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Part 71: 7/17-7/18: Yusuke's A Nice Boy

Part 69: 7/17-7/18: Yusuke’s A Nice Boy

All right, time to get sexy!

Also thanks to those of you who pointed out that the Takases were almost certainly pushing their adoptive son into needing several part-time jobs to fund their lifestyle, just like what they're doing with Kawakami. Despicable!

Music: Break it Down

Hey, hurry! The movie’s about to start!

Love Possibly

Sad music is playing.

Stock male protagonist voice: Help her! Please, help her! I don’t care about the money or my social status, please! I just need to tell her how I feel!

Lady Ann’s holding back her tears… She’s totally empathizing… But the movie’s right… A person’s true value isn’t about social standing or wealth.
I feel like I was able to learn about love...

Maaku gains Charm +3.

I guess girls like me want that perfect, romantic kind of love you see in the movies.

Now that I think about it, that movie wasn’t geared toward guys at all, huh? But I’m glad you came with me! You’re such a good friend! Well then, let’s head home.

They’re not bad guys, right? It has nothing to do with us.
Apparently if you post a request on the forum, they’ll do what you say!
If they’re taking out bad guys, it’s fine by me! Keep it up!
Why do we even need the police anymore?

We don’t, friend! FUCK COPS

Anon: A new hero is born!
Anon: YES! fuck the mafia
Anon: keep your heads on straight
Anon: NO SHIT??? hahaha

Music: Beneath the Mask

Hey, Makoto. Are you going to wear a yukata?
I’m planning on it.
Yukatas are a great part of the summer tradition… They truly heighten a woman’s beauty.

Hey, I know! Why don’t you come without your glasses?

Uh, what? I need these to see.

What’s the point in that?
I dunno, you don’t get to see fireworks every day, so it’d be sad just wearing normal clothes!


I was just thinking he might want to go for a change of pace.
That sounds great! You should totally come without glasses! Welp, you guys better not be late tomorrow!

This is all code for “fuck it, we already animated the cutscene.”

Fireworks and yukatas really add to the feeling of summer… Even Lady Ann will be wearing one… ...We definitely have to go to the fireworks festival! Make sure you rest up!

Goodness Food’s stock suddenly plunged, and general unease has spread throughout the market. Since the arson at its affiliate Haneruya, Goodness Food has been desperate to restore its image. With the vice president, who was called in as a trump card, now dead, the company is panicking. Goodness Food’s rivals in the restaurant industry, however, are taking advantage of its slump.
It’s one bad thing after another with this company. Hmm, I wonder if they’re cursed or something.

More aojiru! Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

We can pull Clotho and get a new Lockdown skill! What do we get…?

Fucking Resist Dizzy. Not even Null Dizzy, Resist Dizzy. I’m hard-pressed to think of a worse result than this. Ugh, let’s never use this again.

I will surely figure out your trick! Oh, I was just about to do a reading for a client, so please stay and watch…

Music: What’s Going On?

Hello there, Mifune-sensei. I can’t wait for today’s session. Your last prediction was practically perfect. By the way, um… who is this boy?
Oh, you needn’t mind him. That’s just my apprentice. If anything, you can think of him as a human-sized stuffed animal. I mean, look how fluffy his hair is.

Wait… So he’s OK with working for a woman, even though he’s a guy…? *sigh* Something like that is just unthinkable in my line of work...
I take that to mean something else happened with your job…?
Yes. A male coworker of mine was given all the credit for a successful project I poured my soul into… And do you know what my boss told me? He said it was just the natural order of things, because I’m a woman.
How terrible!
That’s why I’m thinking of leaving and starting up my own business! I’ve actually been planning for some time. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to find a foothold in the market though…
In that case, let’s ask the tarot! Show us the truth, O divine power...

Hm, the cards have appeared in reverse. In other words… it seems as though your business is doomed to failure.
No! Wh-What should I do!?
I’m sorry… but in this case, it appears your fate is inescapable.
(to Maaku) What are your thoughts?

Were you even listening? What can we do to help this woman who is so oppressed by the savagery of a male-dominated work environment?

She came here to have her fortune read and to receive advice. Is that honestly your best suggestion? I would advise you to think of something else before I use my divine power to curse you.

I’m not sure I understand what you mean by that. As such, I would suggest you think of something else. I have the power to curse you permanently, you know...

What? It’s a little idealistic to expect that will actually work… Incidentally, what would you say if you wanted to encourage her?

You know we’re talking about her business success, right? This has nothing to do with “the power.”

I couldn’t decide what kind of joke to make here, so pretend I posted a picture of a giant robot playing the keyboard.

