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Part 67: 7/9-7/10: Maaku Hamiru's Time-Traveling Burglary Club

Part 66: 7/9-7/10: Maaku Hamiru’s Time-Traveling Burglary Club

Well, thanks to some bullshit in regards to an inaccurate and archaic cap on character limits, I had to cleave this post in twain. Whatever.

Anon: who do they think they are
Anon: dunno what they want. NO
Anon: C’mon, show us your faces!
Anon: Who needs police anymore?

And our notoriety increases yet again.

People are saying it was foretold by a calling card...
Oh, I know about that! I saw them in Shibuya!
That Phantom Thieves forum is super active.
There’s a forum!? What’s it called? I wanna see!

Anon: get rekt, scumbags lmao
Anon: jokes on the cops! rofl
Anon: lel. Kaneshiro was a pig
Anon: p thieves, can u see this?
Anon: could this really be it?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Did you catch the news report this morning about the mafia boss getting busted? Apparently, someone scattered calling cards all across Shibuya just before his arrest. Remember the Kamoshida scandal? They say the same thing happened, that someone left a calling card. Madarame too, if I’m not mistaken.
Do you think it’s the Phantom Thieves? If so, I’m impressed. I can’t believe they actually steal hearts!

Music: Disquiet

And yet he simply turned himself in—even confessed all his crimes. The Phantom Thieves...

...Depending on the means, yes. He’s absolutely right.
Even if it makes someone admit their evil deeds and helps make them pay for their crimes?


...Damn it!

Music: So Boring

It seems like some of our students had been victimized by them, so we can breathe easy for now. I’m thankful to the police for arresting the perp, even though they’re just doing their job. By the way, “perp” is police slang. You might have heard the stars in police procedurals say it. It’s short for “perpetrator.”

The sec with the mo’s got a perf al.

Speaking of stars… Can you answer this question, Hamiru-san?

No, no. Fuck off. I’m not letting you get away with that bullshit segue. Try harder.

That’s correct.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

By the way, there are rumors that the Phantom Thieves took down the perp this time—Kaneshiro. I remember their name with that bit on Madarame, as well as the incident in May. Is this a new urban legend? Anyway, please prepare for your tests starting Wednesday, and don’t be distracted by rumors like that.
Looks like we succeeded in changing Kaneshiro’s heart! A lot of people are talking about the Phantom Thieves too!

Music: Alright

Hell yeah! Kaneshiro finally confessed! People’ve been makin’ a huge deal of it since the police announcement!
It’s difficult to accept that the authorities are taking all of the credit for his arrest.

It’s all comin’ together for us!
This is quite the turnaround. All of a sudden, people are expressing their long-standing belief in us.
So this is why Makoto told us to post the calling card anywhere that might stand out.
Pretty smart move on her part. Oh… where is our amazing Miss President?

I’ve been called into a meeting with the principal. There’s no need to worry though. More importantly, there is a special on TV about the Phantom Thieves!
Huh? What did it say!?
They were talking all about our calling cards.
For real!?
Anyway, my apologies about today. I’ll have to see you all another time.

Maaku tells them.

Really!? That’s freakin’ crazy!
I hope all this excitement doesn’t place us on the police’s radar.
It’ll be fine! No way they’d fine out about that weird other world!
True, but… Do you remember what the fake Kaneshiro said towards the end?

Yeah, he said we’re not the only ones who are doing it…
Eh, not gonna let it bother me. Far as we know, he was just pullin’ that shit out of his ass.
I hope that’s the case...
Anyways, in your face, Akechi! Now whaddya wanna do about our next target!?
Don’t get ahead of yourself. Still, people might expect a lot from our next move considering how excited they’re getting.
We can’t just pick any old schmo now.
There is no need to hurry though. Counting Kamoshida, we’ve claimed three consecutive victories, right? We should just lay low and wait for all this excitement to blow over.
In that case, how about we have another celebration?
Good idea! We can make it a welcomin’ party for Miss President too. By the way, that briefcase? It’s pretty damn expensive! Let’s sell it and drop the cash on our party.

Sorry, Ryuji. I already sold it to finance my health drink habit.

Wow… Seems like the “lay low and wait” idea has gone completely out the window.
So we can count you out then, Morgana?

