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Part 59: 6/25: I Wish I Was An Only Child

Part 58: 6/25: I Wish I Was An Only Child

Well, let’s get back to it, I guess. I managed to fix the portraits, at least, and hopefully there isn’t much in the way of further obstruction from Ari.

”I got bored during this part so instead of writing I just added a bunch of stuff I thought was cool to the pictures”

That doesn’t sound too bad, I guess.

Music: Price

There’s a staircase leading up near the safe room.

Ugh, he doesn’t even know what Undertale is, he just watched a video of Papyrus on YouTube and liked his music.

Following the stairs puts us back near the start. It seems pointless, but it serves the purpose of letting us return to the start without leaving the dungeon proper, because riding the elevator and dropping down from the rafters was a one-way trip.

According to the map, we should be able to head down from here.

what on earth

But nothing beyond this floor is on our map, right?
Yeah. We’ll need to find another one soon...
Why don’t we focus on finding a way downstairs? Hopefully we find the other map along the way...

Now, the path down is blocked by numerous cameras, so we’re forced to find a spot where we can jump down instead.

If I just ignore it, he doesn’t win.

According to the map, there’s a great deal more beyond here...
Then this is not a vault, but a partition of sorts. The terminals there must be how you open it.
B-But both of them have keyholes.
I suppose that means we’ll need two keys to pass through here…
For real…? Ugh, it’s a pain in the ass how secure this place is.

That must be where the Treasure is!
Yeah, you’re probably right… Let’s look for those keys!

Further ahead we come a room with a few interesting features. The first is the treasure chest.

The Black Kotagana is notably worse than our current weapon, oddly. However, it “possesses the power to transmute,” which we’ll come back to.

The other thing about this room is that it contains the power boxes for all the cameras in the neighboring hall.

We’re now free to explore the area.

Music: Tension

What’s wrong? Are you nervous? Don’t be. We have the keys they need, so things should be OK as long as we protect them.

I’m being terrorized by a 10-year-old.

It’s highly likely those are the way by which the partition opens.
What’re we gonna do then? Beat ‘em up and take the keys?
Didn’t you see those two? They’re obviously not ordinary Shadows. Anyone who’s been entrusted with a key that important would have to be extremely strong.
And there’s two of them; it would be tough dealing with both. Plus they could sound the alarm...

Hm… That’s a good question.
Then… why don’t we split them up and beat them individually?
And how can we do that?
Do you remember that monitoring room upstairs? The room we acquired our map from. There was some communication equipment there as well. We can use that to lure one away.

I agree. It sounds safer than fighting them at the same time!
OK, let’s leave this part to our intellectual!
Thank you! First up, we need to head to the monitoring room!
Hey, you think we should just head straight over, Joker?

This choice is just asking you if you want to be teleported directly to the monitoring room from before.

Music: Price

Oh, this one’s a little sad. Ari really wanted to be Spider-Man for Halloween last year but our stepdad Louis thinks superheroes and Halloween are too pagan. I don’t really get it either, but Ari was pretty broken up about it. I bet he’s really jealous of that random child.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Come in, security room! This is the monitoring room! We’ve been ambushed by intruders! Requesting backup, immediately! One person would be perfect!

And there we go! All we need to do now is wait for the enemy.

Not exactly.

This was a trap!? You bastards!

Music: Keeper of Lust

Tornado Devil

It’s weak to Electricity and likes to spam Wind. This guy isn’t really a huge problem.

Music: Price

Oooh, he had a key!
Guess that went pretty well, huh?
That means there should only be one Shadow in the security room! Let’s snatch the other key from it while we can!
Joker, do you want to go right to the security room from earlier?

It’s honestly a little distressing to me how worried this dude is.

We’ll be heading right into battle when we charge in there! Are you ready for this?

All right, let’s go!

We’re here for the other key!
What!? Then that comm earlier… How dare you!

Floodbringer Demon

Music: Keeper of Lust

This guy is a joke. We’ve already fought one of them, so we know its weakness is Nuclear, and it’s alone this time. We take it down easily. Banana, motherfucker.

Music: Price

Perfect, we’ve now obtained both keys!
Oh, one second!

Maybe it can tell us what the bank is like further down.

Well, the most suspicious area would be the deepest part…

This map seems to indicate that the area beyond the partition is rather large as well...
I’m sure security will keep getting more intense from here onward too. We need to be careful.

Let’s head back to the partition, then.

On three! One, two…!

Yeah, he… really likes Spider-Man. I actually had to sneak him out of the house to go see the new one because Louis wouldn’t let him. We don’t really talk much, but I thought it would be nice. I probably wouldn’t have done it if I knew he’d go this nuts though.

