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Part 65: 7/4-7/6: Hifu-Mi-Oh!

Part 64: 7/4-7/6: Hifu-Mi-Oh!

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

Music: Everyday Days

If you learn more about flowers, it’ll be useful for when you work at that florist job.

That book covered the language of flowers at great length. That’ll be handy for that florist job!

We’ll go into what this means later.

Music: So Boring

The humidity is what kills me about Japanese summers. I miss the dry heat of California. Not to mention, July and August both have thirty-one days. Summer is long… Now then, Mr. Hamiru! Do you know the reason why July and August both have thirty-one days?

No really, that’s the correct answer.

Great! That’s right. You may already know this… But the months of “July” and “August” are named after the Roman emperors Julius and Augustus. Augustus named a month after himself, just like Julius. However, he felt like he would be losing if his month was shorter than Julius’, so he added a day. It’s a mystery why men are so stubborn and prideful over silly things like this.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Well, as far as you’re all concerned, you’re just lucky to get a long vacation. But before that, you have exams. They start on the 13th of next week. Don’t forget, OK?
Next Wednesday, huh… You’d better make sure you study.

Music: Aria of the Soul

We head over to the Velvet Room and fuse this Jikokuten from Orthrus and Rakshasa to free up a slot to resummon an Eligor.

Peace and security are my duties… I shall be your mask and grant you my power!

Jikokuten is a Buddhist guardian deity that protects the east of Buddha’s realm, associated with the color white.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

Anyway, now that we’ve gotten that done, we can get the boost for having an Emperor Persona for Yusuke’s Confidant.

Meanwhile, I am here to observe the public in an attempt to refresh my mind. Do you need something?
>I came to see you.
*chuckle* You must have a wealth of free time if that is your decision. I have some news for you. My piece “Desire” has been accepted into the public exhibition. It is on display as we speak. Would you like to come see it with me?
>Hang out with him
Then let us head to the museum. To be honest, I have yet to actually go there myself. This should be quite lovely. *chuckle*

We can now take people to the art museum in Ueno.

Music: What’s Going On?

Hm, I believe my piece truly stands out among the sea of art here. And yet, nobody has come to see it… Perhaps they are so afraid of the truth held within that they dare not take a closer look.

Yeah, I’m sure it’s that, buddy.

There’s a dark, almost sinister aura emanating from it.
Hm, the title is… “Desire”? I see no desire here. Ah, I understand now. This area is for students. The artist likely decided to paint this on a whim.
Indeed. There is neither elegance nor emotion in this piece. Come, dear. There are much more detailed paintings over there.

...There is no need to worry. I am not bothered in the slightest. That was nothing more than the drivel of unrefined commoners. I needn’t pay any mind to them. As long as those who are in the know understand my work, I will be happy.

I would like your opinion, sir… What are your thoughts on this piece?
I can see quite clearly why it was accepted into the exhibition. The technique is excellent. However… The composition as a whole is mediocre at best.

Music: Suspicion

The title is listed as “Desire”… but that idea is quite overused. Some may even call it stale. If you want to paint an abstract work with such an old theme, you must inject some individuality into it.
Take another look. Try to remove yourself from the artist’s bias. These brush strokes are splendid given your age… but does this painting really tell you anything? It is empty, devoid of meaning.

...Well, I liked it.

I suggest you take a more critical eye to your work in the future if you truly want to progress as an artist.

But… why? I put my heart and soul into this piece, captured the very essence of desire… It was supposed to lay bare the reality of the world…! Perhaps… Perhaps he was right. It may be empty after all… These colors, these brush strokes… They do not convey the true meaning of desire, only my conception of it…! I haven’t captured desire… Desire has captured me…!

Music: Alleycat

Ah geez. Please don’t make a scene, dude.

It is as though I have been forsaken by the gods of art! This grave mistake shall be the end for me…!

What is going to happen to me now…? Without art, what will remain of my being…!?

You are correct. Surrendering myself to fate after only one failure would be very much unlike me.

Music: My Homie

But that is all the more reason I must break out of my slump. I must prove my ability to him…!

That is the only way I will learn to capture the essence of emotion. After all, you can only accomplish so much in using logic to analyze the contents of the heart. ...I hope you allow me to continue my skill card services as well, Maaku. I shall conquer this!
Yusuke seems especially motivated...

Now then, let us head home. I wish to start anew.

Music: Beneath the Mask

That’s what he said.

BOOM! Nice one, Makoto! Haha! I don’t get it

You think we can trust him?
I doubt he’d lie if he really had a change of heart.
Looks like we’re all clear then.
We can’t be sure of that just yet.
You mean he might not have had a change of heart?
No, I’m relatively certain he did. That is not the issue. Despite Kaneshiro’s change, his organization remains intact. I can only hope they don’t abscond with the photographs.
Y’mean like, run off with it? I guess that is possible…
After all loss of the leader does not necessarily spell out the demise of the group. That is merely common knowledge.
But the opposite sometimes holds true as well.

It’ll be fine, you goddamn worrywarts.

