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Part 86: 8/5-8/7: Nerd’s Got A Gun

Part 84: 8/5-8/7: Nerd’s Got A Gun

First, we’re heading out to see Mes Miserables with Yusuke.

Mes Miserables

Music: Break it Down

Music: Melodramatic posh

Man who cannot sing or act voice: (singing) It was him! He stole the silverware! He even stole the candlesticks! Thief! Confess your criiiime!
Other man’s voice: Ohhhh! Is there no god in this world?

That bishop guy is too much. He should cut the other guy some slack…
I feel like I was able to learn how to be more compassionate to others...

Maaku gains Kindness +3.

Music: Break it Down

Oh, forgive me. I can’t help but focus more on the visual aspect than on that storyline.

Thank you for today. The time we spent together felt worthwhile. Well then, let’s head home.

What is Medjed doing?
It’s hard to tell when they aren’t making any moves…
The Phantom Thieves have kept their silence too…
Is our country gonna be done for when the deadline comes?

Music: Beneath the Mask

It’s not Medjed, right?
I think they’d make it into a much more theatrical occasion.
You’re right! They didn’t make any declarations or anything!
Still… It’s quite a headache.
The hate we’re getting online is insane too. People’re treating us like this is all our fault.

I wanna try harder too. We have to do whatever we can.
Either way, simply relying on Futaba will not do.
Well if we run out of options, that might be our only choice…

Are you gonna bug me about that literally every day?

Right? Wait… Why are you talking about it like you’re not involved? Anyway, let me tell you about the most interesting thing I’ve found so far. Indiscriminate acts of violence in Shibuya. Pretty scary, huh? I can’t find much more than that though… All the posts mention rumors they heard in the underground mall in Shibuya, but nothing else. It’s not super reliable… It’d be good if we could find out more about those rumors, but my presence is limited to the web. You might want to try and learn more on your own if you’re interested.
Hm… I guess we have no choice but to look for details ourselves. I suggest you infiltrate the underground mall as a store employee if you want more info.

You mean… go to my job?

It’s actually been quietly becoming a boom? Why don’t YOU try revisiting your childhood?
That really takes me back. I used to play in secret so my parents wouldn’t find out. A lot of people find old game consoles at second-hand shops and buy them out of nostalgia.

*chuckle* As do I, of course. So, you did the request I asked you to do. Thanks! Oh, right! You need to prepare for your next move, right? I’ve been doing the same, actually. Preparing for what, you ask? I could tell you, if you have the time.

*sigh* Let’s hang out with Mishima.

You really wanna know, huh? I think you’ll like it! Anyway, let’s head over to the diner! It’s lame just standing around here.

Music: My Homie

Actually, I already know! The Phan-Site has been crazy busy thanks to you guys.

Eh, that’s nice Mishi-WHAT

What? What? Why? What? How? What? What? What? Who? What?

It cost me a lot of money...

Not really what I wanted to know, man.

None of these options are “WHAT THE FUCK, DUDE.”

Well, yeah! That just goes to show how special it is! I heatrd they had to completely halt production because people kept mistaking it for a real gun.

That’s distressing! But also it seems like that gun would be pretty great in the Metaverse… But also why do you need a fake gun, Mishima?

It was suggested to me by this military buff from the Phandom. I figured I could use a bit of security, since I’m the sole admin of the whole Phan-Site. I mean, you guys are getting really popular. There’s been a lot more info on the forum lately too… Some of the stuff up there is pretty scary… so it seemed like I might need a little protection.

This is just for self-defense! I mean, people might come after me if they found out I was working with the Phantom Thieves, right? But as I was saying, we’ve had a pretty massive influx of new posts on the forum lately. One of them seems particularly worthwhile. It’s bigger than anything we’ve done so far… But if we want to really make the Phantom Thieves famous, we’ll need to go after some flashier targets.

Mishima seems extra motivated...

God, every day with Mishima’s a fuckin’ adventure.

Pretty obviously useful, here.

By the way, um… do I look any different toy you?

People keep telling me it seems like I’ve changed recently. I guess I can’t hide my newfound confidence, huh? My true worth will finally--

Music: Suspicion

Y’know, we’ve been siting just over there the whole time, but we didn’t even notice you sitting here!
You’re exactly the same as you were back in middle school, Mishima.
Yeah. Once a zero, always a zero.

...Not one of you notices the fucking gun on the table?

Y-Yeah, haha...
You haven’t changed your cell number, have you?
Huh? N-No, I haven’t…
Then why didn’t you come to our hangout? All our ex-classmates were there, y’know! Oh, wait… Nobody even remembered you existed! Can’t invite a guy you can’t remember, right?

You know that one guy in every class who ends up being the butt of all the jokes? That guy was me…

Really? Because not only is that not surprising at all, it’s exactly what that looked like.

But I’ve changed now. I can help you… I’m not going to be that boring guy anymore… …… ...Sorry about that. Anyway, it’s getting late. We should probably head home… See you later.

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

I’m worried about what’s going to happen and can’t fall asleep. But, all we can do right now is pray and wait… Oh, I know. Wanna go pray at a shrine together? How about Meiji Shrine? If we’re gonna go, we should go big.
Lady Ann invited you out! You’re gonna go to Meiji Shrine, right?

This event gives us points with Ann and Takemi. We don’t need either.

Do you really have something so urgent that you’d have to turn her down?

Music: Tokyo Emergency

We conducted a survey about the upcoming showdown between the Phantom Thieves and Medjed. 80% of respondents said they were interested, which indicates that it’s getting a lot of attention.
Everyone’s got their eyes on us! We have to take action soon.

