students of this school…
Then please… please hurry...

Music: Tokyo Daylight

However, do you remember that thread about the group of burglars in Shibuya? It seems the one who posted about his brother is a student at my school. And so after some prodding, I was able to pry a few more details out of him.
Oh, right! I was actually wondering about that. It didn’t sound like they had anything to do with the mafia we’ve been chasing.
Indeed. Now, I was able to ascertain his brother’s name… It’s Kazuya Makigami.
Dude, it’s freaking crazy that someone involved in that shit goes to your school. Nice going, Yusuke!
And you even found the name of the guy we’re looking for! That was super awesome!
All we gotta do now is punish him in Mementos. This burglar guy isn’t gonna be near as scary as the mafia. He’s just a plain dude, right? We’ll show him what being a phantom thief’s really about!
It seems we are unanimous then. We can further discuss the details at the hideout.
We have our target! We also have the mafia to deal with too, so make sure the timing’s right. Anyway, let’s all meet up at the hideout when you’re ready.

Hey, shouldn’t you tell the others about what Mishima told you?

I have no idea what you could possibly be referring to, cat.

Right? It’s like he’s a prince. He’s the Detective Prince!

Uhh, that title is already occupied, thank you.

I love hearing that suave and soothing voice of his too! I wish he would talk to me like that.
But you know, Hamiru-kun actually debated with Akechi-kun, and he didn’t do too badly.

Aww yeah, people are finally treating me with the respect I deser--*trips and splits my head open on a desk*

Don’t you think it’s terrible how he insists that the Phantom Thieves are dangerous?

His prettiness is irrelevant to me! Professional journalists need to be impartial. Is what the Phantom Thieves did that bad? The truth is that people have been saved by them.

Remember that scene we shared with Yusuke a little while back? That let us start hanging out with him.

This may be a good opportunity to deepen my bond with Yusuke...
Maaku, do you have time?

Do you remember how I mentioned my need to understand the heart? Well, I am having a hard time grasping it. How will I be able to reach the truth of pure beauty…? Maaku, what should I paint to capture the contents of the heart?

Hm. The scenery of one’s heart… Ah, I see…! Mementos! The desire that emanates from that place is the root of humanity! Incredible! You honestly have a unique perspective on things. With that destination in mind, let us make haste!

Music: Suspicion

The same thing which brought forth the beauty of the “Sayuri” can also create such morbid fabrications… But I actually find that aspect to be quite fascinating… The heart is akin to an abyss… Now, regarding the source of my slump… I actually have an idea. In that other dimension, I saw the perversion of Madarame’s heart… At that moment, the art realm I had so much faith in was distorted by greed and unchecked desires. That is when the true ugliness of the world became clear to me… And from that point forward, my brush has been stayed by crippling hesitation… Does pure beauty truly exist…? And if so, can hands tainted by Madarame’s depravity capture it…? Considering such intense questions only served to distance me from reality. Doubt filled my mind. I struggled to find a reason to move my brush again… And honestly… I still have yet to discover a suitable answer.

Oh my god you can just talk forever, can’t you?

Please, do not rush me. I only need a little more time… Hm. The lingering uncertainty present in this place seems to be sharpening my senses… I feel a revelation approaching… Hm, yes…! Inspiration has struck…! That must be it…! Such brilliant composition! Ah, my heart races…!

Oh shit.

Hmph, how inelegant! You wish to carry out your distorted will, foolish Shadow? I shall cut you down for interrupting my work…!

Don’t fuck with Yusuke. Lesson learned.

Viscid Rotting Meats

We’ve got five Viscid Rotting Meats to take care of, and while they pack more health than normal Slimes, they go down fairly simply to a healthy combo of Mabufu and Yusuke’s Vicious Strike to score those sweet sweet Technical bonuses.

And we get a Blank Card for our troubles. Keep that in mind going into this next scene.

Music: Mementos

I’m glad you were here. You have my thanks. You’re like Theo.

…I worry that you may not get what I mean. It was a figure of speech. I was referring to Van Gogh’s brother, Theo. Van Gogh did not achieve fame in his lifetime, but found an admirer and supporter in his brother.

Well, there aren’t many who are willing to deal with my… eccentricity. By the way, what’s in your hand…? A card?

…… Whenever I see blank paper, I have the urge to draw something on it. ...May I?

*chuckle* …… Impossible! …… Good… …… What!? …… Hrrm… …… A satisfactory result.

My picture… turned into a real skill card?

Indeed… Maaku. Would you mind helping me further? If I can overcome this slump, I should be able to aid our group like earlier—perhaps even more so. I know… Why don’t we act as the thieves we are and strike a deal?

