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Part 85: 8/2-8/4: Ryuji Has Bad Taste In Porn

Part 83: 8/2-8/4: Ryuji Has Bad Taste In Porn

I heard stocks are down. Is that because of Medjed?
I really wish they wouldn’t do this...
I heard some other company’s private data got leaked...
What are the Phantom Thieves doing!?

Music: Beneath the Mask (Instrumental Version)

There’s actually something I think I should tell you… ...But I can’t make up my mind. …Sorry, never mind. Forget what I said.
I’m eating now. Maybe I should respond later...

Oh, and make sure you eat your curry before it gets cold.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

New message from Mishima. Probably another request.

I can’t keep up with this constant influx of posts. Isn’t it tough being popular, #Millennials? Anyway, here’s the latest lead I have. This one seems to be about… someone abusing their power? I wonder if it was written by a former employee of the company in question.

You can’t seriously just be accepting of that!

I was being facetious, Mishima.

Now, I know the name of the company, but I don’t have any details on the person himself. The company’s over in Shinjuku, so try asking around places where business men could hang out. A bar at night might be a start. That should be a good place to get more info on this situation. I hope this isn’t asking too much of you… Sorry, I’ll look for another one, just in case.
It’d be a shame to let this one slip away. This is a textbook example of corporate exploitation. It might be difficult to get the employees to open up to you though… Maybe if you get a job at a bar, you’ll be able to learn some information.

Translation: we can make one more tool than usual if we start during the day.

Music: Everyday Days

Ranking up Morgana’s Confidant has given us a plethora of new tools we can make, including the Eternal Lockpick (never breaks, but we don’t have the materials yet), and Reserve Ammo (lets us refill our ammunition without leaving the Palace)

We choose to make more Lockpicks. We’re at Rank 3, meaning we can make 4, plus it’s daytime, so we get an extra craft. Once I savescum trying to get the double craft bonus to proc, it actually procs twice, meaning we end the day with another seven lockpicks in addition to the one we already had. Now, this would almost be enough to last us through the entire rest of the game, but we have a lot of free time in the next month or so and not a lot of opportunities to increase our Proficiency, so we’re not done just yet.

Maaku gains Proficiency +3, including the bonus +1 from the double craft proc.

Music: Beneath the Mask

...#Millennials.” They’ve been in the spotlight with their upcoming showdown with Medjed. The Phantom Thieves are a hot topic, and they are among the most commonly searched terms…
People really like us. We can’t afford to mess this up now.

Let’s see what’s going on over in Book Town.

Well then, let’s go in the store.

Our bookstore caters to experts, so the books here might be a tad difficult for most high schoolers.

My Knowledge is Rank 4, motherfucker. Hand me Infinite Jest and get the hell out of my sight.

Well, I’ll sell you the easiest book that we’ve got. Go ahead and take your time with it.

8000 yen!? On second thought, let’s not…

The way this store works is that the owner will sell you the least challenging book, and until you complete it, you can’t buy another. Once you do finish it, you can buy the next one in the sequence and so on. There are three main books, each longer than any other book in the game, plus a final book, which I’ll be trying to get (but might not make it to). It’s well worth the effort of reading the others, trust me.

However, could we discuss another matter?
>Hang out with her
Thank you… I’m closing up shop, so please hold on.

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

I mean, the fortunes I see have an extremely high accuracy rate. But… I suppose my divine power isn’t completely absolute, huh?

Well, of course… but I’m sure that would only end in disappointment… You know, I’ve wondered in the past whether fate really can be changed… But I always concluded that it was something beyond our control. Almost like the laws of nature. Eternal… impossible to defy… And yet, there exist people like you who can ignore those laws and impose their own will upon the world… How can I become one of those people, Hamiru-san?

This city keeps finding ways to subvert my expectations… There was nobody like you back in my hometown in the country, Hamiru-san. It was a small, traditional town deep in the mountains, populated almost entirely by older people…

And so, so boring.

During the winter, it’s practically inaccessible due to all the snow. That alone should tell you volumes. The youth there are forced to be strictly obedient to their elders as well. Not explicitly, of course… Oh, and there’s a small shrine in the center of the village. There, I...

...It doesn’t matter anymore. I left that place to come to this city. It means nothing to me now!

It came from someone who dared to care about me, even though I’m just a monster with strange powers… That’s why I sell Holy Stones. I want to help those who suffer from inescapable fates similar to my own.

Well, that’s better than just being a straight-up con artist, but doesn’t really explain why you sold me a hunk of rock salt.

But… now I wonder if they really do much of anything.