All we can do now is pray the pieces fall in our favor.
Hopefully Kaneshiro’s confession motivates the police to crack down on the mafia… I would love nothing more than to see them defeated once and for all.
That part’ll be up to Makoto’s sis.
That aside, we’ve done everything we can for the time being. All that remains now is to wait until the result becomes clear.

It’s our ten Freeze Sprays, which inflict 50 Ice damage on an enemy. They’re pretty garbage.


...I meant “dying message.”
Was that a Freudian slip, just now, defective—I mean, Detective?
Ooh, that was brutal… Even that hard-boiled detective flinched when he heard that.

Junpei’s a cop now? Good for him.

Music: Aria of the Soul

We head back to the Velvet Room because we need a Star Persona for Hifumi and we don’t have any in the Compendium yet. First we fuse this Clotho from Orobas and Eligor.

Spin and spin, the thread of fate… I am the mask which can see your past…

Clotho is one of the Greek sisters of fate (also known as the Moirae sisters), who are personifications of fate. Clotho is the youngest and spins the thread of life. Their threads control the life of every mortal being, including the gods.

Also because we don’t have the Fortune Confidant yet we don’t get the end screen, so just know I gave her Maragi, Marakunda, and Garu in case you care.

From there, we can fuse Suzaku and Clotho for Fuu-ki, a Star Persona.

I’ll become one of your masks and work as though I were a raging thunderstorm within your heart!

Fuu-ki is one of the four Oni summoned by Fujiwara-No-Chikata, who can harness powerful winds to blow away enemies.

Music: Time to Repent

Ideal placements on the board bring the pieces to life… That is art at its highest form. Do you remember our promise? You become my playing partner so that I can research new moves… In order to do so, I would like you to start off by learning the basics of shogi. May I ask you for a match right now?
>Hang out with her
Well then, I look forward to this match.

Music: Wicked Plan

You think to protect yourself with that paltry defense? Hahaha… It’s useless! Awaken, dragon! Let your shadowy hellfire consume them all! Dark Inferno Rook!

Hifumi’s such a fuckin’ dork. She’s great.

With an incompetent king, a soldier cannot show his true bravery. Time for you to suffer!


I’d watch this anime, sure.

Music: My Homie

It’s an embarrassing habit I have. During a match, I, um… I tend to get very aggressive. It’s as if I assume the role of a queen of a kingdom...

...You’re a strange one, indeed. My father had me do image training exercises when I was younger, to help me learn the rules… I gradually began to view the shogi board as if it were my own kingdom… I had fun coming up with stories and strategies for my, um, subjects… However… I’ve heard that people make fun of me on the internet.

People think I’m weird, or that I’m an otaku, or that I’m just crazy… I mean, I can’t blame them… Certainly, I think I’m weird too.

Your positivity is… a welcome relief. I may be able to learn more from our matches than I thought.
I can sense a deep bond of trust from Hifumi...

That will do for today.

Do you read weekly magazines…?

Um, well, I’m doing a photoshoot for one...

I thought you’d be surprised if you saw it on the newsstand, so I wanted to let you know beforehand. In all honesty, I’m very reluctant to do it… But… Maybe if I can draw more attention to shogi, maybe the sport will become more popular… At least, that’s how I’m justifying it to myself… I have an interview scheduled for tonight as well, so let’s end here for today…
I feel like playing with Hifumi has helped sharpen my Knowledge...

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Until our next match. Goodbye...

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

By the way, Kaneshiro’s deadline is this weekend, isn’t it? His change of heart draws near…

Wait, there was nothing explicitly tying the change of heart to the deadline other than a bullshit gameplay contrivance, Yusuke! You’re breaking the masquerade!

The Phantom Thieves will be even more renowned than before when this goes public.

This is true… With the added attention, we may receive more requests on that message board. I think we should take care of all the cases we have now while we still have the chance.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

>Hang out with her
Thank you. It will be nice to have you there when I talk to her. Wait for me in the student council room. I’ll call her in.

Both myself and Hamiru-kun here saw you there. Based on where you were heading, we assume you’re working at a store called the After School Salon. How is it, working there?

Music: Wicked Plan

Whaddya mean? It’s just a normal cafe. They make me wear a costume and stuff, but that’s it. Oh, and I don’t hafta do anything weird, if you know what I mean. It’s all totally legal.
Hm. So you’re sure nothing strange is going on?
Yup yup, the worst I get is some weird old guys gawking at me.
I see… Beyond that though, why are you working there? ...How’s your financial situation?
Uh, fine? I mean, I can just ask my parents for cash whenever I want.
O-Oh, I see...
But they’d totally bug me about what I’m buying if I did that. That’s why I work at the salon. I got some good spending money, plus the guys who come in there like, mega pamper me.

It’s nice having people treat you like you’re special, y’know? I’m sure a super honor student like you gets that all the time though. Anyways… are you gonna tell on me? You even brought a witness today… Hold up, doesn’t that mean you were in Shinjuku together? What’s up with that, Miss Prez?