Yes. You can rely on me.
I can sense Yusuke’s trust in me...

Music: Interrogation Room

I don’t have a clue how these cards were used, but someone proficient in the arts was close to you… ...What were you having this person do!?

Music: The Spirit

The Emperor is the arcana of authority and structure, but also excessive control and inflexibility when reversed. It represents the patriarch.

This is very similar to a feature that was in Persona 3 Portable, except this time you actually get to choose the card and it only takes a day. Again, skill cards are a great way to break the game but a more casual player won’t need them much, especially due to their relative infrequency in this game.

I’ll contact you once it’s done. I’ll see you later.

Music: Suspicion

The journalist responded to me...

This is from that journalist, right? She wants to meet you there now…? Looks like this Crossroads place is in Shinjuku. A meetup in Shinjuku...

Let me see… I guess to put it simply, it’s a nightlife district for adults.

Well, now I’m concerned as to why the cat knows what Shinjuku is like.

You should send everyone a message and let them know what you’re up to.

That sounds rather dangerous.
Where should we meet up?
Stand by, Ann. It’ll be easier to move around with less of us.
My apologies. I don’t have the money to take the train there.

My god, Yusuke, how are you still alive?

If Maaku’s going, I guess there’s no need to worry. We’ll leave it to you then.
Well, I guess that’s that. Let’s meet up in Shibuya.
Be careful, you two.
I shall be sure to save money for situations like this from now on.

It would be bad for you to stand out. You should change before you go.

Music: Wicked Plan

Huh? No choice. I didn’t have the time to go home. People aren’t gonna notice anyways with this t-shirt over it.

That’s not the issue! Are you both idiots? I’m just saying now, I won’t be to blame when you get caught by the cops.
Don’t worry about it. That place ain’t so different from Shibuya. C’mon, I’ll guide you. If we’re goin’ to Shinjuke… we should probably hop on the JL. Just get outta this building and then the ticket gate should be on the right. It’s go time!

Music: Suspicion

So, we head outside... the JL gate.

Yeah, can’t wait to enjoy some of that nice “conversation.”

We’re somehow only getting the tutorial about train fares now.

Stop looking around so much. You look like a tourist.
I-I was just tryin’ to find that place we’re lookin’ for. Crossroads Bar’s right up ahead. I’m sure we’ll get there if we keep goin’ straight.

Let’s head forward, then.

Wait… You underage?

Oh? In that case come in for an hour or two!
How did you get caught up in this!? Come on, ignore him!

Further down the street, we are accosted yet again...

Touch all you want, no added fees. We have the cutest girls in town too.

Did you really just ask that?
Just ignore that guy, you idiot. No matter what way you cut it, he’s a shady character.

Maybe they got some cool stuff to read. Wanna go check it out a bit?

Yeah, I’m sure it’s full of… enlightening material.

You don’t have time for that right now. Save it for later. Meeting with that journalist comes first!
Yeah, OK. We’ll go here some other time.


What do you want, cop?

Yup. People mistake us all the time for younger kids though.

Wait a second… I’ve seen the pattern on those pants before. Maybe it was on the news… Oh yeah, it was on that segment about the teacher who was harassing kids! Is that a school uniform…!?

Foiled once again by that stylish plaid!

You kids have got to be high schoolers! Come with me!
Shoot! This is why I said uniforms were a bad idea! Let’s run!

Hey, it ain’t our fault we had to deal with that detour! Our school’s gettin’ real famous!

Oh hey, random woman. I wonder why you have a portrait.

In any case, horrible disaster is coming for you! Please let me examine your future further!
What!? Me?
Yes, I suggest you get your fortune told! What I say will surely come to pass!
More of this shit…? Sorry, but we’re in a hurry. I don’t really believe in that stuff anyways.
I see. My apologies. However… if you change your mind, I’ll be waiting here in this spot at night. May your fortunes be well...

We finally find the place.

Beer, whiskey, wine… Looks like nighttime is bar time.
Goin’ in our uniforms is probably a bad idea… We got caught last time too...

I came all the way to Shinjuku and can’t even go in…? Fiiine. I’ll kill time somewhere nearby… Just lemme know when you’re done.

Music: Crossroads

How old are ya, boy?
Sorry, Lala-chan. He’s with me.

Go on back there. I’ll treat you to some water!

Music: Wicked Plan

Haha, what a surprise. I thought you were joking, yet here you are.

Remember Drunk Yukiko from Persona 4? Well, the rest of this conversation is the same voice actress doing pretty much the exact same voice with a slightly older affect. It’s kind of uncanny.

