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Part 66: 7/7-7/8: Flower Power

Part 65: 7/7-7/8: Flower Power

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Kaneshiro’s deadline is drawing near. We did all we could. I hope we can avoid problems now...

Of course I am. Palaces, changing hearts… It’s hard to tell what’s reality anymore… Still, the only thing I can do now is believe.

Music: So Boring

Not like that means I’ll put up bamboo decorations and write my wish on a piece of paper though. I’m not feeling it this year. Oh, but there’s a traditional food associated with Tanabata, just as chocolate is to Valentine’s Day. OK, Hamiru-kun! What’s the traditional food of Tanabata?


Right. Wow. I’m kind of surprised. You actually care about seasonal holidays and stuff? Originally, in China they ate a baked good that we call sakubei in Japanese to appease demons. Over time, that pronunciation went from sakubei, to sakumen, to soumen—a wholly different food.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Going with the theme of calming demons, soumen on Tanabata is sometimes called “demon guts.”

Alright, I’m way more interested now.

Go restore your strength with some seasonal food and get ready for your exams.
Oh yeah, it’s almost finals time… They start on the 13th, right? There’s less than a week left. Are you gonna be ready?

Music: Tokyo Daylight

It feels like I just don’t know anything anymore… Um, let’s talk more inside.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

The truth is… recently I’ve started questioning the entire point of my education. What do I stand to gain from getting good grades and living up to the high expectations my sister has set for me? I spoke to Eiko about this matter as well, but the answer hasn’t become any clearer...

You don’t remember? Eiko Takao. We asked her about the job she has at the “salon” in Shinjuku.

That was like three days ago. Are you okay, Maaku? You feeling all right?

Anyway, we’ve been calling each other every so often since we exchanged contact information. Because of those calls, we’ve actually grown somewhat close. When I voiced my concerns to her, she asked me how I would benefit from going to a top university. But… I couldn’t come up with a good answer. As for Eiko, her grades are… not the best, but she claims she doesn’t even think about that stuff. Apparently her parents can use their connections to find her a job… But isn’t that a little irresponsible? It’s nice she can rely on her parents, but this is her life, not theirs. ...I guess that’s just a different way of approaching things. Even at that, her vision of the future is still clearer than mine.

...I used to think doing what others expected of me was the best way forward. I was going to major in law, just like my sister did. And after that, I would simply have headed down whatever path society had made for me...

I’ve realized now there are more important things in life than being a prim and proper honor student. Honestly, I would have looked down on Eiko’s line of thinking in the past… but I know better now.

Lately, Eiko’s been telling me whenever she buys makeup or finds a cute new outfit. That reminds me, she asked me the other day what hand cream I use. I sent her a picture… and it’s apparently the same brand they use in the nurse’s office at school.

My father used to use it all the time. ...Did I ever tell you he was a police officer? He detested the corruption in our society, and worked tirelessly to bring it to justice… But despite the rough exterior, he was extremely gentle deep down. When I was little, I told him I wanted to grow up to be a police officer, just like he was.

Are we gonna have a problem, Makoto?

He was glad to hear me say that, but quick to point out that he didn’t want me doing something so dangerous. I had completely forgotten that dream, to be honest...

…if you’re a fuckin’ snitch. Jesus christ, a whole family of pigs. I shoulda known better!

Either way, after everything that happened… I have no intention of working with the police.

Good. Let’s keep it that way.

Besides, they’re trying to stop the Phantom Thieves. What am I supposed to do, arrest myself? Hm… I think I need to reexamine what my goals for the future are, outside of just plain studying. You know, it feels like I remembered something important today thanks to you. I guess you could say my viewpoint has been broadened yet again.
I can sense a quiet resolve from Makoto...

I only just learned recently that a chemise is now called a camisole, and a button-down sweater is a cardigan...

That’s a little esoteric, but whatever.

Why does the same thing have to have multiple names…? I guess in the end, I’m just becoming more aware of how little I really know. So… please, help me keep fighting back against that ignorance. Thank you again for today. See you later.