Hahaha, that’s the spirit. Well, I’m gonna let Makoto know!

What’s wrong?

If you wish not to stand out, you had best not get bad grades, OK? That is something I simply would not be able to overlook as student council president! For now, behave and concentrate on your studies. We can have fun once finals are over… Understood?


Music: Disquiet

I believe in what I wrote… “The Phantom Thieves are just.”
Have you figured out who they are?
No, I’m nowhere close. However, after considering all the facts, I concluded there are no errors in their acts or principles. Thus, upon deeming them to be on the side of justice, I have decided to end my investigation.
But that’s impossible!
Impossible…? May I see the evidence you have that leads you to believe so?
I was just speaking to the director of a prestigious college about your letter of recommendation too...
There will be no need for that. I intend on getting into a good college by my own merit. Please excuse me.

About that… Yes, I am making progress. However, I have stumbled upon some difficulties… Still, why would someone as important as you be interested in a petty case like this…? N-No! That’s not what I meant…! I will investigate with all the resources available to me. Of course… Um, I should be able to let you know relatively soon. Yes, I will bring good news… Well then, thank you for your--

The person on the other end abruptly hangs up.

Man, poor Richard Epcar principal. I know Double-Stuf Albino Ving Rhames here isn’t exactly on the up-and-up, but yikes. He’s about to let out the saddest “HOLY SHIT” of all time.

Music: Days of Sisters

Hi, Sis. You look tired… Is everything OK?
Don’t worry about me. How about you, Makoto? Have you been keeping up with your studies?
Yes, of course. Though… what is the point of studying?
...What do you mean?


I was just wondering what will be waiting for me at the end… Even if I manage to push through tough entrance exams, I’m still thrust into a competitive society.
What else is there besides success? Don’t ask me such childish questions.

Even the police couldn’t figure out why. It really… was out of nowhere. This would only make sense if his personality changed… but that would be impossible.
Why does it matter? The police still caught him in the end, right?
I had plans set for a promotion, but no one can take credit for his arrest now with that confession. ...Not that a child would understand.

Christ, what an asshole. Anyway, Sae leaves.

Promotion… You’ve changed, Sis. But… I’ll be OK. ...I finally found a place where I belong.


Music: Beneath the Mask

That doesn’t mean you can slack off because summer’s on the horizon, got it?

It is only natural that people are surprised. Even the police were struggling to catch him.
Yeah. By the way, you said you were called in by the principal? Did something happen?
It was regarding my investigation of the incident with Mr. Kamoshida.

I will. I’ve graduated from my role as the exemplary honor student. From now on, I’m going to be more honest with myself. It’s quite a refreshing feeling.

It’d actually be a big problem if you didn’t stick with us.
We should allow her to join us. It would be greatly convenient.
Well then, I hope I can continue getting along with all of you.
An advisor, huh…? This new teammate of ours is pretty promising! We’ll be able to do even more now!

Many people are surprised that such a major criminal was suddenly arrested. Police are also reasserting their stance that the “Phantom Thieves” weren’t involved in the arrest. However, some outlets are reporting otherwise.
The police should just be honest. Why play dumb?

Hey-looo, lil cricket. I mean, shee… cicada. What’re your summer… summer memoriesh?

Chirp chirp! Girlsh! Oh. Oh, I fergot! I should really find a… a wives. Wife. Mother! Faaatheer! I’m shooorry! I can’t make you a grandkid jush by mysheeeeeelf!

Homework? Yesh… I’mma busy too, wi’ veryyy impurtant researsh in sciencsh, y’know. Centrifugal. Inertia! Gravitation fieldsh! H-Hamilton Jacobi action angle variaaableeeesh!

And the third choice is boring.

They steal people’s hearts, right? You think they can steal the tests for our summer classes?
No, dummy. If they steal anything, they’ll steal the hearts of our teachers and parents. They’ll make ‘em cry on TV and say they’re sorry because they make us study too much.

In honor of the Phantom Thieves, I give you… “Sometimes Blues”! My heart hides behind tears/Will you steal it/Steal it away in eternal night/Hey, is it possible to change/And make the debut of my new/Self/The Phantom Thieves/Are the greatest/ Thank you so much. How was my performance?

