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Part 57: 6/25: The Nice Meltdown

Part 56: 6/25: The Nice Meltdown

There’s some important news coming at the end of this update, everyone. Just read normally, you’ll understand in time.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

First things first, we need some stuff from Takemi.

Music: Butterfly Kiss

Some of these will greatly increase our survivability, but they’re not the only reason we’re here.

No, the main reason we came to the clinic is for SP Adhesive 3. If you don’t remember what this does, it gives us Invigorate 3, which restores 7 SP per turn on whoever has it equipped. We were only going to buy one of these, but considering that we have yet to actually incur the massive expense we went to Mementos to save up for due to the Palace visit getting pushed up, we can afford to buy two while still having plenty left over. Since the end goal is to have four of these, one for every active party member, we might as well buy a second one now. We’ll stick one on ourselves and give the other to Makoto.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Now, it’s time to head to the Palace.

Music: Price

You all were using code names, weren’t you?
You’re quite perceptive.
This time’s a hard one… Maybe somethin’ like “Shoulder Pads”?
Why in the world did you focus on that…?
I refuse to be called that.
What about “Rider”?
Sounds too much like a smuggler. Next.
I’m not a mastermind though. Next. Won’t you give me something better to work with?
She reminds me of an empress. You got anything, Joker?

Whoa, I totally see it!
It fits so well that I’m at a loss for words here.
Queen… It has a nice ring to it. I like it. Let’s go with that. Now then, could you explain to me the strategy for this mission?

This is approaching Naoto levels of not understanding that we’re all idiots.

Uhh… We pretty much look around the area, I provide navigation when needed, and then…
If we run into Shadows, we beat the shit outta ‘em!
Very well then. I feel like I’ll be useful for sure. It seems my role is to be the brain of this team. I’ll analyze Mona’s information and give out orders. Any objections?

I bet Skull’s definitely the type that’ll be under a girl’s thumb.
Mona, will you begin navigating us?

Him too, it seems...

Apparently we are acknowledged as customers who can be extorted.
...That’s fine. We can take advantage of his negligence.
Though I will say, it’s a little scary every time.

Approaching the front door reveals that it is impassable.

It seems as though they didn’t want to leave that gaping hole...
But… we can’t get in now...
Sorry… I… think I might have taken it a little too far...

That’s right. We would have been in serious danger had it not been for Queen’s actions.
The details are no longer important. Let us search for a new infiltration point, Joker.

Let’s examine this suspicious pig statue.

Wait. I can feel a draft coming from underneath the statue… Doesn’t this seem strange to you, Joker?

...Especially that placard. I wonder why it looks so odd.
Why don’t we check it out?

The statue moves, and that weird Legend of Zelda chime plays again.

Let’s head inside… After we’re adequately prepared, of course.

I don’t remember seeing this place last time… Just where exactly are we…?
There has to be a map somewhere. For now, let’s try to explore and search for the Treasure.

We don’t got any business with reception anymore, right? Let’s try attackin’ some new places!
That should be OK, but there will be a lot of enemies. Try to be careful, OK?

These Nekomata are weak to Electricity and use Wind and Physical.

High Pixies are weak to Gun and Nuclear, and like to put party members to sleep, heal, and use Wind.

An elevator arrives.

The Shadow gets in the elevator, and it descends.

It looks like there are lower floors in here too…
Hm, but that elevator is lacking a control panel.
They probably control it from a security room. It’s a simple, but effective measure of screening.
That must mean they really don’t want anyone going down there...

Orobas is weak to Bless and uses Sukukaja and Fire attacks.

Angel is weak to Curse (not Gun, though, the first winged enemy we’ve seen that isn’t), and likes to try to instant-kill us with Hama and also blow itself up. Sure, why not? This place is hell.

I’m not sure I can handle that...
Y’mean ‘cause you’re a cat?
I meant ‘cause it might be quicker or smarter than other enemies! J-Just be careful, Joker!

I don’t know about smarter, but these things are definitely a hell of a lot faster than other enemies.

In a second, they’re on you. It’s really important to get the ambush, because if they catch you off guard they’re likely to get the advantage.

This is Orthrus. It’s weak to Ice and really, really likes Fire.

We see the ever-rare hostage situation once more here.

Let’s call in for help this time, just to see what it’s like.

A true hero by the name Vitam1nB...

A shot from offscreen forces the enemy to back away.

Finally, we see yet another Oni.

One thing Makoto can do is sub in occasionally for navigation duties. It’s pretty neat. It also won’t save us here!

Oni still loves using Rampage!

Now, fine, we just go do all that again and--


Okay, one more ti--


All right, let’s think about this calmly and approach this with--


I’m not mad. It’s funny, actually. Just one more tr--

ha. haha. hahaha. hahahahahahhhaahahahahahahahhaahaghhahahahahahahhahahahahassdgkksdgdjkgfjksadfjkd







...Nope, no more of this. I’m done. I’m not kidding. This is too much. All this work to appease you chattering imbeciles, but it’s never enough, is it? You think you know more about this game than me just because you constantly point out my countless grievous factual errors, huh? Well, maybe you do, but that’s not the point! You wastrels get off on this, don’t you?

Persona 5 has no chill. Just because you leave on the wrong Persona multiple times and refuse to change your strategy at all between deaths, it keeps happening? What bullshit is this? This is the worst gaming experience I’ve had since my heavily savescummed playthrough of XCOM 2!

And you realize I’m never actually going to finish this game, right? It’s been five months and I’m not even halfway done. This LP is an asymptote. I committed to this thinking it would be an interesting way to spend some time and get some e-cred. I never thought I’d spend most of my Sunday rewatching footage of me dying five times in a row in the first three rooms of this fucking Palace that smells like butts and oh god what am I doing with my life.

This isn’t worth it. Goodbye forever.