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Part 69: 7/11: Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle K

Part 67: 7/11: Strange Things Are Afoot At The Circle K

Music: Tokyo Daylight

It is sweltering… The air conditioning seems to have ceased functions entirely...

Anon: A new hero is born!

We’ll start with this one first… This intel is on an online stalker burning with jealousy because the man she loves has been taken away. It seems she’s a Shujin student… Her delusions are really getting out of hand. She’s even writing how she’s going to kill them.
If we don’t stop her, she might actually do it! We need to figure something out before that happens.
Fine by me.
That’s not all. Now on to the next target. Apparently the Phantom Thieves inspired a larceny group that steals from shops in Shibuya. On top of that, it seems their leader has been physically abusing his younger brother. We can’t let these people go around tarnishing the Phantom Thieves name.
I must agree, even more so if we are being asked for help. Let us put a stop to this madness.
I’m for doing this too! We need to trigger a change of heart in them.
That’s not all. Now on to the next target. This intel is on a cowardly kid who carries out atrocities using bullies under his control. He’s the one behind that guy Takanashi whose heart we changed before as well. Anyway, it seems like he’s been blackmailing people with videos they don’t want made public.
Sure thing. Let’s break that shitty bastard.
It seems tough, but I think we can accomplish this if you say we can!
That’s not all. Now on to the next target. This intel is on a heinous convenience store manager. Not only does he steal money from the register, but he gets away by blaming his part-timers for it. He probably just does whatever he wants because he owns the store.
Let’s take him down. Even though he owns the place, it’s damn clear what’s right and what’s wrong.
Mm-hm, that’s unforgivable! We’re going to do this, no matter what!
That’s not all. Now on to the next target. This intel is on a man who’s been abusing his girlfriend. This man named Uchimura has assaulted her countless times. That fortune teller even predicted she’d be badly hurt if left alone. Those fortunes often come true…
Fortunes aside… we can’t let this guy use violence against her! I don’t want her getting hurt. We should change his heart.
I agree. It’s only natural for us to change the heart of a person like that.
OK, it looks like we’re all ready to do this! We already told Mishima, so the forum post is up and running. No objections, right? Mm… we’re good to go if you’re OK with it. That’s a unanimous decision! OK, all that’s left now is to take down the target in Mementos!

Hey, if Mishima has to send a forum post, isn’t that technically a threat? Also, if it only works if they see the post, what if they don’t check the site that day? Or, what if we don’t complete all our requests on the same day? It only works once, after all. Or, maybe this is all a bullshit gameplay contrivance that doesn’t map one-to-one with the story all that well and I’m just overthinking it for comedic effect, and actually giving a shit about it is pointless.

Anon: Phantom Thieves YAAAS!

Yo, how many targets we got? 5 of ‘em, yeah? Let’s do this.

Music: Mementos

Oh yeah, this happened before too. If I’m remembering right, the Metaverse Nav--
Yup, we got something.

Music: Suspicion

How much bigger is this place gonna get?
Yo, Mona, can’t you turn into some kinda high-powered radar or something? We’d know how deep it goes if you could.
That’s impossible…!
Hm, it would be dangerous to wander blindly. We simply do not have enough information.
Just driving around won’t likely do us any good either.
Yeah, but… The path keeps going forward! We’ll reach the depths eventually! ...I think.
That again…?

Music: Mementos

In our first fight, we get a popup explaining a new mechanic.

We can use it to use Joker’s turn to instead switch two party members.

We find the first distortion in the fifth area of Aiyatsbus.

Look at ‘im… Thinks he’s some kinda hotshot.
He’s the guy who’s really behind all that bullying, right?
Yeah. If we wanna stop the bullying, we gotta take him down.
Let’s go.

Music: Desire

Idiot, it’s a dog eat dog world. Didn’t you hear? Might makes right.
No jerk’s got the right to go around, blackmailin’ people!
The weak who can’t survive in this world become prey for the strong. Nothing’s wrong with that!
You gotta be kidding! You’re not strong, you’re just a coward who won’t get his hands dirty!
Haha! And you’re a stupid dog that’s all bark and no bite! Changed my mind. Dogs are stronger than cats or mice. You’re just trash! Now, die!

Music: Keeper of Lust

He goes down in a single turn. The pattern with most of the bosses we’ll be taking down today is that they’re pretty easy, and so I won’t be posting videos for them.

Music: Sunset Bridge

No… Don’t… Don’t eat me...
Why don’t you just admit you lost? You’re acting kind of pathetic right now.
Yes… I know I am.
All right. Now it’s time for you to get eaten. The strong eat the weak or somethin’, right? When I’m done with you, there’s gonna be nothin’ left but bone. You ready?
Please, forgive me! I’m sorry!
...Kiddin’. You don’t gotta say sorry to us. Go apologize to who you really need to apologize to!
Let’s get the Treasure! Case closed!

The Evil Snow Crystal is a special item that lets us fuse Black Frost, the form Shadow Sakoda took.

Next, in the sixth area of Aiyatsbus:

He looks so… bad.
He’s part of a burglary ring targeting restaurants, and he’s used violence against his brother.
We have to do something about this.
Let’s talk to him.