Yes, I agree. The cooperation of our whole team is what helped us through this particular ordeal.

Except Yusuke and Morgana, who didn’t do shit.

Music: Price (Another Version)

So he took all of this from the weak...
...He’s going to pay for this.

No… These ones seem different from what we’ve seen before… They turn on and off.
It might be a surveillance system that switches between multiple cameras for efficient coverage...
That just means we gotta pass by when it’s not recordin’, yeah?
That should work… but there are guards to watch out for too. We should proceed with caution!

The gimmick here is that the cameras switch on and off frequently. The timing to pass through them can be pretty annoying to nail, especially when you take the guards into account. You can’t ambush through the path of a camera that’s on even if the enemy is within range, either.

Yaksini is weak to Nuclear like half the other Shadows in here, and likes to enrage party members, both with dedicated skills and Physical strikes.

To proceed, we have to walk out onto a nearby ledge and jump down to the lower floor.

From here, we can head down using the nearby elevator or explore the area a bit further.

Leanan Sidhe is the first source of Psy damage we’ve yet encountered (bad news for Makoto), and is weak to Fire.

Ann learns Agilao, the Medium Fire skill, at level 22. Astoundingly, she’s still nowhere close to gaining her next healing skill, meaning she’s still stuck with Dia. Ann is not a very effective healer.

The only thing of note on this floor is this hallway, containing a staircase leading to a door we can unlock that takes us back up, and this treasure chest behind a bunch of cameras. All that’s in it is an Ignis Ring, which we can slap on Yusuke to reduce the amount of Fire damage he takes. It’s really nothing special.

Heading back to the elevator, we take it down.

Okay, jeez, we get it. This LP isn’t your fucking trapper keeper.

It is difficult to hear what he’s saying from where we are now...

On our way down, Makoto gains Freila, a single-target Medium Nuclear attack.

We also open a chest with one of our Lockpicks and get a new melee weapon for Makoto, who seems to just be on fire tonight.

Y-You bastards… How did you get this far!? What about my security!?

how does he even know about the grimace

Sorry, that shit was a piece of cake for us!
...Well, I wouldn’t say it was that simple...
H-Hey, finish off these vermin here! Keep them away from the elevator at all costs!

Demonic Warlord

Music: Keeper of Lust

Here, we’re up against a new guy, plus the old guards. The Tornado Devil and Floodbringer Demon are both still weak against Electricity and Nuclear, respectively, so they shouldn’t give us too much trouble. However, the Demonic Warlord’s weakness happens to be Psy. Now, it’s unlikely that one will have a Persona with Psy unless they grabbed one of the Leanan Sidhes from earlier, but thankfully, Ari’s fusion of Matador gave him one such Persona.

From that fight Yusuke learns Rising Slash, a Heavy Physical attack that gets an extra boost from Baton Passes. Here we finally see Yusuke’s main gimmick, his Baton Pass moves. They do great damage against most enemies, yes, but they’re absolutely worthless in boss fights, where you can’t exploit weaknesses. The main drawback of the Baton Pass/One More system in general is ultimately Yusuke’s undoing, which is a shame. For now, though, Rising Slash is still going to deal more damage than pretty much anything else we have, with or without the boost.

Music: Suspicion

Grrr, he took off while we were busy fightin’...

It’s a journal. Let us see what lies inside… “R=C=0, I=1, H=2”… What could this mean…?
The pages afterward have been torn out as well. Could it be a code of some sort?
If we’re not gonna figure this shit out now, we should just keep goin’ forward, yeah?
Considering Kaneshiro’s reaction, this elevator should lead us to the innermost part of the bank. If so, it’ll be the most secure area as well. Let’s make sure we’re ready for whatever awaits!

Music: Price (Another Version)

On the other side of the hall, we find a safe room. It would have been nice to have it before the last fight, but oh well. Keep it in mind anyway.

Now, we just head down using the elevator.

Music: Disquiet

Wh-What the hell!? Are these all vaults…!? How messed up is this guy!?
We’re supposed to check all of these for the Treasure!?

What’s the matter?
If my prediction is correct, we won’t need to check every single one of these small vaults.
For real!?
...That is, I hope. I’ll explain why once I’ve confirmed my theory.
I seriously hope so too...

Music: Price (Another Version)

Excuse me, I’ll be right back.


…Sorry, I just had to go find Ari and yell at him.

And, we’re greeted with… another safe room! This Palace has three safe rooms, and two of them are right next to each other! Shit!

“That’s enough of the pictures. This dungeon is long though so I’ll finish it later. Bye for now!”

Why am I doing this to myself