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Part 55: 6/20-6/21: Mad Makoto

Part 54: 6/20-6/21: Mad Makoto

Music: Will Power

Floodbringer Demon and Chivalrous Guards

Let’s go, Johanna! Full throttle!

As we can see, Makoto has a fairly diverse skillset even from the start. She can use Nuclear attacks to hit weaknesses or deal Technical damage against disabled foes, hit the entire enemy party with Vajra Blast, a Medium Physical attack, use single-target (and second tier, the first we’ve yet seen!) healing, and even raise an ally’s defense with Rakukaja.

The Onis still don’t have any weaknesses, but the Sui-ki in the middle is weak to Nuke, conveniently enough.

They go down without too much trouble, and Yusuke learns Mabufu for his troubles.

Music: Run, Run, Run!

My favorite thing about Makoto’s outfit? Probably the sweet mini-cape.

We know how to get in now. Our objective’s been accomplished!
But how are we getting out?
There’s only one exit, right?
‘Sup, Miss Post-Apocalyptic Raider.
Do you want to get smacked? I’m going on ahead, so follow me!

OK, we have a path!

Get in!

There’s no escape in reality, nor will you break through the security system here. There’s not a snowball’s chance in hell that a bright future lies ahead for you!

Music: Suspicion

That was no aikido—that was some hardcore ass whoopin’!
I am SO not pissing her off… I feel like she’ll rip off my arm.
She does exude that aura...
...Oh, stop it!

But… it felt pretty great. I never thought I’d become part of the Phantom Thieves I was after.

I mean, I guess you can join if you want. We haven’t really discussed it, though.

Sis might faint if she found out.
You mentioned her earlier.
She’s a prosecutor for the district—and she’s investigating the Phantom Thieves.
Wait, ain’t that bad!?
No need to worry. A normal investigation would never lead them to a world like that. Then again, it must’ve been fate for this to happen…
What do you mean…?
I can’t be like my sister. I had a feeling that there’d come a time when we wouldn’t see eye to eye anymore.

“Because she’s kind of a sociopath.”

I’m thankful to have a sister who works so hard, but… there are times I feel sorry for her too. And after hearing my Persona’s voice, I clearly understand how I feel now.
It appears you’re not as reserved as you make yourself seem.
I was just doing whatever the adults told me to.
Won’t she be perfect as our advisor? She’s fearless and has a sharp mind.
Sounds good to me! We’ve needed someone like that for a while now!
I’d be honored if I can help out.

Finally, we have someone smart on the team.

We had way too much testosterone anyway, so I feel much better hav--

So the Kaneshiro over here doesn’t know what happened inside the Palace.
That’s right, but his Palace will be affected if the real Kaneshiro’s cognition changes. We can’t be lax.
It seems it’d be best to avoid unnecessary contact with him until then.
Three weeks left, huh...
There’s that security system too.
But if we pull this off, it’ll definitely be great!
We’ll crush him like a fly. I’ll make him regret making me angry...
Anyways, let’s begin our operation tomorrow!
First, we need to secure a route to the Treasure like always.
You guys are finally starting to get used to this.
I’ll be waiting for the call to meet up.

Music: Beneath the Mask

I wish my Persona was like that.
Yours is on a ship though.
Dude, you kidding!? Motorcycles are way cooler than dumb boats! It’ll be just like the song! “I’m a phantom, on a steel horse I ride...”
Don’t say such things. And for the record, I am most certainly not “wanted.”

Actually, all of you are wanted. For copyright infringement.

Honestly, I’m mostly just surprised you know how to ride a motorcycle at all, Niijima-senpai.
Do you got a license?
A regular one, yes.
Niceee… I can’t wait to get my hands on one too.
That aside, mind if I change the topic for a moment?
What is the matter?
I’m sorry, everyone. I know I’m not in any position to be saying that. I truly do… However, I must apologize. I was my actions that dragged you into this mess. On top of that, I misunderstood your true intentions in this. If only I could have realized what was happening to Suzui-san too…
Come on, we don’t need to talk about that now.
It seems there are still lingering issues on everyone’s minds.
Now’s not the time to be talking about that shit though! Don’t we gotta be doing something about Kaneshiro?
He’s right.
Very well, I understand. Anyway, I will do my best to make sure I don’t slow you all down.
Well, we were at odds with each other until just a while ago… But Ryuji’s totally right. We need to work together to overcome this!

