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Part 68: 7/11: Thanks Radium

Part 66.5: 7/11: Thanks Radium

And here's the rest of the update.

Anon: omg they got the mafia lol

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

…I didn’t expect the Phantom Thieves would suppress a man that even the police had trouble with. The fact they have so much support online is worrisome. I’m in a bind since I previously denounced them. All the interviews these days ask me about that. ...Still, can we really say the Phantom Thieves are on the side of justice with just this example?

Haha, thank you. But… I notice that you’re not saying that the Phantom Thieves are right. ...I suppose that was an unfair way to phrase it. I was originally investigating the mental shutdown incidents. ...Don’t you think it’s similar to the change of heart that the Phantom Thieves are doing? …… Now that I think about it, their actions mirror the mental shutdown cases, with the rate of victims. It’s impossible not to see a connection there… ...Ah, sorry. I don’t want to make you late. I’ll see you again.

My god, this dude can talk your ear off.

“Shibuya Crime Ring Reveals All!” The leader’s confession has led to the arrest of other key members. “Sudden Rampage? Highway Accident!” The driver’s death has been confirmed, taking the total count up to four. “Hotspots of Tokyo!” Come see the summer fireworks show on July 18th!
Thanks to Kaneshiro spilling the beans, that organization is falling like a house of cards. Hehehe… We’re getting more and more famous!

Music: So Boring

In this internet society, every silly little thing gets its five minutes of fame. But just like a fleeting firework, they are destined to be forgotten once summer ends. Now that I think about it, there’s an organism that has its own short-lived glimmer. That’s right—fireflies. They’re probably something akin to magic creatures to you city kids. Hamiru-kun. You haven’t been completely tainted by city life yet, so here’s a question. What is the name of the light-producing substance in fireflies?

I picked the one with “Lucifer” in the name.

Correct. When luciferin combines with oxygen, it undergoes oxidation and emits light. A firefly cannot cry, so it burns its body… or so they say. Their light is actually a chemical reaction called a cold light—it doesn’t produce heat like fire.

Uhh, the second law of thermodynamics would like a word with you.

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

We ranked up in Knowledge just in time for finals!

Now that I think about it, there’s a fireworks show next week. It may not be a bad idea to go see them. However, don’t become so blinded by the far-off lights that you can’t see the exams in front of you.
I wanna go relax somewhere after exams end!

Finals end on the 16th, so that should be good, right?
What are you talking about?

I’ll do that tomorrow.
Hey, we’re in the middle of class. Talk about those things later.
Yeah, yeah.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

It looks like they saved me again. I guess I’ll become a fan of the Phantom Thieves, after all.
I hope Akechi-kun isn’t too shocked from all the backlash he’s been getting online… I’ll still believe in Akechi-kun, though! I mean, he’s so handsome! Like, ridiculously handsome!

I suppose I’ll ask you this too, just in case. Who do you think will be their next target?

Well, if they want a bigger target, maybe the government? That’d be really interesting. I have no idea what they’ll do next. I’m a bit excited, but it’s also kind of scary.

I see… So rather than acting right away, they’re carefully observing society for now? It might also be that the criminals have been scared into hiding by the Phantom Thieves.

She says she knit her boyfriend a scarf, which made him super happy. Maybe that’s you, Ikesugi-kun?
Ah, stop it… That scarf freaked me out, so I threw it away. That’s only a coincidence.
Maybe you should ask that genius detective Akechi-kun to get to the bottom of this? Juuust kidding.

Oh, wait… When I marry him, I’ll be Yumeko Ikesugi… *giggle* I’ll post online about anyone who gets in my way. And they’ll bleed! It’ll be a blood storm!

Well, we found our target.

People are all about them right now. I totally voted “YES” in that online poll!
Yeah, I think Akechi-kun might’ve jumped the gun a little by saying they’re dangerous.
They should team up and take out Tokyo’s trash together!

Heroes like them must get all the girls. Maybe I’ll quit basketball to join the Phantom Thieves.
The Phantom Thieves are just a fad! You’re not seriously thinking of quitting your team, are you!?
I just don’t think it’s gonna work out. There aren’t many talented people I can get to join our team.

Be careful not to spread weird rumors. Students should concentrate on studying, anyway.
Oh, crap! It’s almost finals! I don’t want to fail and have to take remedial classes. I wonder if the Phantom Thieves can steal test questions. Hahaha! Nah, that’d be impossible!

Heh… Who could have known that Kaneshiro had that up his sleeve…? I can hear the people’s cries for a hero to fight evil… But for now, let me rest a bit… Heh.

Yeah, I’m not doing too shabby. People really fall for these “too-good-to-be-true” stories. Just butter ‘em up a little, and it’s a cinch. There are so many gullible people everywhere!

It’s up to you to protect what’s really important. You can’t take risks in these dangerous times. But what can you do to protect yourself? Don’t worry—our security systems are the answer! Please contact our company for installation services!

What are the police doing, letting those fishy Phantom Thieves steal their thunder!?
He was still arrested in the very end. It all worked out, didn’t it?
Come on… Can you really trust someone who hides their face like that!?

Hmm… I’m not sure. It seems like they only fight the bad guys.
Woof! Woof!
Kotaro says he likes them!
Oh, really? They must be good guys then.

There’s been a running subplot with this kid and her sick dog that I’ve been skipping because it’s both not terribly relevant and also because it’s pretty depressing.

*grunt* This too is thanks to the power of the Sun God and his blessing of the Phantom Thieves.
Um, I don’t mean to dispute you, Sun God, but I thought your power was weak during the rainy season?
Th-The power of the Sun God cuts through the darkness! Heal your battle wounds, my apostles...

I see. No comment then, hm? He is so pessimistic about the country’s future that he sees no point in sharing his opinion! And that concludes our on-the-spot coverage.

I’m the romantic phantom thief, here to steal your heart… The Love Thief of Pounding Hearts!
Love Thief… of Pounding Hearts…? Isn’t that a bit corny?
Idiot, that’s the point! Just give it a try!

I completely support the Phantom Thieves now. Hopefully they bring more bad apples to justice!
I can only imagine what the police are doing. They haven’t seemed very reliable.
I agree. Although I’m sure they’re reevaluating how they handle crime prevention.

Everyone runs away as soon as they see my face, but I’m not really sure why… Hey, can I ask you something? Do you think it’s possible that someone’s personality could change overnight…? No, sorry. Never mind...

Don’t trust the cops. The real calling card was posted online!
I guess it doesn’t really matter who did it, as long as they’re getting rid of the bad guys.
You’re so nonchalant, as usual...

He’s been talking about Egypt and stuff… But is he really working on deals with people overseas?
Is it because of Medjed? That thing on the internet, right?
Yeah, that! He was getting frustrated about being stuck at work since he can’t take his computer home anymore.

Well, we’ve got five requests on deck, so next time we’re gonna go take care of them. Mementos update! Fuck!