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Part 83: 7/28-7/29: And Then She Slept For Three Weeks

Part 81: 7/28-7/29: And Then She Slept For Three Weeks

So, we’re waiting for Futaba to wake up. Anyone who’s played Persona 4 is more than familiar with this scenario, waiting until the deadline for the person you saved to magically get better, but this one is over a much longer period of nearly a month.

If you’re wondering why I decided to do the Palace straight away, it’s because I find Futaba’s Crazy Coma kind of hilarious.

I don’t get it… Are they just going to ignore them?
I’m sure they’re working on it!
We’re gonna be in trouble if they don’t do anything…
I wish they’d take care of it already….

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

My desperation has given birth to a new idea… These possibilities make my heart dance! I would like you to come with me again if you are able!
I’m eating now. Maybe I should respond later...

But I’m gonna open up shop soon. You either need to go upstairs or get out of here.

Hm, you have the day off today. Why don’t we go somewhere?

Music: Tokyo Daylight

Oh, Medjed? They’re a group of hackers known around the world. They’ve caused trouble before. They target security holes in servers and extract information by accessing sites illegally...
I don’t really get it, but they’re basically outlaws, right? “Judgment of Justice,” my ass.

Yeah, I need to prepare for these cases related to information leaks and unauthorized access. These corporate higher-ups are panicking. They’ve never even heard of Medjed till just now.
I suppose they have some pretty big secrets that they’d like to keep, hahaha!

Meanwhile, I am here to observe the public in an attempt to refresh my mind. Do you need something?

*chuckle* You must have a wealth of free time if that is your decision. To be honest, I think I have found the way to pull myself out of my slump. Would you mind joining me again?

I believe I will find what I’m looking for at the church. Let us head over there.

After our enlightening session, I once again attempted to paint. However, nothing I put on the canvas was to my satisfaction… Before the gods of art, I am naught but a lost sheep…

Music: My Homie

Our theme today shall be anguish! I shall paint the anguish Christ felt as he bore the sins of mankind! Hm, I have seen various sculptures and paintings on the matter… but merely replicating them will not do. Would any believers be willing to model and help me capture the true essence of anguish…? It seems not… Very well. Maaku, you will have to be my model today.

Only a subject naked as the day they were born can convey the true anguish of birth! Now then… strip! Take it all-- Actually, perhaps not. Being found stark-naked in a church would be even bigger news than the Phantom Thieves.

Hm, I see… So this would be… No, perhaps… It seems this is not working. I would like to capture anguish, yet you remain calm and composed. Even the slightest wrinkle can change one’s impression of things…. I shall not compromise, even for this sketch!

Now, raise your hands higher! More… Give me more anguish…! Bring it to its upper limits! Like this!



Hrm, this position… So this is the Passion of the Christ…! Forsaken by his disciples, abhorred as a criminal by the public, pierced with nails and hung on the cross… I understand now… This is true anguish of the Passion…! It feels as though something is boiling up within me…!

Oh shit!

This is an art study...

I am attempting to paint anguish, so I decided to use the crucifixion of Christ as a point of reference...
So you’re interested in the anguish of the crucifixion? Hmmm. While it is true that Jesus’ crucifixion on the cross is a symbol of deep suffering… It also bears a much more positive message… One of resurrection, of forgiveness.

Resurrection…? Forgiveness…? I’m not sure I understand… Those ideas are contradictory to my conception of anguish…
It may be difficult to grasp what I’m saying right now… But try to consider that the anguish one may feel today will someday bring forth new hope. Ah, and by the way… I suggest you contain your excitement while here. You may trouble the congregration.

Hm, hope from anguish… ...I’m not sure I understand. I must learn more about the hearts of men… Maaku… Do you think I will be able to capture the truth someday?

Was that provocation intentional? This is exceedingly strange though. Spending time with you has helped me discover new aspects of myself… You are perhaps… a mirror of sorts.

Devoid of any personality of my own, reflecting back what the viewer needs to see? Why, thank you.

If there is anything I can do in return, please let me know… I wish to repay your kindness.
I feel like my bond with Yusuke is growing deeper...

I’m not exactly sure what constitutes a “mid-rank” Skill Card, but hey, more shit to never use!

Let us return home for today. I bid you farewell.



...This is the best Confidant event in the game.

Goodbye, Maaku.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Yes. Let us drink some tea and calm our minds. Oh, some rice crackers with the tea would be lovely as well.
I am most certainly in the mood
Anyway, we should wait a little longer for Futaba to wake up.
for something salty today.

This segmented response from Yusuke is so weird and realistic, I love it.

I understand why you guys feel nervous, but we’ll just have to wait for now.

“Destructive damage to the Japanese economy”… But wasn’t it dead to begin with?
Haha, I’m sure the big companies are in a panic. I don’t think that’s an empty threat, either.
What are the Phantom Thieves going to do? Well, it’d be funny if they ended up running away from this. Thank you. The curry was delicious.

According to experts, there are many corporations that could be potential targets. Companies managing public transport and other utilities are pressured to take countermeasures.
Medjed is so creepy. They’re really making a big mess out of all this.

It’sh Obon, so I’ll do you a spheshial favorrrr. Jus’ lemme know… who ya wanna meet.

