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Part 74: 7/24: The Ridiculously Depressing One

Part 72: 7/24: The Ridiculously Depressing One

Music: Disquiet

The Phantom Thieves made a mockery of us when they brought down Kaneshiro… And to make matters worse, Medjed, who has been dormant for some time now, just declared war on them. How much more can they screw us over?
Stress is bad for the skin, you know.
Did you come all this way simply to be sarcastic?
How about you listen to my deductions for a change of pace? You may think it absurd… But don’t you think the case you’re pursuing and the actions of the Phantom Thieves overlap somehow?
What are you basing this off of?
The one point of commonality across all cases is how those involved have an unforeseen change of heart.
I’ve suspected that myself, but those suspicions are unfounded.
I told you at the beginning that this was only a deduction. These “just” Phantom Thieves are riling up the public. However, that is a disguise. Their true goal is terrorist action by way of psychotic breakdowns… Is that too much?
There’s nothing at the moment that falsifies that claim. Have you mentioned this to the police?
I’d never tell them such things. The only value they have to me is in their mobility and organizational capabilities.
Hm, it seems having you lend a hand has paid off.
I’m glad to hear that. What about your case, Sae-san? Did you learn anything from the guardian of that mental shutdown victim’s daughter?
Nothing at all.
I see. Now, what should my next action be for our victory?
Handle the Phantom Thieves. Without remorse. Use any means necessary to win. That’s how I would deal with them.
*chuckle* Very well.
This seems to be fun for you. Are you on to something?
No, not at all. Well then, to our victory.

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

This place is in Ginza, right? Do we take the usual train from Shibuya?

Music: Alright

I-I don’t see any prices listed here...
It’s called market price. Don’t worry ‘bout it; we got the cash!
Sooo gooooood…

Hold your horses. And don’t talk!
By the way, Maaku-kun… Is Boss really the kind of person who would abuse someone?
That again?
I can’t get it off my mind. Especially if it means he could be taken to court… What kind of person is he? Do you truly believe he’d do such a thing?

Gonna keep sticking up for the old man. No way, Makoto.

If it’s really true about the abuse, he’d be a no-good jerk pretendin’ to be a guardian.
Maybe the chief is the one who needs a change of heart…
Hold on a sec! About that… I actually got curious after our conversation… and checked his name in the Nav.
Sounds to me like there wasn’t a hit.
Right. Anything beyond this is his family’s problem. We probably shouldn’t get any more involved.

Wait… You think Alibaba could be Boss’ ex-wife!?


He musta cheated on her, and that’s where Futaba came from.
Your imagination has run rampant.
How foolish.


U-Ummm…. Ph-Phan… Fantastic! This sushi is delicious!
Y-Yeah! The fish is so fresh!
Hmph. Everywhere we go, we hear about these Phantom Thieves.
What rubbish.

Sorry, it just kinda slipped…

My foot is gonna slip straight up your ass if you do that again.

My apologies for bringing up Boss again. We should just enjoy the food.

Music: Wicked Plan


Do you know this guy?
It’s nice to meet you. My name is Akechi. Glad to make your acquaintance, Yusuke Kitagawa.

How do you know my name?
Well, because I’m a psychic, of course. Haha, I’m only joking. In truth, I’m a rookie detective. You’re a former pupil of Madarame, right? I have actually just recently joined the investigation team looking into the Phantom Thieves.

How nice of you to share this with us, totally random teenagers.

Did you see that Medjed has declared war on them?

Wait, what?

Their website was updated just a moment ago.

Music: Disquiet

For real!?

Wait, what…!?
What’s it say!?
Hm? Why do you seem so agitated?
Oh, um...
She’s, uh… a huge fan of the Phantom Thieves. A total nutjob for ‘em.
Hm, I don’t know how wise it is to be a fan of groups like them.

How about you mind your own business?

What is with these comments?
My apologies. I didn’t mean to butt into your conversation. But I must say, this is an interesting group. Prosecutor Niijima’s sister, an ex-pupil of Madarame. And a few Shujin Academy students… It seems you’re all connected to the Phantom Thieves. Perhaps you have better intel than I do.

I wonder what you could possibly be getting at.

Ah, yes. I wanted to ask you something.

What a stupid question.