Reconsider your answer!

Ah, the Legend of Zelda school of encouragement.

Th-That’s not encouraging; that’s just aggressive! Please reconsider your answer!

Don’t be so irresponsible! That’s simply not an option! How can you expect her to overturn that which is inescapable!?
Overturning fate…? That’s right… I don’t have to follow the rules of this oppressive society! I can do it… I’ll reshape every aspect of my antiquated industry! ...My mind is made up. I’m going to quit my job and set off on my own private business venture! And even if I fail, at least I won’t be wasting away doing busywork for that sexist bastard anymore… Thank you, young man! If you’ll excuse me, Mifune-sensei.

The cards will surely back me up on that...

Wh-What!? I-It seems the sequence of cards has changed… Her financial future is now appearing as extremely successful! What did you do…? Are you… Are you psychic? Did you use your powers to change the order of the cards!? My divine power is capable of sending people like you down to the depths of hell, you know!
*shakes head*
Yes… That has to be it. That’s the only way this could happen… Fate cannot be changed. Fate is absolute… That is how it must be.

But if that possibility were the truth, how would I keep my Holy Stone business intact…?

...A-Anyway! You’ve changed the flow of destiny twice now, both times coming before my very eyes… It seems this verification process is turning out to be much more meaningful than I expected!
I can sense Chihaya’s intense motivation...

You’ll come back again soon, right? Promise me!

Okay, jeez, don’t get so clingy. I’m a busy guy, we’ll see.

Well, that’s enough for today. Good night!

Anon: Obviously. Let’s watch!

Right when we were just about to leave too… Who is it?

Oh, sorry. Well, it seems like an insane group is getting ready to declare war on the Phantom Thieves. I was afraid to just hold on to that information myself, so I wanted to tell you at least. That’s actually all I have to say though. Sorry to bother you on your day off.

“Hey, you’re fucked. Laters~” Big help, Mishima. Thanks.

What could he mean by an insane group…? Hm… Let’s think about this after we get back. We don’t have much time, so let’s get going.


The holiday means it’s as crowded on here as it is for morning rush hour…
Now for today’s Train News. Today’s main topics are… “Fireworks Festival Tonight” Expect roads and transportation to be congested for the whole day. “Sudden Weather Changes Imminent!” Be careful of sudden shifts in climate from afternoon to night.
Wait, so all these people are going to the fireworks festival!? Huh… This should be fun...

Music: Alright

I feel like I’m being baked...
Those girls are way too late...
It must be taking time for them to put on the yukata. Why aren’t you two wearing one?
I don’t got clothes like yukata. But man, you look way too normal in that.
People often say that to me.

For some reason this line consistently makes me crack up. I think it’s just Mercer’s delivery, which has just the subtlest hint of confusion.

Ah, by the way… The exams...
I bet you got a big fat F on them.
Shuddup! We-- We don’t know that yet!

That’s right.
Us too! Wanna go together?
Are we… getting hit on!?
C’mon, let’s go together.
Do you happen to be a model? You look great in that yukata.
Waitin’ around’s a pain, so can we just go with these chicks?

The ratio of guys to girls is off, but we can do something about that later...
That’s enough. You’re disgracing your yukata. You should be more aware of your womanhood.

What a weirdly shitty thing to say, dude. The two leave.

Uh, well… That’s...
You know, Yusuke’s such a pretty boy, but he is really missing out because of what he says.
I guess, but he’s more likable since he stays true to his ideals. Definitely more than somebody I know.
I heard that Ryuji’s pretty much failed his exams.

You heard that from yourself, cat!

Mona, you little--
Hey, it’s gonna get crowded if we don’t get going.

Music: Memories of Summer


Ann tries to look above the sea of people, jumping in place.

A drop of rain hits Ann’s cheek.

Another drop hits Morgana, forcing him to hide inside Maaku’s bag.

The rain turns into a downpour.

Later, the group takes refuge under a convenience store sign.

Maaku tries to force water out of his ear.

Ann wrings out her soaked yukata.


I… think the joke here is that they’re ignoring that she needs a towel? I guess? Oh, wait, they were looking at her legs before she noticed them, that's the (lame) joke.

Looks like you need help...

Due to the sudden change in weather, a heavy rain and flood warning has been issued nearby. Since the festival cannot proceed in this weather, we truly apologize for cancelling today’s fireworks show.

On the other side of the street, a girl gets into a black car.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I guess everyone had the same idea… (to Makoto) What’s up?
Mm, I think I just saw someone I know...
You mean the girl in that black car?

Not really a spoiler but just to be safe: This plot point is never followed up on and does not matter at all to the overall story.

