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Part 82: 7/27: Morgana The Gross Car

Part 80: 7/27: Morgana The Gross Car

Boss: Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki

Music: Will Power

So, Cognitive Wakaba Isshiki, or the Sphinx. The Sphinx here represents Wrath, I guess, the true sin of Futaba’s palace, but turned inward instead of outward due to guilt, self-loathing and all that jazz. The real demon of wrath was Satan, but that doesn’t matter because the sinner here isn’t a Shadow.

Shoot it down with this, then beat the crap out of it!
Ahhh, I get it now! Let’s go!
We’re gonna fire that giant arrow thing, right?

We’re going to send Ryuji, because he doesn’t have much utility at this stage of the fight due to his low Magic, lack of support skills, and Wind weakness. Don’t worry, we brought him for a reason beyond Tarukaja.

Don’t let the ballista-summoning fool you into thinking things will be different; Futaba is still Captain Obvious, just like previous navigators.

Sphinx Swipe is a new move that attacks every party member on the field. It’s bad for us!

And here’s the reason we bring Ryuji instead of Ann: 651 fucking points of damage. The real reason Wakaba has been playing keep-away is because she’s incredibly vulnerable to Physical strikes. We could probably do more damage with Yusuke’s Tempest Slash, but he doesn’t have Tarukaja. With Rakunda and Tarukaja both up on Wakaba/Ryuji, we see returns of around 1200 damage.

Wakaba won’t get up until her third turn, which gives us plenty of time to attack.

This is how much damage Freila does with Rakunda, for the record. It’s not great. But we brought Makoto for more than just her damage, as you’ll see shortly.

And she finally gets up.

Necronomicon replaces the spent arrow.

You goddamn braaats!

Don’t complain, Ryuji! Do you want to get knocked on your ass over and over?

This is Dreadful Scream, which is an odd attack that seems to target anywhere from one to three party members. It’s pretty bad for us because it inflicts Despair. It’s big part of the reason to bring Makoto and a few Relax Gels, because we’re sunk otherwise. Notice how it misses Makoto in the above picture: if it hadn’t, we’d be screwed, because I wouldn’t be able to act and everyone would be dead in three turns.

Now, I believe it takes a few turns longer for the ballista to target Wakaba the second time, which means we’re going to have to last with three party members for that much longer.

What are you, my therapist?

Anyway, after another round of attacks...

And children I don’t need… should be killed!

I can tell… with my Persona. I’ll let you know when the enemy’s approaching! You’re still OK! It’s far away right now!

This time we’re prepared.

On a previous run I had the ballista fire on the same turn Wakaba landed, launching her straight into her death animation—after she wrecked my party with Sphinx Dive.

Once we knock her down and deplete her health, a special animation starts.

If only I had never birthed you…!

...I will live! FIRE!

And the Sphinx is down.

Morgana learns Mediarama to replace Media, which would have been REALLY NICE to have for this fight, dude

Also, Makoto learns Defense Master (Automatic Rakukaja at the start of battle) to replace Vajra Blast.

Damn, you’re freakin’ incredible!

Music: Alleycat

Futaba. Thank you for choosing to remember the real me.
I’m sorry for being so selfish. Mom...

This isn’t where you’re supposed to be, is it?
But I finally got to see you again...
Are you being selfish again?
Um, I… I love you, Mom...
I love you too, Futaba. Now, you should get going.


Home. I know how to use the Nav now.

She left...
That girl marches to the beat of her own drum, doesn’t she?
Like you’re one to talk.
But if we have her on our side… Wait, what about her Treasure!?
Oh yeah! We almost forgot.

Music: Run, Run, Run!

The Palace shakes.

What’s goin’ on!? Wasn’t it supposed to be here!?
Futaba herself was the Treasure! And she’s gone, so of course it’s empty!

The shaking intensifies.

Shoot… This is bad!
What’s the matter?
Not only did the real person come into her own Palace, she awakened to a Persona while she was here! This place could collapse any second now!
We’ve accomplished our mission if her Palace is crumbling. We should hurry back to reality.
That would be wise.