Oh, them? They’re faaamoush! Urp… OK. H-Here I go… Hey…! I am a phantom thief!I’m going to steal your hea-- W-Wait… Who was I supposhed to impershonate again?

Oh, those h-hackersh are no good! They pop out and shurprise you… outta nowhereeee. Pineapple! Shee! Surprises’re bad. Hackersh hide like yucky candy, mished in wi’ the good stuff.

Mine say that too. They say he’s famous and everyone likes him because he studied so much.
I think the Phantom Thieves are way cooler than him. They’re gonna fight hackers next, right?
Being a hacker would be cool, too. We could steal the answers for all our tests. Anyway, I wonder who’s gonna win. This is gonna be even cooler than Featherman!

We’re not kids anymore, y’know… Shouldn’t you be prepping for college interviews or something? Also, how’d you do on the finals? Did you even study?
Haha… Exams, jobs—it’s all just information warfare, maaan! My skills’ll put Medjed to shame!

This guy sounds like a stoner Metal Gear boss. “The war of information will be won by those backed by systems of societal control, Scoob!”

They have likely given up. No one has been able to discover their true identities. Which means we must rely on the Phantom Thieves. Though, I doubt they’ll be amenable.
Regardless, they’re garnering a lot of attention… So, shall we put an ad on the news station?

From what I remember, Medjed attacked whatever it didn’t like. That group caused a lot of damage.
But isn’t this the first time they targeted Japan for a full-scale attack?
That’s all because the Phantom Thieves appeared. I can’t stand getting dragged into this.

Hell no! No one knows who Medjed is… Oh… Is blaming foreigners for things common in Japan?
Are you mocking my country? You better shut your mouth before you piss me off!

Eh, it’s got nothin’ to do with you. ...If I play my cards right, I can get the Phantom Thieves blamed for my work… Aw, what the hell!? Get outta here, go somewhere else!

Geography doesn’t matter on the internet. Besides, the Phantom Thieves will take care of them.
The Phantom Thieves are just a myth! That’s why they haven’t responded! Wake up. This city is built on lies!

“This city is built on lies!” is my new go-to pickup line.

I know you’re a little nervous, but this is just something you gotta do to win people’s hearts. You know, I wanted to be a singer, too. In a way, you realizing your dream is like we both are.
You did, Mr. Asakura? Just like me? Well, I guess I can trust you!

Please take a seat.
I don’t think my bond with Chihaya will deepen yet...
>Hang out with her
OK, heeere we gooo...

I feel like my bond with Chihaya will grow stronger soon...
Well then, see you.

Why does Maaku keep his phone in his pocket when he goes to bed

Since we’re finally on summer vacation, you should come and help me investigate. We have to punish that deviant and save the children of summer vacation! Let’s go together tomorrow!
Well, what’s your plan? Do you want to go to the planetarium with Mishima?

The planetarium escapade is mildly interesting but gets us more points with Mishima and Yusuke, which are both useless. We decide to “respond later” (because I chose the wrong option, oops), but will immediately decline upon waking up. I might show it in a bonus part or something though.

Don’t forget to respond later, OK?

Music: Tokyo Emergency

I already bought two tickets… I’ll go twice by myself.

This is hilariously sad and I love it.

Really? Did you have other plans?

...Yes. I was going to… hang out at the diner all day. Let’s go do that.

Ah, OK, so they’re terrorists. What are these hackers trying to do to us?
They’re… Ah, you know. They’re planning on doing some pretty bad stuff. Hey, thanks. I’ll just leave what I owe you here.

Got it, Boss.

Music: Tokyo Daylight

First step in today’s itinerary is to take advantage of Chihaya’s Luck Reading.

OK. Please take a seat.

Reading your luck improvement fortune will cost you 5000 yen. All right, please think of some area in which you’d like to increase your luck.

It seems you will greatly benefit from taking actions that will increase your Knowledge.

That’s all for today’s improvement reading. I hope you’re happy with your fortune. I look forward to your next visit.

And now to the diner. Maaku gains a boosted Knowledge +2 (4 points instead of 3) and Guts +1.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

Most likely, the Phantom Thieves simply don’t have the means of confronting them. After all, Medjed is quite different from anyone they’ve gone up against thus far. It seems their best option is to reveal their identities before more people are needlessly harmed.
He really hit us where it hurts… We’re going to beat them, though!

Can we? I’m starting to doubt it.

Ugh, hot rain.

A while? What the hell does that mean?

And back to the diner. The rainy day bonus is applied weirdly in that it’s another +1 in addition to the +2 after the fact, so boosted it turns into two +2s. This doesn’t actually change anything, because the +2 goes from 3 to 4 and the +1 goes from 2 to 3, meaning boosting it increases the total from 5 to 7 no matter how it’s applied, but it’s interesting nonetheless.

Anyway, Maaku gains Charm +1 and a boosted Knowledge +3.


It’s called “Like a Dragon.” You know, the one by that famous director. It’s a summer special feature, and I’ve been curious about it for a while. Want to take this chance and go see it?

Let’s meet in front of the movie theater in Shinjuku.
I wonder what kind of movie it is. *yawn* We should get to sleep.

Can’t sleep, cat. Date with Makoto tomorrow.