Haha, happy to hear! The blues is all well and good, but I need to live a rock n’ roll life like the Phantom Thieves!

We need to get home and get studying—exams are coming up. Aren’t you screwed otherwise?
Naw, bro—I’ll just flex my connections like a boss!

A lot of business executives appear to be nervous about his arrest.
I didn’t know he was such a big deal… Bravo to the Phantom Thieves.
We shouldn’t celebrate them just yet… They still remain suspicious.

It is imperative that we resolve this situation, and social reform must be led by the government. However, who can the people currently depend on…? Yes, the Phantom Thieves!

Aww, Tora’s the best.

The fact that they’re being lionized is proof that the government is malfunctioning! The mismanagement by authority figures is what has led us to this terrible condition...

I’d like your help on my days off. I’ll contact you again soon to discuss.

He appeared in court on his own, didn’t he? That doesn’t make any sense.
Maybe, behind the scenes, he made a deal with the police or something.
Ahhh, OK, I can buy that. The police can’t really be trusted either.

How do I put it…
*sad meow*
Stuff like the forced smiles and sensing the mood? There’s just still so much for me to learn!

This place ain’t safe! There’s those creepy Phantom Thieves or whatever runnin’ wild. What if they snatch ya up in the dead of night? C’mon, let’s go back home.
I said drop it already! I’m so sick of hearing about the country!

*chuckle* Hey, I work at night. If you got a job for me, just leave a letter in that trash bin. If there’s any annoying trash you want taken out, I’ll dispose of it for ya. Hahaha!

No way, my parents are scumbag gambling addicts! And as their son, I’m a natural scumbag too!


You’ve got other worries! People are saying the Phantom Thieves do better work than the police!
Hmph, what a rotten bastard… I’ll get you one of these days.

Hey, careful with how you say things! You’ve got such a dirty mind, you know that?
Look who’s talking! Lusting after a boy at least 20 years younger than you!
Oh, lay off! I can’t help it! Besides, I’m not really me if I’m not in love with somebody, right?

Just go for the fresh meat from the country. They’re nice and innocent—by which I mean naive! Bring ‘em in, even if you gotta use force. Got it?

Wait, is this considered playing at night? Or worse? Well, it’s under my supervision. It’s fine.
I don’t think my bond with Kawakami will deepen just yet...

Music: What’s Going On?

Oh, that’s right. I have something Kawakami might like… I should give it to her as a gift...

Maybe I shouldn’t give any gifts for now...

These gift items can be given to girls to get bonus points to speed up the arrival of the next rank. Kawakami doesn’t seem like the kind of woman who’d be into whatever an Uji Matcha Flan is, though.

I feel like my bond with Kawakami will grow stronger soon…
Well. See you… *sigh*

Music: Interrogation Room

This new ally you gained was Makoto!? Just tell me the truth!

Makoto… That’s preposterous. If what you say is true… ...Was Makoto also running from the police when you were arrested…!?

Now that I think about it… she did start talking a lot about the investigation from summer onward… …… Makoto aside, you mentioned one other important detail. Did Kaneshiro really say there was someone using the Metaverse besides the Phantom Thieves?
Those words could just be taken as you shifting blame to this other person, you know.

…… But why would you fabricate such an elaborate story and then shift the blame elsewhere…? There are two possibilities: either you’ve simply been trying to confuse me with your lies… ...Or everything you’ve stated is true.

Huh, so I’m either lying or telling the truth? Wow, you’ve really gained a lot of concrete information, haven’t you Sae?

Have you been telling me the truth from the very start…?

That’s the plan. ...Then again, I am investigating a “thief who steals hearts.” Very well. No matter how absurd it may seem, I’ll reevaluate my stance on believing you for now. In return, speak the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. It’s a fair deal. ...Is that acceptable?
I’ve made a deal with Sae Niijima...

Music: The Spirit

Judgement is a card that represents making a decision, rebirth, and absolution, and when reversed, self-doubt. It’s about the moment of reflection at the end of a journey.

In Personas 3 and 4, Fool and Judgement were linked arcana that represented the bonds between your teammates as the game progressed. When Fool ended, Judgement would step in and take its place. This was because Fool is the first card, 0, and Judgement was the twenty-first and “last” (not counting The World, which is another special arcana that doesn’t get a corresponding Social Link/Confidant in any of the games, or Aeon, which is just Judgement from the Thoth deck stapled onto the end of the deck to make an excuse for another Social Link in the rereleases of 3 and 4). Persona 5, obviously, does not do that, with Fool going to Igor and Judgement going to Sae.