Unsurprising. I suppose you aren’t interested in such gossip.
Sorry to disappoint, but we’re just normal high school kids. If anything, we wanna hear what you gotta say, Mr. Detective.
...My profiling of the Phantom Thieves has led me to believe they are a group of juveniles. They have a relative amount of free time after school, and a hideout to slip away to. Furthermore, considering Kamoshida was their first target, it seems they began activity around April. In a way, all I’ve just said about the Phantom Thieves coincides with the group you have here.

Huh. Weird!

What, you gonna report us?

Ryuji, with the brilliant “just fucking admit it” tactic. He’ll never see it coming.

I didn’t say I was being suspicious of you.

Sorry man, gotta throw you under the bus for the good of the team. And also because it’s funny.

I wasn’t anticipating that response. You always find a way to rise above my expectations. You really are an intriguing one. I lack your calm mannerisms… but don’t you think my deduction is an interesting one?

This winking cut-in is the best one in the whole game.

What!? The hell’re you sayin’!?

…Is he hitting on me? I mean, I’m flattered, but this is kinda awkward considering the circumstances.

In return, I’ll teach you how to make deductions. I believe that is a fair trade-off for you.
It seems like Akechi is interested in me...

Okay, yeah, he’s definitely hitting on me.

Well, this has been a valuable point of reference for me. I hope to see you all again.

Do you think he’s ascertained our true identities?
Nah, couldn’t be. Right?

Why would you think that? We’re the worst at hiding it. We reestablished that literally one scene ago.

I’d like to say that it’s simply us overthinking this, but… it may be best to be cautious from now on. We shouldn’t forget that Alibaba was able to discover who we are.

Or that you were.

True, but it’s not as though he had tangible evidence to prove that discovery. Just keep acting normally.

Oh yeah! What’d they write!?

“We are disappointed in the people of Japan and their belief in the Phantom Thieves’ false justice. Hence, we shall proceed with our plan to cleanse Japan. This process will commence on August 21st. As a result, the Japanese economy shall suffer devastating damages.”
For real…?
Keep going.
“However, we are magnanimous. We will give the Phantom Thieves one final opportunity to repent. As proof of this repentance, we demand that they reveal their identities to the public. We will attack if these demands remain unmet. The future of Japan rests with the Phantom Thieves. We are Medjed. We are unseen. We will eliminate evil.” ...That’s what it says.
Sounds bad...
In other words, if we don’t unmask ourselves, Medjed will attack Japan… correct? It seems they are quite the attention seekers...
What are we gonna do about this…?
If only we could get in contact with Alibaba.
Our only clues… are Boss and Futaba. Anyways, it’s too damn hot out here. Why don’t we go to Leblanc? We can talk more over there.

Music: Suspicion

Looks like we got no choice but to ask for Alibaba’s help.
Question is, how do we get in touch with him?
He cut off all contact with us after that misunderstanding. Then again, if we manage to steal Futaba’s heart, he may attempt to reach out to us once more.
But we don’t have any clues on what her keywords are.
Dammit, Alibaba! Where the hell are you!?


Music: Disquiet

Hypothetically speaking, even if we stole Futaba’s heart… How would Alibaba know that the deed has been done? Would he truly be able to discern that just from cell phone messages?
You mean he’d have to meet her in person?
Alibaba was able to deliver the calling card here. On top of that, he can check on Futaba’s condition. However, according to the circumstances he put forth, he’s unable to meet with us. This leads me to believe that it would be bad for him if we were to see the two of them together. It seems to me...

So she’s asking that we steal her own heart…?
Maybe she wants us to save her from the scars of her abuse…? That would be hard to ask directly.

I know the gang doesn’t really know Sojiro, but I’m really not here for this constant assumption of terrible shit about him.

I’d like to meet with Boss… He lives nearby, right?

I agree. It’s real late though. What’re we gonna tell Boss when we get there?
We’ll say this take-out sushi is a gift for him.

No complaining.
Let’s all go together. Boss may get the wrong idea if Maaku-kun and I show up alone.

Or the entirely right idea? No? Okay.

Music: Suspicion

But the lights are on...
Think he’s nappin’?
Even Boss would’ve woken up with how many times we’ve rung his doorbell.
I would think Futaba would have answered by now if she were here too.

Dude, you can’t go openin’ other people’s stuff like that.

I wonder why. That’s rather careless...