Music: Beneath the Mask

On these irregularly broadcast specials, we share limited-edition items that are all the rage! Today we’ll be talking about Melon Pan, which is made by using lots of fresh seasonal melons! Apparently they’re the pride of Yon-Germain, the bakery over in Shibuya Station.
Oh, that looks like quite a luxurious snack. I’d love to try one next time I’m in Shibuya.

Can’t wait to take my girlfriend down there for a delicious sandwich.

Music: Crossroads

Time to reacquaint ourselves with our second favorite alcoholic.

But I guess that doesn’t have anything to do with you… Have you heard any good gossip? My deadline’s coming up, and I’m all out of material. Sit down. I’ll treat ya.
>Hang out with her
For real? From the look of it, you must have good info, huh? Give me the details about the Kamoshida incident.

So the calling card they used for Kamoshida was different… Now that’s a scoop. That kind of information usually doesn’t see the light of day. ...You have any photos or videos of it?

Sorry, Mishima!

*chuckle* But seriously, the “Phantom Thieves of Hearts”? They sound like kids on a playground, not valiant fighters for society… I mean, they act all high and mighty, but I’m not sure they’re really worth very much in the end.

Hah, that’s hilarious! You think they’re actually virtuous? In my line of work, there’s no clearer sign of deception than goodwill. You know, like the shady actions of a charitable organization, or the actual criteria of a peace prize. Same goes for the Phantom Thieves. You just have to learn to take some things with a grain of salt.

Man, Ohya, you’re really kind of a drag.

C’mon, don’t be such a downer...
Why? It’s the truth.
There you go again… You used to be so positive.

...Gimme some sushi.
We’re all out. ...Hey, why don’t you go back to covering politics?
No can do. I’ve been permanently reassigned to the culture and entertainment department.
*sigh* What a crappy company… I mean, it’s already been over a year since the incident.

Oh, by the incident, I mean--
Don’t say another word. That has nothing to do with my source.
Right, sorry...
Urgh, dammit! I’m already sobering up. Gimme a refill, Lala-chan!
...Geez, you’re such a child sometimes.

Anyway, why are you coming to a bar if you can’t even drink alcohol?

You’re a true believer in the Phantom Thieves. Well, at least now I know you’re gonna be pretty useful. I’m not all that interested in the Phantom Thieves myself, but keep the info coming, all right?
I feel like my bond with Ohya is growing deeper...

...What’s taking so long, Lala-chan!?

We’re all out of booze… A certain sloshed reporter drank it all.

Man, Lala should really have her own portraits.

Can’t you just go buy more? I’ll wait for you… forever. ♥ Just kidding! Ahaha!

I feel like my Charm has increased...

Maaku gains Charm +3.

See ya later… Don’t forget to bring me more juicy info, ‘kay?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Music: Everyday Days

Cleaning as a way to speak to your heart… I’ve never thought of it that way… Reading this book must have taught you how to contemplate and think more efficiently, huh?

Maaku gains Proficiency +3.

And he ranks up!

Music: So Boring

This must be global warming. We are all destined to fade away like the ice at the South Pole.

This is a little fuckin’ morbid for a high school science class.

Speaking of ice, shaved ice is one of the symbols of summer.

That was certainly a segue.

Usually sold at festivals, they come in many varieties such as melon and strawberry. Hamiru-kun. Let me ask you a question. What is a common trait of almost all shaved-ice syrups on the market?

Correct. The truth is, almost all kinds of syrup have the same flavor. The ingredients used are corn syrup, fragrance, food coloring… it’s essentially sugar water. Try closing your eyes, plugging your nose, and tasting shaved ice with just your tongue. You’ll likely be unable to tell what flavor it is. That cold, sweet strawberry flavor is just a deception of summer produced by color and smell…

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

But before you can enjoy the sweet illusions of summer, you have very real exams waiting for you. They start next week on the 13th. Well, good luck.
Less than a week, huh? Have you been studying?

You’ve been with me the whole time, cat.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Let’s head back to the flower shop.

Music: Break it Down

Oh right, I didn’t explain things to you last time. We’ll occasionally get orders for bouquets, in which case I’d like you to pick out the flowers. I’ll vary your pay based on how pleased the customers are with what you chose… Oh, and if you get stuck, I suggest you study up with the Flowerpedia. You can do it!