I respect that bravery, so I’ll listen to what you have to say. Well, what do you want to know?

Oh? Why that?

Hm… Well I do happen to know something about that. I could tell you, but… Do you know the Phantom Thieves of Hearts? You know, that case the public has been focused on lately. I was pursuing the issue of people randomly entering into a shut-down state, but I’m lacking intel…

Wow, that sounds way more important that our dumb shit.

That’s why I’m currently looking for new material to write about. So, do you have any info on these Phantom Thieves?

I know a thing or two.

Hm… Something like that. You’re a Shujin kid, right? I remember you wearing their uniform the last time we met. I thought maybe you might have some insider knowledge on the Phantom Thieves because of it. Their first incident was that of Kamoshida, you know? Ideally, I’d like to get some exclusive coverage from a student who suffered Kamoshida’s abuse. I would love an introduction if you know of someone who fits the bill. After all, it seems like handling this matter in the open would be an inconvenience to us both...
Hm, a student who suffered from abuse… ...Oh! What about that Mishima guy? He always seems to be on the side of the Phantom Thieves.

It’s a deal then. Send me your friend’s contact info later.
You’d better be thankful. My quick wit is the only reason we’re getting this far.
...Now that I think about it, those mental shutdowns and the Phantom Thieves both seem supernatural… Could they be related…? Or am I just hoping for a coincidence…? Oh, sorry. I have a tendency to talk to myself on occasion. Well then, you can’t exactly consider this an upfront payment, but...

I think he’s probably the guy you’re looking for.
You should check him out further if you’re curious… but I’m not responsible for what happens next!

Have fun, kids!

Lala-chan, can I get a refill for this kid? We need to make a toast to our new acquaintance!
It’ll be a problem if you stay too long. You should leave right after you finish your water...

Music: Beneath the Mask

Let’s meet up with Ryuji.

For real!? Awesome! Anyways, we should meet up ASAP. I’ll be in front of the movie theater, so head on over. It’s that kinda open area you passed on your way to the bar.
So we just have to go back the way we came, huh? All right, let’s go.

Not so loud!

Here we go! Mkay, now we just gotta get some info on the distortion. Once we know that, it’s Palace time!
Let’s try tomorrow. It’ll be better when we have the whole team together.
Right. I’ll tell everyone to meet up in Shibuya. This is totally crazy though… It’s a huge catch! I’m pumped.

OK, so, this part coming up is just inexcusably bad. I’m sorry to say this game has got some ass-backward politics, and as a show of defiance I’m not going to make real portraits for the characters involved. Instead, I have replaced their portraits with photoshops from the covers of Chuck Tingle novels. I hope, in some small way, that this does something to abate the terrible affront to decency that follows.

Music: Everyday Days

Gah! Wh-Who are you!?
Gwahahaha! I’m the naughty troll of Shinjuku! I’m gonna eat you up!

H-Hey, wait… Lemme go! Dude, help! You can hear me, can’t you!?

Don’t look at me like I’m some kinda dog in a kennel! Your friend is in serious trouble here!
Hehehe. What an energetic studmuffin. I’ll give you all the freebies you could ever desire!
The night is young, and so are you! Let’s party it up!
Come back alive...

This has been today’s session of Katsura Hashino’s LGBT Sensitivity Training. We have a lot of progress to make in the future. That was mercifully brief, at the very least.

Music: Beneath the Mask

You did it! Well then, let’s meet up at the hideout tomorrow!
Understood. Ryuji seems to be absent from this conversation. Should we contact him separately?
I’m sure he’ll figure it out when he checks his phone later.
We’re pretty much already in Kaneshiro’s Palace! That was surprisingly easy!

For real!? You’re not pulling my leg, right? Ohya-san...

Looks like my time in the female limelight has finally arrived… This is all thanks to you. I feel like starting the Phan-Site has really changed me. Anyway, I can handle this. You introduced me, so I’ll make sure I don’t embarrass you. And I’ll totally let you know if we end up hooking up!

This might be my favorite joke in the game, which makes it all the weirder that it immediately follows the objective worst joke in the game.

It’s a fascinating place, don’t you think? We should go back sometime.

What, and get attacked by those roving bands of homosexuals? No thank you, sir!

The arrested employee continues to state that he cannot recall ever committing the crime. With no testimony to link to a motivation, the cause remains unclear. Crimes with suspects unable to explain their motives continue to occur in the restaurant industry.
There’s all sorts of incidents going on… Arson is pretty scary.

Tomorrow’s going to be a busy day, so let’s get to bed.