But, yep, we’ve got a Confidant with Sae. There sadly isn’t a flash-forward for this one, heh. Also, you may have noticed that we didn’t get an ability from this level. As you may have guessed, Sae’s Confidant, being Judgment, is a little special. We still get the Arcana Burst experience when we fuse Judgement Personas, though… which is hilariously confusing. You know how The Flash time-travels into Batman’s dream in Batman v Superman? Well, first, you shouldn’t, that movie’s terrible. But anyway, it’s kinda like that but slightly less nonsensical. We do not, in fact, get Arcana Burst experience yet, which is honestly pretty annoying.

Music: Interrogation Room

...I stand corrected. It was they who targeted your group first, wasn’t it?

...Medjed? What’s that one dumb Egyptian god who looks like a sheet ghost got to do with this?

We have no pictures. Even their names and identities are unknown. If what you told me is true, then this “Nav” thing you’ve mentioned wouldn’t have worked in this case. How did you target them? Tell me everything.

Anon: thx admin!!!
Anon: cmon, next target plz
Anon: i wanna know more bout em
Anon: Oh god, Akechi lol

Seriously!? The Phantom Thieves are amazing!
Isn’t it so cool how they steal people’s hearts?
How do they make them repent?
I’m really curious… Who are they?

Anon: They’re surely in the right.
Anon: YES! take em down a notch
Anon: YES!!! fan club plz
Anon: think they got chicks?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

Huh? It’s not right? ...Not cute? That was the one the staff recommended to me though… Won’t that printer do? Huh? It’ll do, but it’s not it? ...OK, I’ll be right over.

Sojiro hangs up the phone and sighs.

Lock up for me if I don’t come back.

Something like that… Sheesh, what a handful...

This case is said to be a result of the Phantom Thieves’ actions, but what do you think?

This dangerous group tampers with people’s hearts. It’s no different from brainwashing.
I see. You’re absolutely correct.

Who was it again? You know, that famous artist...
Ah, Madarame, was it?
They punished those awful people, didn’t they? The Phantom Thieves aren’t at fault then.
That may be true, but...
(to Maaku) Don’t you think so too, deary? The Phantom Thieves aren’t doing anything wrong, are they?

See? Even he says that they’re doing good. Oh my, look at the time. We should probably head home.
Ah, you’re right. Thanks for the drink.

Music: Disquiet

But to think the Phantom Thieves would honestly attempt an absurd idea like social reform… ...You’re absolutely right. I’m not pleased about the general public’s support of them either. There’s also the danger of the Metaverse being exposed with their continued actions…

…………..WHAT!? These chucklefucks know about the Metaverse?

...Actually, there is one countermeasure he brought in that seems usable. It involves having the Phantom Thieves destroy themselves without our direct intervention...

...Ah I thought as much. I had a feeling that it was too brutal for it to be his own idea. Still, to think you’d go through such elaborate detail to crush them… Their actions must be that much of an eyesore for you. I sympathize with what you’re going through. Well then, we’ll clean this up quickly and put it behind us. Yes. A grand undertaking like social reform is beyond a group such as the Phantom Thieves. Only a few people are entitled to change the world… like you, “future” Prime Minister. *sinister chuckling*

Uh-oh. Looks like this goes way bigger than we possibly could have imagined...

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Pfft! Don’t be such an ass! I bet you’re at home, right? We’re gonna come over right now about the you-know-what. Seeya!

I don’t know what, for the record.

Music: Alright

That’s not why we’re here! We need to study for finals!
*sigh* Why am I here too…?
You’re one of us now, so of course you gotta help us. We’re in trouble if you don’t teach us, you know?

Ohoho, oh, I’ll hold you to that! Wanna see who gets the higher test scores?
Let’s leave those guys be...
*sigh* I couldn’t ask the last time I was here… But what is this place? The storekeeper doesn’t seem to be around...

He’s got complicated circumstances… We can tell her about it, right? Actually, tell her yourself.