...Do you think that’s OK?
My apologies, Boss!

The door ahead is open, and I can hear the TV.
I hope he didn’t pass out or something… I mean, Boss is kinda old, ain’t he?
I’m a bit worried. Should we go in and check on him?
Please excuse us...

Music: Desire

Suddenly, the lights go out.

A scream!? What was that!?
H-How should I know?

Did you hear that!?
Let’s just get out of here, please? Can we just go?
What’re you freakin’ out for?
I-I-I’m not freaking out!
Could it be Alibaba…? I mean, Futaba?

The group turns to leave.


Hell yeah, you can.

Uh, that’s not… whatever.

I can sense someone’s presence...

A series of soft thuds can be heard, like a person descending steps.

Who is it…? Who’s there…!?

Makoto turns her head frantically in search.

I can’t take this anymore! I’m leaving!

N-No… My legs won’t move...

The figure runs upstairs.

Alibaba! Futaba! Hey! C’mon, where are you!? You’re a hacker, right? Just show yourself!
I’msorryI’msorryI’msorry! PleasesavemeSis...

Crap, he’s home!

Sojiro bursts through the doorway and notices us.

Who the hell are you!? Don’t move!

I’msorryI’msorryI’msosorrySis… Somebodypleasesaveme...

Music: Wicked Plan

Time for the wacky hijinks music!

Oh… G-Good… evening, sir… We… didn’t mean… to intrude...
Niijima-san! Wait, are you two dating?

Well, it’s complicat--

Makoto shakes her head vigorously.

W-We’re j-just friends!

Jeez, way to break a guy’s spirit, Makoto.

Friends nowadays get that close to each other…?

Um, we brought you some sushi, but nobody answered when we rang the bell… The door was unlocked too. We could hear the TV though, so we got worried you might have passed out or something...
The door was unlocked?
...I do that sometimes. Guess I’m getting old.
Um, excuse me. There’s something we’d like to ask.
Hm? You wanna ask me?

Music: Suspicion

Yeah… My daughter.
Could she be Futaba Sakura…?
You told Niijima-san too!?
U-Um… is there any way we could meet with Futaba-san? I think we may have frightened her earlier, so we’d like to apologize if at all possible...
Well… that’s...
Is she sick…?
No, it’s not like that.

Sojiro waits a moment, then puts his head in his palm and sighs.

I don’t want you all getting the wrong idea… I shouldn’t have kept this a secret from you. Let’s talk at my shop. She’ll hear us if we stay here.

Music: Alleycat

Futaba’s mother and I knew each other long before Futaba was born. Her mother was a bit of a weird one, but we got along well for some reason… She was sharp-witted, somewhat stern, a little socially inept, but always carefree… She truly was a great woman.
I see…
When something piqued her interest, that’d be all she focused on. She always worked deep into the night. I thought that’d change after her kid was born, but having Futaba didn’t do much. Even with that, she always took good care of her.
Working and watching over a child at the same time sounds rough…
I guess raising Futaba alone turned out to be tough in more ways than one...

There wasn’t a father.
Do you mean...
Well, there probably was one. I didn’t know him though. She never said a word about him, either. She was single when she gave birth to Futaba, and single when she raised her. They were an ordinary, loving family. You could really tell how much she cared for Futaba. But one day, she left… leaving Futaba behind.

Yes. She committed suicide.

Threw herself into the street, right in front of Futaba’s eyes…

That’s fucking hardcore, holy shit.

Shocking doesn’t begin to describe that…
That’s gotta be devastating for a kid.
So… Well, a lot happened after that, but I ended up taking custody of Futaba… First, she was so depressed she… she wouldn’t even talk to me.
Was that because she couldn’t get over her mother’s suicide…?
I kept talking to her though, and she started opening up to me little by little. That’s when I found out… Futaba blames herself for her mother’s death.
What…!? But why!?
That part she’s never told me. I wanted to know what led her to believing that, but I decided not to rub salt in the wound. Then, a few months ago… She started getting real scared, even when nothing was happening. She’d say things like, “I hear voices...” and, “Mom is looking at me...”
Visual and auditory hallucinations… Have you taken Futaba to a doctor?
I wanted to, but she refused. Even when I had a doctor come, she locked herself away in her room. Since then, she’s become what you’d call a shut-in. She won’t take a single step outside the house, or even try to see other people.