But now we’re going up against a real criminal. Stay on your toes, OK?

They’re happening out there in the real world. Understand?
Um… Why are you telling me this?
This detective knows what’s going on. Drawing on your own firsthand experience is important.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

You know, I can turn into a car too, so it’s like… I feel a sense of familiarity?

All of these options are so good.

You better not throw up in me! Well, motorcycles are nice too, but it can’t carry large numbers of people. I really am special after… all… huh? Carry…? No… Take somewhere? Something just crossed my mind… ...It’s no use. I can’t remember at all… Eh. There’s nothing I can do about it if I can’t remember. I need to concentrate on Kaneshiro for now. Unlike you guys, Makoto’s clever, so we can expect great things from her. But Maaku, you really do have something special.

Looks like I better step up my game too!
I feel like my bond with Morgana is growing deeper…

I know! After we deal with Kaneshiro, I should consult her about Mementos too. I’m sure Makoto’s brain can--

…… We got Yusuke, and now Makoto… This guy has quite the luck… ...Could there be some reason for it? Nah, that can’t be...

I love the phrase “Nah, that can’t be” because without exception the person saying it is currently revealing that they’re a huge dumbass.

Anon: Steal dem corrupt hearts!

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

I’ve been thinking a lot about Personas and Palaces since yesterday… That floating bank really reflects Kaneshiro’s personality. He’s flying around so no one can trace his steps… He doesn’t trust anyone. I bet security’s tight in there too. That’s why we should get moving soon. Why don’t we go to the Palace today?

It’s been one day, settle down.

Understood. I’m sure you have your reasons as the leader. I’ll leave my schedule open after school, so talk to me anytime.

Oh no, it isn’t a problem… I actually find it refreshing to be asked to the student council room. Although it’s somewhat nerve-racking as well.
...I think I’m a bit nervous myself.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

I wanted to apologize. I’m… really sorry for everything.

What do you mean…?
You know how I blamed you for Kamoshida’s sexual harassment? Well, I wanted to apologize for that… I’ve honestly been meaning to this whole time.
I realized later that Shiho was calling out for me… and I wasn’t there to help her… I didn’t want to admit my own guilt… so I took it out on you, Niijima-senpai.

This makes no sense, considering that in her own Confidant she came to the exact same conclusion that it was her fault (which is bullshit, for the record).

I’m… very sorry.

...Hey, there is no need for that. In fact, I think the two of us are pretty similar.
I was unable to save anyone. Not Suzui-san, and not any of Kaneshiro’s victims. I kept telling myself I wasn’t at fault because I was simply following orders… But that was all a lie. It felt like I would be admitting my own worthlessness had I not shifted the blame off of myself. Fear of that worthlessness was probably why I acted so harshly toward you and your friends. ...I’m deeply sorry as well.
I see… …In that case, wanna call it even?
Even…? *chuckle* You’re right… How about we leave this conversation in the past?

Oh, but… one more thing. You’re not worthless, Niijima-senpai.

You were a bit reckless, but you’re the reason we found a way into Kaneshiro’s Palace. And you even obtained the power to change people’s hearts. You did that all yourself, Niijima-senpai.
*chuckle* That way of thinking is very much like you, Takamaki-san.

When you confronted me about Suzui-san, I realized how dishonest and small I was. You’re always very direct… That’s what helped me finally realize the error of my ways. It turns out I’m a little slow on the uptake at times… Hey… Can I call you Ann?

Um, yeah! I… I’m going to do the same, M-M-Makoto… Rgh, that’s so embarrassing!
*chuckle* How about we get something to eat before we go home for the night?
Ooh, I know a place! There’s a crepe shop at Central Street that totally stuffs their crepes!
Do you want to split one?
Mmmm, let’s each get a whole one and then we can go half and half on those!
Well, shall we?