The customer is looking for large, brightly-colored flowers. Pick three that fit the description.

Music: Everyday Days

This request is for large, brightly-colored flowers. I bet light colors or white would even work too. Which flower will you pick first?

Every other time you go to work at the flower shop, you’ll be asked to make a bouquet. This is why we read the Flowerpedia earlier, even if we technically didn’t need to. The Flowerpedia, for the record, shows us additional details about the flowers, like what they represent and their aromas. I don’t think the first request requires it, asking you to pick from easily identifiable traits of the flowers. If we succeed, we get a considerable pay boost and an extra point of Kindness, so we definitely want to get this right.

Okay, so Morgana says that you can pick light colors or white to fulfill this request. This is technically accurate, in that you can make that compromise once. Picking two that aren’t bright colors (like, say, light pink and white) will give you a “satisfactory” result and you won’t get the extra pay or Kindness boost.

OK, pick the second flower now.

On to the third and final flower.

There are other flowers that would have worked, but these three are fine.

The order was for large, brightly-colored flowers. Is this OK?

I hope the customer likes it...

Music: Break it Down

Well, here’s your pay for today! I gave you a little bonus because of how well you did!

Good work, Maaku-kun. Come back again when you have the time.

Living surrounded by flowers might be your true calling… and you were good with the customers too.

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

All right, we should head home.

Music: Beneath the Mask

The pictures are gone. He has no avenue to threaten us anymore. That is, if we’re able to trust what Kaneshiro said.
Don’t say such scary stuff.
We can’t relax just yet. He may still end up released from police custody...

True, there does seem to be some movement. Sis actually sent me a message saying she won’t be home tonight. There’s a chance that the police have found their breakthrough.
Ooooh, does that mean it happened!?
The timing is perfect. I guess let’s just hope for the best?
I’m gonna stay up all night watching the news to find out!

Many claim the government’s response is inadequate—this will likely affect approval ratings.
I guess that means we’re the only ones who can fight back against someone like Kaneshiro.

Time to feed the plant.

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

Music: Crossroads

>Hang out with her
Seriously, where do you get this stuff from? True believers are scary… Hey, you want a drink?

I didn’t know it was so popular with high school kids. I haven’t been paying much attention to it. But if it’s newsworthy, I guess I should keep tabs on it. The Phantom Thieves must be really bored if they’re going after small-time criminals now. I have a theory that they’re all minors, and their leader is some simpleton dying from boredom...

Plus if it only takes a second to change a person’s heart, they totally wouldn’t be bored. Well, I’m not really interested in writing entertainment articles about whatever fad’s caught on.
But they do really well, right? Some journalists who were in here seemed frustrated about that.
Journalists…? Oh, you mean Nakao and the others?

People at work call them paparazzi behind their backs… but me? I’m a real journalist!

Hey, I wasn’t looking for some kid to butt in! Entertainment articles are all about selling copies… The truth doesn’t even matter. Nobody wants to read real news...

But at this rate, you...
If I quit now, it’d be the same as declaring my partner guilty.

That’s why I can’t quit… and why I’ll never give up.

...I mean, never mind! Hahaha! But… thanks to you, I’ve had more time to focus on my own investigation. I’m going to write an article that you’ll really enjoy! Think of it as a sign of my appreciation! I can see it now! “Exclusive: Behind the Incredible Phantom Thieves! Dial 911 for justice!” ...How’s that sound? Haha, don’t worry! I’ll take it seriously. After all… that’s what I promised you.
My deal with Ohya seems to be progressing smoothly...

I can talk with him? Really? OK, I’ll be right there. Work? Nah, I’m already off the clock. Sorry, I have some urgent business I need to attend to. Just put this one on my tab, Lala-chan. (to Maaku) See ya!

Anyway, shouldn’t you be getting home too?
I was able to pique Ohya’s interest with stories of the Phantom Thieves… I feel like my Charm has increased…

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Looks like they’re searching the premises...
Another psychotic breakdown? I can’t handle this…
Does it have something to do with those posters we saw?
Did they arrest the Phantom Thieves?

What’s going on? Are we in trouble? Join us next time to resolve the least effective cliffhanger in history!