Well, she’s got a ride… Time to show your skills, Mona! We need you as a car!
It’s not possible in the real world!
My feet hurt… It’s cold… The festival’s been canceled… This sucks...
We made such a commotion with the public, and this is what we get? Laaame. Aren’t heroes that lurk in the shadows boring?

Suddenly Maaku's glasses are back on.

What are you, moss!? I wanna change the world with a loud bang, like a huge firework! ...Then again, we aren’t gonna find someone bigger than Kaneshiro that easily.
The rain is letting up. Though it’s regrettable, we should go our separate ways for today.
Yeah. Let’s go home.

Music: Disquiet

I have nothing more to say to you about that.
I see. In that case, I have ways of making you talk.
Huh? What’s that supposed to--
Thanks for the drink.

“I’m home” is pretty good, but “Lover’s quarrel?” is just delightfully stupid.

It’s past closing time. Clean up the place.

Onto other news… The international hacktivist group Medjed has released a statement to the Phantom Thieves.

Music: Disquiet

“To the Phantom Thieves causing an uproar in Japan: Do not speak of your false justice. We do not need the spread of such falsehood. We are the true executors of justice.”
The Phantom Thieves again…?
“However, we are magnanimous. We will give you an opportunity to repent your ways. If you agree to a change of heart, we will accept you as our own. If you reject our offer, the hammer of justice will find you.”
Justice, huh?
“We are Medjed. We are unseen. We will eliminate evil.” Akechi-san, why do you think this announcement was made at this time?

Whether it’s a sense of rivalry or a simple attention grab given the recent trends, I cannot say… Regardless, it’s quite a nuisance.
A nuisance?
Both Medjed and the Phantom Thieves are nothing more than groups that uphold an egoistic justice.
What a stupid thing they’re getting riled up on… Phantom Thieves, huh? What in the world are they? You know about them?

I like how Sojiro somehow has no opinion on the roving band of brainwashers. You’d think they’d be pretty polarizing!

I’m the one asking you. Don’t return a question with another question. Well, it’s about time I go home. Make sure you lock the place up. Also, about the stuff in the fridge-- ...Well, I guess it’s fine. Just don’t use too much of it.

In that respect, the Phantom Thieves face a very serious crime.

This is starting to get interesting!
But why? Did the Phantom Thieves do something to them?
Medjed is really scary...
I’m looking forward to seeing how the Phantom Thieves will deal with it!

Anon: fight justice w/justice
Anon: are they tied to kaneshiro?
Anon: Reduce our cost of living!

“Reduce our cost of living!” is up there for best comment yet.

Music: Beneath the Mask

You mean those guys people online are going nuts over?
Medjed… That name seems to come from one of the obscure gods from the Egyptian Book of the Dead.
I saw the news too. For some reason they think we speak of false justice...
Now then, what exactly did you want to speak of regarding Medjed?
Wellllll, why don’t we go after them as our next target?
What a sudden suggestion.
I mean they’re like, bad hackers or something, right?
Technically, they’re crackers. Those who use the internet to illegally access and alter data. Medjed is an organized group of such people recognized by the larger international community.
So they operate on a global scale?
That makes them even bigger than Kaneshiro!
Right!? Then it’s settled. Our next target’s gonna be Medjed.

Yes. That name has to be a pseudonym. We don’t even know how many people Medjed is.
Wouldn’t we get at least one member’s info if we try and look into it though?
Even if we did, how would we discover their location? The only confirmed presence of Medjed has been online.
This is a greater problem than simply finding their keywords. Unless you have any more ideas, Ryuji?

(There’s a brief pause in responses, which is a hilarious touch of verisimilitude)

...It seems he had suggested this without putting much thought into it.
C’mon, we can’t back down now! People are all excited about it! Our reputation’s gonna plummet if we don’t face this shit.
That is true. If we remain silent, people would believe we simply chose to run away from the matter.
Medjed has taunted us publicly, after all...
If they are criminals, we cannot just let them be.

(If you pick the second response Ryuji just says “I doubt it,” it's not as funny as you'd think)

Also, Makoto. Try seeing if your sister has any info on ‘em.
It’s highly unlikely, but sure.
A world-class target, huh? If we can change Medjed’s heart, it’ll most definitely affect Mementos.

“To the Phantom Thieves causing an uproar in Japan: Do not speak of your false justice. We do not need the spread of such falsehood. We are the true executors of justice. However, we are magnanimous. We will give you an opportunity to repent your ways. If you agree to a change of heart, we will accept you as our own. If you reject our offer, the hammer of justice will find you.”
“False justice,” eh? Who do they think they are?