Music: So Boring

I believe some courtesy should be shown to those who are our senior.
Oh yeah… Should we call you Niijima-san, or like, Niijima-senpai?

Makoto doesn’t seem to have an issue with us texting in class.

Would that not be rude?
I already just call her by name.
For real? Did something happen?
That’s a secret between us girls!
Dammit, that sounds like fun...
All of you may call me by my first name. No need to hesitate.
Very well. I shall do just that.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

We’ll take care of him ourselves and leave the world speechless!

No idea why they’re only giving us this tutorial now.

Mishima seems to have some new info for us.

It’s not even anywhere on the forum yet… Anyway, do you remember that bully Daisuke Takanashi whose heart you changed earlier? Well, it turns out there was someone pulling the strings the whole time!

Right!? It’s totally unacceptable. This person has to be somewhere in our school, right? You should go take a look around. In the meantime, I’ll secretly do a little more research too!
If we want to go after this target, we’ll need a name. Let’s go investigate the school.

Something like that sounds like it could lead to a lot of trouble. Akechi-kun mentioned that too.
I guess it does sound like they’re pretty dangerous, after all… There was a poll or something about the Phantom Thieves, and not too many people support them.

It can’t be helped. After the Madarame incident, my acclaim has skyrocketed, apparently.

Heh, I understand if you think that way. Heroes are lone wolves who are often misunderstood. This is for the best. It’d be irresponsible to involve innocents in the fight for world peace.

I was on the track team. Well, it’s been a while since I’ve done any running…
Track? That’s so hilarious! We don’t even have a track team after they disbanded. It’s because of Sakamoto, right? He’s a problem kid, just like us! Hahaha!
I know it isn’t right for me to say it, but Sakamoto really had some bad luck…

Kind Faculty Member is the only person at Shujin not affiliated with the Phantom Thieves who shows any sympathy for Ryuji.

Why don’t you try consulting with the student council? They were taking applications before.
They probably can’t do anything for me. And I don’t hear good things about their president.

Is there anyone good out there that we can recruit? I hear that Sakamoto is quick on his feet.
Him? You can’t just recruit a guy who spends all his time lazing around in Shibuya!

Well, it’s getting dangerous here too. On TV, they report about all the crime going on in Shibuya.
I suppose the widening gap between the winners and losers is causing the losers to commit more crimes. If you don’t want to lose in life, you need to put in the effort. Otherwise, what do you expect.

I’ll take that into consideration, Just World Fallacy Student.

Oh, hey Makoto.

The month is almost over. We don’t have time to waste. So, shall we go today?

But… No, I should leave you to your own methodology. I’m sorry for being so restless…

You’re right… Maybe I should try to take my mind off of it all. Call me when you’re ready to act.

Actually, let’s see if we can hang out before going into the Palace.

...I would prefer to focus on Kaneshiro at the moment. Furthermore, and I don’t mean this in a rude way, I’m not sure spending time with you is worthwhile for me… If you have the time to spare, maybe you should study instead.

Well, and I don’t mean this in a rude way, fuck you too.

It looks like you’ll need to be pretty smart if you want to invite Makoto out. On top of that, she’s too worried about Kaneshiro right now. You probably shouldn’t bother her.

Whoa, really? But Shibuya’s not safe right now, and I don’t know it very well.
But maybe Akechi-san will save us from danger and the two of us will fall in love!
Yes! Yes! He’d make like, the perfect boyfriend.

Looks like we found the guy controlling Daisuke.

Hey, you did all that on your own. You really want me to show this to your teachers, huh, Takanashi-kun? Another word out of you and I’ll debut your film to the whole world. The “Yoshimori Sakoda Tapes” will be a huge hit!
C’mon, you MADE me do it! Damn it...
So, a bigger jerk was pulling the strings all along. We gotta do something about this!

We can go take Sakoda down in Mementos whenever we choose now.