I thought the answer was clearly “no.” Didn’t you already believe that?

After all, you managed to change the destinies of my clients without one. Is it truly possible to alter fate with nothing more than mere words, attitude, and passion…?

Chihaya throws the stone away.

If that’s the case, I won’t be needing this. I’m going to confront fate head-on, with my own strength.

Wow! Short Confidant, but we did it, you guys!

Although… the chairman would be really mad if he found out.

Anyway…! If fate can be changed… Maybe even mine can be corrected… right? It didn’t work for me before, but perhaps this time...

R-Right! I look forward to our continued exchange! At least, until I can manage to change my fate… Oh, and I’ll be sure to put some extra effort into my fortune-telling for you!
I can sense Chihaya’s intense motivation...

Thank you for today, Hamiru-san. Good night!

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’ll bring over a DVD that’s perfect for this stinking hot summer.

This sounds… untoward. I’m down for whatever, though. Bring on the porn!

We can watch it in your room, yeah? That settles it. See ya tomorrow
We should get some sleep if Ryuji’s going to be here during the day tomorrow.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain (Instrumental Version)

Sounds like Ryuji’s here. Come on, let’s go downstairs.

I’m sure it’s to protect us from hacking, but communicating with clients like this is tough.
Whatever those Phantom Thieves are, people are making too big of a deal about them.

First up is this soccer one. Then we’ve got baseball here. Oh, and a track and field one! Good shit, man.

…Goddammit, Ryuji.

I may be able to improve my Charm if I watch DVDs with Ryuji… Furthermore, this may be a good chance to deepen my bond with him...
So if we’re not gonna be meetin’ up with the others, wanna watch?

Sweet. I brought some snacks too. Aw yeah, bring on the private showing!

Now it sounds like it’s lewd again. I’m confused.

Music: Everyday Days

Other countries’ve got tonsa people who can play this good, right? Man, foreigners are so freakin’ crazy… Y’know, I didn’t use to be too into soccer, but I sat down and watched a match one day, and now I’m hooked. How about you? Whaddya like more, soccer or baseball?

I loved watchin’ the draft. Most of my money back then went into sports mags too. You gotta have nine people per team though, so it’s pretty tough to get a game goin’ nowadays.
Ryuji and I watched some sports together… Seeing the burning intensity in the faces of the athletes has refined my Charm

Okay, sure, why not? Maaku gains Charm +3.

Man, that was great! Makes me feel like goin’ for a run!

It’s raining, you dumbass.

Man… Ain’t you hungry? I could really go for some curry right about now. Whaddya say?

We get more points with Ryuji, and also get to make some curry. There’s still little reason to ever do this, though, unless you really need the points.

Should I spend more time with Ryuji…?

For real? What a bummer…

Remember what I said about people generally not getting bummed when you don’t wanna hang out? Yeah, it’s not always the case.

Welp, guess I’ll head home. Welp, thanks for walkin’ me to the station. Seeya.

Music: Beneath the Mask -Rain-

We’re here in Jinbocho for the Book Town, a veritable Mecca for any bookworm. Look at them all! It’s just books, books, books everywhere you look. I’m speechless!
With how everything’s digitized in this day and age, it’s nice to flip through an actual book.
Next, we talk about the fishing pond in Ichigaya. In the middle of the city, you can actually enjoy some fishing. It’s quality quiet time for yourself.
Oh, I go there all the time. These days, I haven’t caught a single thing, though. Hahaha…

Music: Everyday Days

I guess this means I can probably stay here for a while...

I can spend some more time in here if I want...

This lukewarm water is warming my body really slowly...

That heat must have gotten your blood flowing. Your skin’s glowing too. So handsome...

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)


As the admin of the Phan-Site, I want to find out what society is thinking. There should be a lot of people there since it’s summer vacation; it’d be perfect for a survey. You should come with me tomorrow!
So, what are your thoughts? Will you go to Harajuku with Mishima?

Turning him down, huh? Did you have plans already?

Sorry, Mishima. Going would have given us points with him and Ryuji, but we don’t need either.

Music: Tokyo Emergency

A: Take money from a lost wallet/B: Joyride, but return the car/ So which one of these counts as larceny? You be the judge!

The correct answer is… B! Saying you planned on returning it just won’t fly in court!
You consume gas and wear down the tires. Driving someone’s car without permission is larceny. Taking something that someone lost or dropped is theft by finding, a much lighter crime. Incidentally, the Phantom Thieves steal “hearts,” but unfortunately, that doesn’t count as larceny.
Oh, you got it right. Even if you return it later, it’s still stealing, isn’t it?