Music: Desire

I convinced my friends to do some “part-time work” for me. But I’m not in the wrong!
Trying to make excuses now? You should be ashamed of yourself.
No! I just meant it as a way to have a little fun, but those idiots got cocky! And now I’m the one who’s in trouble! Dammit! Why do bad things always happen to me!?
Bad things? What are you talking about?
Yeah, ever since I was a kid! School, society… everyone treated me like I was dirt! My little brother was the smart one, Mom and Dad’s favorite. They couldn’t care less about me…

I know that feeling

How can you expect me to live a normal life? I’m rebelling against this shitty society!
You think violence and crime is rebellion? Don’t be stupid.

Ryuji sounding suspiciously like an after-school special here. “You know what’s cool, kids? Obeying the law. Stay in school!”

What did you say? You guys are thieves, too! Don’t think you’re better than me, idiots! Go away!

Music: Keeper of Lust

Despite the summons, this isn’t a particularly difficult fight. The Oni complicates things, but...

Taking Makigami down will end the fight regardless of how many of the enemies are left.

Music: Sunset Bridge

This is impossible… I get it now. You must have heard from my brother...

You just realized that now? Wait, you already know how your brother feels, then!
…… He did this… for me… That’s the key to the chest in my room. Give it to my brother… You’re supposed to be the good kind of thieves, right…?
What!? Why would we do something like that for y-- ...Psh. Anything you want to tell him?
Well… Hehe, “Burn what’s inside or throw it away,” I guess. *sob*

What’re we gonna do about that Treasure?

Yeah. It’s no use to us, anyway.
What will we do? I can give it to him since he goes to my school.
No. I’ll just sneak it into his house. I think that’s the best way…
I hope everything resolves itself.
In any case, we pretty much succeeded with our mission!

Next, in the third area of Chemdah:

Doesn’t he look like he’s worried about something?
But he’s abusing his girlfriend, right?
Oh, man, didn’t her fortune say that she’s gonna get seriously hurt?
We can’t let that come true! Let’s hurry!

The party suddenly believes in fortune-telling, I guess. Which, whatever, far from the weirdest thing they’ve experienced.

Music: Desire

Dammit, dammit, dammit, dammit! Where is she? Get over here, so I can beat you!

This is not a subtle game.

Whaaaaaat!? Don’t you dare lecture me! She’s mine! I can do whatever I want with her! Beating her is a right that only I have! I’ll have you know that she loves it too! If you wanna get in my way, then you’re gonna diiiiiie!

Music: Keeper of Lust

Shadow Uchimura

This guy presents a little trouble because he keeps getting extra turns with Garula off Ryuji, but we still take him down.

Music: Sunset Bridge

I can do better… I’m a superior human being… All the people around me just don’t get it...

I honestly like that he’s so far gone that even post-defeat he’s still an unrepentant shitheel who doesn’t understand his own awfulness at the end of this. Turns out stealing your heart doesn’t magically make you a better person after all! At least he’ll stop fucking beating his girlfriend, though.

The Sleep Stick is a much, much better weapon for Ryuji (44 Attack to 144) that has a medium chance of inflicting Sleep.

Phew… The right to beat his girlfriend? He really was the worst of the worst to think that. We changed his heart, so let’s go tell the fortune teller when we get the chance.

While working our way further down, we see some new enemies. One of them is this Sudama, weak to Nuclear and Ice. We can also spy on its skills and item drops thanks to Makoto.

We also run into this normal enemy version of a previous miniboss, Shiki-Ouji. This version is still immune to Physical, Gun, and Curse, but is additionally weak to Nuclear. It uses Gun, Tarukaja, and tries to enrage with Taunt.

Later on, we spy a weak wall.

We can smash right through it, revealing an enemy and a chest. These pop up every so often and are a reward for sharp-eyed players.

On the eighth and final floor of Chemdah:

She’s smirking. That’s kinda creepy…
Her blog is full of all her crazy thoughts. She must be lost in some sort of sick romance fantasy.
Shouldn’t we do something about it before she can hurt anybody?
Of course. Let’s do it.

Music: Desire

I know why you’d go after Kamoshida, but why me!?
Hey. I don’t blame you for falling in love, but there’s a point where it goes too far.
You! You’re the bitch trying to steal Ikesugi-kun away from me!
Who are you calling a bitch!? And I’m not interested in Ikesugi!
Hmph! You’re just a sore loser, hanging out with some lame guys and a funny-looking animal!
What’d you just say!?

Oh god what the fuck

“Funny-looking animal”? Is she talking about me!? This makes me mad! Get her!

You can’t just have your characters announce how they feel! That makes me feel angry!

Music: Keeper of Lust

Mogami’s not a hard fight at all. She’ll start by using Stagnant Air to increase everyone’s susceptibility to ailments. While it also applies to herself, she’s sadly immune to Confuse, so no farming money off her (though we probably don’t really need to bother farming right now). She can inflict Brainwash with Brain Shake, a Physical strike, but if she has more than that, I killed her before she got to it, because she spent her other turns lowering the party’s defense and boosting her own. I would post a video… but some of the footage corrupted and led to audio desync when I try to edit it, and I’m not rerecording the entire Mementos trip for one easy boss, sorry.