We can’t trust these suspicious Phantom Thieves. I hope the police finally get their act together. It’s getting more dangerous to go outside. If this keeps up, we won’t even be able to take walks.
People are saying there’s been a lot of bank transfer scams, too. We really need to be careful.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Let’s stop covering the mafia… It’s getting dangerous… The higher-ups don’t want us covering whatever we want. I bet the director’s going to scold us.
Don’t get cold feet now! As long as we keep increasing our ratings, he won’t say a thing!

However, the Sun God will not be deterred by such things! I will continue to protect Shibuya! Those frightened by the criminal organization need only accept the power of the Sun God!
Whoa, I can see it… Healing is taking place… thanks to the Sun God’s blessings.

These chuckleheads are always worth a laugh.

That’s why I’ve poured my soul into this song—to help restore our hope. I give you… “Lullaby of Ruin”! Inside a ball of dirty bills/A tempter dances in the dark/Ready for a crazy party, baby/A night of greed, covered in money/Ten percent interest every ten days/Be sure to spend it…/Wisely…/ Thank you, thank you so much! How was the live performance?

No it wasn’t! I’m all about rock n’ roll!

Out in Shibuya, we spot a wild cop.

I had some time until the taping began, so I decided to walk around for a while. I’ve heard many rumors about a criminal group lately. I hope you have avoided involvement.

Ah, lovely. However, you needn’t hesitate to ask if you require help. I have police connections, you know. By the by, this city is never short on excitement. First that train accident, now this mafia… Not to mention the Phantom Thieves. I’ve thought of a great many things during my stroll. That reminds me, did the Phantom Thieves go to the Madarame exhibit before committing their crime?

Yes. I mean, uh, I don’t know.

What is their goal? And who might be their next target…?

Ahhhh! It is! I’m gonna go ask for a picture with him!
...It seems I’ve been gaining more recognition lately. I would love to chat more, but I really must be going. I hope to speak to you again soon.

Yeah, Akechi-kun! The way his eyes look to the side is pretty sexy… I love the way he runs his hands through his hair too…


Did you hear what I just said? You really like younger guys…

Patience is a virtue at times like this. Don’t try to be as cool as Akechi. Go for more casual!
More casual… Wait, how would I do that?
Uhhh… you know. Take her out to a cafe or something instead of a bar...

Let’s check out the Velvet Room.

Never gets old.

Music: Aria of the Soul

Our master admires the progress of your rehabilitation, and hence has given you use of a special ritual.
It’s the Gallows, used to strengthen Persona abilities!
Any further questions regarding this ritual can be directed toward our master himself.
He’s apparently gonna consider making even more rituals if your rehabilitation goes as planned. Work hard for it, Inmate!

So, let’s try the Gallows. It’s a means of conferring experience (as well as a semi-random skill) to a Persona by sacrificing another Persona.

By sacrificing our Inugami, we get enough experience on our Shiisaa for it to level up, so let’s do that.

It seems the sacrifice has been absorbed into your mask, imbuing it with greater power...

Shiisaa learned Dodge Curse from leveling up, and also...

Your Persona is inheriting the power of the sacrifice...

...gains Dream Needle from Inugami’s skills. Personas have certain inheritance types that determine what skills you can give them from fusion (though skill cards ignore this), and the Gallows process picks randomly from the applicable skills. As you can imagine, this is abusable as hell, though you can only do it once per Persona per day (or for as long as that Persona remains in your inventory).

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Let’s get back to eavesdropping, shall we?

Fortunately, his salary is so low we’ll never have to worry about something like that...
That’s so brave of you. We’re much too afraid to put ourselves at risk.
I suppose there are just things a rich family like yours could never understand...

Say, I’d like to ask you something. In the city, I keep hearing about phantom thieves. What kind of trick do they use to steal people’s hearts? Haha, well, I guess you wouldn’t know… Oh, right. If you happen to see me at night… Would you make sure you stay a safe distance?

Hmm, I think so. Akechi-san was talking about them on TV, after all.
It’s like what happened with Kamoshida. I think the calling card is the key. Do you have any idea who put it there?
Oh yeah, the culprits are still a real mystery… I wonder if they really are from my school.