Ann, Yusuke, and me are pretty much the same too. I mean, it’s not as bad as this guy’s though. There’s just something we can’t ever put up with. That’s why we all became Phantom Thieves.
Hey, don’t forget me.
I know, I know. We’re all part of the team. By the way, Makoto, ain’t there someone you can’t forgive either? Like, a heart you wanna change?
...That’s a secret.
Ooh, there’s someone like that? You could just tell us, you know. You don’t gotta be so cold.
That aside, do you have any intention of studying for the exam?
Not really…
It’s fine if I leave then?
N-No, I’m just joking! Please teach us...

I think it’s a fear of open spaces. You don’t hear it that often, though.

Leave vocabulary and long sentences to me. I suck at proper grammar, though...
Even if we study English, it’s not like I’m gonna use it in the future.
When it comes to you, your Japanese is questionable too.
Aw shuddup!
Explain the writer’s feelings…? What point is there in that?

...Why don’t we take a break?

This case is said to be the result of the Phantom Thieves’ actions, but in actuality, is this true?

The question is what the Phantom Thieves actually did. If they tampered with a suspect’s heart, it casts doubt on the authenticity of any confession.
So then, by tampering with hearts, the Phantom Thieves are fabricating crimes that may not exist?
We can’t deny the possibility. There’s no doubt that the Phantom Thieves are exposing hidden injustices in society. However, if this is done by sidestepping the law, their way of thinking is very dangerous.
So in a way, they’re outlaws.
Yes. They’re no different than the criminals they target. This cannot be overlooked.
I see.

Music: Break it Down

Just let them say whatever they want. More people are starting to understand that what we’re doing is right, after all.
When I’m walkin’ around in town, I hear a lot more people talkin’ about us too. And the forum’s been full of hype! Do you think we made it big time?
Don’t get pompous over dealing with some street thug. Save it for after we deal with a bigger target.
We just gotta take down a bigger one, yeah? That was the plan from the start, anyways!
True, it may be best if we start thinking about it.
I bet we’ll find one in no time. The wind’s blowin’ in our direction and everything! I feel like we won’t lose to anything right now.
Well, we’ll decide on that eventually. We need to overcome our exams first. Now then, break time’s over! Let’s get back to--
That reminds me—the celebration party. Weren’t we gonna do it after exams?
Yes, I believe so.
Where should we go? I feel like I’ll study better if I got something to look forward to.
The last one was a buffet at a hotel. We haven’t gone anywhere since.

...Hm!? A buffet!?

Oh, Yusuke’s here. I didn’t notice him because he’s been completely silent for the entire scene, popping up only for his requisite “starving artist” gag.

Where would be good…?

Hey, what about fireworks!? A fireworks festival!
Oh yeah, it’s that season, huh!
That sounds good to me.
It’s hard to ignore a buffet, but I’ll take the beauties of summer. Still, I demand that we feast during the festival as well.
Do you guys own a yukata? Will you wear a yukata!?
Doesn’t a fireworks festival sound good? You think so too, right?

All right, fireworks festival, it is! Let’s look for a good one!
Study comes first, though. I won’t let you off if you fail any of them. Are we clear?
Y-Yes, ma’am...

Somewhere else, someone is listening to our conversation...

Study comes first, though. I won’t let you off if you fail any of them. Are we clear?
Y-Yes, ma’am...

The girl chuckles.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Yeah, it seems like she’ll do something real bad someday, right? And, it gets even worse. As it turns out, she’s a Shujin student. You know a girl named Yumeko Mogami? She’s always up near the classrooms on the second floor… Please, you have to do something before things get worse!
Heheh! This is a good opportunity for us! Kaneshiro’s change of heart has probably opened up some deeper parts of Mementos. Let’s make some time and talk about it at the hideout.

Just before his arrest, “calling cards” with the suspect’s name were posted all over the area. Pictures of these were spread on the internet. Some claim these are proof the “Phantom Thieves” exist.
Putting calling cards up all over town was really effective. Getting famous might keep us pretty busy.

Are they just choosing bad people to steal hearts from?
Maybe someone’s asking them to do it.
Oh yeah, don’t they have a forum or something?
What if you make a request on there and they follow through?

Anon: jokes on the cops! rofl
Anon: i wanna know more bout em