Music: Sunset Bridge

What is real love and romance!?

Someday!? When will that be!? What should I do with all of these feelings inside me…?
Just tell him face to face, and don’t write weird stuff in your blog. It’ll take courage though.
I’m scared, but… I’ll do it! Please, wait for me, Ikesugi-kun!
Hey! Just don’t do anything weird!

Sticky Hairball lets us fuse Bugs, that… thing Mogami turned into.

Music: Mementos

Don’t you just feel like the whole world approves of you whenever these things open?
For a second, but then I think how there are more of these walls waiting ahead…
All right, let’s get in there!

Now, you may notice that the last exclamation point is in the previous area. In which case, congratulations, you’re smarter than me! It takes me a good few floors to realize I left it behind because it was on a floor I skipped over. In the meantime, we find some good stuff down here before we head back up.

Kaitul comes from a word meaning “ugliness,” though the source of that translation apparently thinks that’s kind of a guess because it’s really far off from the source word, Keeoor.

I never realized how creepy the subway system could be. Inside the train, you don’t even notice.
I agree. Perhaps it is like the darkness in all men’s hearts. Always there, never perceived…
Haha, you talkin’ about art stuff again?
It’s a new area from this point on. Let’s be careful heading in!

This monstrosity is Choronzon, a palette swap of Legion from other SMT games. It’s weak to Bless.

We use one of our Lockpicks here and find a Gigas Vest, a rather notable upgrade to Maaku’s current armor.

At some point we also pick up an Id Collar. It’s some new armor for Morgana, who sorely needed it, but that’s just from a normal chest, and just saves me from having to go buy him some armor later.

Ryuji levels up, and we replace his Zio with Zionga. I’ve seen suggestions to leave him with Zio because his Magic stat and SP pool are poopy and he’ll mainly be using it to hit weaknesses instead of deal damage, but he’s honestly not using those skills enough for it to make a dramatic difference in his longevity, especially once we slap an SP Adhesive 3 on him.

We’re only in the third area. I suppose this leisure ride will continue on for a while longer.
How is this supposed to be leisurely…?
Cut him some slack. Yusuke just wanted to say somethin’ cool.

Damn straight.

We replace Yusuke’s Bufu with Bufula, another straight upgrade.

We also replace Morgana’s Dia with Recarm, a skill that lets him revive an ally. Considering that we can already just buy Life Ointments from Takemi, which are items that fully restore a KO’d ally’s HP, revive skills are pretty useless in this game. Still, it’s better than holding onto fucking Dia.

Finally, we head back up to the first floor of Chemdah:

What an unpleasant smile.
It’s his customer service smile, right? Yet behind the scenes, he’s extorting his subordinates.
This guy might start doin’ it to his customers, too. Who knows?
That would be a disaster! Let’s go!

Music: Desire

Why’d you blackmail your own employees? That’s not normal!
My shop is a directly managed store of a large chain. Since I’m highly competent, I’m in charge. I don’t need strangers complaining about how I use the shop’s money. Part-time workers are the property of the shop. Thus, they are mine to use as I will.
Property!? Who do you think you are!?
I get it now. You pretend to be heroes, but you’re all just criminals. I’m gonna kill you!

Let’s go!

Music: Keeper of Lust

Spoiler: this doesn’t go the way he thinks it will. In fact, due to Ryuji afflicting him with Shock, he doesn’t even get to act.

Ann replaces Dia with Diarama, finally.

Music: Sunset Bridge

No… I remember now… Employees aren’t property… They’re human beings. And yet, I took advantage of them. I-I’ve done bad things...
Talk about a horrible workplace.
I don’t know how I can ever make up for this...
You’ve done quite a bit more, haven’t you? It’d be best if you just confess everything.

This is a… book? I guess?

Huh? Aren’t those Chinese desserts or somethin’?
I see. So he was lining his own pockets.

And we’re finally done with Mementos for today, thank god. These updates are about as much fun to write as they are to read.

Music: Beneath the Mask


Nothing gets by me. I own this place, remember? I can tell what’s going on here just by looking at the tables.

Let’s see what else Sojiro has to say.

Sojiro, buddy, can you lay off for like five minutes?

If you don’t like watching me, you don’t have to! Just phone it in even more than you already are. I promise to behave.

...I love this dude.

That’s what I hear. The driver was acting funny or something. The vice president in our company might’ve been caught up in it. I’m sure it’s chaos in the office.
When are these weird accidents going to end? I don’t feel safe getting into my car anymore.
Thanks for the coffee. I’ll just leave what I owe you here, Boss.

At 8 o’clock this morning, a car went out of control in a highway accident that left four dead. The police intend to press charges for the deaths of the victims against the driver at fault. The man in question had no history of disease and was a driver for restaurant giant “Goodness Food.”
Traffic accidents are scary… You’d better drive safe.

Maaku canonically does not have a driver’s license, cat. We went over this like forty updates ago.