Music: Break it Down

Our task today is to investigate that rumor by working at the flower shop.

Um…Be careful on your way home. It’s been dangerous in this area lately.

Haven’t you heard? There have been quite a few assaults. Just the day before yesterday, a man was hospitalized after getting attacked by someone...

Hmm… It’s only a rumor, but I heard it was a famous thug from around here named Taizo Naguri. But… the police can’t handle the situation without any proof. Honestly, I’ve been worried too… I only take the main roads home, even if it takes a bit longer. Maybe the Phantom Thieves could do something about him since the police have their hands tied… …Oh, I almost forgot! Here’s your pay for today.

Be careful on your way home, OK?

Maaku gains Kindness +2.

Well put! His name was Taizo Naguri… Let’s go to Mementos and take his distorted desires!

Music: Beneath the Mask

Music: Time to Repent

I’d like to teach you shogi at different locations from time to time, to change up the mood. Somewhere outside, without too many people… There may not be many such places. Well then, shall we play a match today?
I don’t think my bond with Hifumi will deepen today...

Maybe I should invite her to Inokashira Park...

I see… That’s an excellent idea. I know it’s sudden, but I’d like you to take me there. I might be able to think of a good move.

Music: What’s Going On?

The scenery, the sounds, the smells… I’ll be able to utilize all five of my senses… Perhaps I’ll even come up with some new ideas.

I’ve opened up new opportunities through shogi. You are like a shogi piece filled with endless moves… I wonder what kind of person you will become… Just imagining all the possibilities is fun. *giggle* I’m starting to get the feeling that a new move will come to me. Well then, now that we feel refreshed… let us play, fair and square! ...We should stop here for today.

I heard they were buying tainted ingredients. They’re done for.
Another leak? What are they doing?
Did the Phantom Thieves do it?
It was really boring this time though...

Music: Tokyo Emergency

Here’s what we’ve got for you today! Cool down your head this summer with a Coolifier Pad! Comes in a pack of 20! These are also pretty useful when you have a fever, too! And it can be yours… For the incredibly low price of 1980 yen!

We make another five lockpicks, plus an extra from the double craft proc. Maaku gains Proficiency +3, including a bonus +1 from the double proc.

Music: Beneath the Mask

Aojiru for me and you! Maaku gains Proficiency +1.

You can consider this… a formal request. I have something scheduled after my speech, and I need you to come with me.

We’ll be meeting someone after this at a sushi restaurant. I appreciate your help.

Music: Alleycat

I’ll be sure to proceed with caution. Considering that the grandson of my former teacher is showing me such kindness.
Yes, well, I’d like to discuss a personal matter. Allow me to be frank. I will be running for my grandfather’s seat in the coming election.
I see… Congratulations.
I held a low-level position in the party’s executive office, but I’m new to candidacy… So I was hoping you could educate me on how to run an election campaign.

I’ve heard that you’ve been working harder than anyone these past 20 years.
Well, I did have a lot of free time after I lost the election. Study is all an amateur can do.
Amateur? You’re a veteran, if anything. Besides, you have experience teaching him, right?

Your reputation has greatly improved around the executive office recently. And my grandfather has expressed his intent on making peace with you now.
I’d be happy to bury the hatchet with Mr. Kuramoto… But I’m not worthy to join his group again.
I thought you would find these conditions favorable… …So I ask that you keep what I’m about to tell you a secret.

No, I’d like for your favorite pupil to hear this too.
…? Wait a moment… is your plan to involve him so that I can’t decline?
I simply trust his discretion. The Kuramoto group is planning to move forward with a political realignment.

Music: Suspicion

Oh no! Politics!

With the government in a weakened state, now’s our chance. As such, I want to emphasize our unity.
And so you’ve come to me, a former member of the Kuramoto Children… But my views differ from those of the Kuramoto group. And I don’t intend on changing them.
I understand. However, you won’t be able to put those beliefs into action if you don’t get elected. ...Hamiru-kun, could you talk some sense into him? You’ll benefit as well.

Haha, you’re not intimidated, even by the grandson of a big-time Diet member. (to Benzo) ...I appreciate your offer, but I must respectfully decline.
So you’re OK with being No-Good Tora forever?

Looks like you chose the wrong politician to follow.

Try to understand that he has his own beliefs.
…My apologies. I made a slip of the tongue. And in front of your secretary, no less. I don’t need an answer right away. If you want to show deference to my grandfather… please let me know. I already took care of the bill, so enjoy. Now, if you’ll excuse me...

I love you, Anime Bernie Sanders.

I bet when push came to shove, Kuramoto-kun intended to lure you in. He probably didn’t expect me to remain so calm after he showed his trump card. I feel surprisingly at ease whenever you’re with me, like that time with Matsushita. I’m truly indebted to you for all you’ve done for me, but I must ask that you continue to help me.
I feel like my bond with Yoshida is growing deeper...

You know, from the way he was acting, I’d swear Kuramoto-kun was hiding something… Ah, my apologies. We’re done eating, so let’s go home.
I was able to fend Kuramoto off using only words. I feel like my Charm has increased...

Maaku gains Charm +3.

Good work today.

What the hell is with all these invites

Music: Break it Down (Elp Version)

Truth be told, I found something interesting. It’s a DVD that talks about paintings from around the world. Although I bought it, I don’t have a device to play it on. And even if I did have one, the cicadas are noisy at my dormitory. As such, I’d like to borrow your room. I’ll go to your place tomorrow to hang out, if that’s all right.