...Then how did she deliver that “calling card”?

What about you?
She doesn’t even let me come in her room.
That’s pretty harsh...
Futaba is, well, a unique girl. She’s so quick-minded that conversations with her tend to jump from one topic to the next… It seems like she’s always coming to conclusions in her head. There’s a lot I don’t get about her...
So yeah… her situation is why I couldn’t let you in my house.

What Futaba needs is a safe place where nobody will threaten her. Somewhere she can be at ease. That’s why I won’t do anything she doesn’t want. I don’t make her do anything she’s unwilling to either. Then again, I know that’s no way for her to live. It’s all I can do though...

I don’t know. She just asks me for things that she wants, like food or these complicated books… Well, that’s that. So can you just… leave her be?
I’m gonna head back then. You all had better head home soon too.

Man, Sojiro… owns. Goddamn. Also this just makes it extra hilarious that Sae was trying to revoke his parental rights. Sae really sucks, huh?

No way in hell he’s abusin’ her.
The reason why Futaba wants her heart stolen must be related to what happened to her mother.
So she’d like to discard her feelings of pain, but can’t do anything about it herself.
Will changing her heart really help her though?
If we can help her, we may be able to stand up to Medjed.

I’m not so hot on the idea of helping a trauma victim just because we want something from them.

Hold on a sec. Do we even know if she has a Palace? Let’s check.

Music: Suspicion

Candidate found.

What the…?
She’s got one...
So someone can have a Palace even if they’re not evil?

Well, we don’t know Futaba very well. She could easily turn out to be evil.

Hey, Morgana--

I haven’t seen him for some time.
So, ever since we went inside Boss’s house?
...Somewhere ‘round there. He’ll be fine though. He’s a cat, after all. The trains’re gonna be shuttin’ down for the night soon, so we should prolly be headin’ home.
We have to go to school in the morning, after all.
Ohhh, right. The urgent assembly.
An assembly? What about?
Shujin has been garnering a lot of attention ever since Medjed called out the Phantom Thieves. So, they need to remind us not to say arbitrary stuff online and add more fuel to the fire.
We’ve gotta meet up for every goddamn little thing. Talk about a pain in the ass.
I mean, it is our fault.
Anyway, let’s contact each other afterward.

The reason why Futaba wants her heart stolen must be related to what happened to her mother.
So she’d like to discard her feelings of pain, but can’t do anything about it herself.
Will changing her heart really help her though?
If we can help her, we may be able to stand up to Medjed.
Hold on a sec. Do we even know if she has a Palace? Let’s check. “The Futaba Sakura that lives at Sojiro Sakura’s house.” Is that gonna be enough?
What the…?
She’s got one...
So someone can have a Palace even if they’re not evil?
Hey, Morgana--

Morgana scurries out from behind the chair.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Damn, can’t even watch the news without the cat’s approval.

Music: Suspicion

I take it the chief told you about Futaba, and then you guys disbanded in relief for now.

You can’t underestimate my intel-gathering skills, you know. I was checking out the chief’s house. I didn’t think our Alibaba would be so young...

She had long hair and a pretty young-sounding voice. Well… I say young, but I think she’s probably about the same age as you guys. At the very least, she’s no amateur. She completely overheard your conversation with the chief, and she can hack into our chats too. Even if she can’t take Medjed down directly, she might have some kind of lead on them.

In any case, we’ll need to rely on Futaba to get closer to Medjed. Let’s meet up again tomorrow. How about we do it in here? It’s way too hot outside… Anyway, make sure you let everyone know.

Music: Interrogation Room

Hold on. While Medjed was targeting you, you chose to deal with someone completely unrelated to them?

Then how was Medjed… ...What you’ve said about the Sakura family generally falls in line with our investigation. It appears you aren’t feeding us a false testimony.

Hmph, you have quite the wit… Very well, let’s continue. We’ve yet to determine how the Phantom Thieves dealt with Medjed, seeing as they are unseen. If you tell me something coherent, I may be a little more willing to believe you.
It seems Sae Niijima is starting to seriously listen to what I have to say…

Still, to think the Phantom Thieves would have their hideout in the home of Wakaba Isshiki’s daughter. What a coincidence… No, perhaps it’s fate… Regardless, we don’t have time to waste. Continue with your story.