Oh, hey Ann. Weren’t you hanging out with Makoto in that scene I wasn’t actually present for?

Are you sure about that? We still haven’t found the Treasure...

I guess there’s no point in worrying if you’re so sure… I really wanna eat something sweet right now… You’re in the same boat as me, right? Right…?
>Hang out with her
All right! In that case… Let’s go get crepes! With tons of extra toppings!

I’ve been informed by the cat that I do not enjoy crepes.

Music: What’s Going On?

I have the worst luck...

Looks like it’s from the agency. I wonder what they could want… Huh…? Mika!?

Fuck yes, return of the only good character

They want me to head over for a shoot now… Feels pretty familiar, doesn’t it? Basically, this men’s magazine is running a Mika special to try and capitalize on her recent popularity. But apparently, she asked for me specifically to star alongside her for the shoot… I wonder why...

Yeah, I’m sure that must be it.

Hold on though… Why would you trick someone you admire? Well, I guess I won’t know what she wants unless I head over! Have you been to the Sky Tower before? How do you get there…?

Oh, and… c-can you come with me? Actually, I’ve already decided for you. You’re going. Come on!

Music: Wicked Plan

You asked for me, right? Wow… I barely recognize you. Did you lose weight…? Or maybe change your makeup?
The theme for today’s shoot is “the elegance of woman.” So, I conditioned my body to be more elegant.
Wh-What do you mean?
Controlling what you eat, how you move… That’s all. It may sound easy, but it’s pretty tough. You have to write down everything you eat, making sure to check the nutritional and caloric content. I even hired a personal trainer to take special note of my diet and oversee my exercise regimen.
Whoa… That’s amazing! Does that mean you don’t get to eat double chocolate crepes?

The correct response to Ann’s idiocy.

Not to mention the other stuff I do! I take herbal medication, wear warming socks, do pilates and yoga… Day after day… How many squats do you think I do in a week!? Ugh, a natural beauty like you could never understand how much work I put into my modeling!

Sorry, did I say natural beauty? What I meant was natural airhead.


Ha! Yes!

Man, cat fights are scary...

Wonderful, wonderful!
I see now… This is a test… Well, I’m not gonna lose…!

Um, Ann-chan… could you try being a little… sexier?

Oooh, that’s beautiful!
M-Mika!? Why are you doing this? I thought you looked up to me!
You should have known that was a lie… but I guess you’re just as naive as you look. Anyway, stupid amateurs like you really piss me off. You better not drag me down, OK?


Oh, you’re amazing, Mika-chan!

Introduce me, pleeease? Mm-hm, mm-hm! The owner even invited me to dinner! Y’know, working with all of you just makes me so… happy!
…… Um… I’m heading home...
We’ve arrived back in Shibuya...

Music: My Homie

Why did Mika ask for me…?

I see… Then she was just trying to be mean…

I don’t know what you’re talking about, Mika’s great.

…… If that’s the case, I probably deserved everything she did… ……

…… I’m...

I’m so pissed off! Mika had to work super hard every day to get where she is now. She worked out, watched her diet, made friends with everyone…! She couldn’t rely on connections like I did… She didn’t become a model just for the heck of it. Her resolve, her knowledge, her fashion sense… They’re all on a totally different level from me! Mika is amazing. Mika is… Mika is strong! But me? I’m nothing! Just thinking about that makes me so angry… I feel like I could explode! This whole time, I’ve just been pretending to model. It was like the clothes were wearing me… I mean, that’s what I always thought being a model meant! ...But I was totally wrong. A real model draws out the beauty of the clothes they wear… casts a stunning magic on them… A real model is flexible, beautiful… and strong. Well, I’ve had enough pretending! I want to be a real model…!

I’m gonna take the world by storm… Just you watch, Maaku!
I sense a heightened motivation from Ann...

I’ve never had this proc (because I rarely used Ann), but this seems decent. Well, it would be if it wasn’t named “Sexy Technique,” but still.

Urghhh, I’m so mad! This is the perfect time for sweets! But no, I won’t eat them! I mean, I will… but not today! You eat some for me, Maaku!