Pyramid Escape (Watch this)

Music: The Collapse of Wrath


Everyone lands… safely… in the car.

Hey… You guys still alive?

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I thought I was gonna die in—HEY! Will you let go already!?

Ann elbows Yusuke.

Ah, sorry!
N-Not again...

...Hm? What’re you guys doing out here?
Oh, ummm...
That reminds me, where’s Futaba?
What about Futaba?


Oh, ummm...
Ah, yes! We came all this way, so how about we enjoy some coffee?
Oh! That’s a great idea!
That’s fine, but...
I’m not thirsty though.

Makoto punches Yusuke in the ribs. Poor guy’s getting it from all sides today.

Oh, I almost forgot! I have some business to take care of, so you guys go on ahead.
O-OK, gotcha!

Music: Suspicion

Oh dear.

Futaba? Can you hear me? Please, say something! Please… Could this be our fault? Is it because we defeated her monstrous mother…?
No, that was nothing more than a cognitive being created in her mind. Destroying it wouldn’t cause memory loss or put a physical burden on her...
What should we do…?
Hey, don’t you know a doctor?
You do? Can you contact them?

I could, but things are a little awkward between us right now. See, I don’t have enough Charm, but you’d know all about that Makoto...

Oh hey Takemi, how’s it going? Your life’s work still meaningless because your patient’s dead? Rough.

How much will it be…?
...That was a joke.


So, um… how is her condition?
Her pulse, breathing, temperature, and blood pressure are all normal. No ocular abnormalities either. I’m not sure why, but it seems this girl is in some kind of light stupor. Furthermore, she lacks muscle for her age. I doubt she has much stamina either.
I see. The rebound from her awakening was too strong.

Not in front of the doctor, Makoto.

There may have been too many abnormal circumstances…
We simply cannot keep quiet about this. We should let Boss know.
Wouldn’t he figure out our identities!?
Still… we should tell him, shouldn’t we?

Stop talking to the cat in front of the doctor, Makoto.

Mm, I think that would be best. Letting him know is really the only option we have.
I guess it can’t be helped now… Just keep the circumstances that led up to this a secret, OK?

Oh dear...
Um… About Futaba…

Futaba-chan’s condition...
What, this? It happens every so often.


Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

She must’ve used up all her energy. It’s like she ran out of batteries. I think it happens ‘cause she doesn’t get enough exercise.

That’s dumb!

My feelings exactly, Ryuji.

She stays like this for a few days whenever this happens. I’ll make sure she gets plenty of rest. Here, keep an eye on her. I’m gonna go close the store.

Yeah, I’m feelin’ pretty frustrated...
I’m glad she’s OK… but what are we gonna do about Medjed?

She’s up!
Medjed… ……. Tired. Gonna sleep for a bit.

Futaba-chan! For a bit…? How much is she planning on sleeping…? We probably shouldn’t wake her up either…
What to do…
It’s too late for us to find another hacker…
All we can do is wait for her to wake up...

Music: Beneath the Mask

It is hard for me to even fathom what it could be.
People have really been up in arms about the whole cleanse thing...

Uhhh, sorry! My bad, dude!
No matter how you look at it, we need a countermeasure.
Our best bet would be Alibaba…
But she may not be capable of it in her current state.
I guess we should think of some other ways too then.
Yes, it would be best to have as many solutions as possible.
Well we still got time, so let’s come up with something good, k?

After all that, we’re just going to find a different solution? Yeah, I don’t think so.

The chief is with her. I’m sure everything will be OK. Now we just gotta wait for Futaba to wake up...

Right now, we’re here at the planetarium in Ikebukuro! Looking up and seeing a sky full of stars is so romantic. And the atmosphere here is so soothing!
Such a magical place. If you want to get close to someone, this is the date spot to visit.
We’ve got one more place to introduce in our summer special feature! You’ve been living under a rock if you’ve never heard of this one. It’s Destinyland in Maihama! As usual, it’s packed with people. It’s a captivating world of dreams and hope!
I’ve always dreamed of going there with a girlfriend. It really feels like a place of destiny.