At any rate, don’t mind him. As for you… I don’t plan on telling anyone.
Ohhh, I get it! So we’re like, protecting each other’s secrets? Oh crap, and I just realized your boyfriend’s that rumored criminal… You’re a real badass, Miss Prez!

I was just worried you were getting wrapped up in some shady business, so I asked him here for support.
Hmmm… Eh, whatever. Btdubs, I was wondering...

Huh? You know Buchimaru-kun…?
I had like, tonnns of Buchi stuff back when I was a kid. What a blast from the past! Wait, why’s it so beat up!?
Well, it was given to me when I was still in elementary school… I’d like to buy a new one, but they’ve stopped selling Buchimaru-kun merchandise.
OMG, this is too hilarious! The student council president has an adorable pencil case? My image of you has done like, a complete 360 today.
Um… isn’t that a full circle?

that’s why they call it the xbox 360

Mmm, I dunno, I’m just real surprised. You don’t really look like the kinda person who’d be into that stuff. I mean, I always thought you were kinda like a robot, but I guess I just had to get to know you better. Hey, why don’t we trade phone numbers!? I really wanna talk to you more about Buchimaru-kun… and your boyfriend.

Wait, he’s not my boyfriend...
Aaand saved! Oh crap, it’s this late already? I’ve gotta get to work. I’ll send you tons of pics of my Buchimaru-kun collection later though. Bye byeee!

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

Honestly though, I’m in shock. She thought I was a robot...

Now, I know you want me to pick “Beep boop,” and trust me, it’s killing me that I can’t. I’ve picked that option before, because it’s amazing, and I’d do it here but I can’t, because Makoto gets mad at you and you don’t get any points, and we need those points to unlock the next rank. All she says is “Don’t tease me!” which isn’t worth spending an extra day unlocking the next rank. Still, Makoto needs to loosen up, because if she can’t appreciate how funny “Beep boop” is, that’s a real shame.

You know, I believe what Takao-san said about me is how others think as well. I thought I had changed after the incident with Kaneshiro, but perhaps it wasn’t enough… That aside, it was almost inspiring to meet someone so distinct from myself. I’m going to try to look at things a little differently from now on. And, well… I think that will help me break out of my shell. I hope you’re ready. I’m going to show you how useful an honor student can really be.
I can sense a quiet resolve from Makoto...

Perhaps I can correct her misconceptions about you… And as always, I’ll let you know if anything important happens. Well, see you later.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Today, we’ll be sharing the story of a woman who was a victim of such fraud. After she was scammed out of her money, she became emotionally unstable.
Emotionally unstable…? Those scammers are relentless...

We haven’t been here in a while.

Maaku gains Proficiency +2 and 3600 yen.

Music: My Homie

I’m changing my lesson for today. Instead of a regular class, we’ll be reviewing last week’s materials. I suggest you listen carefully. But don’t think you can slack off, OK? I absolutely won’t allow it. No slacking off!
Kawakami’s graciously given us this free time, so we’d better put it to good use. So, what’s the plan?

Kawakami’s giving us some time off in her own class, finally.

Is this book really about cleaning? Or is it training you to become a monk?

We should thank Kawakami for this later.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

Or can we?

Maaku gains Guts +1 and Knowledge +3 from the rain.

Music: Beneath the Mask

As before, the ISP has confirmed that this was the result of an external attack. After examining the methods used, it’s likely the attack was by an anonymous hacking group.
An attack by hackers? Does this kind of thing happen often around here?

I need to tell her to lay off with the double entendres, this is really bothering me.

Would you like that for 5,000 yen?
>Call her over
Thanks for always requesting meee. Well then, please wait for me till I get thereee!

The second e in “there” is silent! You can’t emphasize it like that! I refuse to put up with this tomfoolery!

*cough* *cough*

Oh, and Kawakami’s dying, I guess.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

You listened to… my secret. I’ve been feeling more at ease since then. I’ve never been able to tell anyone about it, so… I figured I should actually do some housekeeping today, to say thanks...

Sorry… I need to take a break...

Ughhh… I’m at my limit. Sooo exhausted...

Sorry… I can’t stop coughing...

*cough* Haha, just kidding! I just wanted to slack off a bit. I mean, there’s nothing left for me to hide from you, so the truth comes out, you know? Now that I think about it… I’m glad you’re the one who found out about me being a maid. Are YOU going to be all right in this dusty room? And have you been eating well? You need to eat fresh vegetables, and none of that instant stuff. Vitamins are super important! You’re going to turn out like me if you don’t take care of yourself!

That Kawakami is now mothering me is not making this situation any better.

I guess I should get more sleep. I feel all achy...

Takase-kun’s guardians said they need more money, so… I had my boss give me more shifts. I had to beg him for them, but...

Oh, it’s fine! Nothing you should worry about. I feel more at ease, now that I have someone who knows about what I’m going through. ...I’m talking about you.

...I don’t like where this is going.

I feel Kawakami’s trust in me strengthening...

Uh-oh, time’s up… *cough* *cough* I have to get to my next job, so I’m going to head out. Thank you for using our service...