Maaku gains Knowledge +1.

Music: Butterfly Kiss

…But you don’t seem too concerned about it. So, what are you here for today?

Oh, the clinical trial… Sorry, I’m going to pass on it today. ……
Takemi is depressed…

Have we been taking lessons from that PUA couple or something? Jeez.

I… need to talk to you. Since this might be the last time...

Come in.

I’m thinking of resigning.

Music: Confession/Secret

Several of my suppliers have stated that they’re going to stop selling to me. If I can’t get my hands on medical supplies, I won’t be able to get what I need to complete the new medicine. They’re probably being pressured by Oyamada to stop doing business with me. So I figure it’s over.

It’s fine.

I confirmed with the hospital Miwa-chan was being treated at… Oyamada was telling the truth. Miwa-chan was apparently smiling until the very end. She probably didn’t want to worry anyone. I wish I could’ve cured her… I didn’t want fame or money. All I wanted… was to keep her smiling… This isn’t just about her though...

I was a sickly child when I was young too… I was always in the hospital… and was rarely well enough to attend school at all. Medicine was all that kept me alive… That’s why I wanted to become a doctor… So I could save people, just like I was saved… …… ...But I guess this is where it ends… The medical industry is a business, after all, and the chief decides what’s best for it. I’m all out of allies...

You might just be my one and only… I really appreciate everything you’ve done. My practice increased thanks to your nosiness, and in the end, I felt like a real doctor again. So… thank you.

...There are plenty of other small-town doctors. This is where it ends. ...Although it frustrates me. …… I can’t do clinical trials anymore, so you can go home. Thanks again for all your help. And good luck on those entrance exams.

Is there anything I can do for Takemi…? …...

I love how suspicious this is.

You mean Oyamada? Why? I hope you’re not planning to get revenge for me.

...You’re such a weird kid.

Is that all?
*nods* I need to do something about the target for Takemi...

Yep, a request. Some of the Mementos requests we'll receive are Confidant-bound, requiring us to take care of... obstacles to our progression in the related person's story. It's a really neat thing that pushes forward the game's themes, even if it means more Mementos.

...OK, take care.

Music: Beneath the Mask

You sure? It might go under if that happened.
Yeah. But then, we wouldn’t have to live like this anymore.
...I see. You have anywhere else to go after quitting?
Nah. If I did, I’d have quit already.

I placed my shop on the street so I can see people walking by, but I’m about to melt… Well then, what would you like to do today…?

There’s a lot I want to tell you. Please take a seat.

Thank you! Let’s see. For today...

Music: What’s Going On?

I even have a book about the secret to being a good listener! It was written by a hostess from a club in Ginza. Just picking out which books to bring took me half a day. I have tons more back home though! I’ve started using these as reference materials for the advice I give my clients. This way, I can suggest new alternatives instead of leaving them resigned to their fates.

After all, I need to be able to advise my clients on their future selves! Anyway, what I really want to tell you is that I’ve arrived at a new fortune-telling philosophy. Those with strong convictions can, in fact, change fate. O-Oh, and as for the people I sold Holy Stones to… I’ve started reading their fortunes free of charge. I’d like to return the money they gave me too, but um…

W-Well, um…

Music: Suspicion

U-Um, what are you doing here…?
The chairman asked that I come see how things are going. (to Maaku) Hm? And who are you…?
Th-That’s my apprentice! I haven’t actually introduced him to the chairman yet…
...You’re telling me you’re so busy you needed to hire an apprentice?
Y-Yes! He’s been a wonderful help!
I see. I guess I should have expected such great foresight from you, Maiden. Now then, I should be going.
Th-Thank you for stopping by...

Music: Alright (Elp Version)

N-No, it’s nothing serious. A-Anyway! It’s a private matter, Hamiru-san. Nothing you should concern yourself with. W-Wait, are you perhaps… worried about me?


Oh, I’m so touched! Honestly! My luck really improves when you’re around, Hamiru-san! I know! In return for that, I’ll predict your luck whenever you want!
I can sense Chihaya’s intense motivation...

Oh, here it is! Poop, from a butt! Stinky stinky garbage! Double dog vomit! The bloody piss of Rasputin! Why yes, I do believe it’s the worst Confidant skill in the entire game, and a huge waste of our fucking time!


I should close up for today. Good night, Hamiru-san.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

“It’s called “Mes Miserable,” a remake of a classic. Apparently it came out this summer. What do you think?

Then, let’s meet in front of the theater in Shibuya.
Yusuke’s movie choice seems rather promising. *yawn* We should go to bed.